: I just had a game where BOTH ADCs disconnected, and BOTH supports can't farm, thanks to item changes
> both my ADC and the enemy ADC disconnected. **THAT** is what shouldn't have happened. The item is just fine. You can't balance an item around things happening out of the game boundaries. That requires another approach to target the specific game rules that were broken.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Remove Anti-Poaching from Tier 3 Support items
> to stop other roles from abusing it Actually, unlike Tier 1 and 2, this time it's to prevent Supports from abusing it. When a player collects stacked waves in late, it bounces back. There is a safe collecting area on each side, players shouldn't go alone further than T1's ruins if they only intend to farm so people aware of that let the waves slowpush to them as much as possible to collect everything in one go in a safe position. If you take a wave attacking a tower (or about to and nobody's coming), that's ok, they forgot to defend and you replace them. The countermeasure on support items will still allow you to get full gold from that. If you just take waves out of that situation, not only you deprive someone of the wave, but you also prevent him to farm any subsequent wave until it goes aaaaaaaall the way to the other side and bounces aaaaaaaaall the way back to your tower. I've seen a lot of Supports do that during this season, more than during any other, and that puts their mates behind for no real reason. That's something you can't see if you don't think it through, but it's harming the team a lot and I'm glad they chose to tune it down, that's discouraging it without having players to fully understand it.
: Is that it? So it's on support items?
Yes, that only applies if you have a support item.
: "Ranked Flex is just another Normals mode"
My opinion on this is: if you're not a 5-players premade team, you're not fully using the Flex mode. If you go alone or duo in flex, you're basically playing ranked without engaging your soloQ rank, so you don't really care. If you go by 3, you're needing 2 other players picked in the previous category, so you're pretty much asking for low-quality mates. If you go as a full team, you don't have any random, so none of them will slack off unless you accept it. You can improve as a team and not just as a sum of individuals, so you can access to the actual True Flex queue where you have to cooperate and you have the tools to really do it.
: Patch 9.23 notes
> REMOVED > Brawler's Gloves How do you build Phantom Dancer now?
: Target SPECEFIC champion only button PLEASE!
That's an intended feature actually, big champions are able to cover tiny champions to mess up with your aiming and you have to play around that. It's not easy to follow another player that strictly for long, obscuring your target will generally only last a second before you're able to get a clear shot again. As annoying as it looks when you don't control it, it's an important part of advanced peeling. Same for bodyblock, it can be frustrating to have to maneuver around minions and champions but it's a tool you can use to slow down enemy champions and make your carries kite easier.
Baddeus (NA)
: Why do people like auto-fill?
> I'd rather spend 10-15 mins waiting on a queue then getting put in a game in 12 seconds, but I am off roled. That was how it worked before, and not only people complained, but enough players stopped playing to force an answer to long queue timers. Autofill isn't really the most problematic aspect of matchmaking, the problem is the logic of the composition algorithm, especially after several dodges or refused games from other players. For example, a few days ago, I tagged Fill and ended up Mid while another player of my team had tagged Mid first and was pushed to his secondary. That's exactly the kind of thing that shouldn't happen, EVER. So, if we add autofill to this, we can figure out sometimes the game will autofill several players at the same time despite them covering the same roles with their respective mains. I invite you to write your main role in the chat every time ("jgl main here" and such, but keep it in the passive form, people don't like to see thirsty "give me mid pls"), you'd be surprised how often you can actually swap.
: why the hell doesnt riot ban afk players ortrolls?
> are they stupid? I return the question. You don't seem to understand that there is a difference between you seeing a troll and them having a million reports to review and sort out the ones actually deserving a punishment. Also, some of them can be quite obvious at the scale of a game, but the huge majority of players reported for trolling aren't actually ruining on purpose, and the system has to be extra careful about that because there is a responsibility toward the average player nobody wants to punish just because he chained mistakes for various reasons. As long as you'll have honest gameplay similar to trolling and people reporting both of these because even them can't do the difference every time, you won't have a great catching accuracy. Technically, they could have a 99.9% accuracy spotting trolls, that's not really difficult, but are you really ready to lose your own account for the only purpose of catching immature people you'll meet once every 20 games? Because high accuracy spotting trolls would come with low accuracy saving innocent people from wrong reports. So, instead of having trolls in your games, you'd have people reporting you for nothing and the sheer amount would ban you.
: What is the criteria for ban?
Hello, your question covers a wide area, so it's difficult to answer to it in one go. What exactly don't you understand about your ban?
Emikk431 (NA)
: Why can't they just use their brain and give me a perma chat ban! Like Hell, I've spent school money on this account! And the fact that I can get banned for some "fucks" and "wtf"s is kinda, well, FUCKED!
You're thinking it backward: they want you to try your best, not to do the minimum ensuring you to not get slapped back. Letting them personalize their response to you is the lazy approach; you break rules, then they'd have to make up for it so you can still play despite not making enough effort to comply with their policy... That's not how it works. As soon as you can consider your behavior to be against the rules, even a bit, you have to expect a punishment. The thing is, your part is following rules to avoid ANY punishment, their part is choosing which punishment they apply. You don't have a voice in it once it's settled that you didn't do your part. I know the sentence feels severe, but that's what makes it a good punishment. If you don't really suffer from it, then you're not persuaded to stop doing what led you there.
Emikk431 (NA)
: Can I be banned for this????
> Is this really bannable??? Do you think it's worth absolutely no punishment though?
Hwke94 (NA)
: Braum literally has 0 scaling but his shield is worse than pantheons? He has a magical door that he ripped off a tower. His entire character is based around a shield but its shittier than pantheon. Makes total sense rito.
Stand in a MF ult with your team. With Braum, he might die but your team won't. With Panth, you won't die but your team will. Efficiency is situational. Braum is designed to peel and protect other players, Pantheon is made so he can go in and survive the aftermath.
: can i mute chat permanently?
Yep, in the options, you can disable chat.
: Why is it so hard.
Advice don't count. If you talk, they talk back: they're already submitted by a stress when losing/camped, you're just providing them a way to vent out. Everyone makes a lot of mistakes all the time. If you're not busy enough with your own, you're missing something. Communication is great but if it's of "_Be Happy!_ to the depressed guy" level, it won't work. A feeding player can need help. If you can't provide it or if you don't think it's worth to go out of your tracks to get him back on his, let him be, and focus on something else. He won't miraculously recover from it with kind words, that's how he's been playing for hours, he won't change on the spot. I'm not talking back in chat because I prefer soothing than flaming, but as a bad laner and good late game player, I can tell you that: when you're stuck in a hard situation, you have to gather all your strength to think properly. Having someone making noise in the background doesn't help AT ALL. Most games I won after recovering from an awful laning phase, that's because my mates didn't tell anything and gave me room to refocus. Give it time, that's the best help you can give from afar.
: "Legendary"
Last time I saw someone complaining about their gift during **someone else's** birthday party, that was Eric Cartman. I'm pretty sure you don't want to be Eric Cartman.
: ryze-ing champions mission is not progressing.
Make sure you're connected and you see the "eligible for rewards" pop-up appear when you start watching a video. Chrome currently has an issue, you might be automatically disconnected every time you try to watch something on the site. There are some solutions, like manually adjusting what cookies are allowed in Chrome parameters, or you can use a different internet navigator (I don't have any problem with Edge for example).
: 2 games back to back with duo'd unranked players
I think of a number between 0 and 100. You can guess the number, and I answer you if you found it, or if it's lower or higher. If you already know the game, you start in the middle and you progress by halves to find it quickly and easily. You're suggesting a better option would be starting at 0 and listing 1 by 1 every number until you get the answer.
Aamano (NA)
: are there still only 20 item sets?
Did you really mean "item sets"? Because I just tested and you can make like a hundred of them.
Ýisus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0cYUyVLE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-25T06:49:51.309+0000) > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} > > You don't get the skin > As it says, you get CHROMA + ICON > No mention of the skin anywhere > > Do you honestly think riot would give you skin + chroma + icon for ONLY 300 tokens??? Seriously? > > It's not misleading, you're just assuming things Yes - as part of the 10 year anniversary I expected Riot to be giving some "above and beyond gifts" since - so far ... for the 10 year I have gotten nothing that I would be willing to spend $0.10 on ... literally (not being sarcastic Riot ... if you want to send me a check for $0.10 you can take all that I have received from the 10 year anniversary up to this post's date and time) - address is on file. So to answer your question, yes - I had figured Riot would be giving away some pretty great things for the 10 year anniversary. And being able to pick 1 skin from a selection set does not seem out of left field. But alas, I was wrong - so far ... the 10 year anniversary gifts have been ... meh ... and quite misleading in their names.
That's why we can't have good things... It's THEIR birthday, YOU get gifts and it's not enough...
: Treeline.....
Your request has been heard. Twisted treeline will be removed at the end of the year.
: How is this balanced?
> high win rates 51% > low win rates 49% The difference is clearly unsustainable... The only one who is debatable is the 56% player, but with less than 100 games and a coming back from last season's Silver 3 mmr, the system simply doesn't know YET exactly where he belongs. If anyone climbing the ladder becomes a terrible event, you're not ready to face relative ranking. You're on your placements, YOU are the variable in this case. Others are pretty close to each other.
: Are you worried about mage supports? Wait until AD supports come in. including ADCs. AD champions with long poke and/or reasonable CC will be played there, due to the new AD support items. Caitlyn can proc Spectral Sickle with ease using her long range AA and Q. She also has the traps for lane control. She will be a good support. She will build armor penetration items to support her ADC. Enchanter supports who support from the back will be dead. They will have a more difficult time to complete their quests. Riot tried to ruin the ADC position in season 8, now they are trying the same with supports in season 10.
"ADC Supports" will have it easier in early (they'll keep their damage output while other supports will lose some), but will fall off harder as game passes when their additional income ceases. The thing is, being useless in late is already why ADCs aren't played in Support already. They're good lane bullies, but can't manage to be useful enough after a while. Now they won't hit harder than now, they'll just outdamage more supports than currently in the early stages of the game. Basically what we call a kill lane, that exists since the beta and never stuck into mainstream due to high risk-taking and inconsistency of results. Opponents accepting the zoning and playing safe cuts off any form of agency this composition brings. For sure your adc support will prevent the enemy botlane to be the kingmaker, but neither will he. > Enchanter supports who support from the back will be dead. They will have a more difficult time to complete their quests. Relic Shield sounds great to me. Executing a minion at 30% HP from a distance is extremely easy. > Riot tried to ruin the ADC position in season 8, now they are trying the same with supports in season 10. They're reversing part of over 2 years of awful changes aiming for Support role to be played by anyone with anything (like, why have I been able to play Shaco Support for 8 months?) at the expense of traditional main Supports who make no real profit in playing dedicated supports when you can go Lux or Xerath and get 600 AP. Most mages have some CC, that's enough to create the illusion you're caring when you'll use it to catch and damage instead of actually needing cooperation to do your thing while the damage dealer does his job. Walking in the same direction is not really cooperation. Once again, I'm not blaming the players, I'm blaming Riot for making the role highly unspecialized and very far from what it initially was, making meaningless a whole system they first enforced with role preselection. This season I never felt like I had any reason to play utility instead of damage. When you're facing 2 players able to solo kill, CC-ing one doesn't seem like a good deal. They already killed Supports, that's the recovery.
: Spend them in the prestige shop coming out later this year specifically made for people to shove their PP into.
Don't tell me where to shove my pee pee.
Krupaz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kalienor,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oOgfJ6sN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-23T22:28:32.896+0000) > > And a very welcomed one. One of the main current botlane issues is Support's income. You can literally spend the entire laning fighting without any consideration for minions and still get similar money as a laner who has to last hit. Support's income falls off later because you can't trade as intensively but **during laning, your income is incredibly high for someone not having to care about cs**. As a result, you see mage supports who will poke opponents to the extreme then pick up farm where they can to act as a second midlaner. I'm not saying "this is not how supports are supposed to work", if it works it works and that's it. But I think it's a bit unfair for the rest of the team to have someone thriving by messing with their macro. Over time, it went worse on several levels, and now Supports and Junglers are leeching a high amount of ressources from other players instead of trying to cooperate. That's losing the essence of teamplay. > > These items make you have to manage your mana again and care about how comfortable you're making the situation for your adc to farm. > > For now, Supports will obviously feel a bit underwhelming because riot spent the last year nerfing numbers on enchanters and will have to revert that to some extent. If they continue what they started with Lulu on this patch, it should be okay. The fact that you can't even take cs while your laner isn't there at any point, even once you've lost your generation quest, is absolutely a bad idea. Last season they made it so support items didn't generate gold without an ally nearby so you couldn't pick coin and afk. Why can't they do that in reverse where the monster hunter debuff (or whatever you want to rename it to) applies while allies are nearby? What's the logic behind forcing gold to go into the ether for no reason?
Monster hunter debuff still allows you to take a full wave for every 3 camps you clear (as long as camps money is twice your minions money, it doesn't proc). We're far from the "I can't cs" thing. If numbers are correctly adjusted, you can farm when a laner isn't here, but there is no point in taking farm at all cost. I see a lot of supports rushing to empty lanes to push when the laner is actually doing something else and waiting for the waves to stack and reach a safe collecting area. The double sentence of your support both leeching money and pushing back the lane so his carry can't farm for ages after that is painful and too subtle for a lot of players who don't see the harm they're doing. A little help with some debuff "convincing" the support to stop getting busy with matters that are none of his concern is a good thing imo. I'm fully supportive of extremely specialized roles and I don't like that current supports can opt for straight carrying _in the middle of the game_; that's very unhealthy because players doing that tend to create situations where their carry isn't in position to perform well, and "since they suck" the support decides to carry instead. There's no teamplay in this, that's breaking the legs of your mates and using that to justify an adjusted share of ressources.
Krupaz (NA)
: New support items don't look great
> TL;DR New support items are definitely a nerf. And a very welcomed one. One of the main current botlane issues is Support's income. You can literally spend the entire laning fighting without any consideration for minions and still get similar money as a laner who has to last hit. Support's income falls off later because you can't trade as intensively but **during laning, your income is incredibly high for someone not having to care about cs**. As a result, you see mage supports who will poke opponents to the extreme then pick up farm where they can to act as a second midlaner. I'm not saying "this is not how supports are supposed to work", if it works it works and that's it. But I think it's a bit unfair for the rest of the team to have someone thriving by messing with their macro. Over time, it went worse on several levels, and now Supports and Junglers are leeching a high amount of ressources from other players instead of trying to cooperate. That's losing the essence of teamplay. These items make you have to manage your mana again and care about how comfortable you're making the situation for your adc to farm. For now, Supports will obviously feel a bit underwhelming because riot spent the last year nerfing numbers on enchanters and will have to revert that to some extent. If they continue what they started with Lulu on this patch, it should be okay.
: That's not true, otherwise they would make it to where it would be an IP ban so they couldn't make more accounts as easily.
IP bans are useless considering how easy it is to circumvent it, and possibly harmful for grouped connections such as cybercafes. There is no real way to prevent someone to remake an account on this game. On another note, if you have trouble with chat, you can disable it by yourself in the options. It's a recent, welcomed addition for players who can't control themselves and search for a solution. _**Edit:** didn't see you already answered to that part to someone else. Well, it's a matter of maturity and responsibility. If you need to be stopped because you can't yourself, you can't discuss the way they do it. There are softer ways than the path you're walking, but you decided it wasn't enough for you._
Manxxom (NA)
: Riot: Malphite is a Tank
: > [{quoted}](name=Kalienor,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KVT5fsMw,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-10-19T07:07:21.618+0000) > > Ok for facts. But logic? What logic is leading you to call people apes on LoL **in a non-derogatory way**? the logic is transitive law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transitive_relation
No no, I mean, I understand the link between a human and an ape, and how it's accurate to call a person an ape. I'm questioning the motive. Language is usually used to convey information. Either you conveyed meaningless information, then it is spam and you deserve some punishment; or you had an intent behind this, most likely flame, also deserving punishment. The remaining loophole is if you used this description in a way that was both relevant and (at least) neutral. I admit I fail to see this happening in game. Even so, there is still an issue: why, if it was so acceptable, have you been reported in the first place?
: Why is calling someone an "Ape" considered an insult?
> Since when did fact and logic = insults ? Ok for facts. But logic? What logic is leading you to call people apes on LoL **in a non-derogatory way**?
: Only people whose accounts are 10 years or older should be able to get all 10 rewards
**Riot:** Hey, it's my birthday party, wanna come? **Colonel J:** Ugh, why did you invite Timothy, he's such a _bAbY_!
: Personally, I'm amused that so many people are agreeing with me (that it should be removed) now that Riot's doing it, but back when I was first to say it everyone was like "Dude it's not even powerful, no one cares, kys."
Consider a lot of people didn't care to correct them (nor support you, depending of your PoV) because this item was so obviously flawed you knew their defenders were impossible to discuss with.
Fyrijou (EUW)
: ***
> Also, in what kind of school were you taught that in a voting poll, that the lesser votes are more important and decide the outcome? Some votes need a consensus to get accepted, like court juries in USA. That's fairly common to add weight to conservatism in situations where part of the affected persons can't express a vote. When asking for a forfeit, you're ending the game for 10 players without even having half of them able to voice their opinion. So, under some circumstances, with 4 people you can choose for 10. As a general rule, a lot of people will try to run away if they _think_ a _potential_ disappointment is incoming. I'm insisting on this: they're basing their choice to leave **on a double assumption**. The number of players doing that is high enough to require a triple check from their peers. It's difficult to tell how many more games would end prematurely if you shift to the majority, how many games would end without being in sight of the nexus, nor if you'd still play the game if half of them ended at minute 20 (not only because you wanted it to end, but because half of the time enemy team would surrender, regardless of how much fun you have at the moment).
: how does yuumi heal work
There's a linear scaling based on target's missing health and topped at 80% missing health. _Base value_ goes up to 130% additional healing at the 80% threshold. _Scaling_ goes up to 300% additional ratio at the same point. For example, at rank 5, base healing is 70 + 10% AP, and goes up to 161 + 40% AP on a target with less than 20% remaining HP. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Yuumi
: Was it intended to make Gold a higher achievement with the league restructuring?
> Since player distribution across hte divisions hasn't really changed much It changed a lot actually. Gold was the top 35% mark and now about 50% players are above Gold 4. So, it probably was intentional, but in the opposite direction you think it went ^^. > (although it is for me since my performance would have earned me gold in the past and now it won't) It can be caused by your level stagnating while the other's increasing. Having more players Gold+ and leaving you behind can mean people are just getting better at the game faster than you. I got the problem with TFT: in the first weeks, I was extremely strong, but I failed to adapt and now I'm below average. My playstyle didn't change, but the others got better than me.
: > [{quoted}](name=RoyHelios,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ARmQtHQU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-09T08:51:20.945+0000) > > the champ with the 0 pick rate in pro (wasn't played for 1 month !!!!) > https://www.probuilds.net/champions/details/MonkeyKing > but rito think its normal so , lets play XDXDXD > for information Yi , tryndamer, amumu, maokai, teemo, shaco, and ramus have more pickrate than wukong, this is a joke .... Garen is more busted than anything and so is shaco but right screw wukong
I remember reading a tweet from a dev explaining why they're waiting. Knowing what the pre-season changes are, they found that the rework was in conflict with some of them. Instead of putting a rework on live servers, then **rework it again** to adapt to pre-season, they prefer waiting and avoid working twice on it.
: idk guys...it seems you never found an inter from champ select. If you would have found him in your champ select then, what would you have thought about this nunu? Misscliked spells and champ? Niche pick? Otp?
Or he was autofilled Support and didn't want to play that so he was trying to make you dodge and if nobody did he would have himself. People should stop caring that much. If he's a dodger, doing nothing will force it on him and deliver the according penalty to the right person. If he's an inter, doing nothing will give him the opportunity to int, provide evidence, and quicken his punishment.
Gangplankk (EUNE)
: I Am Becoming Garbage At My Main
Personally, I take breaks, I play other champions or other games for a moderate period (a couple weeks usually). When I come back to my main, I have to rethink my routine. As time passes, we make assumptions to make room for further learning, and we stop questioning some choices. This routine can be corrupted though, so you have to find something to break the habit and check everything again.
: When you start typing but you never opened chat
Jacksin (OCE)
: What's your personal favorite ship?
: Inaccurate Loading Screen Tips
Not listening to you specifically doesn't mean they're not listening at all. They receive a wide range of feedback, what you can collect by yourself will always be a small part compared to the data they have access to so what you think they should do will always be even more biased than what they're working with. The tip is inviting more feedback, that's not a promise that you'll get what you ask.
: Personally i didnt like the W changed. It attacks automatically but cant move. That makes it röly hard to disguise as the clone. U move an inch cuz ur target moved = they know its u
You could still enable automatic attacks and use the Hold Position command.
> When you are held hostage and leave the game u get leaverbuster even after contacting riot support LeaverBuster has a tolerance. If you get caught by him, that means you leave too often. You're not held hostage often enough to trigger LeaverBuster as it is actually extremely rare to have 4 players purposely keeping you in the game. 99.9999% of the players don't care about you, if they don't forfeit, that's because they don't feel like it, not because they want to make you mad. > When u get suspended/banned after flaming some one who deserved it. By the one who deserves it I mean a person who for example trolled your game. And even then after contacting riot support they do nothing. Nobody deserves to be flamed. Exemplary behavior is the key to get a better environment: if you are not able to avoid being toxic, how can you expect others to stay clean? The case you're settling here is very common, but most of the time your model would fall short because: - you can make a mistake when you think someone is trolling (he can have lost focus for some reason and legit trying but not able to perform as well as he should) - if the troll is responding to some trigger (like someone else trolling too), he's excused then... These 2 parameters can be intertwined to the point you have someone making an honest mistake, another one seeing that thinks he's trolling so he stops trying, you see that and you think he's trolling so you flame him, another see you flame and gives up so he starts trolling too, etc. All of that leads to a whole team trolling because everybody has found a reason to do so when in reality you just all lost control of yourselves for NOTHING. What the others do is none of your concern. Everybody is making a ton of huge mistakes. The more you focus on theirs, the less you see yours. The more you flame, the more you lose otherwise perfectly winnable games and the more you stay with people having a skill level too low for your taste. Be better, be wiser, win more games and you'll get better players. > Your teammates banning champ you are hovering. They should make it so they cant ban the champ you are hovering. mostly for fuc teemo players cuz sometimes u lose cuz people think u want to troll them with teemo while u just wanna fuc carry their lil bitc ases. Having to stick to a set champion isn't more team-friendly than banning your hovered champion. It's fine to play a limited amount of champions to master them. But that's a SELF-restriction. Most people are cool enough to let you play whatever you want regardless of match up or composition, but some don't like it and it's their absolute right to ban any champion they think won't fit to the game. > and at last. losing lp when u get trolled or lost even though ur desicions wouldve won the game but ur team ignores it cuz they think they are hot shi* with their new skin Try to think ahead of these decisions. If you can find 3 or 4 actions deciding for the whole game, then you've made mistakes earlier. If your results can be reduced to a single decisive action, you're gambling the game and you can only blame yourself for getting to this point. Try to focus on stacking tiny bits of advantage, it leads to a very stable domination later on. Stick to the basics until you don't have to think about them anymore. For example, your farm could be improved. Currently, you don't have enough safe income, so you have to kill your opponent to stay on tracks, and that's taking a risk. Moreover, even if you kill your opponent, if he's able to farm well, you won't be dominating him, you'll simply trade an economy for another. But your KDA looking good, you'll think you're ahead and you'll end up making mistakes by overconfidence. And the moment the well-farming opponent gets a couple kills, his snowball will skyrocket and you can do nothing about it. If you start looking at others, that means you _need_ them, so you're getting closer to their level. Center your efforts on yourself if you want to keep climbing, when people are "trolling", it's usually just you not being better enough than them. **If you play this game the right way, you don't have time to look at others, you don't have time to flame.** All this time you spend doing something else than playing is lost opportunities.
: Reason I mentioned it is because my wife was fighting a Caitlyn who simply broke vision of her and was able to exit the ult
That's another feature, Morde's ult has a short channel at the beginning. If the target gets too far or out of vision during this 0.5s channel time, the spell is canceled.
Spotty (NA)
: If you lose 3 games in a row
And then everybody leaves the game because it's stupid, and you have nobody to play with because you're too strict, and then all you have left is playing something else. Take a shortcut and find another game already if you can't stand people.
: Chat banned for banter, league of snowflakes.
It's a bit too much I guess. Banter is allowed to some extent, but there you've been overconfident about the limits. If think the point you're forgetting is: they're strangers. No one knows you and they might not get the tone of speak on a chat. Keep a bit of distance or you may sound disrespectful. You can call that snowflake. But you still won't go to a job interview in pajamas, because, you know, people interpret your self from what they see of you. Show a side better suited for a first meeting, because that's what it is. They meet you for the first and last time. You don't have to leave a good lasting impression, but you should try to not sound too harsh with others. If you're reported, that means you gave such a bad impression that people felt like you shouldn't inflict it to other people they don't even know... That's definitely something to work on.
: who is the anti ap version of malphite?
: Supports don't carry. Any support main who says other wise is lying to you. They played non traditional supports and just cheesed out of low elo. And thats not a support main to me. Thats someone who looks down up low elo players, lies to them and says support mains do climb and have the luxary of playing with players who are more aware. Basically high elo pretentious jerks.
Personally, I started to climb when I stopped thinking like this and actually tried to listen to what better players had to say. Then, when you hit high Plat, you understand Bronze to Plat was only half of the way to actually being a good player and you curse yourself for all the time you wasted thinking you were at your best fighting against a supposedly rigged system. That's not pretentious to see how wide the skill gap between a low elo player and a high elo player is. I kinda stopped in the middle and I can tell you, there is a **huge** difference between you and me already and it's still nothing compared to a Diamond player.
: Ranked Gamble
You're just starting to notice what other players do because you've reached your current level. Now you're in the middle of the skill range of your games, you kinda need them to perform well if you want to win more than half your games. Having a single main champion is a double-edged sword: it's easier to master a champion if you dedicate all your time in it, but that also means your rank will be too high for other picks you're less used to. If you want to diversify your champion pool, focus on one champion at a time and forget your rank: you'll get it back when training is complete. It's normal to lose more when we get out of our comfort zone.
: Dodging in Ranked Promos
Dodging is just taking advantage of the medium, that's not a feature of the game. They have no reason to endorse it. The first penalty is light because leaving selection can be caused by various events, some of them not being directly related to the game. And an important parameter when enforcing rules is making sure you're not impairing too much people who aren't at fault. I'm not saying you shouldn't dodge. It's like me not paying public transportation because I know getting fines once in a while costs less. Just don't expect them to do anything for you on this level.
: Annie Q Bug
Is this really a bug though? Annie's passive is checked when a spell hits something (that's what allows to E during Q travel time to sneak a stun), and dead champions don't have stacks :p ...
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