: Sorry not every champion plays into mindless aggression, I know how frustrating it is when your only strategy of "spam abilities on cooldown because hp runs out faster than Mana" doesn't automatically won you the lane, but some people prefer to use their abilities and champion picks strategically and to play champions that have a learning curve beyond "This is your damage ability, use it on cooldown. This is your second damage ability, use it on cooldown. This is your cc skillshot, don't use it until you've flashed into melee range 'cause if you miss it you might...oops, you used it. No matter, that's what ignite is for"
You do realize morg is mindless as all hell? You just sit in lane w the cs then roam with one of the easiest skillshots in the game and a aoe stun, meanwhile you throw black sheild on ur adc so nobody can cc him. Look at her fkn winrate ffs.

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