: Anyone has fun playing against master Yi?
Yes: he's one of my favorite champions and if he's picked against me i usually beat him. Most junglers can easily invade him and/or duel him early on, when he's at his weakest, while also having better gank potential. Yi is not going to pull off a gank pre-6 unless his allies have some form of cc and the enemy is really pushed. Vision helps, but obviously that goes for anyone. All of this will put him behind and make it harder for him to reach his powerspikes: jungle farm alone just isn't enough for that. Of course, if the game drags on too long and he managed to keep himself even, he will eventually be too strong to 1vs1 for most champions, so you need to group and play around him. People say that "just cc him" isn't a helpful advice, i disagree though: you need to consider that yes, he has one of the highest damage potential in the game, but he's extremly fragile too; keeping him still for 1-2 seconds is more than enough for his enemies to burst him down; most cc will also interrupt his W, and snares stops him even from using Q. Another important advice is: stop him from getting resets and R refresh. Without his ultimate, Yi is half a champion: it's extremly kitable, and if he goes in with Q he can't get out. So anything that can buy you time is going to help a lot: for most champions this comes down to items like Zhonya's or GA. Tanks can have Stonplate and get a Bramble Vest too. Some champions have intargetability in ther kits or self-peel. If they don't, there'a a high chance they have some form of cc, which always helps. Even when at his strogest and/or when he's fed there are plenty of ways to deal with him, however... I will agree that sometimes, someone on your team will just not get it and fed him, even though playing around Yi is not hard and does not require extreme knowledge of the game or having a full team of premades or organize a bunch of solo-queue players like a pro play team. This is just my opinion and i'm only B1, but i hope it was at least insightful. Sorry for possible mistakes, also i'm on mobile!
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Cloud273 (NA)
: Metroid Prime 4 delayed...indefinitely
I rather wait a bit longer than having """Metroid 76""". Plus, they deserve respect for propely communicating about what's going on with the production. Personally, i'm fine with this, i can wait for longer knowing it will pay out in the end.
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im small (EUW)
: Why do people think Neeko being a lesbian is an issue?
I watched the whole interactions video and didn't realize that she was a lesbian until the information was given... Honestly, i don't mind a character being X or Y or knowing that he/she likes Z, but i don't like when it's just because "we need one of them"; i don't feel like Neeko falls in this category, she just has some flirty lines and that's it: "she's a lesian btw", no big deal. I don't feel the same way about Varus updated lore; to me that's just riot going "we need to add a gay character, 'cause we have none" which i think is not really a good idea. A character should be what it is because that's just the way he was imagined and developed, not because we need one of this or one of that. That's just my opinion, hope i didn't express my thoughts badly or come off as rude. {{sticker:garen-swing}}
: Must be nice to have friends, Try see if support will help, https://support.riotgames.com
I already tried that, but the rioter who responded me said he couldn't help, so i'm trying on the boards now!
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: Leavebuster automatic is absurd
Yes it is, and i hate it! I can understand punishing people for leaving etc, that why it's needed... "Punishing" people because of connections issues or power going off like in your case is kinda borderline, but needed, otherwise it's gonna be abused. And then... Giving low priority queue because of problems within the client (which is always why i get "punished" btw, i would never dodge or leave intentionally and pc/connections are fine too) is simply stupid, imho. I'm not an expert, so i just hope they'll find a way to distinguish people who actually need the punishment and simple victims that happen to have bad luck for 2/3 games and then find themself in low priority queue...
: If you could change one "minor" thing about a champ, who and why?
I'd like a small revert on Ahri's passive healing, so that you can proc it with every ability. It doesn't affect her too much in lane, where she would always heal off of her Q, but it's useful whenever you're against a single target (for example when you are taking a blue buff, or helping take dragon/herald/baron, or fighting someone without minions nearby). It's a small skill expression that felt really good , i hated to see it gone when they changed her passive.
: [CRASH] Loading screen stuck at 100% / 0%
I've been having similar issues for almost a month now: stuck in loading screen, entering a game 20 to 40 seconds later, lots of bugsplats, but unfortunately i couldn't find a solution even by sending a ticket to player support. I hope they find a solution soon, at least now i know it's not just me... I also read some posts in the NA boards about this!
: Eclipse Story Line: Leona vs Diana
I would love an event with legendary skins for Leona/Diana just like the one for Yasuo/Riven! It would be so cool 😱 Maybe the skins insted of showing another version of themself could actually be more focused on their stories and amplify the lore!
: A new idea for a versus event
I would love a 1820 rp skin for Leona 😱
: Yang's voice actress is very fond of bad puns.
: If Leona is older then you does that make her your.........
Lol Btw, why Yang on Leona/Diana memes? I've seen at least other 2 posts similar to this...
Chrige (NA)
: There, I downvoted him so you can upvote him. Fair warning, as soon as you upvote him Ill be back to upvote him up to 6. Or you can just leave him at 3, that works to.
: {{champion:202}} 4
I want to upvote, but i can't break perfection...
: Thinking of startin a "How to Beat" series for frustrating champions.
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: is that a jojo reference?????????
: How to make your jungler gank with 5 easy words
Misa Re (NA)
: HeartSeeker Ahri ;-;
Too bad Ahri already has a lot of skins, but i would buy this on day 1, it's really amazing! :D
: > [{quoted}](name=J0hnJ0estar,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=zHe7tp6E,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2017-04-21T10:41:26.333+0000) > > WAS THAT A MOTHERF***ING JOJO'S REFERENCE??? > XD (so was mine!) This is a JoJo thread now.
: When I saw this post I... how can I say this... this may sound rude, but... ...I got a boner.


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