: It's not someone's fault if they live in an area with horrible Internet
exxpose (NA)
: I used to get bad ping for a span of about 2 weeks. Our internet provider was changing stuff around the area so service was shoddy temporarily to set in the improvements. However, I would start the game with normal ping, then 5 minutes into the game my ping would shoot up to 1200. Then it would stabilize and go back to normal for 5min. Then shoot up again. Then I would normally disconnect for 2 min, reconnect and my ping was fine. Then it shot up again to 1200 a few minutes later. Although a ping checker would be nice, it's not always evident before the start of a game when someone will get a massive ping spike.
Then play a game such as a normal or aram before going into ranked this is about ranked where that can cost a game. If you go straight into a ranked without checking your ping or warming up then you should not be allowed into a scene where its meant to be taken seriously
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: You don't fight it. You just don't do it again. Everything you said here. Just never do it again.
So basically the chat functionality should be removed?
: There is one common factor among all those games...
Ah i see its me im playing league.. hereby hand in my resignation
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: Silver 3 needing advice.
Have the exact same problem in the same elo, at this point I see it as a dice roll because 1 good player cant win a game but 1 lane lost (which usually is at least 2 in silver 3) can lose the game and nothing you can do about 2 lanes losing and still trying to cs and win your role. Just spamming ranked and hoping to get lucky with decent teams at some point.
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rugg1999 (NA)
: Client crashing upon opening Loot/Crafting Inventory
also having this problem but not just searching for draft anytime for me
Scarcy (NA)
: Loot and Crafting Inventory bug
Happening to me as well! please rito fix it! the game is still running though when i start lol again it says theres already an instance running but when there isnt really
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