: Trust me. The key is to be aggressive. Of course when you can. Be smart about it. Keep wards up. But at 4, that escape is easy mode. My main is Plat 2, (NOT GOOD), and i have yet to try it in ranked, but that's only due to me not being 100% confident in everything yet. But i mean, 7-0 (games) isn't a bad start.
Yeah but people will punish that behaviour more in ranked. This is just plat we're talking about too, imagine in high diamond or master where people will abuse the shit out of you for a simple mistake such as using your W early.
Kaleidos (NA)
: You lane with Aurelion Sol the same way you lane with any auto-push Champion: You mass farm the waves, harass when they try to last hit under tower, and keep an active eye out for ganks. If you know your actions are going to get the enemy jungler's attention then there's no reason to get caught off guard by their ganks in the first place.
You can't ward up well enough early on, you can do the early Dade ward but there's still an off chance that the jungler slips by a blind spot. Harassing under turret sets you up for ganks by the enemy so well and keeping an active eye out for ganks only works if you have the wards for it.
: Aurelion, much like Heimerdinger, is going to push his lane whether he wants to or not. You can't fight it, so instead you'll need to adapt to it and figure out a strategy that works. Personally though I think he's better in the jungle than in the lane. Those ganks are stupid.
Pity, I was really looking forward to having another mid lane mage but it seems Riot just released another Ekko. The thing about Heimer is that he responds to ganks very well by just dancing around his turrets. He has the 1v2 danger going on. Aurelion has nothing like that.
Lapis (OCE)
: Then pick Cassio, problem solved. And now you know his weaknesses so you can lane against him
The thing is that I'm asking for tips so I can know how to make Aurelion a better pick than, say, Cassio. His chaotic laning is one of the main problems I'm having with him right now and I need someone to tell me how to make it work.
: I would assume you don't harass as much as you would with other laners. That or you constantly shove the wave into their tower and be on your toes to run.
Not being able to harass makes him useless, no reason to pick him over other ranged carries. The spotlight video even states that his W is powerful level 1. Well, it completely ruins the waves. If I want a mid-range mage with sustained damage I'll pick Cassio over Aurelion any day, having proper wave control is worth it. EDIT: As an example, you're up against a Fizz and you use your level 1 W to harass him to half HP. At level 3 you'll find out you allowed him to freeze in front of his turret, completely screwed over the waves and put yourself in a very dangerous situation where you're going to be sandwiched by a jungler and a Fizz unless you stand near your turret, but that would make you lose out on cs and maybe even xp. Basically, you can't use your strong early harass because it screws you over.
: First of all, why you bad at English.... corrections there bro for you. His not played a lot, so nerfing him will make him champion like "Yorick". You can outplay him easily with {{item:3140}} life-steal and {{item:3036}} . You can pick/ban him. I'm ADC Main and When I go vayne I always use E on Rammus, minions can help you cover from his Q, His taunt can we go off my {{item:3140}} , or a lot of life steal so you live longer. I know his really overpowered but I don't care actually because every bronzies goes devour, and champion like shyvana master yi lee etc... While I can outplay.
You insult his English and then spout whatever crap your post is supposed to be, are you serious?
: There's a whole lot of misinformation in this. Yes, it's telegraphed. He actually does a pretty massive amount of damage, just sustained, not burst. His Q is significantly better than anivia's, if you use his E with it right then you can literally make it the size of someone's base. It's insane. You're supposed to build him AP/tanky, sort of like swain, since he's forced to be in at least medium range most of the time. Give it time, people just need to learn how to play a champion where you don't "hit every key and it's K."
My problem with him is that his W auto-pushes lanes if you use it as harass, which allows him to get camped if he tries to harass in lane. He gets punished for using one of the most essential tactics of mid lane.
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Lost R (NA)
: Aurelion Sol - What's in a name?
A few meanings: Aurelian can mean someone who is interested in butterflies, which is derived from the word aurelia for chrysalis, which, in turn, is derived from the word aurum for gold (a chrysalis gets a golden colour before the butterfly emerges) It could be a mix of languages with Aurum and Lion, which makes it the 'golden lion of the sun', which could make sense in the context of a "golden, lion-headed dragon" which relates to some aspects of the Chinese culture. If it is derived from butterflies, it might be a faerie dragon of some sort. Aurum can also relate to "A golden age", which makes sense considering he was linked to prosperity in his previous form, Ao Shin. Very interesting to note is that "Sol Invictus" (Unconquered Sun) was, by theory, the name of a Greek sun god, the idea of which was introduced by an emperor named Aurelian. The name itself does not have very many meanings one can associate with it, but there are some cool stories surrounding it.
EIýzium (EUW)
: Are you still enjoying the game?
I've been having lots of fun climbing with a duo, we just keep each other in check and make sure to ignore worthless teammates. Uncarriable games exist, you just have to improve from them.
: Tank Akali
It's really fuckin' strong if done well. It's a build from Korea which might be a factor too.
: These are overnerfs, but they are probably gathering data and working on "what is appropriate" which takes time. For now they want him out of the way because he was quite literally a god. At the highest level of play, using all of his abilities to maximum advantage, players could keep you permanently rooted. He was picked or banned 96% of the time in the LCK. He received 88 total bans, the most of any champion. The next closest is gangplank at 66, after that is Lulu at 53, and then Fiora at 33. So that means he is almost triple the threat of Fiora in the eyes of the highest level of League of Legends play.
That's what I don't get, can't they gather data after they give him raw stat nerfs? They could've nerfed his ability ranges or his damage, but they instead chose to completely alter his playstyle, how is that any good for analysis? By the way, as someone who has been accused of scripting for doing the combo too quickly, permarooting someone should be impossible in most cases, leaving small windows in between each root to cast an ability at the very least. EDIT: I looked up some Ryze stats too, and his win rate (ban rate aside) is usually quite underwhelming in competitive play.
: It's totally fair. Champions pop in and out of viability/strength all the time. Sometimes your champion will be great or even overpowered, other times it will be unplayable. That happens to all champions and Ryze's time has come to walk away for a bit. He'll be back eventually. It's happened to Kassadin, Olaf, Mundo, Gangplank, Vi, Kog'Maw, Garen, Darius, Skarner, etc-- it happens. I've always loved the champions I've loved, but they do not always need to be strong or even viable. Sometimes, when they become unhealthy, it's best to give Riot time to bring them back. It's best if they can make them "balanced" immediately, but that's not always possible. I am sorry that's not the answer you're looking for. And I think you are the one thinking about yourself-- the entire community does not want Ryze to be a God, only Ryze players want that. If all of us could vote, we'd vote to make him useless rather than a God. Of course we'd prefer him balanced, but if that's not immediately doable, getting him out of the way until that can be done is what we want. You're going to find that you're in the minority on this one, regardless of how much you downvote all the replies that disagree with you.
He was never a God though. I'm going to sound like a Rengar main here, but he's always had his counterplay. Raw stat nerfs/number nerfs would've done him more good than this abomination. It's not like Ryze is my only champion, I still have Anivia, Corki, Kassadin, etc. etc. These nerfs seem exaggerated beyond belief, even more than the Kass nerfs. I've had to go through that and it felt like shit, but this feels worse.
: Good, needed to be made useless until they can figure out how to make him healthy. He's either going to be unhealthy or overpowered in his current state and I'd rather not have him overpowered.
How's that fair in any way? His entire fanbase got completely screwed over until 'they figure out how to make him healthy' which could take entire months. It's not just about you here, but an entire community.
: Giod he was op before the last nerf
So it's okay to Olaf any OP champion? This reasoning makes no sense.
Modmar (NA)
: {{champion:266}} Get's countered by movement meta, but yes his HP ratios suck compared to most. {{champion:84}} Is super strong against a squishy team, and since there are many full adc comps and assassin heavy teams lately, she will start to shine. {{champion:69}} Needs to farm and play for the late game. She has good damage but it's sometimes hard to land. {{champion:3}} Currently underplayed and could do with some love, but in the right hands he can be very good. {{champion:420}} Either falls on her face or dominates. I believe after the nerfs she's not viable, could maybe do with some love. {{champion:30}} You're supposed to build a lot of mana on him. ArchAngels, RoA, etc. It's very good, only problem is Q's can be insanely hard to land in the movement meta. {{champion:89}} Currently a counter to some of the popular support picks, but could be buffed. Probably in her tankiness. {{champion:20}} The entire point of this guy is to walk around and be annoying, while super slowing and having tons of sustain with the nom. The atk speed makes his passive proc more often so he has even better sustain. {{champion:13}} Strong when fed, not as good as others when not fed. His snare could likely be buffed with missile speed. {{champion:27}} Biggest issue with him is all the %hp damage items, such as BotRK. Building a rylais on him is awesome, makes up for TM nerf. {{champion:14}} Telegraph Q is a problem, but he isn't a super damage carry anymore, should be a disruptive tank. {{champion:15}} Good wave clear, not enough general damage until late. Buffs coming soon will help her. {{champion:115}} Just got buffed, works well, movement meta once agains hurts him. {{champion:83}} I got nothing. He can clear decently well and his late game is alright. The one I agree with that needs a lot of love. {{champion:76}} Considered the ultimate jungler right now. Must ban/pick. If you can't land spears then you're done for and shouldn't play her. tl;dr most champs can be good in the right situation. Movement speed meta destroyed a lot of these.
Most of them are right, except for Ryze. The nerfs completely gutted him, to the point where it's so difficult to even get fed that it should be seen as a miracle when it happens.
Cherysse (NA)
: "We thought Xin needed some love"
I cry blue Ryze tears {{item:3070}} ;_;
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Ionian (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DrNova,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fwNnLMWU,comment-id=0001000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-13T15:41:29.012+0000) > > I sense a massive amount of salt that their easy pick is getting some counterplay. > > Someone needs a nap Not at all, I just realised I'm wasting my time because I'm talking to someone who basically never played this game. I'm out now.
Her skillcap's already low AF, lol. People with 1 to 5 games on her average 50.7% win rate in platinum
lolptwo (NA)
: He's also hardly used in High Elo play in Solo Q and has a very terrible win rate if that helps.
Master Yi is overpowered up until masters, up to diamond you're golden as Yi because you get to control the flow of your jungle whilst others don't know how to affect it as well as they do in masters/challenger. Platinums don't know how to deal with Yi, nor do diamonds.
: renekton or volibear
If you want the FOTM OP of today, you need Volibear
Nebuul (NA)
: Would Kassadin jungle work?
Tried it, I felt so useless, I didn't do anything when fed.
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: so what's your suggestion? don't nerf him and let him live few months untouched before rework?
As I said, I do suggest nerfing him but not in this way. I simply do not have another nerf to suggest, that's all. I wanted to show my opposition to the current nerf.
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: Don't build Firecannon on melee champions. :_:
How about the +150 range TF jungle gold cards :D, blazin' at ya from 775 range. (does it work on TF?)
Meddler (NA)
: Base attack speed and base AD are what we're currently thinking (we'll be testing AS going from 0.625 to 0.665 and AD from 54 to 57 tomorrow). Might also try a slightly higher AD ratio on the W.
Any comments on pathfinding in laning (around creeps) acting strangely, making it especially hard for champions like Rumble?
: You could instead give the 50% bonus critical strike chance on his passive a scaling instead... Warlords isn't the problem. It's Yasuo's and Tryndamere's passive allowing them to abuse it. Hitting Warlords will just feel bad for all other champions that want to use crit, while hitting Yasuo and Tryndamere softly, ***especially*** Yasuo who gains loads of crit now with the massive increase to his favored core first buy, Statik Shiv. Gives his ult a 20 / 35 / 50% increased scaling at levels 1 / 6 / 11 or something. Please. Yasuo is getting crazy out of hand now, since his powerspike is extremely immense thanks to the Shiv buff. :x
Let's be realistic here. Is Warlord's really not an obnoxious mastery when we do not consider Tryndamere and Yasuo? Do crit champs really need even more life steal on top of their bloodthirsters, borks, etc.?
: This is your first preseason, isn't it?
It's my second one, actually, preseason 5 does not even compare to this abomination. I'd rather face an instagib Warwick every game than Yasuo and Trynd.
: How to climb/improve at league fast?
The only real way to improve fast is to have the proper mindset for it. If you feel like you're playing to win, then that's a problem, because you need to be playing to improve. Set goals for the game, try to reach certain amounts of cs or look at the minimap a certain amount of times every 10 seconds, etc. Watch streams of pro players, try to look at their movements and learn why they do things the way they do them.
: AD champs penetrate armor, health, healing, can burst, and have the best masteries
Re-learning the game during a preseason is different from having to throw away your entire champion pool because you got completely shafted, everyone needs to realise this.
: Yasuo and Warlord's Bloodlust: keystone mastery
As I've been shouting left and right since my first match on this patch, remove this absurd mastery from the game, it doesn't belong here.
: Mastery Help Please
Just take warlord's bloodlust and you should win the game.
: Soo what are your thoughts on the new patch?
My thoughts? Let's get Warlord's Bloodlust removed and maybe then I can start to focus on the good things of the patch.
Bârd (NA)
: Warlords Bloodlust
It wouldn't even matter if those three could, the entire mastery in general is an amalgamation of traumas, messed up childhoods and broken champions, it should be removed ASAP.
Flaherty (NA)
: I'm really fuckin sick of these posts. Just leave the game already if you're so fed up with it. Yeah change can be hard to get used to but most of these changes are not bad at all. Now ADC's aren't just all stupidly homogeneous, you can still get mana via other potions and masteries and the masteries are fine, just really different so there's gonna be a lot of time needed to get used to them and which ones work for what champions. "why change the game into something if none of the fanbase likes it?" Where are you getting this? The boards? The same boards that make up like 2% of the playerbase and is full of people who just complain and whine about literally every little thing in this game? That's some really good stuff to back up your complaints that all the new stuff is shit. And it's just a complaint, nothing to suggest what could be changed to better the game it's literally just "hurr durr fuck you rito for chaning things." Do you honestly think Riot is going to come across this and think, "Gee this guy and like 30 other players are really upset about these changes, let's revert everything!" No, that won't happen. So I don't even understand what you're complaining about. There is no point in making yet another complaining thread. The game changes, it has been for the last 5 seasons and it probably will for the rest of them. Learn to deal with it and figure out positive things with the changes or figure out something actually useful to do with your life and find something else to do.
"You can still get mana via other potions" Extremely subpar, not an option for champions who need their early mana sustain like Galio. "The masteries are fine" Except they favour one group of champions whilst being subpar for another one. You're honestly just ranting at people who are making valid points about a very sloppy, unbalanced patch.
: Urgot might be okay now with the AD item changes. He's going to be shit on by long range ADCs, but at least he can deal with some AD melees now.
It still does not change the fact that I liked Galio and Kassadin and they both pretty much got shafted.
Kofei (NA)
: it's a good change, but everyone hates change for some reason. people are complaining about it without giving the changes a chance.
I gave them a chance when I played test games today, they have no chances left anymore, my impression was terrible and the patch is terrible.
: While I think Yasuo is a bit on the OP side I think that things exist that can deal with him. Good luck dealing with Tryndamere lol
I did actually find one thing that could deal with him, it was the Urgoat mid.
: Rest In Piece Galio
I played a single Galio game, never again. Yasuos left and right, Yasuos fucking everywhere. RIP champion diversity.
: I don't think they play tested Tryndamere with this patch. Other than that I feel all ADs (outside graves) are pretty balanced.
Right, I'm on the hate Yasuo boat here. Laning against him is the most obnoxious thing I've experienced besides preseason 5 one-shot-Warwick.
: I feel sorry for all those Mundo, Aatrox, and Vlad mains out there...
It only requires a mastery to make them flat out useless, that mastery's called Warlord's Bloodlust and it allows champions to turn into Aatroxes and Vlads.
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Canidae (NA)
: As a player who exclusively plays Mages, I enjoy how useless I've become. edit: ppl realize I'm being sarcastic right? (was confused why this was being upvoted) I don't really think the changes hurt mages much, if at all
Ditto, completely ditto. Quitting LoL until I can play my champions without being forced to play on stilts.
: Anyone else think this whole patch was terrible?
Thanks for perfectly describing all of my thoughts with a single title, upvoted.
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: Because he still can 100-0 an ADC from 1000 + range in under a second. With him snowballing even easier now he'll likely be in a ban state.
Considering Yasuo is arguably the best midlaner in this meta, with junglers like Panth and Tryn roaming around, I don't think Vel'buddy will be too happy.
: You say as basically all mages are forced to buy {{item:3165}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3089}} and {{item:3135}}... Meanwhile: {{champion:42}} : {{item:3078}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3031}} {{champion:81}} : {{item:3004}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3153}} {{champion:67}} :{{item:3153}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3031}} {{champion:29}} : {{item:3153}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3031}} {{champion:119}} : {{item:3031}} {{item:1038}} {{item:1038}} {{item:1038}} ..."barely had any options", huh?
: Meanwhile {{champion:161}} has become one of the best mages in the game since he never really needed AP to snowball.
What's it matter if you're on top of a mountain of dung.
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