Zardo (NA)
: Champions who used it will be buffed up accordingly if they perform poorly Buuut.... mf probably wont since she has so many viable keystomes.
As a MF Main (1,1 M Mastery Points, D4) i have to disagree. Every other Keystone feels just so bad in comparison. This also shows on Probuilds, where almost everyone takes Klepto. PTA only benefits you in All Ins because you usually just want to trade with Q + AA or through Q-bounces. Dark Harvest feels useless. You don't really benefit that much from Atkspeed, so Lethal Tempo/ Hail of Blades is not option either. Comet is also not that great because without a slow it usually gets dodged, and using the E to harass is a waste of mana. The new conquerer takes way too long to stack up, so no, I don't see another viable Keystone for MF.
: Lets be real, it was only to abuse melees in top lane and champions that have abilities that apply on hit effects. I like the idea Of Klepto. Wish it was a bit different. Like a Keystone that allows you to execute your own creeps for Half of the gold on a 20sec CD. Essentially allowing you to "Steal Gold".
This sounds like a far better alternative than "Omnistone". In theory in don't think "abusing" melees in Top lane is the problem. It's just that some users are just too safe doing so, like vladimir and Kennen.
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