: Make TFT Fixed Ratio of Champs instead of this RNG
Something I like to say as well, I'm gold 3 TFT and my gf is Plat 4 on TFT and she also notices the Champ issue a lot, but thought I should say that haha also the ranking system is a bit OTT sometimes like Bronze or even Iron players in gold games as well.
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: TFW you don't realize the game is based around items and not necessarily the champs that people own. Understanding which items need to go on what champions and what comps they actually go with best is the strategy of the game.
That's correct it does, but the thing is I'm not worried about the Items, people's luck on the caracal well not really that but I got 3 or 4 spatulas in a game once 2 spatulas on the chicken area
: I dont like the shared pool either. Not sure what would be better though. Maybe give everybody their own equal pool with X champions in it, and with Y chance of getting a certain champion. Then you still need to depend on what the game gives you, but at least you have a chance of getting what you need. Riot could try stuff while the game is in beta anyway,... At this moment a lot of my games get dominated by the first player getting a lvl2 Jinx or Draven. Which in itself is fine, but it makes no sense that other players then have less chance of building those champions. Expecially in ranked games the luck factor (RNG) is decisively. Everybody knows what items and comps to build, its just a matter of who gets lucky first.
I like that idea of the set champions for each person for a comp, lets say there's only 3 of the 5G champs each one then the 4G ones do like 6 of them each so another person gets a chance to get it, but not sure how many for the other ones though haha
: Then what the fuck is the point?
I'm guessing you are one of these people that are blind when it comes to RNG based games because you are so lucky
: So....how is it more RNG because you didn't pay attention to what other people were building?
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