Warmas (EUW)
: Bone plating is insanely good in the right situation, for example having it against Jax makes it an autowin for all champions that's also a giant reason why Jax is harder to balance. Shield bash is ok but few champs can use it, demolish is only useful if you get multiple plates with it, third one nobody uses. The third row is really bad that's true.
Bone plating is massively overrated. Most auto attackers against whom it would be good already know how to deal with it anyway. The only champ that really benefits from it that I can think of is Shen, as it fits into his trading pattern and he can sorta pick when he wants to fight. Second wind is almost always better for trading and Conditioning is better mid to late game.
Scopé (EUNE)
: Okay Riot, why did you cap Kindred's attack range but not Senna's?
: Pro-Tip: Assassins =/= Mages, learn the difference and start complaining about the actual problem
Saying mages are broken as a catch all term just refers to AP users. The problem is AP items. Ryze, Cassandra, all the AP users you listed, Mordekaiser etc they are all broken because AP items are broken and need to be gutted across the board.
: Apparently Tenacity and abilities like Garen's W sometimes affect Knockups. As a Sion main, ive played countless matches where I get people to escape early on a max charge Q due to Tenacity but when I get tenacity on someone like Aatrox and play vs other champions with knockup, especially Cho'gath, Tenacity doesn't do crap. I personaly think Tenacity sometimes just works sometimes just doesn't and it is mostly affected by the height you get sent up from the knockup.
Garen's W reduces the stun component of the Q, not the knock up itself.
: There really needs to be an AP component with Grievous Wounds, 3000g Morello doesn't cut it
Sure. 3 things first. You can have a useful first back GW AP item as soon as Executioners is changed to be built into an item that is ACTUALLY USEFUL, like Black Cleaver or Death's Dance and not into of shit Mortal Reminder. Also Zhonya's cooldown needs to go up to match that of Guardian Angel. And finally increase the gold cost of all first back AP items by to 100 gold. Like I am amazed by the power fantasies some people have.
: am i the only one who wants to see more mages and adc's in the jungle too?
ADC junglers can be incredibly cancer (see Kindred) unless they have very short attack ranges like Graves. I'm more OK with certain mages being in the jungle as they tend to be more skillshot reliant or have attacks that are more telegraphed.
BigFBear (EUW)
: Riot just realized Unflinching was bugged all the time since it exists
There are probably about a few hundred bugs in item values, interactions, mechanics, items etc at any given time that have been in the game for aaaaaages. I could name like a dozen affecting Garen alone off the top of my head. A lot of these bugs are so common knowledge that various stats are built around them. I doubt anyone at Rito even reads bug reports.
: Why are people allergic to Executioners calling?
Because it's a shit item that builds into another shit item. That's especially notable when you compare Morello's with Mortal Reminder.
Garson211 (EUNE)
: Can someone explain me why akali got buffs in hotfix patch.I was thinking they gonna nerf her but no? 60s on 3lvl ult with no cd ekhem i guess that is a joke
Because there are legions of Akali weeaboos and abusers who poured bucket loads of money into Akali skins, and as soon as there's even a hint of her not being utterly broken so they can auto win, they start screaming.
: Riot goes hotfix Akali
Akali must be killed with fire. Nuke it from orbit then gather her glassed remains, load her into a rocket and fire her into the sun, then collapse the sun into a black hole. Wait a few months while her playrate stay below 1% then and only then start very gradually buffing her back up without buffing her Q in any way.
: >Ranged AP users top shit on Bruiser, Tanks, Juggernauts, Marksmen and in some cases Assassins. That's why they all have 16% pickrate dia+(18% in Kr) combined? They must be so strong. Bruisers and juggs literally dominate top lane...
> [{quoted}](name=Humb1e Rumb1e,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eNx1aGTK,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2020-02-06T16:12:19.829+0000) > > That's why they all have 16% pickrate dia+(18% in Kr) combined? They must be so strong. > > Bruisers and juggs literally dominate top lane... They "dominate" top lane because it's the only lane where they can be played, and a lot of people like playing them.
: Juggernauts are what caused this. If there are no ranged top laners then juggernauts get free reign against all top laners. Juggernauts are just as antimelee as ranged are. Top lane shouldnt be a three way bruiser > ranged > juggernaut > bruiser. The by far best solution is to rework the entire class of juggernauts out of existence. Their simply cannot be a class that is melee and has zero gap closers when range works the way it does in this game. They should be reworked into semi mobile bruisers. Bruisers that have mobility don't struggle in the slightest vs ranged. The reason you feel you are useless is exactly as I said before, because you're a melee champion with no gap closers. You have to walk into threat range of 5 enemy champions in order to do damage in a teamfight as Garen.
Come closer. Want me to tell you something funny? Closer. Ranged AP users top shit on Bruiser, Tanks, Juggernauts, Marksmen and in some cases Assassins. There are like 2 Bruisers who can realistically fight ranged AP users top with any success, Aatrox and Jax. As bad as Vayne and Quinn is, Ryze, Cass, Soraka, Kennen are much worse. Then there's abominations like Akali, Morde who are broken as crap and can abuse AP on top of it or Fiora who just wins lane cuz reasons.
: Honest question: What would Riot have to do to make you quit playing League?
I already quit and uninstalled mid pre-season. I check the boards about once every 2 days to see how things are evolving. And I watch the occasional Hashinshin, Riste and Doublelift videos for confirming the state of the game. What made me quit? Toplane. ****
: If we're nerfing offrole top laners, let's nerf Vayne's passive MS bonus at lower levels.
As toxic as Soraka top is (Who would have though she would be? #Surprisedpikachuface) Vayne is infinitely worse.
IMelchorI (EUW)
: Garen was served the riot special
I'm sorry but villain was a complete garbage mechanic. It encouraged you to waste executes on targets where you had an increased change of a kill instead of what would be the best enemy champ to kill for the overall team. It was incredibly random and Garen basically did not benefit from it 90% of the time. During laning phase the villain would be in another lane, unless you were losing your lane. It just wasn't a reliable mechanic. It was very rarely useful for winning games. Garen doesn't really do that much damage right now and it's build paths are insanely expensive. Furthermore he is just as immobile as ever. He really should get his resistances back and get a 5 MS buff to his base MS. That would put him back to his normal 50%ish winrate and would make it slightly less easy to be abused by all those cancer Champs infesting top lane.
floo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=vgamedude,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=91mIIAwA,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2020-02-02T22:08:08.002+0000) > > Tristana, one of my fave champions and dead simple. No skill shots in the entire kit, good beginner champ. Ashe is also a beginner champ though her ult is actually fairly difficult to use. Malphite is another off the top of my head. Tristana is one. She's extremely safe and can dominate mid, true. For reference, in worlds 2019, Ashe had 4 picks and 3 bans, Malphite 1 pick. Garen had 8 picks 1 ban. So not only are there basically no other "simple" champions being played in proplay, but even those you listed with 1 exception had less games than Garen. There is a reason those champions should not be played in proplay. If they could keep up with the most complex champions being played by the best players out there, it would mean even low elo players who are supposed to be able to easily pick them up, can dominate with those champions. Garen is one of those. Hate it or not, he's one-dimensional and shouldn't have a place in pro. The buffs needed to get him there would make him hell for everyone else.
Garen was only ever seen in proplay because of Yuumi. Garen wasn't OP or overbuffed or anything. It just had really really good synergy with Yuumi in a lane and role you normally wouldn't see Garen in. Nobody was playing Garen top or mid in pro. It was just the whole Yuumi Mobile thing in bot. And while you could argue it wasn't as exciting to watch as ADC v ADC or Mage v ADC in bot that is a subjective opinion as tons of people were enjoying the quirky playstyle Garen&Yuumi brought bot. And it wasn't even one of those unbeatable troll picks either as there were plenty of ways of beating them in bot.
: Meanwhile she is statistically factually not good in any area outside of pro play. Stop trying to ruin the champion for everyone. Funnily enough MF is allowed to somehow be extremely simple, have a 54 percent winrate, higher than any mid laner, and a 30 PERCENT PICK RATE. And barely gets a slap on the wrist. No one cries about mf like they do akali.
Everyone agrees she's broken and toxic. Just because you learned how to play her, you aren't entitled to auto win every lane. Her SoloQ numbers are crap because people who never played her bandwagon onto her for free wins. Free wins you can get if you actually know how to play her. This is why she is permabanned in proplay. Because the only counter play to her is to have someone clueless playing her. You can't get that in proplay.
: Revised LP system
I said it many times but I get mass down voted every time. LP gains and losses as MMR shouldn't only be determined by the binary of win/lose. There are too many boters, afkers, rage quitters, trolls, disconnects, inters for that to be a viable system for SoloQ. Your LP gains and losses and your MMR should be determined by your overall statistical performance. CS, kill participation, damage done to objectives, warding. Reward playing the fucking game and penalize trolling.
Warmas (EUW)
: Cost efficiency of items
AP items need to be either substantially nerfed or their costs substantially increased. Pretty much everyone knows this, but it does matter as every time the issue is raised a bunch of AP abusers will flock in and scream how weak they are.
: Towers require major buffs while plated.
While I 100% agree that towers need a massive buff, the buffs you described would make tower diving 100% impossible and any attempt would be suicide no matter how far ahead you were and how coordinated the dive is. Just giving a 20% stacking attack speed buff to towers would do the trick.
: pretty sure.. They are getting her with some big nerfs next patch..
Thing is... I'm not convinced that will be enough. The champ is just waaaaay too safe, waaaaay to mobile and has nearly no weakness you can punish. Shroud just does too much. She has too much power from items, no resource costs, and has too much mobility. With her current kit you either nerf her into a dumpster or if she is at all viable will be overpowered.
Infernape (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=KVbqbFsC8e,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AzRuQY5s,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-31T03:58:45.678+0000) > > What that should really do is make Riot finally realize that CertainlyT should not be designing or reworking champions. He isn't. Aphelios was his last champ. He's on research and development.
And that too turned out "great".
: What that should really do is make Riot finally realize that CertainlyT should not be designing or reworking champions.
He is not a bad designer. He is just a horrible designer for LoL. Like everything he makes is cool and interesting, but utterly unsuitable for LoL. Plus, I don't blame CertainlyT, I blame the rest of Rito for giving him free reign and the balance team for not instantly rejecting his asinine crack hamster Champs.
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Emo Twink (OCE)
: I feel like tenacity is way too good at shutting down champs who rely on one CC, and not good enough against multiple sources/CC stacking. Those with high dmg and take conq get tenacity from that tree, or steriks, and tend to go mercs most the time are extremely obnoxious for everyone, and getting chain CCed by shit like leona naut etc and gunned down is painful too.
There's a pretty simple fix to this but both Rito and the playerbase tend to be stubbornly stupid about it. Diminishing returns. Being in CC for 4 or 5 seconds in this game is simply not acceptable. Tenacity should reduce snares and slows more and Diminishing returns should handle chain CC.
: Damage is too high in a game where most player's weakness is vision and over committing
I won't disagree that vision is typically lackluster, but this is to a large degree intentional as Rito purposefully gutted vision across the board. Tho this problem is greatly worsened by the simple fact that sometimes vision doesn't do anything. This is especially a problem top, it being a long lane, even if you have vision and you react to it promptly, it often doesn't make much of a difference as damage is high enough that you'll die no matter what if you ever get caught out of position.
: Its buff for tanks too, since Yi pretty much lives and breathes anti-tank.
As much as Yi destroys tanks, woe on your entire back line if he Qs into it. You can just watch all your squishies melt 100 to 0 in one attack.
: Or you know... buy adaptive helm. :bigbrain:
I'm going to let you in a secret buddy. Adaptive Helm is garbage against burst or high damage AP users.
Shmeeve (NA)
: Make a "hitbox" zone of Mordekaiser's ult when hovering over an enemy.
Baiting Morde into using his ult on you in a position where you are either supported by your tower or you can wall jump away is literally the only legit form of counterplay to an incredibly r%%%%%ed zero skill IWIN button.
: Can Darius maybe heal LESS
His Q heal can be annoying, but it's really not that bad. By the point where it is an actual problem, you'd probably have some healing reduction effect + CC via team. I always found his base Regen to be much much more of a problem if you are laning against him with a melee character. I understand that he needs the high base regen against ranged poke, but it just feels unfair if you are playing melee into him. It just makes trading with Darius pointless.
: It's not that simple. I agree with some of that and disagree with other parts of that. The problem is this community does insane amounts of bandwagoning and has different factions of mains. One for each champion and one for each role. Everyone sees the game differently. I'm not invalidating good takes on the meta and game. But people as a whole suck so much at talking about balance in this game. No one can have an actual respectable conversation anymore. For instance, if I were to say that Zoe needs buffs right now which is true, people would give me a bunch of hate because the meme of that is still strong in their minds.
Do you agree or not that top lane is a dumpster fire lane of cheese picks and little else, while also being 100% irrelevant as a win condition? If you disagree, you need to start playing top. If you agree, then I'd like to hear why do you think that is a state of affair that is good for the game? Perhaps if Riot wouldn't spend months or weeks intentionally NOT ADDRESSING obvious problems (which they eventually do address in the typical Riot fashion of going waaaaay overboard now breaking their own game in new and innovative ways, see Aatrox's first pick into anything to irrelevancy buff to nerf cycle, or Conqueror's OP on Fighters and Bruiser to OP on Mages "rebalance" or Klepto to Omni Stone's "broken on some to what the fuck is this thing" change) then the community would be so Goddamn bitter all the time. 80% of the balance problems in this game can literally be fixed by making Conqueror melee only and removing like 2 items, adding 2 items, and doing minor base stats value adjustments to like about 15 or so champs. The remaining problems are related to AP being too strong and dragon pit being to important. Would this make the game 100% balanced? Of course not. But addressing the most egregious meta problems instead of trying to get dumbass annoying champs into a 50% win rate bracket would really help with making the game feel better to play. The whole every champ must have 50% win rate is how top lane turned into the lane where every annoying, outdated, gimmicky or skin money cash cow being dumped into.
: Riot does not care about what you say, about what I say or any player. They just care about selling skins. Maybe they care about what chinese players say.
After the worlds I've come to the conclusion that LoL is what it is today because it is meant to cater to the Chinese playerbase who seem to thrive on and enjoy the burst/snowball/RNG/murderfest. No tactics, no laning, no splitting. Just constant deathball teamfights. The balance is meant to encourage this, and the dragon pit changes are meant to make it unavoidable, making sure people don't find some other way of playing for map objectives without teamfighting every 3minutes. This is the future of LOL, we can adapt or fuck off. I'm picking the latter option.
: Adults who play league?
I'm an older player (32), and as a rule of thumb is the "grown up" idiot who "isn't tilting" who is 0/7 hard feeding and throwing the game. Then when called out or is given advice goes "It's just a game kid".
Pyrosan (NA)
: Well ya there's no doubt about that, Morde is S tier right now because of the Conq changes but it doesn't mean he's unbeatable, I used the comparison of Illaoi to Mord because people complained about Illaoi when she was even somewhat viable and they're similar in their trading pattens and kit to some degree Darius/Garen are exceptionally good into him due to their sustained combat preference and equal if not more sustain I don't find Morde to be broken to any degree, I'd much rather have around 50 other champions touched before even considering Morde, Caitlyn being a prime example
Darius and Garen into Morde? Wut? What are you smoking. He dumpsters both of them by just literally walking into them. Morde counters are garbage like Gnar, Kayle, GP, Jayce and Jax. Aka Champs that are either ranged or very high damage fast auto attackers that do mixed AD/MR damage.
Pyrosan (NA)
: Q + E are skillshots, dodge them R you can QSS - if you don't have QSS you can just walk around until it's over, additionally you could pick GP who can cleanse it with his W. W is a self-shield which since you're going against Morde you're taking grevious wounds anyway, can't convert as easily into sustain as he'd like Mord's only strong if you allow him to be, same with people who complain about illaoi being busted op, just walk away 4head
> [{quoted}](name=Pyrosan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WP4YBoNh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-17T14:48:43.385+0000) > > Q + E are skillshots, dodge them > > R you can QSS - if you don't have QSS you can just walk around until it's over, additionally you could pick GP who can cleanse it with his W. > > W is a self-shield which since you're going against Morde you're taking grevious wounds anyway, can't convert as easily into sustain as he'd like > > Mord's only strong if you allow him to be, same with people who complain about illaoi being busted op, just walk away 4head So... You are saying one has to spend 2100 gold (Executioner's Calling+QSS) to buy items that don't build into anything useful for about 90% of Top Laners just to even have a hope to do damage to Morde/not die as soon as he hits R. Meanwhile Morde just built Haunting Guise+boots or Seeker's and becomes unkillable and melts you with his passive alone. Yup. Good advice.
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Yenn (NA)
: Jungle EXP needs to be hotfixed, this role is now unplayable in games with good players
I don't play Jungle but I have the same feeling of near uselessness top. Herald is pointless, it's a useless time/resource investment that you risk dying over if you try to take it, but if you do take it, it won't even give you a tower kill. You get way more out of just contesting and getting the Scuttle Crab, as it gives gold/roam/vision. Scuttle right now is magnitudes more valuable than a Herald. Also if you actually roam to assist with Dragons you don't just surrender priority but also CS, XP and probably plates, turning your lane into a losing one. The whole game is a mess decided 100% around the Dragon pit that as a top laner you have little to no impact on unless you are playing Shen/Ryze/Pantheon/Galio and maybe Quinn. This is not even discussing the balance problems around Conqueror on mages and Sanguine Blade on auto attackers. Two words define this season for me so far, impotence and frustration.
Rylux (EUW)
: Season 10 Problems for me Currently [ Dont hold it against me these are my thoughts]
1. Drakes are a mess. 2. Herald is more useless than Scuttle Scrab. 3. Conqueror is beyond broken on Ryze, Casio, Swain. 4. Sanguine Blade is broken beyond belief. 5. If you get the Ocean Drake Rengar becomes a murder machine abomination. 6. Top lane is worse than ever. This, is borderline unplayable. Game after game, even when I'm actually winning, there's a level of frustration building up that will make me uninstall again. I already did it once for 8 months starting season 9. But this time if I uninstall again, it's for good.
Jamaree (NA)
: So nerf it for all mages because two are abusing it?
English. Do you speak it? I said nerf Conqueror for mages. Not "nerf mages".
: They deserve a free win because they stole ONE objective? One team can have 4 drakes and Baron, if the other team gets elder it doesn't even matter because elder not only has an execute that's inherently strong, it also hard counters champions with healing, shields, high resistances, missing health scaling, etc. By your logic, if a team makes a single good play they deserve to automatically win game. Your defense of the buff is also inherently incorrect. You cannot trade kills against elder buff, because not only does it have 0 CD true damage burn (meaning ANY DoT champion will automatically shred you, and then 0 counterplay execute. Step on a single teemo shroom if he has liandry and elder and you're dead, no questions asked), it also has a 20% execute that doesn't cancel, meaning healing against it will not help. Healing early is entirely useless against burst champs, because you either heal before they do damage and nothing is accomplished or you heal after and you get executed anyway. On top of that, so long as the enemy team can defend effectively they just have to survive until they get elder and they win. You can have all other drakes, Baron, and an item lead, and elder buff is strong enough that they win anyway, BEFORE the fact that not only is it especially strong on any sort of DoT champion, it also hard counters any healing or regen champ, as well as any champions that heal or shield allies.
Counterplays to Baron. 1, Contest. Baron does quite a bit of damage to those trying to take it, it allows you to engage the team doing it with an ability+hp advantage. 2, Pick em off right after Baron kill. Same reason as above. 3, Delay. You trade towers, possibly inhibs and depth for time. As long as you can keep the Nexus alive you can turn the fight. 4, If you held out long enough having multiple waves of Super minions pushing into your base can actually be a way to catch up or even get ahead if you are behind in gold. Your minions won't push out from you base denying the enemy CS, while killing 2-3 super minions is the gold equivalent of a kill. Mages and ADCs with strong wave clear can get massive amounts of gold off minion waves. On the other hand with Elder Drake you just lose. You can't delay, you can't get gold to turn it, nothing. You just die.
Anhydrax (NA)
: Top lane is terrible in Preseason 10
I think it's HILARIOUS how Rito thinks they "buffed" the Rift Herald. Losing games over and over because the enemy team gets 2 drakes is piss annoying. Like a couple of games ago the enemy got first 2 drakes... Fire and Earth. I finally win my lane top and decide I'm getting 3rd drake no matter what. Ocean. Great. Wooooo. Lost game of course. Our Jungle was too busy chasing kills mid and farming top enemy jungle to care about drakes. Meanwhile enemy jungle was on the drakes every time one spawned.
: Why are people complaining about dragons so much?
Having the games decided 50% by your jungle and 50% by your botlane is annoying as shit. That's why I hate dragons. I'm sick and fucking tired of getting junglers who are on the opposite side of the map every single time a drake spawns. It's mentally and emotionally draining. I'm sure this meta will be fun to watch in pro games, but it's just annoying and exasperating in solo Queue. Every game I've played even the ones I've won have been annoying and tilt inducing.
: actually make it AD only and problem solved in that sense. if anything i want other suggestions what will improve it and i dont mean simply reduce it to 3 secs (which is practically no time) of decay.
It just shouldn't work on anything ranged. I don't specifically care how it is fixed. Just fucking fix it.
: The Dragon Buff, its cool, but gives hardly any room for comebacks.
It is incredibly frustrating. If you by chance got the shitty jungle after losing the first 2 drakes it just turns into a slow and painful loss that you can't do anything about. It is exasperating.
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xKairos (NA)
: Just about every other jug needs to build some sort of resists though. Zhonyas, Deadmans Etc... He does not.
Huh? Deadman's&Spirit Visage and Steraks are all core items on Garen.
Tokishi (NA)
: I think it's still too early to be decided. I will say, the item components themselves are pretty lousy for more people who build it, the lethality item lost its CS buff too. SB is nice all in all, but I think just too early. It'll likely have Atk speed reduction to it though, other than that, the item isn't that great, but can see it being really good if you're behind. Personally, I think if you're ahead you should avoid building it.
Polar opposite. If you are playing a champ that scales of attack speed its the item you should be rushing, especially if you got ahead.
xKairos (NA)
: Garen
Garen is not a tank. He's a juggernaut. Like Darius, Urgot, Mordekaiser, Illaoi. All which are defined by their tankiness and ability to wreck you in melee range. All whom are countered by the exact same thing. Kiting and CC. Tho they really probably should shift some of his E damage onto his Q. Which would allow him to still trade well in lane, but tone down his damage in team fights.
: I legitimately want to know what is supposed to be akali's counter mechanic
The ban button. Or not losing too hard and waiting until you have an about 5 item build. It's a dumb champ.
: > [{quoted}](name=BBKong,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=em0zTzA6,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-11-21T10:35:23.607+0000) > > It's made for AD right clickers what? I'm all for melees being strong but I don't want Tryndamere getting 2.0 attack speed, AND lethality, AND damage, AND lifesteal from rushing one item. It's not very good for the game. Hard nerf the attack speed by like 50% or whatever and the item is fine, it's less abusable since the other stats are just pretty okay. Melee is never strong enough on this game. Its why the ATTACK DAMAGE carry role really just means marksman carry.
The item doesn't make Melee strong. It makes AD auto attackers strong, especially against melee who aren't auto attackers and against tanks. The item does very little to solve the being camped to death by ranged problem that top lane is having in the first place. Also I've seen the damned thing built by Quinn, Vayne and Kayle top.
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