: I doubt it, mainly because the story directly references The Harrowing, Ryze, Illoai, and Leona. Also Mordekaiser already has a place in the lore so I doubt they will change it. > He roared as a purple-skinned sorcerer cast him back to the darkness, tearing him asunder with runic magics.The savage joy he’d felt as he joined the slaughter in the streets of a festering harbor city overrun with the Black Mist gave way to sudden pain as he was blasted to nothingness by the faith of indigenous witches. > He laughed as a sword impaled him on its length, but his amusement turned to agony as the blade burst into searing light, burning with the intensity of the sun. It's strange though because Targon hasn't been connected with the black mist at all, neither has Ryze but Ryze gets around.
Is it possible that he found a willing or unwilling host to bind his spirit-like body and armor with?
: In the story, Thresh mentions that he was close to freeing her. if this is the case, and letting her kill him didnt work fully, then what was the next step and what would have worked? What knowledge does Thresh have about ending the curse?
Falrein (EUW)
: Let me tell you a secret... All of Anthony Reynolds's stories are worth reading anyway. I mean, all of Riot's stories do, but I don't know, I feel like Anthony does such a great job at capturing the essence of the characters he writes about. So yeah, The Echoes Left Behind is really good. When I heard there was going to be a short story including Kalista, there was only one thing I wanted. I wanted her to have this struggle remembering her past, and I had prepared myself to be disappointed. Joke's on me, it was there, so yeah. This story is amazing, and it confirms only one thing to me... I'd love if Anthony could write more about Syndra as he did in The Dreaming Pool.
I hope he continues with his writings about Kalista and Lendros.
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