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: Alternatively, I could have her ult last 5/6/7 seconds, and make Oskom have a 40-60%(based on level) health bar, that deals 15% of her max life as true damage whenever depleted and downs him for 3 seconds, recharging after 5 seconds out of combat at 10% per second (15 second total refresh) or instantly after 3 second downtime. Making him targetable. Making it more risky. Thoughts?
As I understand, the ult is primarily as a last-second/clutch protection mechanic. And Oskom is an untargettable being, like Wolf, right? The current protection mechanics, also already mentioned above: - Trynd - Not dying for some time; - Kayle (and others) - Invulnerable for a few seconds; - Vlad (and others) - Untargetable for a few seconds; - Bard - Statis for a few seconds; - Alistar (and others) - Reduced damage; - Anivia/Zil - Two forms of Rebirth; - Blitz - Giant shield; - Braum - Block an ability; - Sivir/Noc - Spellshield; - Mundo (and others) - Health regen; - Maybe others? Let me know if I missed some. So I guess it would be best to look for something different than the mechanics above. Some ideas: When activated, Umbra becomes **invulnerable **to damage for x/x/x seconds. Oskom, however, becomes Mortal/Vulnerable and gains health equal to Umbra's current health + a shield xxx(+x.x AP). The shield persists for the entire duration, or until broken. When the shield is broken, the damage dealt to Oskom will also be dealt to Umbra. When activated, Oskom will be able to block abilities. Maybe actively try to move in front of danger to protect Umbra? When activated, Oskom will act as a black hole and consume abilities and auto attacks that would fly through him. After a few seconds Oskom will explode dealing damage in relation to how much was consumed. Oskom will return after x seconds out of combat. I hope this comment is useful and you see any information you like. I think the champ idea is great and would love to see it in game. :)
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Wow, this feels exactly like... Me.. I'm scrolling down the forums of EUW and NA on daily basis and I came across this and thought, yup that is exactly me. I've been playing League since 2010 and grew up with the M5 strategies as well. I was always impressed with Darien's {{champion:102}} , to the point I made a new account to solely focus on Shyvana. (Old account just made it to lvl 30 back then and I spent IP on all kinds of different champs and runes, so I felt like I needed a fresh start (Didn't mean to smurf)). I had these games where the enemy midlaner would say: "Shyv, are you top or mid?", because I would constantly roam with Shyvs Movespeed, after pushing in Top, to help out mid, jungle or counterjungle. But nowadays this doesn't matter anymore. If you leave for such a roam, your tower is gone in seconds and Shyv can't keep up with the burst potential of Assasins roaming around, making her much less of a threat. After Shyvana I started playing {{champion:61}} , as I was impressed by the build up of tension for a teamfight and having the clutch team wombos. These moments made the game for me. However, the game went more and more into an individual play game where the 13/2 {{champion:238}} would flame you for being a 1/2 {{champion:18}} (even though you are outfarming and want to stall till lategame for teamfights). That is why I started playing Aram and in present time 95% of my games are on Aram. Aram keeps the teamfight feeling alive, while normals sometimes don't have teamfights at all... And even if you could see it was lost, it remained fun enough to just keep playing. It's a wonderful game, don't get me wrong. And it still is. The mechanics, the design, the innovation, I think it's an incredible game. But at the moment, for us casual players, the game is in an uncomfortable state and I truly hope it will shift back a little. So I feel like I am a Furomer as well. Reading these forums, while occasionaly playing an Aram match.


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