Ludicrum (EUW)
: Badluck prematching with toxic peoples.. how do you guys go around it?
Thanks for the responses and ideas guys. i didn't consider muting in general, since most of the flaming comes abruptly.. like a game i just had, the jungler from my team was farming my lane with little hp and ends up dying from lux's ult. He blames me then for not using heal on him. Ends up saying "9x him". > [{quoted}](name=jovack,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EVMNYKGQ,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-11-02T18:47:05.234+0000) > > If you sense you're with a premade group, don't engage with them. Often time they will think that since they're within friends, they have the moral support of one another and will flame others. > Just do not respond, since often it will just fuel their insecurity further. Let them call you bad, let them blame you, just don't respond since that's what they're fishing for. Report after, and know you won b/c they didn't get a reaction. Ok. I end up getting muted for 10 games after that particular game which i mentioned above. Out of the two games which got recorded, it was also coincidently due to a premade group which started flaming before the minions even spawned (succesful enemy invasion). This is funny, because i've been getting a system thankyou message every single day after doing what you said (the last one being yesterday). What the two games do have in common tho, is that i mightve end up talking too much (since i was the victim) because i answered pretty much every nonsense which were directed at me xD (i know it's my fault) but other than the volume of messages ive given, yeah the manner i talked in the second game couldve been seen as offensive, by saying stuff like that my support was bad because of his bad pulls. but yeah. to be honest, i'm not sure what's worse atm. league's backyard community, or how injustice the system is working. i'm strongly starting to believe that the latter is worse because it's making me question whether my moral belief is correct or not... I've been watching a lot of lck/lcs matches recently, so wanting to understand and grow your abilities might be the reason why i want to interract and learn from others. It seems that the system is telling me that this is wrong. Assuming you're in selfdefense (which should be morally correct, even by law) it'll be defaulted by the LoL system as incorrect. Hey, perhaps that's how/where the backyard community springs forward? Sorry for the ranting. I guess i'm just preparing myself to uninstall the game and move on, after the 'lost all honor levels' message. If something like this happened in real life, a company would apologize for their mistake, but it feels like we're all accounted for what we do, even tho it's not entirely our fault. The LoL community is notorious for a reason, right?
Kei143 (NA)
: What made you change your behavior (positively)
Hello. Ive played with several accounts in the past, whereas my main account got permabanned and the others were untouched. This account got muted afterwards which lead to my hiatus. After coming back, i felt reformed after i noticed how my optimistic behavior was increasing over a certain period. It made me think that my games went better after doing so, because there's always an uncertain amount of regret when i'm in a negative game, which usually leads to ruining the game (intentionally ruining or due to mistakes). It felt better after winning the game that way than needing to stress because of anger issues externally or internally. I'm afraid that i dont have any direct solution for issues which are caused externally besides muting. But i believe that the community can be reasoned with, so that we can play while understanding eachother.
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