Arammus (EUW)
: actual employee admits they make the hitboxes for skillshots "shorter" to fuck with you
wtf is this bullshit thread. Employee does not "admit to fuck with you". Employe simply explains you why things are the way they are, and explains it in such a way that the dumbest of the guys out there could easily understand it. For Jhin it is useless to know which enemies are "just outside his ult range" so his ult indicator tells him which enemies he can still hit. For enemies it is useful to know at which range they are not safe anymore, so Jhin's indicator is shown bigger to them so they do not step into his ult. It is a help for both Jhin and his enemies. You aren't Iron IV because AD Yuumi conspires to make you lose the game.
: Random comment but were you the same Kaisadilla I played clash against? xD
: I just learned that PoM's ult CD refund was removed in favor of totally redundant mana and now I am sad.
> [{quoted}](name=KFCeytron,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eEvgHWUE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-12-09T10:49:32.235+0000) > > I just learned that PoM's ult CD refund was removed in favor of totally redundant mana and now I am sad. Ultimate Hunter now reduces ult CD up to 25% and Wind Dragon gives you 10% extra ult CD. There's plenty of ult CD reduction in the game right now.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Th3KindredSpirit,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eEvgHWUE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-09T06:20:53.859+0000) > > +1, Shen is the only energy champion that gets massive increase in energy costs but unlike any of the other energy using champs, HE HAS NO WAY TO REGAIN ENERGY. Like how come all the others get some way to regain energy but Shen is left alone to suffer. This buff to presence of mind for Shen would be so nice. Because champs are not the same.
: [CLIENT] The server status notification keeps repeatedly popping up, interrupting everything else
How these things pass Q&A goes beyond me. Luckily for me [notifications just popped up again] the client doesn't focus itself or minimize other things when this happens, but it's still annoying since it interrupts anything you are doing in the client.
: How can Bloodmoon even be called an assasin game mode?
How is Diana not an assassin but Nidalee is?
: ayuda por favor.
Contact RIOT Support.
: What stupid people don't get is... tanks NEED to do damage. It's just how much damage that's the issue. People will tell you outright that tanks should not be able to kill ADC's... which is freaking absurd. Tanks are initiators and usually pretty CC heavy by default. ADC's have some of the most paper-thin defenses in the game. Are you implying that they should be SO weak that they cannot even hurt the class that builds no (or next to no) defenses? May as well make em all do 0 damage then. Or perhaps you're saying they shouldn't have such good dive potential and lockdown to sit on an adc while they kill him? Well now they're unable to peel or start fights. Also by taking away a tank's damage they lose the ability to lane at all, and they lose a lot of their abilities to freaking tank! Why is that you say? Well if Malphite or Leona do 0 damage, there isn't EVER a reason to attack them. EVER. But drawing focus and eating enemy spells and attacks for their team is one of their jobs, you say? Well why would ANYONE focus a Maokai who lacks the damage to kill the squishiest person in the game even if you leave him alone? You wouldn't. He needs to be enough of a threat that he can force the enemy team to toss their spells on him. If he's ahead, this is literally him TANKING. You know... his job. He gets so burly that he can dive in and you kinda have to focus him, even though that is a TERRIBLE idea. This isn't an MMO with an aggro mechanic. Players will focus the guy hurting them. For tanks to draw "player aggro", they need to put out some hurt, even if it's only when they're ahead. Finding the balance of how much tanks should do before they're a bit too good is hard... but anyone who says "tanks don't need to do damage" fundamentally lacks understanding on the very basics of the game and how it works.
I wholehearted agree. If Maokai deals no damage, who cares if he dives your carry, CC's him and stuff? He won't do anything. He needs damage so he forces your team to care about him. If he does nothing, well then just let him be. He'll waste his CC and your carry will come back. Is the fact that Maokai can actually kill your carry what makes your team use their CC and damage on him.
: Is it just me, or is the amount of decent ADC players dwindling?
Lack of diversity. On one hand, there are very few ADCs, and most of them play really similar. That makes it unappealing to main ADC compared to maining mages (the difference between Xerath, Ziggs, Malzahar, Ahri, etc are enormous). On the other hand, bot is the only lane where you are confined to a single role, which means people don't main bot unless they main ADC. The other positions have higher diversity: In mid you play a lot of mages + some assassins, and you always have a random FotM tank or bruisher being played. On top, you play from tanks to bruishers, but you can also bring mages there. Jungle? Each champion is a world. From Xin Zhao to Zac, going through Zyra, every jungle is unique. Even in Support, Leona, Zyra, Taric or Nidalee play completely different. If RIOT wants more and better ADC/bot players, then they must both allow ADCs to be played in other lanes and allow non-ADCs to be played in bot. Yasuo + Nami, for example, should have been a competitively viable botlane, or Malphite + Irelia, things like that.
: It's partially his design and partially the state of the game. I'll talk about state of the game first since that one is easier. 1) Right now the whole kill lane bottom thing is kind of gone. In order to remain viable like any kind of bottom lane including enchanters have decent kill pressure. So in order to make a burst ADC like Lucian or Corki maintain enough burst to where they do significantly more upfront damage than other ADC's, at this point that level of burst would be freaking nuts (damage creep). So instead they nerfed both of those two out of viability in bottom and left them just strong enough to survive in the mid lane where their base damages (in the context of a 1v1 and solo lane XP) are still decent. Right now supports determine a kill lane or not more than the ADC pick. 2) His design has some elements that make him tough to keep viable without making him broken strong. - **His Q is both his poke and his main burst**, so giving him more burst makes him better at poking when he is supposed to be strongest sliding in and comboing you aggressively in trades. So you can't buff it, but you kind of need to buff it to allow him to burst. So then you think about moving damage onto his W, but Riot already toned down the damage on his W (making it mostly utility) cuz of it being a ranged skill shot and again, why should a short ranged duelist ADC who specializes in mobility and comboing have a poke skill that does damage? If you nerf Q's range but buff its damage, his wave clear becomes absolute garbage, not to mention his burst would not be outplayable just all loaded onto one spell which is not healthy or interesting. If you make it skill shot it becomes pretty hard to use since the aoe size on it is only super strong when you take it in the context of being clickable. -**His dashing and passive resets**: so ideally Lucian is dashing around dodging stuff and comboing people in the face. But here's the deal, if each combo is heavy burst, then he has to be pretty horrid at scaling to compensate, so then we see these BORK with Yomuus or BC builds develop to really abuse the early game burst cuz you don't want to get to late game. If you build him Crit, his passive does not actually boost his persistent DPS that much, but that is actually balanced because if Lucian could abuse crit builds he is basically Vayne part two, maybe even worse. Summary: In order to buff Lucian back into viability you need to buff his burst without directly buffing his Q or W. And you can't buff Crit interaction with his passive or other steroid because then he will probably scale a bit too hard for what he is as a champion. Recommendations: 1) Emphasize his bounty hunter flavor by making his W apply a small debuff that makes the enemy pop for a small amount of bonus damage the next time an ally hits them. So like a baby version of Leona's passive. Something like marking a target. 2) Emphasize his combos by buffing his passive. My thought is make it so that if he hits someone with a double tap, the next double tap does slightly more damage. That way he is still bursty, but there is some counterplay. 3) Make his W apply the damage buff that applies to his spells only. So if you get off a Q or Ult afterwards you get some bonus burst damage but it is gated by the W cooldown and they have a chance to dash or flash away before that extra bit of burst comes through. ****MAKE ALL OF THESE BONUS _MAGIC_ DAMAGE SO PEOPLE DON'T TRY TO ABUSE LETHALITY BUILDS MID**** -You would need to probably also make it so that his passive does not use on hit effects, therefore killing the BORK and Cleaver builds. The idea here is to buff him into viability bot lane with a traditional ADC build and NOT buff his mid laning. So you give him a flat burst increase that does not matter what kind of build he is going, then nerf the snowball build. Thus you relegate him to Crit builds but don't make a gigantic dent in his early and mid game, and then I think you are left with a more balanced version of the original. Lane bully early on, kill threat in mid game, decent but not good scaling in lategame - high mobility throughout. I think marksmen should have access to these kinds of mobile just do damage characters just as much as the other roles if they want that heavy early-mid game focus. While we're at it can we have another poke oriented ADC back in the bottom lane? I mean now that Corki is gone we pretty much just have Ezreal for persistent poking ADC, sad day.
Why do we have to confine Lucian to bot just because he's an ADC? I'd be more than glad to see Lucian being a powerful midlaner. I think RIOT should always make good champions and let people find where they suit, rather than tailoring every champion to a specific lane. To this day every time an ADC has shone in a lane other than bot RIOT has shut them down instead of letting people adapt to it. A powerful mid Lucian is not the end of the world. He may destroy, idk, a Lissandra or a Talon, but then you'll pick Ziggs or Xerath to poke Lucian from a safe range. That way the meta evolves alone without RIOT having to constantly buff and nerf every champion.
: To be fair, pre-rework fiora was busted, she needed the rework. she had literally zero counter play. Her ult was point and click, also made her untargetable for a pretty decent amount of time (whilst healing her if she had life steal). Her q was another point and click double gap closer that also did a decent chunk of damage, and her riposte gave her free bonus AD. There was nothing you could do to counterplay her if she was ahead other than stack armor and hope for the best. And this isn't a bias opinion from some pre-rework fiora hater, because pre-rework fiora was one of my favorite champions to play. There was no way to balance her without completely gutting her and making her useless, in her old state.
Tbh the new Fiora is just as frustrating. Her passive is unfun to play against (your weak point positions are choosen randomly, so they basically feel like if you had a number between 0 and 1 constantly in your head that indicated how much extra damage you'd take if engaged on right now). Her Q denies her passive either way, because hitting weak points with it is really easy if they are not literally on the opposite side. Her W is really infuriating because it can a) dodge CC that you already landed on her but have a delayed effect and b) has a shit ton of interactions that are not clear or intuitive at all. Bonus points because her Ultimate's only purpose is to make her immune to Ignite or minion aggro after killing you. As a non-Fiora player, I feel reworked Fiora is just as frustrating and uninteractive as the old one.
: {{champion:136}} He gives so much opportunity for counterplay, if he's winning against you, he deserves to. {{champion:30}} Personal bias on this one since he's my main, but if he's winning against you it's because of one of two things, you are bad at dodging, or he has much better decison making than you do. The champion has a lot of weaknesses that are very easy to exploit and pretty much anyone can do well against him if they're smart. {{champion:14}} Never seen a Sion in game and thought, "oh that's bullshit." He's a straightforward, well balanced champ. {{champion:19}} New Warwick is really fun to play against personally, he warns you that he's potentially coming when he's far away, can miss his ult, and is a very fair champ. {{champion:115}} My opinion of him is, and always shall be; meh, you exist, you go do your thing. Never been mad at a Ziggs once.
That's because you haven't seen _my_ Ziggs :D
: Is there any champion you have fun playing against?
I actually have fun on my games overall. I think champions that frustrate you are the exception rather than the norm, and is usually because they have old toxic kits, for example: {{champion:80}} - His point-and-click Q and his shield passive make for a really unfun laning phase. Not only he can poke you as much as a ranged champion would, but he also has a built-in shield that makes it almost impossible to poke him back with certain champions. Extra points because he can actually poke you when you are farming under turret and deny the turret damage. {{champion:23}} - His ultimate is infuriating and (imo) not on par with the modern philosophy of RIOT. 5 seconds holding an hypercarry are too much, especially when he has mobility and can deny yours. {{champion:77}} - He's just a pile of stats running through the rift. It's very close to an Infinity Edge that came alive and started chasing people. There's no skill involved in a fight against Udyr. It's just a stat check: whichever has more damage will win the fight. At this point we could be rolling dices and deciding which one wins based on the result. Another example would be champions that have a "this hasn't happened" button that makes them impossible to punish or kill when played correctly. Champions like {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:245}} or {{champion:238}} are really hard to punish when they fuck up: Ekko, for example, can easily dive you, only to get massively outplayed by you (i.e. he tries to dive a Syndra but she lands a stun, summons some balls and ults him), only to have Ekko press R which a) makes him invulnerable so he can dodge part of your combo, b) heals him so even if you were about to kill him he's now pretty safe and c) teleports him back to outside the turret, effectively escaping from you. In the case of Fizz or LeBlanc, on the other hand, their escapes are so good and are on such a low cooldown that they basically deny you any chance to kill them. Anytime you try to engage on Fizz, he will just E out of trouble. Plus they can play really carelessly without punishment: for example, Fizz forces you under turret without wards or anything. A normal champion would get ganked immediately, but Fizz can E his way out of trouble because he's escaping while being immune. And that's all. Contrary to most people, I don't find champions like {{champion:157}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:28}} frustrating at all. They all have their strengths and weaknesses clearly defined, and none of their strengths are "get-out-of-jail-free" cards. The problem is that people are a) too individualistic and b) want to play every game the same way and get frustrated when a champion forces them to play differently. Take Malzahar for example. Malzahar has no mobility and needs a bit of time to cast his combo, which means that your jungle can easily gank him and, at least, burn his flash, plus he has no way to answer a gank other than wasting his ultimate. Trying to hit something like Shyvana, Hecarim or Skarner with his Q, especially when you didn't expect them in your face, is really hard.
: Cuz if tanks don’t have damage, then the enemy team will ignore them and go for their carries. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} I don’t agree with this logic, but it’s what some people constantly say to defend tanks even though most of them have reliable cc that should make the enemy carries fear being locked down cuz oh I don’t know, that’s the whole point of playing a goddamn tank. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
But tanks don't usually have that much damage. Maokai has a shit ton of CC, but deals no damage unless he's far ahead of your team. Skarner has moderate CC and his threat is actually that he deals some damage. But some is not the same as being a carry now. He may kill a carry 1v1 if he catches it (which shouldn't happen had your team peeled the carry correctly), but he won't do shit against an assassin or a more resilient mage, for example.
: {{item:2419}} {{item:2419}} {{item:2419}} {{item:2419}} {{item:2419}} {{item:2419}} {{item:2419}} {{item:2419}} {{item:2419}} {{item:2419}} Everyone gets a stopwatch, so everyone has counterplay! Problem solved! :D - Riot
Fuck countless times I've failed a play because I didn't remember Sivir or Riven can now Zhonyas.
: I do, me {{item:3070}} I'm just good at the game and i like to disrespect (spam emotes / makes jokes) in chat so enemy teams reported me. I'm always nice to my teams. So i got a lot of chat restrictions (never a suspension) but riot changed their policy. if you get 5 sanctions you get perma-banned lulz I can't even get back my summoner name. (tribunal chat logs that got me banned were ridiculous i wasn't even toxic, just making jokes and laughing with friends in chat lmaooo. but i guess when ppl are getting rekt in ranked they get mad and when they see someone having fun they want to take revenge as they can {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Disrespecting is bannable. I don't know why you complain getting perma banned. You earned it.
Someshta (NA)
: Track LP Gains/Losses in Match History
Only too many years later but I want this.
: Confessions of a Zed main: 1. No, i can't spam all day long, energy runs out faster than you think 2. Yes, i have counterplay, learn how to move properly 3. Yes, i actualy need to aim to hit you 3. No, i don't have unlimited mobility 4. Yes, I can easily kill you if you stay in lane and greed 5. Yes, my ult has plenty of counterplay, you just need to learn about it 5,5. No, i won't tell you what that is, you don't reveal your secrets to your enemies 6. Yes, i need skill to play properly. A fed zed that kills you is just a fed assassin, not broken. 7. If you walk around in the rift alone i will come after you and i will kill you. It's not personal, it's just good business 8. Please, don't gank my lane just because you happen to walk by, i didn't ask for help. I've got them right where i want them, don't scare them away. 9. I too have bad matchups, i am not untouchable. If you're not good enough, it's not my fault you can't touch me.
Confesions of another Zed main: 1. No, I can't spam all day long, but I don't really need to. 2. Counterplay? What is that? If you picked the wrong champ to play against me you may as well go afk. 3. I need to aim my Q but it's really easy. 3b. I do have unlimited mobility. Chasing and killing a Kassadin is really easy. 4. Yes, I can easily kill you. 5. My ult has no counterplay other than Zhonya's. Most of the times I'll kill you after Zhonya's either way. 6. The first game you play Zed you'll think that it's a difficult, complicated champion. Play two more games and you'll realize it's actually as easy as Darius. 7. Walk alone and you are dead. But this is your fault. 8. I don't really need ganks. 9. I have a lot of bad match-ups. But that's because Swain and Malz are really popular. If I ban those two, then I have no bad match-ups, just less-good ones.
: I refuse to believe people are harsh to new players simply because of their poor performances. They intended to bully others to begin with, and poor performance is nothing more than an excuse to justify their verbal abuse. We're not dumb, we know very well putting blame on someone is only going to make his/her performance worse. We do it anyway because we don't care about the game and it's something else - our ease of mind - that we're after; whether the game is lost or not is none of our concern as long as we had the pleasure of demonstrating hate speech at its finest.
From my experience some players just think they are better than everyone else they are paired with, and they just think that every time something goes wrong, it is another person's fault. Yesterday I lost a game because we had a 1/16 Hecarim that just spent the whole game telling us how every single one of his death were our fault. He wrote a lot of lines giving us long explanations on how somehow every time he fucked up, it was our fault. There was a time early in the game when he was running towards my lane (mid), running away from the enemy jungler and I scouted him to my turret (taking a big chunk of damage that would force me to recall). Once he was safe behind my turret, with ~100 HP left, he went to the razorbirds camp, following the path that requres you to go near the river while both their mid and jung were still near our turret. They just walked on and killed him instantly. After that, he started calling me out because I didn't scout him to the raptors and I did not help him kill them (remember that we were both very low HP while they were full health). That was an incredible fuck-up worthy of a Wood VI player, but somehow he sincerely thought that I was the only one to blame and he had done nothing wrong. Some people just can't conceive themselves making a mistake.
: they don't need to copy HoTS anymore solo players are gone to HoTS now so farwell premades you can now burn in hell :)
tbh Clash Royale has a higher chance to take away the LoL's community than HotS.
: Are you new to league? Cos this "solution" has been suggested by players for years now. On old forum and stuff. So it's been a long time coming. No need thanking them after they took their sweet time.
Just because someone has said it doesn't mean it can be easily implemented. Especially because they have to consider how it can be abused and study its impact.
Zedex (NA)
: Reads the FAQ, still confused. Ladies and gentlemen, here we have a sheep in its natural habitat. Give it something else popular and step by step and maybe it'll leave. While I'm being a monumental douche bag, fragment drops are obviously random and they clearly get more rare as you start getting them a lot. But of course, you'd have to use common sense to figure that out, and we wouldn't want that, now would we?
> I'm being a monumental douche bag This is literally the only sentence from your post that I agree with.
: Why are AP Mages being turned into the only class that needs to recall late game?
> So why are Mages losing Mana Regen and Spell Vamp Why are everyone complaining about the lost of Spell Vamp when nobody ever bought Spell Vamp to a mage other than Vlad? It is being removed because it's a useless stat that no one wants to buy. I agree with your post, don't get me wrong, but I think none of us will notice the Spell Vamp loss.
: Oh, there are countless bad examples too. The issue is that they're getting less numerous, especially in these big updates (juggernauts/preseason/mages/etc.). When the balance team is starting to be as bad as Boards/Reddit at figuring at balance, we have issues.
The fact that there are countless rights and wrongs on the community proves that listening to all of the complaints would be irrelevant. We will be left with similar problems. At the end, you can't never know the strength of anything without releasing it into live.
Feathermane (EUNE)
: Annie, with her short range, medium cooldowns and finnicky passive, is orders of magnitude harder than most ~~mages~~ champions. I guarantee Vel'Koz, Morgana, Swain are easier, and they aren't the only ones.
That's not how it works. What is easier to you != what is easier to new players. Anyone that has minimum notions of game design knows that none of these 3 champions are a better option than Annie to start playing. Annie has a simple kit that a new player can catch up in the first 2-3 games, while the other ones haven't. Annie's difficulty is relative to the skill level of your opponent's. At [account] level 5 you don't need to learn about positioning because your opponents have no idea how to exploit it, so that completely irrelevant. You pick up how the game works with a mechanically simple champion, and then you improve.
: if Riot listened 100% to the player base, they would be ran into the ground. how many threads are out there that X champ needs nerfs and buffs. they would be a dog chasing their own tale. believe it or not but Riot does listen to the player base but doesn't overreact to the vocal ones.
To be honest, if RIOT did what people want LeBlanc would only be able to kill minions with her combo, Urgot would be the only viable AD Carry, mages like Brand would have a 75% winrate, Malphite's passive would deal damage to himself, Zed would have a 60 sec CD shuriken, Yasuo would be just a minion with 20% winrate and a shield that only blocks Zed's shurikens, Riven would have a resource and her Q would consume 95% of it, mages would regenerate 10% of their mana each second and Taric would be the only viable support. I don't often agree with RIOT, but their decisions are far better than 99% of the common suggestions in this board.
: So many people eager to enforce rules over a bunch of pixels anyway the guy has cahnged give him a chance if hes toxic again ip ban him.
This is not a bunch of pixels. There are people in either sides of the screen and, if I call your mother a whore (just an example), the fact that those words are pixels won't make it any less of a disrespect. And you may not care about random people insulting you, but most people do. Anyways, try to go to your job each day having to stand random strangers insulting you for those 8 hours every day for no reason at all, maybe trying to troll you just for fun, because that's what playing League looks like most of the games. I know is a bit off-topic, but we should really stop calling "bunch of pixels" to anything in the Internet to justify toxic behaviour.
: Permabanned almost a year ago...
There is a reason they won't give you your account back even if you have reformed. If you were living alone in this planet, then you'd get your account back because you probably deserve it, but you don't and doing so would unleash a barrage of players requesting for their accounts to be unbanned, pushing the limits further and further each time. If you got your account back, then why this player whose case is *almost* as good as yours doesn't? And, if they do, why the next player whose case is *almost* as good as them doesn't? You get the idea. Also, other people would think that permabans aren't *that* bad, because there is a chance you get it back and that makes it feel less punishing overall. And ultimately, some people would be toxic, then act as honorable players for some time to get their account back, and then become toxic again, knowing that they can 'get back' their accounts by holding themselves for some time. tl;dr: Doing so would set a precedent that would make some people try to abuse the system and a lot others, include RIOTERs, feel bad.
: If made in Mexico "Ay-Paahd"
More like Aipad and Aifón xD
9kPluzZ (NA)
: Give everyone ten free hextech chest and keys, and they all have draven inside
I'll hire you if I ever want to bankrupt my company!
: The real reason it was "Half Assed". It felt like some Chinese or Mexican knock off. No offence to em, but you get the reference. (kind of like those wanabe iPods that aren't iPods and are made in places like China or Mexico). If it came with a Lore Update or something, that would have been cool. Maybe a pissed off Amumu, since you know, Amumu invited us all to his party, but Draven cock blocked.
: urf has been around for 3 years now not 1 lol. (sorry this would have been the third)
What kind of logic is that? "It hasn't happened this year, but if it happened it'd been around for 3 years" Well, if URF was released in 1998, then surprise! It'd have been around for 18 years.
: well if there was a tradition for what like 4 years now why would you expect anything different especially like the people who said they dont have the time to follow every post riot puts out and on thpp of that it wasnt even an announcement it was a small post burried under big updates
Tradition? It happened one year, and they made a joke about it the next year with NURF. Nothing more.
Bergk (NA)
: I literally used a week's vacation to take off work for the next 7 days so I could enjoy URF since it only comes around once a year.... I look forward to URF more than any holiday or birthday. UGH Im so sad, now I get to spend the next 7 days sitting at home with nothing to do but hate Riot.
It's not RIOT's fault that you plan your entire life according to an April Fools joke from a video game company tbh. Especially when they insisted in a serious post that there was no URF this year.
: The thing about them always bringing up about Riot joking last year makes no sense. They called it NURF mode for crying out loud! Did anyone really think they were joking?
I always knew (and kinda preached here) that NURF was a joke and we were getting URF, just because NURF was a game mode that was funny once and that's all, then it just gets really boring. And I knew, because it was obvious, that we wasn't getting URF this year. If they wanted to joke about it they would have said it yesterday, not a month before in the midst of a serious post.
: 1000 so its like yi basic attack
1000 so I can fulfill my Level 10 dream of having a spell that deals 1000 true damage. This time there will be no "to a minion or monster" to frustrate my dream.
: Riot worships ADCs You haven't played this game for awhile if you think otherwise, They'd let Riot HQ burn down before they made ADCs not mandatory Tbh it's been this way since 2011, they don't give a damn about fighters or mages and would rather have ADCs be the spotlight while their slave tanks and supports are used as backups ADC mains like to think that they are the oppressed ones by mobile melees but in reality melee champions were made mobile and given other tools BECAUSE of ADCs being so oppressive. Back in 2010 non tank melees were garbage because of ashe and ezreal kiting everything to hell and back, so Riot made Randuin's Omen with its MS slow, and released a bunch of champs like Irelia/J4/Lee Sin etc. Over the years Riot doesn't realize that these changes were made as a bandaid fix to the real problem of ranged champs having no drawbacks in this game, all they do is nerf assassins and bruisers without addressing the overall problem that ADCs don't have downsides. There's a reason that the most popular champs are ALWAYS adcs (with the exception of Lee Sin) and the fotm supports Fast forward 6 years later and nothing has changed, non tank melees are only played outside of competitive play besides a few exceptions and ADCs are destroying everything the entire community has told Riot this multiple times but they haven't made drastic changes to tone ADCs down from being required or lose, the only playerbase who denies this is the ADC mains 3 years ago, 1200 upvotes, over 2000 replies, no red response I've accepted that they have a blatant bias towards ranged champs which is why I don't play the game anymore, but to each his own I guess
I've never understood why we allow "ADC" to be not only a role, but a mandatory position in order to win the game. We'd find it crazy if there was a meta where not having an assassin, or a tank in your team meant instant loss; but somehow we've accepted it's OK that you are forced to have an ADC to win the game.
: Does Riot really think this is okay?
Back in my times, young one, if you told me that Graves would be better than Mordekaiser for top, I would have laughed at your face.
Mech0p (NA)
: While I completely agree with you its not based on what the comsumer wants anymore... ( ex: THe 2015 "Harrowing", New Mage update, Morde update, and that's just the last few months of 2015) This is all a strategy to get more money which is cool with me because I realize its a business and from a business pov DQ is so much better than SQ... Reason being is that when you play with friends and they all have skins you feel like you must get one to be apart of them its human nature and from there its just a dick measuring contest to see who can get the newest and coolest... But this isn't gonna work to well if it cost riots thousands of players in the end who aren't just casuals and are much more likely to invest more time and money into the game...
I fail to see the point on why the new mage update is made to get more money.
: There is a easy workaround at Riot hands that will generally leave the 2 crowds satisfied. - playing solo --> you get SOLO MMR - playing with a group --> you get GROUP MMR - 2 separate ranked ladders for each, same DQ system Done. Where is my paycheck?
Your paycheck is nowhere because you've solved nothing. People don't want soloQ because they want to have two MMR (that's stupid). People want soloQ because they don't want to be paired with a premade on their team, nor they want to play against premades because their communication will be a huge advantage.
: Yes yes, and Malphite doesn't have arrows sticking out of him, and [insert another twenty petty complaints here] I'm not sure how much time you spend looking at the splash-arts or how much it means to you, but I honestly couldn't care less. I only care what the in-game models look like, because they're the only part that are actually in the game.
Why do you assume that, because you don't care about certain thing, nobody cares about it? Some people love splash arts as much as they like the ingame models, and you are no one to tell them what they should care about.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: lets be fair, a lot of them are based on our personal bias. I think the new mid night ahri is much better and an upgrade to current midnight ahri. Yet many people disagree. I really like the new blitzcrank where he sits on the top of a mountain of rumble as a Badass Champion (not as in lol champion, but CHAMPION). Yet, many people hate the new splash Art. I really like the new Karma splashes. It shows Karma as happy, as enjoying life. While most people hate it, because "she's a deep character she should be fucking sad and pissed all the time. How dare they make a happy Karma". As if, character X had a harsh life, they must suffer for eternity and should never be allowed even a moment of happiness. Tho, the general concuss seems to be that Mundo (Shrek), Fiora (Vampire lady) and baker Morgana (take a look at her mouth) are bad. I'd also argue that some others are bad. But, again, its more of a bias and preference for most splashes. I won't be surprised to find that someone likes some of the 3 I've listed above.
> I really like the new Karma splashes. It shows Karma as happy, as enjoying life. While most people hate it, because "she's a deep character she should be fucking sad and pissed all the time. How dare they make a happy Karma". As if, character X had a harsh life, they must suffer for eternity and should never be allowed even a moment of happiness. Splash arts should capture the essence and story of that champion/skin. It makes no sense to have Karma with a happy childish face when she's supposed to be older (afaik) and more "serious". This is not one of many pictures, it'd be OK to see a happy Karma in other champion's splash art/story art/whatever; but making her happy in her own splash art fails to transmit the essence of the character.
: I don't want to get into a big political discussion here, but I want to say that the big problem in America is that we had very serious anti-communist (which many people confuse with socialism) propaganda for a long time in our country, and the same people subjected to that propaganda are now the ones doing a lot of the teaching in elementary and high schools, so even though the government-sponsored propaganda is over, the views are still being spread. Then on top of that, America has big income disparity, and the people with money want to keep all of their money. Again, it largely comes down to rhetoric. America has a long history of philosophers, governmental leaders, and even literary authors who take a rhetorical stance of something along the lines of "In America, you work for what you get." Americans with access to higher education (giving out more of that access is one of Bernie's proposals and as you said widely considered a basic right in many European countries) get higher paying jobs then justify not wanting to pay higher taxes with that same rhetorical stance. I wrote all this because I don't want Europeans to think Americans are all just stupid idiots; the cause of the problem here (the problem being anyone supporting that horrible man, Trump) is that Americans have been fed propaganda that Trump is appealing to, while Bernie is directly challenging that propaganda. (Also, I will say I personally don't really support Bernie either, but I'll take him over Trump)
Don't worry, we know there are as many clever people in America if not more than there are stupid ones. It's just that the "stupid ones" hold some views that are too shocking for us.
: Do they own them now? I thought they just held majority of stock.
Tencent bought the rest a few months ago, so they own now the 100% of RIOT.
LankPants (OCE)
: Welcome to America, where Bernie Sanders, a completely sane Socialist is somehow just as controversial as Donald Trump, a completely insane far right arsehat, for lack of a better word.
Traditional right-wing media in European countries (at least mine) are tagging Donald Trump as a fascist, and his ways to power are seen similar to Hitler's. I sincerely don't know how too many people can support someone like that. Meanwhile some of the Bernie's proposals are considered basic rights in Europe.
: @Riot: Why aren't you using the NA Crimson Akali?
I think what they want to do with Masquerate Evelynn is even worse. We know she's a very sexualized character, but her NA splash is awesome and makes her look mystic or something. Her "new" chinese splash art may as well be the front page of lolhentai.
kDrakari (NA)
: Tobacco is much more harmful to children than murder, didn't you know? The same with "seeing a skull".
You won't die from murdering someone* *You may depending on your state and/or your race.
: Logged in just to comment on this. Ridiculous when our game must be changed to conform to the standards of COMMUNIST China. The same China that jails political dissidents, limits the amount of children their citizens can have, censors the internet and all around treats its citizens like minions. Lame Riot.
Why are you writing propaganda here? First of all, China is not a COMMUNIST country, it's a "socialist" one (de facto they are capitalist anyway). Second, I find it stupid that Americans in the XXI century still use "communist" as an insult. C'mon, you should respect other people's political views. Finally, the birth limit was necessary.
: ...if they own the company can't they basically order them to take jhin out? Only reason i could see them not doing that is the community back lash it could cause.
That doesn't work exactly that way. Although Tencent owns RIOT, they don't control nor they don't care about what they do. They only care about profits. They set certain economic goals that have to be met. The way they are met is irrelevant to them. The only situation where I think they would tell off RIOT is if they introduced something very unappropiate like a racist joke within the game.
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