: That was the whole point of the nerfs. To get {{champion:555}} out of the jungle, mid, and top lane. For a **support** it’s not to bad of a nerf which he should be. In any other lane he is complete bs to deal. Just like how {{champion:223}} is complete bs to deal with in top lane but is fine in the support for solo que. Which is upsetting for a {{champion:223}} main before the consist nerfs.
He was not bs in jungle though which is my problem because now I cannot effectively a character I enjoyed using. I understand how he was bs in top and mid. He is bs in support anyway, currently he is rated a god tier support which usually suggests that a champ is broken.
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: i play a fair amount of pyke my most played champ this season.. he belongs in botlane, be brings a lot of things other supports dont apart for say vel coz and brand and thats huge kill pressure.. pyke is the only support i play... otherwise the lane is just boring for me.. the moment u take pyke and buff stuff like his wave clear and his jungle clear speed. u remove such a good pick for support to a lane were there are a lot better champs than pyke... pyke has a huge amount of flaws... but a shit ton of benefits and this is just risk and reward... playing him support just removes a lot of his risk.. the guy was far to strong in other lanes and tbh fucking broken.. so instead of nerfing what pyke of built for and thats support... they nerfed what made him good in other lanes and that was wave clearing without any pressure of dying.. pyke should be foucsed on one thing and one thing only, making plays and killing a shit ton of people with his r.... not wave clearing
I agree he was far too strong in other lanes however he was not strong in jungle. The changes to his waveclear inadvertently ruined the ability to play in jungle which was my main problem with the nerfs. Before the nerfs he already had below average jungle clear and taking away his aoe damage effects has made it borderline impossible to clear efficiently unless tiamat is built as a first item. Due to this when playing pyke currently in jungle it is more effective to camp lanes than cs in jungle which can get boring for the enemy laner and the jungler as usually the laner will have to sit under tower for most of the laning phase.
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