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Feature: Engineer's Boots (Upgrade to any upgraded boot) Problem Statement :You have to waste one of your 6 slots to control wards if you want to use them in mid/late game. Brief Description : Version 1: Combining upgraded boots with e.g. a stopwatch allows you to store control wards in the spot that is occupied by the boots. Activate the Item to place a control ward. Version 2:Buying Ruby Sightstone enables you to place up to 2 contol wards at the same time and store your control wards in your boots. Target Audience : Bronze 5 as well as Faker
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 29
My idea for supportive champions : Fortify: Gain access to special items in the store. (name:?)cloth armor + null magic mantle +350g (recipe+stats=aegis of the legion) Can be combined with the 850g Support items to get the unique active fortify. Fortify: 180s cooldown. Choose any ally champion within a range of 900.If activated, you make them immune to crowd control and damage for up to 3 seconds. You take 50% of the damage prevented from your ally. If you get below 25% health or if the ally leaves the area, the effect ends.While you are not able to cast abilities and autoattack while Fortify is active, you are still able to use summoner spells.Offensive Summoner Spells are only 50% effective. Your movement speed is reduced by 30% while fortify is active.
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Hey, did you discuss adding a rune that allows you to store control wards in your boots?Maybe as a alternative to zombie wards or the activateable boots (sorry i forgot how you called it).I think it wouldnt be too weak or too strong compared to other runes of that category and would be a nice possibility to allow players to store control wards in later stages of the game, instead of not being able to get a component.Other possibilities i would like to see are boots you can activate just like yumuus that grant you a greater amount of movement speed for a little duration, maybe double movement speed for 1 s with a 45 s cooldown.A alternative for the flash rune could for example be a ghost rune that allows you to have kayns e-effect without the heal component on a separate 4-minute cooldown if ghost is currently on cooldown. I would really apprechiate to hear your thoughts on my ideas.Sry for my bad english by the way


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