: Champion question. From a Harvard grad
{{champion:111}} {{champion:89}}{{champion:412}} Lock down, cc and peel, can cause disruption and punish people out of position along with being tanky. Weakness: lack of escapes, when they go in, they better hope their team will commit or they just die for nothing because of their teammates. {{champion:25}} {{champion:40}}{{champion:432}} Reliable first pick, can offer peel, control and sustain, flexible build and are hard to catch. {{champion:63}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:161}} the "I'll do the carrying by myself". {{champion:44}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:117}} The anti-dive. Good protection, can punish engages, and can turn the tide of a team fight. {{champion:555}} If you're playing this, you're cheating. ^^ Most important is positioning and vision, paying attention to cool downs, and locking down the enemy carries while keeping yours safe. As for who I like on my team, I don't really care as long as they can pilot the champion and know when and where to be, and what to do. Also, did you really have to flex being a Harvard grad? It doesn't really matter, because in this game, you are a "player" like everyone else.
: Soraka and Sona nerfs will not fix the issue with top
Friendship ended with {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} Now {{champion:432}} {{champion:40}} are my best friends.
: Who is the worst champion to feed?
{{champion:23}} *Proceeds to run you down because you appeared on his screen*
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Sukishoo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kazekiba,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Pmi7j0sa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-02-17T20:57:14.906+0000) > > approx 0.05%, given 5 ultimate skins and 1000 skins total. > Reality slightly higher since ~80 skins or so aren't obtainable No. There's only 27 skins that are absolutely not obtainable (currently). All other skins can be gotten through either the Store, Hextech Chests, Orbs/whatever, or Mystery Gifts.
> [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Pmi7j0sa,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-02-17T21:01:40.494+0000) > > No. There's only 27 skins that are absolutely not obtainable (currently). All other skins can be gotten through either the Store, Hextech Chests, Orbs/whatever, or Mystery Gifts. Don't forget hextech crafting too.
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: Client stuck in the Waiting in Queue screen
I'm sure daddy Riot will fix the client someday, I am a very good boy and I approve of all their decisions and buy their skins so they will definitely give me attention and make this game playable! :D
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Sabriel (EUW)
: So when will riot address that funneling is currently ruining high elo?
{{champion:11}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:40}}
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: How is Aphelios and Senna balanced? along with other overtuned Reworks and new Champions
Just played {{champion:267}} against {{champion:145}} {{champion:235}} . Blow up instantly in 1.2 seconds and that's with Bone Plating. Long trades mean nothing anymore. Just perma all-in and instagib. But hey! That's what people like these days huh? The word "outplay" used to be for when your rely on your skill expression and game experience to gain a favorable outcome. Nowadays you "outplay" people with the NEW champion and which ones are blatantly strong.
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: Revert Malzahar
"Nah, gotta try and come up with innovative champions, get players attached to them, then dump them down until they have a completely 1-dimensional play style in hopes that newer players will pick them up, only to stop playing them 2 weeks later and go for the next, and also because we don't want to invest time and resources into balancing those champions appropriately. Rinse and Repeat. " -Riot.
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: 2020 Champ Video mentions a masked champ who refuses to die
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: I am looking for Rioters to participate in an Interview about Mordekaiser and the rework
Wow OP, I genuinely wish you the best of luck, I'm sure you will receive attention from the community but not much from Riot since they are very adamant with reworks, however, if this does fly it could be a game-changer to Riot's philosophy about change, maybe they'll stop deleting champions, and introduce new ones with the same name and pretend to be the same champion. maybe Riot will start to acknowledge their missteps and greatly consider player satisfaction with their projects, maybe they will be open to reverts? Who knows. Go for it OP, get your game plan set. Upload to Youtube, upload on Twitter, upload on Discord servers, upload on the boards. I'm sorry for your ban on lolreddit but I feel like this place has become a collective hive mind/robotized area but it's where Rioters cater their attention to other than Twitter. I'm hoping someone will share your videos there, and I'm sure there are people who feel the same. When you'll upload your content. I for one, will be willing to watch and listen. Godspeed TheKingofEloHell. Good luck on your journey.
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Joe 2nd (EUNE)
: Jungle should not be autofilled
Whoever approved of the Jungle nerfs deserve to be forced into the role and climb with the shittiest teammates possible or be fired.
: A fantastic thing that might surprise you
NOGACIYQOUBAGR? I'm sorry but I'm missing the message here.
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: Can sett play jg ?
Why would you play {{champion:875}} when you can play {{champion:254}} ?
: Male Privilege Or he's new and is gunna be nerfed as well edit: THIS WAS A JOKE, STOP YELLING AT ME
> [{quoted}](name=Jimmy Rustles,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=noXjEujP,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2020-01-02T21:42:38.164+0000) > > Male Privilege > > Or he's new and is gunna be nerfed as well Male Privilege? LOL Aphelios would have sold MORE if he was a chick.
d00mface (EUW)
: What unused concepts would you like to see in game someday?
Eventually turned into {{champion:164}} {{champion:145}}, Husk and the concept of HIVE would have been REALLY cool to see into the game. Her feud with {{champion:51}} after the latter betrayed her would have given us character insight over both. And we would have been introduced more into Zaun/Piltover's relationship, especially considering that we'll would be seeing it from the eyes of a former Piltoverian. As for Gameplay, it would be have been cool to see what she can do with a Jetpack and Zaun/Piltover technology and have her revenge on {{champion:51}} . Alas, she was scrapped, Husk held really good potential for the story and the game. I hope Riot can revisit her and look over their scrapped champions because some of them would have been amazing to see as actual characters. https://imgur.com/bwLgsRi
: Why would they nerf supports? They'll most likely rebalance it so casters supports can breathe again instead of the same shit {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} spammed every game
> [{quoted}](name=xxdankspamxx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sEBtopHE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-12-31T16:04:54.473+0000) > > Why would they nerf supports? They'll most likely rebalance it so casters supports can breathe again instead of the same shit {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} spammed every game You think if they nerf those champions people will start to play Enchanters? Nah, you'll seeing more and more {{champion:555}} snowballing out of control.
: I play both...supports win lane....adc wins games
> [{quoted}](name=Malfectious,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JfNG2ogT,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-28T00:26:11.200+0000) > > I play both...supports win lane....adc wins games Unfortunately some ADC mains are too entitled and they cannot understand that and think of Supports as their personal dogs. And cause a tantrum whenever Supports "have too much agency over our entire class!". The ADC mains that are happy and are laughing at the Support nerfs are just selfish and pathetic as they cannot see that they are LESS likely to be protected from ganks/roams/teleports now.
: Which 1 champion do you dislike the most?
{{champion:555}} Never in my life have I seen a champion like him, and I'm genuinely surprised Riot allowed him into the game. What hasn't been said about him already? Took a bad trade, getting poked in lane, had to retreat from team fight? Never mind I'll just get away for 2 seconds to full HP, and oh I'm not healing? k well I know this place is warded ty. "BuT hE CaN't BuIlD hEaLtH! He CoNvErTs iT tO AD!" yeah, because playing {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:246}} and rushing {{item:3083}} is the way to go for assassins, and even then he STILL gets compensated with AD instead of getting nothing. Broken kit that provides him with a TON of power and safety. And that R. that R. That Aoe Blink with its broken hitbox that RESETS and showers your team with gold to snowball even harder. and can insta-kill you at half-health. No champion can ever do anything close to what {{champion:555}} does, and no champion should ever be. he STILL gets flex picked Mid/Top in proplay even when Riot tried to kill his solo lane presence, his kit is gigabroken and yet somehow people are sleeping on him, or even defend him. yeah, because dying INSTANTLY after eating 2 abilities is fair and fun. My bad.
Udyr ßot (EUW)
: Rework Udyr?
Q gives you stealth W leaves a windwall E is a dash and stun R stays the same because no one uses it Also, Udyr executes low health enemy champions if you have 3 stacks of your passive up, and gives 300 Gold to the nearest ally.
: Stuff?
What happens when a Garen towerdives a Morgana? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzE8_iABxto
: I missed you all
Some please boss. https://imgur.com/M3AUryJ and sorry to bother, I'm kind of a shy person.

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