Sukishoo (NA)
: Well the event doesn't begin till 6PM PST so there's still a bit of time till you'd see anything
idk if all servers run via na time, but oce for example alrdy is on 10.18 and they dont have anything either. but apparently their client also said it starts at 10.17
: oh boy sure am happy for next season wooooooooooo more damage and insta wins lets gooooo
riot: we heard you community: ok and? riot: and what? community: are you going to do something about our wishes? riot: yes we shit on them and do the opposite LOL
on99WEI (OCE)
: where's the 10-year gifts???
ha jokes on you, there never were any gifts we just trolled u lul
:[] Not really champions I play often except for Janna. Still good, though.
> [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=G0eHnd3U,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-17T03:52:54.339+0000) > >[] > > Not really champions I play often except for Janna. Still good, though. purple/pink shop
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: Way to go your S10 changes take everything we hate and make it even worse.
riot: we heard you me: okay... then why are you doing the exact opposite? it begs for an answer: is riot doing this on purpose? saying they heard us and then do the exact opposite? why?
Håppy (NA)
: Yknow what man, you make a good argument. I'm honestly grateful that my skill-based game of league is now a slot machine. I'm so glad that the map I've come to know in-and-out over _ten years_ is now going to be randomly changing and shifting at the 15 minute mark, differently, each game. You've convinced me!
Håppy (NA)
: Season 10 Preemptive Disaster
what do you mean? you mean that noone, not a single human being on this planet asked for more damage and rng, but yet riot gives more damage and rng is a bad sign? them not being able to fix bugs in tft that exist since day 1 on pbe is a bad sign? several new GAMES when TT got 4 patches in 10 years of its existance? cmon man, pre season looks fucking amazing RIOT HEARD US DUDE!
if normal and ranked matchmaking in summoners rift is alrdy a joke, why do you think a side-gamemode would have better one? lol
xelaker (NA)
: Players: RNG is bad, stop putting it in the game. Riot: Gotcha map RNG!
just cause "mobile games" have "games" in the name, doesnt mean they are real games. 95% of the mobile "games" on the playstore are literally the most basic shit that requires you TO WAIT so you can do anything, or to pay. i dont count mobile games as games.
: Ton of new games ?
finally someone is asking the real questions. tft still has champs that just go afk and do nothing. in their MAIN GAME they abandoned every fun gamemode besides urf. dominion and TT get/got removed. and now they bring out like 3-4 new GAMES... yes i am hype but im actually more scared than anything. these new games must be buggy as fuck. a mortal combat/soul calipoor like LoL game? hitboxes will be fun... champs/combos will be broken.
: > [{quoted}](name=Slim Gragas,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aebTEHbI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-16T04:00:29.064+0000) > > Just one of many nerfs needed for Riven, or just remove her. If you're getting shit on by riven rn you're just trash, shes buns.
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: The world would be quite boring if everyone always agreed.
mobile lol confirmed... many ppl said they quit if it happens... hehe xD chaos chaos.
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: 1.) Not. 2.) Because it's fun arguing with **everyone**. 3.) Not. 4.) Sure I can. 5.) Is that a fish? lol I hope nobody that I argue with here on a near-daily basis thinks I hate them or anything like that. :D
yes that is a fish. actually my personal "symbol" but i rarely use it on the boards. cant say you hate me but im also not sure if you enjoy me being here lol
Hotarµ (NA)
: Statistically, she's one of if not the best ADC across all elos. She's got a 54/55% winrate from Iron to Diamond/Masters and an incredibly high playrate of anywhere from 10-25%. I'm not saying she's broken and needs to be gutted or anything like that, but right now it's clear that Ashe is ridiculously strong.
i still hope for some ashe at worlds. i like seing ashe. so satisfying when someone reaches 4 stacks and they let it rain arrows
: :( Try to get back up. You're fun to argue with.
im so confused right now 1. sarcasm or not? 2. if not sarcasm, in what way is it fun to argue with me? 3. insult or not? 4. cant you argue with me even if my honor lv is 1? 5. <><
: I missed you all
level 42. poor tantram you really didnt get to play much. you dont need to look my honor level up, i dropped back to 1 :( but dw, im getting back up. most likely not to 5 anymore but still.
: you completed some other missions as well alongside with the first win
i didnt. there was no other mission. and none of the worlds mission give exp.
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: Fun Fact: Vayne Is the only champion in LoL with no AoE abilities whatsoever
so i went through the entire champ list cause i couldnt believe vayne is the only champ who has no spell thats able to hit multiple enemys. fiora is also a champ who has no spell that can hit multiple enemys.
: Idea for 2 new elemental Drakes.
not more damage pls. more defence, yes. also stuff that ppl recommended for years: at the start of the game it should be randomly decided if dragons spawn in the dragon or baron pit. this way its not "play around bot for all the dragons" it might be play around top
dævił (EUNE)
: What's going to happen on 10th anniversary?
judging from (at least) the german client, ryze gets a kda skin. im not even kidding. literally ryze with the kda colors and outfit.
: Confirmed nerfs coming soon
HOLD ON THERE FRIEND!!! every time pyke (or riven) got nerfed in the last months, they got "compensation" buffs they really didnt need that also ended up making them stronger than before. so before you throw money at riot FOR LISTENING ONCE, you better wait because they might bait you hardcore.
ApexRiven (EUW)
: I have new role, If enemy team has more then 2 mages im dodging bc its unwinnable game...
imo tanks beat mages unless its dot mages like cass, anivia, malz.
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Why does it take 4 votes for it to accept a surrender?
thing that annoys me the most is if 3 vote yes and 2 vote nothing, its still a no. either vote, or accept your voice isnt heard.
: why do sexists not get punished?
why'd riot punish themselfes? LOL. in all honesty: idk. i really dont know.
: For Season 10 - Riot needs to be honest with themselves about the state of matchmaking.
riot... needing to be honest... im trying soooo damn hard not to laugh im serious. i dont even try to be funny or a dick or to meme. im serious. im trying to not laugh so hard!
: The Riot support person will always tell me to just report a player through the client, I just feel that does not work at all. It is hard to differentiate the difference with off meta picks with feeding, griefing, and afking but my first post can show you there are plenty of evidence. I just played with that Fizz that said he will literally afk if his teammates feed and he did, however, the game was still winnable and he left after 7 minutes and I seen him do that the past 3 games. The Lee Sin that I played with fed an average of 12 deaths per game with 2 kills and 1 assist per game for 20 + games in 3 days. I mean how long does it take for a player to finally get punished for feeding, griefing, and intentionally going afk? If I did not submit the ticket on that Lee he may have continued to feed and ruin people's games. Riot seriously has to find a way to improve their system to make sure they punish feeders, griefers, and afkers.
because riot support is what you'd call "first level support" or front desk. these are your general people that mainly do stuff like sorting papers etc. every company has them and if you want anything to be done or need anyone who has some real knowledge, you need to somehow get past them. i mean i started at the exact same position. i also started at front desk. you get almost ZERO insight on deep stuff. your job is to basically tell everyone the same copy pasta (like riot sup does) and if they keep persisting, give the case to what is called "2nd level support" these are the ppl that work in specific sections. tl:dr riot support is the useless front desk thats good for finding you stuff you'd find by googling. and i know many ppl disagree with this... to those ppl all i can say is: if you ever start working in an office job or "customer support job" you'll learn that you can disagree with whatever you want, it wont change reality.
: So the game balance is actually South Africa's fault
: What do you guys think about IQ test
they sure have some value. but you cant use that number for everything.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jennifer420,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=a1eFnNGE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-13T14:01:04.215+0000) > > "not so traditional adc" > > *kaisa flashbacks* NO PLEASE NO NO NOOO!!!! *shudders* No moar pls. I have suffered enough. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
> [{quoted}](name=Shirvallah,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=a1eFnNGE,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-10-13T17:00:39.160+0000) > > *shudders* > > No moar pls. I have suffered enough. > > {{sticker:sg-janna}} we all did
: Why are you complaining about Yuumi lol She has a trash winrate in Solo Q (40 % or so, you said it) But she also has a normal winrate in competitive: 51 % in the 5 major leagues combined, 117 wins and 111 loses. 6 wins more than loses in a champ that according to boards is the most broken op stupid champ ever created. How is that a BIG DEAL?
when yuumi was announced: going to be the opposite of pyke an assassin yuumi as support: MORE DAMAGE THAN THE OTHER FOUR TOGETHER!!! you dont see anything wrong with that?
: So, we know that the next marksman is...not so traditional.
"not so traditional adc" *kaisa flashbacks* NO PLEASE NO NO NOOO!!!!
: Garen is blatantly the most overpowered/broken champ in the entire game
"do anything to him please" they did. made his ult always true damage and his e basically insta stack conquerer. i wouldnt say he is the most op, but he is a really stupid strong champ.
: isn't a valid site for statistics. Use a reliable and accurate site and try again.
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: Riot : "Aatrox is too unhealthy we have to keep nerfing him after we buff him"
even IF you apply wounds to vlad, what does it matter? oh he only heals 600 instead of 1k while also taking half my hp bar at the same time. THAT WAS 800g WORTH INVESTED!!!
: Do you still try to win after prolonged disconnection ?
if the enemys talk shit 24/7 then i feel like making them shut up. but otherwise? nah lol. why should i tryhard if a small dc basically means i dont get anything anyways? i know some people would say "to be a decent human being" yeah fuck that lol. the amount of times i have ppl in my team that literally ragequit cause the jungler came by and took 1 cs is insane. why should i care for random ppl that i never met and never will meet again? i value myself a bit more sorry.
: Garen is too OverPowered
i can alrdy see it coming next patch: hey guys we increase garens e range and q movement speed BUT we reduce his base armor by 4 hehe xD blitzcrank 2.0 enjoy.
: Riot when you make a new champion do you have to modify existing champions for them both to work?
yes they HAVE to but they dont. if they would, there wouldnt be THAT FUCKING MANY bugs.
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datfatguy (OCE)
: How about instead of adding more champions you balance the ones that are in the game
Kabraxis (NA)
: That's how it's supposed to work..
its supposed to just make you gain like no lp just cause you reach dia4?
Diävolo (EUW)
: Is there some people who just downvote everything they see or what ?
knowing humanity and the time some ppl waste with literally nothing, yes there 100% are. i mean theres even upvote bots FOR THE FUCKING BOARDS WHERE ONLY RIOTS MUSIC AND STORY TEAM LOOKS!!!
Rockman (NA)
: do you think we'd ever get a mushroom champ
: The world is going "Dark Mode", Why is Riot going the Opposite way?
: I'm disgusted with myself im proud of myself.
: I don't get how moderation works here
moderation here seems to become more and more random. i made a joke about china not censoring anymore and it got deleted for "political discussion", but theres literally a thread since 3-4 days now where someone photoshopped the riot fist on a chinese flag. thread still exists cause you know, chinese flag + riot isnt political. all i ask for is the mods not trying to become lolreddit mods.
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