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: You're not penalized for one game. You're penalized based on frequency and severity. So you can be extremely toxic in a few games, or you can be mildly toxic in a lot of games. Also, the bar for not receiving a penalty is extremely low. You can get away with A LOT. That's why the vast majority of players are never penalized. That said, I do agree that whatever they settle on should be as punitive whether you get penalized early in the season or late.
if the case is that you get penalized for frequency and other games there should be some sort of indication for this. when u get penalized it shows u the chat log for that one game. u get no warnings for whats unacceptable behaviour. it goes from 0 to 100 over one game, i have no way of knowing whats acceptable and not when i got no warnings and i didnt say anything really offencive, whats being displayed to me by streamers and waht not is way worse and they are not being penalized for doing it on a daily basis, so it kind of states that its acceptable behaviour. i personally dont belive that calling someone an "ape" and tellign them to "SIT" is ground for me to lose all year of progress on honors as a first time offender. if the punish ment is going to be this harsh u should atleast recive a warning at some point seeing as u say its based on more than whats displayed? why are we not getting info when its piling up? my frequency is low, i dont speak in 99% of my games, n the severity isnt high either in my opinion "ape" and "sit" isnt severe. So i think the system is too vauge and too harsh as a first time and end of season
: > i really hope Riot looks into this and finds a better solution for first time penalties that makes players want to do better rather than give up. If you've been playing since season 2, you've had literally thousands of games as "chances" to behave. Unless you dropped a zero-tolerance phrase ("kys", racist & homophobic comments), you didn't get punished for just one've had a history, however recent, of not following the rules. This is going to sound a bit harsh but news flash - punishments are supposed to feel bad as a deterrent. Hopefully you'll remember the loss of honor and chat restriction and not repeat the same behavior again. Again - if you've been around since season 2, the system and how it works is not a secret to you, and you need to stop the negative chat in game. > its basicly the end of season already and getting my honor up to lvl 2 again to recive any of the rewards availeable for me is close to impossible Again - since you've been here since season 2, you know that seasons end in the first few weeks of November. Why would you risk your account standing and rewards at this point?
WEll the system and how it works is actually a secret to me, cause there is no clear line, ive never had a punishment before so ye i dont know. i can only base my knowlage on what i see, and what i see is streamers promoting worse behaviour every day in chat and not getting any penalties. there is no warnings, nothign that tells you that this isnt apropriate. i never dropped phrases like "kys" any racial slurs or similar, worst ive said is "Ape" and "SIT", n thats the worst of it. in general i dont talk at all in my games. so the point is there should be something between not knowing and same punishment as people that do it over and over and dont learn. the punishment ofc is suposed to feel bad i agree, but the whole point of this is to make u behave better is it not? so having a first time punishment that feels so defeating isnt helping the issue. instead of getting a smaller punishment and warning, u get 0 warnings and a full punishment and then you dont feel motivated to be better. its too vauge. there is no system that warns you about whats apropriate or not, it goes from 0 to 100. and i feel this is wrong. and im not "risking" my rewards, cause there was no indication that my rewards was at risk at all.
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