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: Is Fiora worth playing right now?
Not versus other bruisers.... i enjoy playing fiora and nowadays is hard to face a {{champion:24}} when fiora is designed to destroy this champ, u can block his stun, he doesn't need it in order to kill you, but if you are playing vs something tanky is still really good, if you reach lategame with Conqueror and passive you can do 30% hp true damage to anyone with a Q vital
: Lamentations of a 1 Million Mastery Shen main.
Im a bit excited for the shen buff next patch but also i'm a bit worried that will be some useless thing like reducing 2 secs cd on W just to say "you wanted a buff? we gave it, now go back playing {{champion:266}} {{champion:24}} and stfu"
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: Combating Hypermobility Without Nerfing Champions Into the Ground
That's the issue with league now, riot wants things to be "cool" not balanced or good, every new champ or rework done in this year, have mobility, even {{champion:20}}..... how are people supposed to play champs like {{champion:101}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:115}} when all enemy champs have 2 or more mobility spells? you have just one chance to hit them and u won't kill them if u do and they have multiple chance to avoid your hit and hit you back and you will die. I don't know why riot thought it was right to put in the game all this mobility and that's why i say "because is cool" an Aoe ranged execute that can be reset multiple times and even if u don't execute u still do damage and another dash in your kit to move forward or back is clearly not balanced, but is cool to watch....
: Hey wukongs players, Wukong is sitting at a 53.76% winrate. Are you sure he needs a buff?
To be Honest, there are some kind of champions that when overpowered are so easy to play cuz of their point and click combo that you don't even notice you are not playing good because you still win and than they complain when a not so relevant nerf comes out, i remeber when they nerfed {{champion:142}} and people were screaming "ah riot now is unplayable omfg", no, you just need to be good at her now same as wukong now. Even considering that every low pick rate champ has a little boost in winrate because that means is played by people who knows the champ really well (imo).
Shen MD (EUW)
: I don't agree with everything you posted, but damn, with just reading the title, I knew it was our guy. I feel ya bro.
yo, always good to find another shen main, if isn't a problem to you, could you tell why don't you agree? always ready to change my mind
: you're asking for shen to be strong in a meta where tanks aren't very good.
you could have ended with "you're asking for shen to be strong" :,)
: Shen is my main and while the dumb damage meta hurts him a bit, hes still ok. it sounds like youre using a terrible build on him and maybe like you think hes used for a different role in the game? AD shen makes no sense at all Shen is primarily a Support Tank. he excels at applying pressure and surviving while forcing the enemy to focus him or die. He CAN slaughter people, but only after you get him tanky. and by doing this he keeps teamates who do more damage alive. think about it this way... how could he be anything but a support when his ult only works on another allied champion? much like Galeo his role on the team is to bodyguard your soft friends try building something slong the lines of Warmogs, Spirit visage, Titanic Hydra, sunfire cape, frozen mallet, and boots of choice. Deaths dance or dead mans plate can be decent on him in some games too when youre ulting in to save a friend and getting 3 kills you'll feel better
I apprecciate your comment but i don't agree, i find no points in goingf ull tank and i find even more hard to slaughter people on shen, you are way to kitable and tbh u won't survive at least you taunt 3 or more champs, i found the build im using now. it was questionable in the first place, but tbh, is the only way i carried , bursting ppl D: And yes, you are goddamn right, shen ad makes no sense, but is better xD
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Pls Buff Shen

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