Kazekiba (NA)
: I mean cant he just spin the weapon around and smack people with it as it rotates? I mean its a COUNTERStrike hes not dancing
well when hes hitting me i can clearly see it still spinnging around and him using another weapon
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: After just seeing a glimpse of him you're already making judgments?
I did like his banner wings though
: > [{quoted}](name=Ok sure but why,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PZ6mlFp7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-11T10:52:09.662+0000) > > Gotta love Riot's "50/50" policy where they put bad players and good players on the same team to "make things fair" u know maybe if they actually went "hey your winning games... lets give you BETTER teammates and BETTER opponents" rather than "lets keep giving them noob opponents and make their teammates even worse" this wouldn't be quite as bad.
what if they went by "hey you are silver 3, lets put you with other silver 3's. Instead of putting you with golds cause u should be able to beat golds with that winstreak." I mean, if they think that you are on par with a gold player... PUT ME IN GOLD THEN
Moonlït (NA)
: Why can't they just make it so people who have win streaks play with people who also have close to same situation :\ or at least make all the players in the match be on the same mmr instead of putting in random lower mmr players :\ I feel really discouraged climbing as I have firsthand experienced having this false security of win streak only to face tragic losing streak because of unfair matchmaking. I remember when I experienced reattempting to get out of silver I 4 times in a row in a week and it feels really bad as I have no idea how I get to queue in with silver V and Bronze III-V players when my enemy team is mid-high silver and low gold to mid gold tier.
What I hate the most is that those hypercarries don't care if you have a higher mmr than him. if he plays vs a potato in lane and gets a quick 2-3 kills you are about to the knocked down haaard.
: We need Nerf Master Suck Town to return
Nerf Master Suck Town is the man who says, "No, you can't have top laners who just auto win the laning phase and give their opponent no chance to play against them." Nerf Master Suck Town is the man who says, "No, you can't have an item that negates an entire class who is supposed to counter you." I can't figure out which these fit in with, please help me. I understand the rest of them D:
: Many Tahm mains (myself included) have suggested a compromise for this issue, as riot has previously stated they don't want Tahm eating red/blue buff. Instead of having Kench be able to devour the buffs, at least let him stack his passive on the baddies. That way Tahm still wouldn't be able to devour them, but can gain the Q stun and extra damage on autos, helping him out a bit on the buffs. Even so, this 'buff' isn't entirely needed, as his E passive/shield and devour are incredibly powerful against camps like krugs or raptors, and having a small weakness like this helps balance out his strong jungling. Either way though, a change like this would be nice.
Isn't his strong jungling balanced out by his not too strong ganks (Unless he uses ultimate)?
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Terozu (NA)
: Thats because blitzcrank is supposed to be a top lane fighter, not a support. Where syndra IS designed to support as well as be a mage. Not Riots fault ppl play Blitz weird.
Which seems weird considering his kit seems like a support dream
GigglesO (NA)
: Why The hate on Tanks.
I would like to see tanks buffed with more survivability, but less oneshotting power from them.
: Not gonna like, this is awesome. O.O Pirates vs Ninjas, Pirates op
that was a contradicting statement :O
: Victorious Maokai skin revealed!
I think a Kindred victorious skin would be much cooler, but then again. I already have the best kindred skin and no skin on maokai so I dont mind-
: When Azir arrives to a team find only to find that it ended
The meme quality on the NA boards is very low.
: What would make ARURF great..
: according to pickban she has 51% winrate. whats so bad about it? doesn't need buff.
Her pickrate is very low which is probably the reason for the medium winrate.
: Like when they nerfed her rocket attackspeed but gave her passive a massive to more than make up for it? What I don't get is how they can let her sit at an almost 54% winrate and almost 20% playrate without nerfs but nerf anyone else in similar situations right away. Hell, she's only up there right now because some geniuses thought 52-53% winrate ~15% playrate wasn't high enough for her...
: And then they nerf her the following patch, right?
Or they will "experiment" with small small nerfs that don't really affect Jinx,but make it seem as if they are trying to tune her power. #Conspiracy
: CinderMoon (Ezreal): Draven < Ezreal CinderMoon (Ezreal): ty CinderMoon (Ezreal): We should try our bests to get that Drag CinderMoon (Ezreal): Thats not good CinderMoon (Ezreal): You shouldnt have tried to tower dive CinderMoon (Ezreal): I miss Mana Pots CinderMoon (Ezreal): I cant beat that Draven CinderMoon (Ezreal): Theres not doubt CinderMoon (Ezreal): Plz Yas CinderMoon (Ezreal): Stop pushing out so far CinderMoon (Ezreal): Hes shitting all over your chest, just farm and bide your time [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): Dude Draven fuck off [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): Dunno who fed you CinderMoon (Ezreal): game is lost CinderMoon (Ezreal): You're fucking boosted %%%got, that was my first death CinderMoon (Ezreal): git gud gg no re [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): fucking so gay [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): Dont need to be fed, im not feeding, so Im not behind [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): lmfao [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): k [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): entire team has no room to talk. [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): shes 8-6 bruh. 6. [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): ez [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): Team is all mad, just looking for someone to blame [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): Im the highest rank on my team. Im better than literally everyone in this game actually. [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): Except Gnar [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): lmfao [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): everyone mad now? [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): Taking bait this hard. [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): *raughs in chinese* [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): gg ez [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): report me [All] CinderMoon (Ezreal): idgaf.
: Would it not be better a one for all the weekend before the patch? Imagine 10 yorics fighting each other and then they ult and summon all the ghost.. the mayhem! the madness! the killing yoric but he doesn't die and stays fighting back! http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/youtubepoopbr/images/9/9b/Yes!_Yes!_M._Bison.gif/revision/latest?cb=20120713050316
: Riot Doesn't Understand Yorick (or Monsters)
He is still an ugly gravedigger now. But he he is a cool ugly gravedigger
: When you Rework Urgot, Please Let Him Remain Ugly.
I think something can be ugly, but still appear cool. (Just take a look at the new Yorick. He is still something I Would consider ugly, but damn... isn't he cool-looking as well?).
: > [{quoted}](name=Tidal Tyrant,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=vsv6rTiQ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-08-18T15:04:29.508+0000) > > Can&#x27;t wait for those Gangplank {{champion:41}} nerfs to get live... > ^ That happens way too often :&lt; Honestly, {{item:3078}} is the problem. It's way too good atm
wasnt the crit part better for gp than the attack speed ?
: There are a lot of things like this in the game that are quite annoying. The most annoying one is lux's ult. The visual we get before it activates isn't anywhere near accurate. It seems if the range it can hit you is almost double (regarding the width of it, not the length/distance it travels)
I agree, but I've also seen the compete opposite. It visually touches the champon, but the ultimate does not deal any damage (that might be a bug tho)
Jyutsi (NA)
: Galio W + Athenes
IF you KNEW how Much I hate to play vs galio only because of that shield. It's not a bad Idea tho
Dynikus (NA)
: >Shyvana transforms into a dragon and takes flight to a target location. Enemies along her path take damage and are knocked toward her target location. >Shyvana passively gains fury per second and gains 2 fury on basic attack. What about that is inaccurate?
The knockback is very stort (could be buffed?) and the hitbox is very weird. Sometimes It just ignores targets in it's Path, but I think this is more of a bug Rather Than her ultimate not doing what IT is supposed to do.
: His passive too OP
: Don't nerf the Vlad, nerf the Vlad comp
Pro play ruins champs for the casual player X.x
: Can I do this for the jungle? Shaco. Unless I am playing Lee Sin, and MAYYYYBE Nocturne, I can be sure one of two things are going to happen. 1. One of my buffs are going to be missing. 2. My entire health bar is going to be missing because he ignited me and my teammates never bothered to help me when he invaded, even though I warded and pinged.
I hate to play vs that toxic kit when I jungle (and laning for that matter). " hmm I can take this camp, but it's too Risky. Shaco might come and them Im already dead before I can ser him" next thing I know I back with 90% of My health left
woobeee (NA)
: AD manaless mobile low-cooldown fighters? Wonder why.
With spammable hard cc
: Sure we can. I trust my team to feed every game. I trust them to throw at baron if we reach 40 minutes. I trust them to build poorly. For all these things, in team we trust.
Danjeng (NA)
: Do not buff Ryze yet
Where can I find Any information about the ryze buffs?
Arakadia (NA)
: It's not really a to ult. Much lower range, no vision bonus, and horrible range at rank one.
I really hate how the ult is leveled using Ohly 2 points.
: Quality of life change for people who face Yasou.
Yasuo is one of the Champions that makes me hate My own minions. All I can think of egen playing vs Yasuo "please die minions, just die so he wont koll me"
: they had inreaced the Bonus AD of Q by 20% but they took it back the next day, thankfully
well she is not that strong so I doubt that 20% extra ad would do much (Im not a vayne main)
: Vayne buffs in case you missed them: - Q crit is only rolled once now - Q consumed on towers - R grants 25 range The extra range might be reverted... You were saying?
: Well they just wouldn't have a crit animation then.
: For the Assassin Rework can you remove the Kassadin Joke?
Why does the enemy still get the "silenced" thing under their hp when they are hit by his q?
: I got called boosted in tutorial.
: Always dodge a game that has someone claiming to be a diamond smurf... **ALWAYS**
Don' forget to ban vayne if your diamond smurf has her pre-picked.
: League ranked > Overwatch ranked
I really like Overwatch, but ranked for Overwatch is much harder to make work. You are really dependant on your team and you can't really "Carry" a game by yourself.
: It's legitimately difficult to not overbuild CDR now
marksmen seem to have an even easier time than mages to achieve that CDR
: i've discovered something better than leona x diana
TKo Dust (NA)
: your an asshole if you main kench
Don't worry Tahm winrate is shit, but he's getting buffs this patch so that could change.
: Because they might reconnect before 3 minutes
The minions enter the lane about 1.40-1.50. Losing 1 min of farming and EXP can lose you the lane (and perhaps even the game) on it's own.
: I feel like once you're getting 1-2 hit by said Shaco he's already done his fair share of outsmarting in order to get that strong in the first place.
Well his ganks are fairly unfair (even with pinks), but his damage is ok imo
: Assassin Rework Roundtable
The only one I do not agree with is the one about shaco.
: Which champ felt natural for you to play when you first picked them up?
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