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: Everyone has the SAME WALLPAPER NOW!!! [Client]
Yeah,I got a little bit confused when everyone and their mothers had hextech kog'maw :D
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: Riot needs to do this to tyler 1 and his fans.
> [{quoted}](name=GreenTeaAndPoro,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pww2bFaE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-09T13:05:02.647+0000) > > Riot needs to do this to tyler 1 and his fans. Did you even watched the video? Youtube banned HUNDREDS of people for literally no reason at all. You can't just ban people for following a streamer,as long as they did nothing wrong in game
: I absolutely and utterly adore Mark and im glad hes doing everything in his power to try and take care of this problem, a lot of others would just brush this off if they were in his shoes, considering he just worked with YouTube, he loves his community and thats amazing. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
> [{quoted}](name=Princess Ahegao,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pww2bFaE,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2019-11-09T21:37:10.897+0000) > > I absolutely and utterly adore Mark and im glad hes doing everything in his power to try and take care of this problem, a lot of others would just brush this off if they were in his shoes, considering he just worked with YouTube, he loves his community and thats amazing. > {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Yeah, I have a big respect for Markiplier now, not everyone could just say such things, he cares about his commnity morethan anything else
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: [GAMEPLAY] Wukong - his combos doesn't proc electrocute(still doesn't work after hotfix)
I've got an update on the situation. The reason combo doesn't proc electrocute because E for some reason isn't counting as spell or atack, you can aa 3 times and it will proc, but it won't if you E 2aa. So they need to fix his E
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: What's the most evil thing you've done to win a game?
yonggon (NA)
: Forcing teemo to be in a bush for a reliable stealth isn't cool. make it instant and the CD like 7 seconds and if stealth for 3 seconds without being hit successfully in a bush reset the CD. If not in Bush make it instant but increase CD to like 14s. If they are gonna make the e that way.
I think this would be too much, he's an ambusher, not an assasin
: Hehehe finally goodbye Teemo. Another one of my counters bites the dust. Edit: Wait lmfao. This guy is like "Hey Riot, just take out all the nerfs and just add all those buffs :):):)". Lmao nice joke. This little shit is in no need of buffs.
I'm fine if they won't buff him, but leave him as he is right now
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: Why should I support Riot Games when they can't provide a stable and balanced gameplay & client?
I don’t know about perfection and stuff, but i’d like to look at the current client in comparrison, not from other games, but in lol itself. Let’s compare new client’s stabillity to the old one. Idk what kind of “perfect client” you’re talking about but i can say for sure that i barely saw as much complains about the old client as i do with the new one. Like they had good and well stable client, why would they change it to this weird buggy client where you can still get cruicial bugs which gonna force you to dodge the game.
Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
450-500k Wukong main here. Let's tell about things i do like 1st 1st of them is his new W. I like the way you can trick your oponents even more than you can right now. I can't understand how exactly his E works as a skillshot blocker but this change looks interesting. And R QoL change also will have newbiew wukong to combo more smoothly ( i got used to R cancel before my combo either way though). Now the things i DON'T like. 1st of them is his Q. I'm fine with no more instant armor shred part...and heal is also is little bonus, but thing that i dislike the most is Q bonus damage is MAGIC. This will pretty much hit assasin wukong harder than you might look. Rn if you go mid and max Q you can do fairly well and function as assasin on a decent level(and he is destroying most assasins like zed,fizz, kat, kass...especially kass). I'm fine with damage lowered considering we have a atacking clone now but please make his Q dmg physical so his assasin build can still be viable. Maybe with some number tweaks. Because right now his Q is his main source of burst mid\late game and this is fairly cruicial to have it's dmg multiplied by lethality and armorshred from blackcleaver. Thanks for reading. P.S. I'm not an english native speaker so might have some grammar mistakes, i apologise for that :(
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: Instead of nerfing Lucian and kaisa
Kai’sa got nerfed few times and also got indirectly nerfed by rageblade rework. I feel like having no stacking ad+ap and no on-hit dmg scaling going to feel worse on her imo
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: They were in lane, ... they were within exp range of cs, .. they needed to divert a single auto attack. ... champion kill gold better than a single minion gold. ... they could have gone back to farming INSTANTLY, ... I wouldn't have been wasting my time, and would have been more relevant later in order to help them , ... they would have also denied more gold and exp from their lane opponent, ... Yeah, I don't see how your situations are relevant at all.
You’re pretty much repeating my words, once i said. DEPENDS ON THE SITUATION IT MIGHT BE GOOD OR BAD IDEA, i never said you’re 100% wrong here since i haven’t saw replay of this gank. I was talking about situation in general, that just run it down all the time isn’t a really smart thing to do, i saw a really big Amount of junglers who’s doing something really stupid (aka dive tank at lvl 3) or enganging on enemy who’s 1500 range from me so i wonkt be able to go in there unless i play hypermobile champ in time and blaming me for no follow. And don’t get me wrong, i DO play jungle, so i can understand your frustration, this is my secondary role right now, and idk, i rarely have these kind of problems of not following lanes during gank, thing that’s happens more often when you’re getting invaded by enemy laner and yours doesn’t bother to follow which is oftenly making my jungle a lot more problematic Tldr: i never said your wrong, i didnkt watched replay, i meant situation in general, i playing jungle myself and rarely have these kind of issues
: You supports deserve some serious cookies man
Not every adcs are jerks. Got autofilled, my adc asked me am i autofilled or not, i said yes i do, but i have lvl6 thresh, he said “okay then”. He turned out to be autofilled adc aswell while they had an adc main mf and rakan( my adc picked xayah). My adc wasn’t really good, but instead of flame him, i tried to adapt to his general mistakes and use them, for example, i see xayah’s bad positioning, so rakan mostly will make an engade, so i can hook mf before that happens to turn this into our favor, and this is worked, mf outfarmed her a bit early , then i started to punish them hard for their aggro and we won the lane, i accidentally took most of he early kills and apologised to my adc for that, and instead of flaming me he said “you deserves them more than i do”, not a phrase you can hear from typical adcs too often, right? p.s. we won that game because xayah went well through laning phase and she started to shred enemies later
: Feels Bad - "Trash Jungler"
It’s all depends on situation. For example x if thereks a huge wave of enemy minions under your tower and enemy laner is stays so somewhere in the middle of the lane x donkt expect laner to follow, and yes if you still ganked and even died thatks totally your missplay because laner shouldn't lose huge minionwave which is migt be equal gold as for taking a kill to follow your gank. But if minionwave isn’t that big and he’s stays near your turret, THEN your laner should follow and if he’s not, it’s his misplay or if you landed a good cc also. The point is, depends from the situation their calls on blaming you might be not wrong( not justifying flame, they shouldn’t write it in chat) so i’d suggest OP to actually analyze better rather than just go full “oh nau blaim junglir” train, this will be better for your improvement
Uriel (EUW)
: Playing Jungle is the most unforgiving role ever.
This topic actually triggered me hard.... 1st of all , muting all as a jungler is the WORST THING you can do , if you see that someone flames you just mute them manually. 2nd you’re right there is 3 lanes in the game, not only yours...BUT, when i see someone’s like lee or shaco with 0/0/0 score at al,ost 20 min mark I can’t understand why does this guy even picks this champs? You miss one thing - clear speed some champs have their legit strat as powerfarm ( yi , shyv, udyr, etc) since they are not that strong early and their clear speed is good so they won’t fall off without tanking , but if you afk farm on someone like amummu, twitch, seju, mao , Elise or other kind of high early impact junglers you’re asking to lose. People can’t understand that they get MORE GOLD FROM GANKING THAN FARM BECAUSE OF THEIR POOR CLEAR SPEED AND EVEN IF THEY FARM WELL( twitch is exception) THEY WON’T DO WHOLE LOT IN THE LATE GAME this kinda of champions need to put a pressure on enemy laners if they want to win . And also it’s not always players fault for being camped , and also sometimes if you don’t play aggressive you’ll lose by default ( scaling champs like veig, Nasus, etc) and if your laner tells you that he’s being camped and you didn’t won other lane or didn’t countermand him, you got outjungled were not in the meta where jungler...heck, even adcs can’t just stay and afk farm for eternity to scale up. So, instead of blaming layers on everything and mute all try to focus on your own macro and improve
: The rules are the same in every matchmade game. But, you also have to report them for the IFS to look at their behavior.
I did report them, obviousely. Imagine how hard they'll flame in pvp game if they go full apemode in intro bots...
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: This isn't a bug. Games will start after a certain loading period as to prevent people from exploiting it. There are 9 other players ready to start, and they cant wait forever.
It is a bug, becuase i saw loading lasted for literally 5-10 mins because of one slow pc(not mine), and here is 2-3 minute loading,which is not right
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: Disable New Champions for a period of time in ranked.
So, I'm already lvl 7 with {{champion:145}} , learned most of her builds , and mechanics(I hope) , why wouldn't I been able to play her in ranked?
: Ritos ,what are you doing with your game?! Playerbase is decreasing!!!
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: Anyone have insightful commentary on today's version of Rageblade? Interested to hear it!
In my opinion, this might gut this item and all champions who can build it. To the point anyone will go to possible alternatives. Tuned down stats might be fine, but making it stack only on champions will make it completely inviable in the jungle, or for split pushers ({{champion:10}} {{champion:17}} ) And i am not considering the fact that on-hit teemo already got nerfed with mallet and wit's end changes , so ap build with new items looks more attractive.I'd like to have build devirsity on this champ,but this Rageblade nerf will utterly gut on-hit teemo for sure. Varus will simply go crit.Kog...idk(not playing much with him).I just feels like this will simply gut the item and no one will actually pick him up.For now it's really expencive item with good outcome.But till you build it it's not giving that much profit.So while you build it,you toning yourself down for some time, to spike hard later on,which is i think isn't that bad design.I'd rather look at "hard abusers" themselves, rather than completely gut this item into obvlion to the point no one will ever build it.If it will stack from only champs...6 autos is too much, maybe at least max stack number should be decreased.
Destaice (NA)
: "I didn't lose lane. It wasn't a 1v1. I was getting ganked."
Me:Jungler, please help me, i got ganked 5 times already!(died only 2 times) Jun:You can use wards! Me:I did use ward, but i can't ward every single gank route in the midlane(there is around 5-6 of them) and additionally, they have rammus. so i just got dove. Jun:Well...uhm....right! you don't have cc!I can't gank when you have no cc! Me({{champion:4}} ): u w0t m8? Jun:Stop pushing! Me:How can I push when I just licking tower walls because of rammus always around midlane? :D Jun:ehhhhhh....RIGHT!!! I need to powerfarm! I can't gank before i reach some items!(10 minute {{champion:254}} btw) Me:Alright then... *Later while i got pushed out by enemy rammus and enemy midlaner with 3 deaths because of hard camp* Jun:WHY OUR MIDLANER SO USELESS, CAN'T DO ANYTHING, FEED WAODJAOIDJIOAWIODJAI That's literally what happened in this week :D
: Blood Moon Evelynn By EraiViolett
Riots...PLEASE!!! This is glorious!
: Now, those are REAL JHIN BUFFS
Holy cow...Honestly i think this is a bit too much (300k jhin main)
: That feel when they have 4 ap but you gotta build armor, cuz adc hehe
So,if they'd have all ad exept mid(let's say, {{champion:45}} {{champion:134}} or {{champion:142}} {{champion:101}} ) You'll go full armor without any mr item? And trust me, one mr item won't be enough against veigar.
: @Meddler/Reav3, You're responsible for disrespecting a champion's entire playerbase!
I don't know what's your problem, Wukong is very playble.And i HONESTLY DON'T WANT HIM TO BE URGOTED\GALIO'D\SWAIN'D because this will be COMPLETELY ANOTHER CHAMPION.And Last changes gave him nothing but buffs, so i have no idea why you're whining about.And you compare nunu with w0t m8?Please ,don't complain champion with lowest winrate on EVERY ROLE with wukong who,even with low playrate, has a decent winrate. And i honestly love the fact that they not touching him. Means he's stable. And if you don't know how the balance team works,if they buff someone > he overperform> he nerfs him to worse state he was before the buffs. So be carefull with your wishes, and i can't really understand what you want from Riots
: people that say "im gonna feed"
I only saying that when i getting hardly counterpicked, which isn't means i'l run it down mid or intentionally feed other way, I just letting my team know I'l mostly will have very bad time in my lane so you'd better play safer.
: Are marksmen becoming too safe?
Targon's shield mostly will be removed next patch, so this "half hp shields" is temporary issue
Limrick (NA)
: Make Lux Passive Count as a Separate Source of Damage
But doesn't Arcane comet fits her well too? She has a lot of cc to make this comet hit
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: Please stop doing that. Contrary to popular opinion shoving the wave is bad unless your about to recall. Or unless your fed enough to 2v3 and you want to hog the pressure so your other lanes have an easier time. Throwing spells in the minions makes it so that you and your adc are in a bad spot when you or your opponents jungler ganks.
Oops. forgot to mention i usually only push before recall, ofc otherwise i trying to freeze the lane.
koshkyra (NA)
: "Wtf stop attacking the minions you're messing up my cs"
I don't know about "last hit pushing" but when i can, i tryint to throw a spell on them, since as support i usually have not enough dmg to oneshot minions, I usually leave them low enough hp for last hit, so my adc can push lot faster, never saw someone complaining about that
: You're now a Rioter. What's the first (reasonable/semi-reasonable) thing you do?
Would aim more resourses on reworking outdated champions who desperately needs it {{champion:266}} {{champion:106}} and others
: What's the most embarrassing ability to die to?
{{champion:59}} 's Flag, {{champion:104}} 's W
xGunna1 (EUW)
: if i'm in the balance team for a day
Ehmmm...glad you aren't on riot's balance team them. P.S. Nice quality troll post man, really nice one.
: God, she's hot. Can I get her DM please?
: The real heroes of League
Antagonist - a support who fails picking up cannon minion with a stack of "Spoils of War" while adc let him take it
: Laughing Fish's 200,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
Hm, i think it's might be a point, don't you think,Laughing Fish?
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