MickuPgBz (EUW)
: Please don't keep support items this way.
At least disable the support minion rule at 1000 gold?? how is this not obvious riot?
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: Morgana's Q Hitbox is still broken: Unacceptable.
I love how you make a perfectly acceptable and correct statement and people just downvote you to hell because they simply assume you died to morgana last game. You're right though. I believe it was intentional, as Morgana was in no way overperforming and they didn't want to 'nerf' her with the visual rework. IMO they should've still made it actually representative of the hitbox though.
: Well you could change your champ after they ask you to juke them, but honestly I guess you have to just report them.
I do, but I sincerely doubt any punishment will be handed out. :/
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