: Fiora dont need a buff
Dont forget that they also want to buff jax haha....
iiGazeii (NA)
: What if Morde's E gave BONUS Magic Penetration?
Morde still isnt broken he is fine the way he is and doesnt need more nerfs.
Anu3isII (EUNE)
: You talk about high rolls, which I bet most people would prefer to avoid facing those over a sack of gold. You do realise that removing the sacks will result in Riot buffing their rates and making a Klepto users more oppressive, right? Besides, they would always have the option to sell some of them for gold. Overall, since this rune is used mostly by people who trigger it with a ranged ability or ranged autos (when vs melees), it is clear that ranged champions and some special cases abuse it while melees mostly find it underwhelming. If you want to balance it, you would better suggest ideas that lower this discrepancy, not straight-out make it useless for most of the roster.
There shouldnt be a rune which gives you a straight up 1000 gold lead while also being ahead in the first place. Especially with how low cost Mage items are especially the Zhonya protobelt combo.
: Kog'Maw E should Ground Units
And heavy net should stun people. Also make kalistas Rend disarm people. Oh and dont forget to add a disarm on every aa in vayne ult. Oh and she needs only 1 hit to deal max health true dmg in ult
: darus can pull people in, deal true damage, and mord can pull people in and ult people to pick off without setup
Because Darius hook totaly has range and Mordekaisers totaly isnt easy to dodge amirite?
: As I said, it must land a Q first to ever hit or require set up
because hitting a binding or getting a stun from a teammate is such a hard set up right?
: those champs are already OP, lux is a squishy mage
Wait wait wait Lux isnt op? And where are Darius and Mordekaiser not as vulnerable as lux. They literally have no mobility and get kited to death for free.
Eedat (NA)
: > Can Darius Ult also Double it's scaling at 5 bleeds. You joke but it actually does already lol
Nah it doesnt they just add the AD he gets from his passive into the dmg. I mean like not adding the 20% of extra bleed that allready exist but to double it to 200% at 5 bleeds xD
: Can Riot change the AP ratio for lux ult from 100% to 140%?
Can we also give Tryndameres Ult 200 extra ad when he uses it? Can Darius Ult also Double it's scaling at 5 bleeds. Can Aatrox Ult just straight up increase his aa range by 500. Can Morde ult stat steal scale with ap? Your the guy who would want these things.
Lugg (NA)
: How to fix Galio
Here's how to fix Galio: Rework him completly into something that is easier to balance.
Anu3isII (EUNE)
: You give up a Keystone for that Gold Advantage tho. Without it, why wouldn't ranged people pick Aery again and poke melee's to death? The dynamic of the lane wouldn't change much, you would still have ranged people abuse melee people because of the range difference.
It would still give you a hell lot of stats in form of elixirs give you wards even gives you another skill point sometimes either completly remove the items or the gold.
: Morde is still fucking brokne
Morde never was broken to begin with his abilities are super telegraphed and easy to dodge and he has so much counterplay to him. Buy a QSS if you still cry about his ult
: Playing Viktor is like beating a dead horse
Viktor can stay dead we dont need a mage abusing tank items being dominant to the point of a free lane win in toplane.
: What? Grasp reduced for ranged? What the hell are you talking about? {{champion:41}}
grasp does 2 health for ranged and less dmg and heal. GPs Q doesnt count as range because the champ is meele (even though they should change that)
Kanzler (NA)
: Congrats, you've made klepto worthless which was probably your intent.
it's far from useless it still gives 5 gold per klepto hit and items. The gold sacs are just the biggest bs there is a mage abusing toplane shouldnt be able to gain a 1000 gold lead from a rune by abusing a meele match up thats the biggest bs they ever invented
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=09TZisIg,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-21T20:10:19.501+0000) > > but they did the complete oposite by overcompensation buffing minimal nerfs that didnt need any buffs at all and just point blank overall nerfs to their kit. They did the opposite... so they made their early game stronger? Even though they have lower stats? You mean they made their late game slightly better? Yeah, that was the point. Take away early power and give it to the late game. Sorry but I have no idea what are you complaining about. Jayce does slightly more damage in the late game. Neeko actually cares about her w(?) passive regardless of her build. Kennen now has to use lightning rush more effectively in order to reach the same amount of dps as before. All while each of them being a bit weaker early. Then we have cass and swain which... well cass is incredibly vulnerable in long lanes so learn to punish her, use the brush effectively and have your jungler gank her if she overextends. Swain has always been a top laner so complaining that he is a top laner is pointless.
Jayce does slightly more dmg in the lategame? So lvl 4 is the lategame? Interesting theory crafting you do there didnt knew games end in 5 minutes
: Well yes, he's not supposed to be top lane. He was designed for as a jg. The problem is anything you do will either gut him entirely or not work.
what they should remove is his ability to jump after leaving the brush extending his jump range massivly. Thats just a bland bs mechanic that shouldnt exist.
: Swain was always both a mid laner AND a top laner so... what are you even talking about? Also the entire point if the change wasn't "let's remove ranged from top" it was to make it easier for melees in the early stages of the game.
but they did the complete oposite by overcompensation buffing minimal nerfs that didnt need any buffs at all and just point blank overall nerfs to their kit.
: why is grasp/glacial augment reduced for ranged
gold sacs should straight up be removed and it should be nerfed to 1 klepto proc per ability on 5-2 sec based on lvl cd between procs
abscondita (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who thinks rengar on top should be nerfed?
I think his passive should have a cd per brush so he can't brush camp for free on toplane anymore
Comentários de Rioters
coreym11 (NA)
: How am I supposed to peel Rengar?
Later on in the teamfight phase when you see rengar ulting back off as a team and hug together so he has a harder time clicking the right target
: Why, just why would you give Renekton a buff?
Because riot is disguising nerfs as ''Soft counters'' now thats the same reason why poppy now insta wins any lane that relies on dashing.
Comentários de Rioters
: Ornn's lack of tank items that he is allowed to upgrade
abyssal sunfire is literally the only combo i build every game. Unless their full ad then it's iceborn sunfire. But ye he could need variation even though sunfire abyssal is a really really strong Ornn combo with 1500 health 100 Armor and Mr
: Buffing Katarina and Renekton ?
dont forget poppy who allready is a solid champion.
Ralanr (NA)
: How much health did you have?
4000 like i said. With 40% of my MR down by charm and her having voidstaff her E alone did arround 2300-2500 dmg to me.
Ralanr (NA)
: Only if you are taking true % damage. The resistances gained should help reduce it.
i had 300 mr on Ornn lategame and got oneshot through 4000 health from a evelynn procing her charm pressing E and R. Resistances dont help much
: Magic resist need like hard buffs..armor need also buffs. But aint going to happen for some reason,they preffer no armor pen ADCs,and 3500 health,100 magic resist reksai geting oneshoted by evelynn through steraks..
Thats also on Evelynn because for some reason she has a max health dmg ability where the max health dmg scales up to 40% with her ap as an assassin. A tank busting assassin is the most stupid design i ever seen
Moody P (NA)
: Buff tank items
I dont think you know how gold efficient sunfire and abyssal mask are when you play Ornn :D 1500 hp and 100 armor and mr for free :D
: Any plans to roll back Shen?
Wouldnt call it a failed rework big time failed reworks right now are:Akali,Irelia,Aatrox,Galio and the Morde rework before this one. And all of the 4 big tank reworks.
dAsKiLzZ (NA)
: How come players can run it down without getting banned?
Because the ban system only will ever ban you if you wrote syk backwards in chat
: Can Bard's heal get some love late game?
It's good enough lategame because it peels for your adc very well as a instant movespeed buff.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=icqr43vK,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-07-10T20:46:16.176+0000) > > Thats not even a nerf because ahris full combo normaly doesnt take more than 3 seconds to execute so its not really a nerf. Nope it is a nerf that means you are forced to burn all 3 dashes in 3 seconds Not only that But in 5 seconds you could W twice in mid game Not only that but in kiting as well 5 seconds is needed , not gonna calculate it now , you do the math if you play Ahri , if you don't then don't throw random arguments So it is a nerf more than a buff and it is aimed as a nerf and it is considered as a nerf when they did the changes for some reasons , many sources counted it as a nerf Besides , what's the compensation buff? charm stopping dashes? that's a nice buff out there , can't deny that , but how many times do you deny a dash in a game? it barely happens once every few matches unless you're playing against something like LB that dashes a lot and to you Otherwise stopping dashes depends heavily on luck and charming a dashing target will happen rarely So compare it Stop a dash every few games or a damage nerf ? ( a second W and some Ult charges if you don't wanna waste your ult dashes )
I've went through the challenger rundown of these changes and even he said it was a buff and that ahri doesn't need more than 3 seconds to execute a full combo. Against tanks it might be a nerf but it's literally not a nerf vs squishy targets. And stoping dodges requires luck? XDDDDDDDDD It's a skill mechanic you can literally stop any dash you want when you get the timing right.
: Giving Ahri a charm buff isn't a "soft counter"
Same sh't with Renekton he is super good with Spear of Shojin allready and now hes like:Im the only Bruiser to actually get a steraks shield when im in the game fck y'all.
: That's not a buff. Her charm's vulnerability duration is also reduced to compensate but she needs much bigger changes than that in order to be viable in pro play.
Thats not even a nerf because ahris full combo normaly doesnt take more than 3 seconds to execute so its not really a nerf.
: Ah, I was waiting for you and/or Moody to come in with the "please don't give tanks a chance against juggernauts" comments. Thanks for showing up. Always a pleasure. But no, that's not what it would do. As I said, it would punish fighters who can currently coast by by building HP+damage items without having to think about the type of damage the enemy is dealing. It'd make you have to actually build against the enemy like Tanks do. The tank menace of earlier seasons wasn't a problem with tanks in general. It was specifically thanks to Sejuani, Maokai, and Zac, who have all since had the most abused parts of their kits removed. Aside from that, it's been particular champions and not the class in general. Ornn, because he was released after that update, for example. Which is why I'm suggesting a buff to champions who _already_ have %HP damage, not that they add it to anyone who doesn't. As for why you'd still pick a fighter, I did say to reduce the flat damage so it isn't as effective against squishy enemies. A fighter would still have higher damage overall and be better at taking down priority targets alone. Basically, the same reason you don't pick Vi every single game.
I think a tank should never be able to constistently beat Darius Mordekaiser Illaoi or Garen inlane
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LRAMKrxm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-09T18:19:07.219+0000) > > So tanks should deal the dmg that counters tanks. Interesting. Yes? Though, not exactly. As I said in the post, it counters _health_ more than it counters _tank_ items. So it'd give them more of a leg to stand on against fighters who rush Cleaver/Trinity + Steraks with no armor/magic resist. That's the point.
But a tank shouldn't free win a fight vs a Bruiser who deals consistent periodic dmg
: Right. Then again her's is the worst balanced form of % Max Health damage, and Fiora comes in second.
I think Fiora is over her because She needs 3 aas while fiora can burst 25% of your max health in 1 hit with enough ad
: Although, Vayne's Silver Bolts have a minimum base damage, thats why she does so much to squishes as well. If they removed that minimum, she probably wouldn't do so much.
She would still deal 14% of their max health regardless of their Max Health you do realize that?
Ralanr (NA)
: Generally this prevents noodle fights while not doing too much to low HP champions. That’s the basics of %HP damage.
thats like saying silver bolts dont deal dmg to non tanks. You realize as long as you dont buy resistances (except for vayne and fiora) 15% max health dmg will still do 15% of my max health regardless of how much i have. Ofcourse it wouldn't come in a burst like when used on Tanks but at the end it would still do 15% of his max health
yıff (NA)
: how is she oppressive? she cant do anything besides e in and then u just unload everything on her unless u have no hands to aim mouse with
Because she has spamable point and click poke that is unavoidable
yıff (NA)
: as a katarina main, i believe that katarina is in a great need of buffs
52% wr assassin definitly doesn't need buffs at most she would need some nerfs
: Excact same reasons apply to Singed too. Skarner and Singed should have something fixed about them
: Toplane tanks are toxic
This comes from a guy who thinks assassin players are the only skilled players in League. Tanks are awful trash right now and unplayable no matter where.
: > [{quoted}](name=heroikc,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rPPL9s8i,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-09T18:00:54.930+0000) > > Conqueror, Darius, Illaoi, Aatrox, Tahm, Fiora are tankbusters. Plus Rhaast, Vayne, Kai'sa, Master Yi, Kog'Maw, etcetc > Not to mention {{champion:150}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:83}} are MORE toxic than tanks. > Talk about talking out of both cheeks. GP in a list with Jayce, lmao.
From all toplaners GP and Jayce own their top 2 place in most toxic champs to fight
: Tanks should deal more Enemy %HP damage, less base
So tanks should deal the dmg that counters tanks. Interesting.
: ITT: OP is salty because Riot Games decided to make the "s" mean something after a decade of existing.
Teamfight tactics isnt really the s in Riot Games because it's just a gamemode and not a seperate game. It still both is League of Legends. The one is just a 5v5 summoners rift mode the other is battle royale auto battle mode. Fortnite could make a moba if they want to it wouldnt be another game it would still be a different gamemode for fortnite
: ADC mains is the only role that deserves any acknowledgement of their skill. Everything else is easy in comparison. -Jungle/Top main.
ADC literally is the strongest role and adc mains do nothing but whine about how sh't they are if their not able to oneshot a 3k health toplaner. ADCs are the role thats getting over compesation buffed when nerfed for 1 patch because adcs whine about not being the strongest role anymore. ADCs are literally the biggest crybabys in League of Legends.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: No ADC is building armor penetration, why is this not talked about?
I had 200 armor on Mordekaiser and got oneshot by kai sa from 3000 hp and a 1000 health shield. KaiSa went full crit btw. Armor is so fcking pathetic that you dont even need armor pen to beat tankyness in lategame.
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