Xano501 (NA)
: For making peoples ship Wukong/Ahri more, RIOT should make story of them
A while ago I actually Saw a Doujin Wukong x Yi lol You don't wanna know what happened
: Everyone likes to quote high elo players
: Does anyone ever actually use Ohmwrecker EVER?
Actually Trick2G used it earlier on Nasus while backdooring It won him the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Noor Sakata,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BRyP7p1Y,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-12T17:10:12.675+0000) > > Guys upvote this with me please ! comment
Back then when I commented that the Thread was downvoted and I was the only comment lol
Visper (NA)
: What's the difference of playing Kennen top vs mid?
He used to be played mid a lot And no there isn't difference , probably only range issues but Kennen us fine in mid since he doesn't require mana And people play him in Top because he doesn't need mana , got some MS to reach lane early and abuse his range against melee picks
: 5 Tank Strategy
I remember how Brain Dead all tanks picks in season 7 and the beginning of season 8 People were like , the more Tanks you have , the more chances to win you get That time I got matched with 4 premades who asked me to play Yasuo but I refused and went Ahri Malphite Top Rammus Jungle Maokai Support Alistar Bot They all were feeding They were all bad players , that time we got matched against Golds as Silvers , though they flamed me for not picking Yasuo I somehow holded the match for 15 minutes They suddenly became Tanky and out damaging everyone , they played horrible and missed their Combos but they still won lol , at the end I wasn't even needed
: So first up ryze needs to be the standard for skins per champion, only good skins exist on ryze, they generally expand his image as opposed to being redundant, and he has a plentiful selection {{champion:103}} Needs something that isn't the same scanitly clad foxgirl in every fucking skin, project? Warden? super galaxy? {{champion:63}} Raisin Brand: Fear his delicious milky cornflake breakfast doom {{champion:201}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}} Armor of the fifth age (Mostly just braum and rakan but then xayah goes with rakan so meh) {{champion:104}} High noon {{champion:86}} URF garen, because he is simply the king of urf and he needs a full ultimate skin where he's the manity delivering justice with his mighty spatula {{champion:268}} American Azir, fourth of july skin, presumably localized teams in other nations could find other viable champs for skins that match {{champion:120}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:42}} need to be a biker gang, with their mounts being motorcycles, Hec is of course half motorcycles, a Motortaur {{champion:126}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:516}} MC hammer skins with parachute pants {{champion:6}} SG pleaseeeeeeeee
Sorry but what makes Ahri perfect is being a Fox Girl And that's what most of Ahri mains love anyway , that's why we are called weebs by the community
: It's only useful when you are out of a teamfight, not that great on adcs against karthus at all
Well at least it blocks his ult which is a huge chunk of hp in late game It gives some HP as well , a good defensive item overall and some adc's can do well with Lethality
Quáx (NA)
: 38% winrate Akali
On u.gg only In lolyatics she has 42% wr and op.gg she has 43.5% Not saying these are good stats , but ffs you guys posted this a lot
: correction, AD assasins.
It can be bought on some Marksmen too Actually all Marksmen can buy it Sacrificing some stats is 10 times better than losing 60% of your HP
Mártir (EUW)
: How to know whether a Champion is really Him, or whether it's Neeko, on disguise - Small Detail
This is intended, not a bug Neeko only copies the looks and related stuff, not every detail
Zeyphel (NA)
: Upcoming Zed Changes
Wat? This is buff to get Zeds And a nerf bad Zeds , removing the Ult passive prevents Zed from killing by missing everything and just landing e and autos.
: Can we change the "None" ban option to "Pass" please?
CLG ear (NA)
: I finished watching Fate/Apocrypha
I literally just finished rewatching it Ehh so no love for my boy Achilles ? He was the best ! He did sacrifice everything he had and helped everyone for no personal gain , Can't even know wtf was his wish for the grail lol
: So....screw Zed
I'd die to know how he's weak The problem is you can't argue with any Zed mains about it
: Jayce the Artillery "Mage"
He has always been counted as an artillery mage lol
: >And I'm sure most of other Lanes would agree with me , like Top mains He's a lane bully. Of *course* that's going to be true. I think there's some interesting analysis to be done here, but I don't think asking other lanes if the lane bully is OP is probably the best lens to look through. I'm trying to decide what sorts of numbers we should look at to decide if it's the meta or if he's just OP. After all, the meta is partially defined by which champs are strong – those things aren't independent variables. You're right to point out that his weakness is his short range in the late game. I, too, would rather face a late-game Lucian than a late-game Trist, all things being equal. The problem is, things *aren't* equal, because a late game Lucian bullied lane all game long, and a Trist going against him will be gold starved.
Yes but that's prettt much it I didn't mean Top laners facing him in lane , I mean outside of lane Yes he is a lane bully in bot lane , but not that huge bully outside of lane , he just feels like any champion when he to fight a Mid laner , he is still much easier to deal for Junglers and Top laners tho
: I hope he gets gutted. I'm joking, but I hate playing against him, especially with gutted Akali. Don't know what the rest of the community feels.
Akali is just gutted .. Not a Lucian problem tbh
Comentários de Rioters
Saezio (EUNE)
: This is exactly what has brought us to this point. Everyone doesn't need to be good in early AND late. And it's better to have clear weaknesses. Same as ADC having the old stormrazor was a bad idea because an early game item that totally covers a class's bad points makes them hard to balance and then the item is nerfed as it should and the class is back in the dumpster. Make late game champions very good in late and make early game champs irellevant in late. This is balance. Clear weaknesses and strengths.
Yes but the thing is Varus early is just too horrible, he is already a monster in late game but his problem is being bad in early that he can't decide anything The early buffs I meant were simply stats buffs , any late game buff would be useless since he doesn't reach that anyway It's the game problem to make the game less snowbally And it can be simply done by simple base stats for the champions that are in a bad spot
: The State and Future of Varus (Gameplay, Healthiness, Theme, Reworks, Improvements, and more)
His E shouldn't really get changes It's already a good ability , it would be good if the radius of his E gets bigger but that will mean he will be more popular in pro play and will get gutted It's a basic ability on a Marskman that has slows , buffing the slow by taking wounds will really make him popular in pro play His Q is what usually needs most of the changes The Mana refund when cancelling the ability should be much lower The slow and maybe cast time should get lower by levelling the ability up Like , especially in Late Game , I always ask myself , Slow yourself and waste time for a stupid arrow or just use that time to use 5 basic attacks? It doesn't feel satisfying to use later at max range Otherwise he shouldn't really get direct changes to his kit Only buffing his base stats will be enough
: Malicious Metal got to playtest the reworked Mordekaiser
Let's goooo Riot invited all 2 or 3 Morde mains , YEY , they are surely nice to invite the whole playbase of a champion
: [Question] Would this be too strong of a Buff?
Yes it will be too strong Most likely his passive is an early game passive And Varus is good in late game anyway , a late game buff is dangerous If he gets it, he will be that hella bad champion in early and great in late But if he needs any buffs , it's preferable to be early game buffs , not late game ones
0XFallen (EUW)
: Zed pbe changes opinions?
I hate the idea a champion like Zed gets buffed but I definitely prefer playing against this buffed Zed Free ad from ult went to his Q In other words It rewards Zed players who land skill shots And it makes less rewarding to Zed players who miss everything and get a kill Still it's gonna harder to play against a good Zed
Because he's getting a Legendary skin What do they mean by Passive from R removed ?
wesley38 (NA)
: True, I suppose this is the first time I'm experiencing it since I've never played a teamwork video game before. I realize the internet will always have trolls, I'm simply asking the best way to deal with this.
Honestly the best option is to learn more and play a lot so you can carry bu yourself Winning those games with trolls feels hella good tbh
wesley38 (NA)
: New player having trouble with trolls
Well having trolls is something common in all teamwork video games sadly and nothing can be done about it
: LS Rants About How Midlane is now the Worst Lane and will become slaves to serve ADCs
Mid lane has always been a slave for other lanes anyway Just roam roam roam And depending on the champion you play , you might fall or stay
: Brutal nerfs? They haven't touched any midlane champions aside from Irelia, Aatrox, and Akali. Two of these everyone was begging them to get out of mid and the other its universally agreed on needed work. Cassio was nerfed but because she was strong in not one, not two, but *three* lanes. And if they nerf Karthus it's for the the fact that jungle karthus right now is absurd and uninteractive. Hey, you dont know how to jungle? Play karthus and farm all game and just press R to gank every lane at once. All while scaling into a monster. They haven't nerfed or touched any midlaners at all. All they did was fix ADC itemization. Which, by the way, ADCs are still nerfed. Their items are still weaker than before, they still have the nerfs to all of their runes, enchanters are still weak, their base stats are still nerfed.
You know that ad items got buffed Other classes become weaker by default.
: What's wrong with Lucian?
With the new as crit items buffs , I think the hate will slowly go away
AZ Frost (NA)
: Can i get my points back from Aatrox to spend elsewhere? Since he's unplayable now and all...
: How to balance Zed - Reward good players , punish bad ones. Make this happen - upvote.
Implying that Zed is the only Trash champion in high elo ? Only 20% of champions are played in high elo It's not only a Zed problem That being said , as if he is trash tier in the first place lmao , I doubt so
: > [{quoted}](name=Noor Sakata,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=BA94OcbW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-07T14:18:34.895+0000) > > I thought they nerfed that part and denied W passive from working on towers ? Into the patch 9.3 says nothing about it
: Hexdrinker is too strong in early.
This won't happen In fact this item got nothing but buffs in season 8 People think Seekers is op actually here Even tho Hexdrinker can be bought second item after Dirk and it's a hella op power spike
: Ok so Yasuo can have 3 shields now?!?
And you forgot that he still has a windwall and still can use his E to dodge skillshots But I don't think he'll build PD now
: Neeko passive no longer works on turrets (AGAIN!)
I thought they nerfed that part and denied W passive from working on towers ?
: Since Nasus has become a topic of QQ here on boards, allow me to remind y’all of a few things
Yeah honestly In the previous arguments I've seen here in boards , or actually the main Opinion about Nasus here in boards " Nasus is weak , just kite him , he might win Melee fights but he sucks against ranged champions " Like ok I get it he got a damage buff, but how would he damage a ranged champion if he's easy is kite? I'm with you about this
Comentários de Rioters
: Just lost a game to a backdooring Tryndamere.
You don't need to fail to notice He will do this anyway With 5 Seconds being Unkillable , he can always do a thing before he dies
Jungle is surely the hardest In my a lot of my games the better Jungler wins But that's not because my Jungler is bad , it's just enemy jungler played better , the more you know about the role , the more you can do Hardest to easiest : Jungle Mid Adc Support Top , Yes ,Top is the easiest one Hardest while laning Jungle Top Mid Adc Support As for why Top lane is easy ? That lane mostly about farming and split pushing and taking Towers The Top lane can be extremely hard to play in lane only because it has a lot of different kinds of match ups which other lanes don't have But outside of lane , it's just a stupid role with it's Current champions Just split push, you can 1v2 most of times with 2 items Hell as a Mid lane main , my mission is to roam all lanes like a second jungler I can roam bot lane forever , get kills , be ahead , feed my bot lane Then a Jax who is behind but farming some items ans got a tower proceeds to 1v2 or 1v3 us and wins then gets fed Not only Jax Half of Top laners are like that Riven , Kled , Irelia , Aatrox , Urgot , Garen , Rene , etc.. But by far , Jungle is the hardest role to play , not to forget you get flamed for no reason
: Nah. It's mages complaining about assassins, and assassins complaining about mages. Ahri, being both, gets hated by both sides.
V00D004U (NA)
: Best part about being a NEW PLAYER!
Weird I started in season 7 , didn't have such problems , only at first where people were just smurfs and the system might have took me as a smurf After few matches , I got only matches with and against new players and it was fun , Got matches where I carried as Miss Fortune My friend who started newly doesn't have toxicity problems for being new as well Maybe you should play more games so the system doesn't take you as a smurf
: Im no longer buying rp till u remove the toxic players
Then don't, why did you decide to post it here ? Does really anyone care about 1 person not buying rp ?
temp1222 (EUNE)
: It's litterally impossible to recover your account if it has been locked
My acc was locked few days ago 2 years old account I remember most of things I'm sure I messed up with my first 5 champions , but they unlocked my account at the end when I have extra info like My first skin was ***** and I bought it when It was on sals then I got my shop and bought 2 skins and stuff
Moody P (NA)
: Just walk to the side lmao
> [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=QJAtI4NM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-03T21:13:10.448+0000) > > Just walk to the side lmao If that's the case then why do you hate mages ?
: "Skip waiting for Stats" Needs to be renamed
Ikr For some reason I get that bug in most of my games Feels bad not being able to honor/report
: I don't want to talk about Vayne, or Kaisa, or Lucian, I want to talk about Ahri.
I'd advice you to learn more about the game and then post If you really think her E a stun , then you really must go learn more about the game lol Better than being Delusional
iiGazeii (NA)
: Why is the Versus Event not Kayle vs. Morgana?
I don't mind Cats vs Dogs But I do agree , Kayle vs Morgana would have been perfect right now because they are being reworked
: Even if the enemy team has 0 healing sources, what's stopping me from buying morellonomicon?
It's not the item itself being that good against non-healing teams It's just there aren't any other options
: There's one unappreciated good thing about Sylas and Neeko Release
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