: Don't know if it was rigged or not, but if it was I can think of a reason: China has historically low morale in the general population due to strict governmental controls, high pollution, and low average wealth, so having a win in a major global competitive event could be a boost to that. Lower suicide rate, more productivity, higher GDP.
> [{quoted}](name=VampiricLlama,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nLRemRgG,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2019-11-11T00:03:20.548+0000) > > Don't know if it was rigged or not, but if it was I can think of a reason: > > China has historically low morale in the general population due to strict governmental controls, high pollution, and low average wealth, so having a win in a major global competitive event could be a boost to that. Lower suicide rate, more productivity, higher GDP. You don't even have to go that far. Riot in early 2020 is pushing mobile products. Like, MASSIVELY. Wild Rift, TFT, LoR later on, this weird Esport Manager thing... and mobile is BIG in China, so obviously they wanna "butter them up" first. Giving them a fancy worlds title is doing just that.
: im not sad cause eu lost, im sad because...
The entire thing IS rigged - always has been pretty much. This event is nothing more than a gigantic marketing circus, and the "athletes", if you wanna call them that, are not much more than specialzed actors at the selling booth although I doubt that most of them are conscious participants in the charade. Riot in early 2020 is planning a massive mobile-gaming push, obviously with focus on China. Having the world champion come from your region sure does spark interest I guess? I doubt that Riot has their hand in everything micromanaging every encounter - it's more in how groups are sorted and the finals I guess, don't need more, just a tiny push at the end if necessary. Been like that since at least season four, so not much news. Not that I'd watch much, I prefer myself some good olde wrestling - at least there you go in knowing it's all just a fake...
: Learning new champions is easier in ranked than in normals because of that dumb _**'noRmAlS' SEpaRatE mMr'**_ thing. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Maybe if you play ranked below Gold level, but not in Platinum and above. What people barely notice in Plat is how much the team builds on you being RELIABLE on your champion when judging a situation. I just saw it yesterday in Silver: Stats do not matter, items do not matter, people can miss up to 90% of their entire kit for some reason. Every single fight I saw my teammates in was effectively a coin toss impossible to predict. Meanwhile in "high ELO" (if you can call Platinum that) you can expect everyone to be on a certain level mechanically. There's a whole new level of predictablity and strategy arising from that - and inversely you being NOT on par when it comes to the mechanics of your champ you are an absolute liability to the team. Bringing new champions into ranked is not a good idea once you reach a certain level. If you are in iron who cares anyways you suck regardless what you play anyways and got a whole bunch of other stuff to fix.
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Pyrosan (NA)
: props for living up to your username
There's only so much a Soraka main can take. Look, I like very teamplay-focussed champs, mostly tanks and supports - but even on Platinum level there is not much to do with these. Either you win anyways from the setup or you have ZERO chance of carrying anything. Picking literally ANY of my main champs is effectively griefing my own team if I am honest about it. I can understand not being able to properly play these champs in bronze or silver, as in there you should not rely on your team anyways, BUT IN PLATINUM? REALLY? Just shows what an absolute shitshow this game has become.
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: I request riot looks into the battle bunny line of skins.
That's a lot of creative ways to spell "DRAVEN" wrong.
: I found it interesting to read. My one complaint is how Lux simply being a bit to naive and that last shot of her blushing. Like seriously girl {{champion:99}} what do you see in this {{champion:517}} . Like seriously
What she sees? Probably herself. Their roles might as well be swapped if they had born in different circumstances. Also Lux is also sort of "trapped in the palace", you know with her family trying to wed her into the royal clan and all that... there are quite the parallels.
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: {{champion:33}} if you're a masochist.
mærk (NA)
: ***
So you can parrot a random copypasta, am I supposed to take that as a proof of intellect? It appears your mental horizon barely reaches between Crtl-C and Crtl-V (which, explained just for you, is not very far...)
mærk (NA)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Wow, impressive, such a qualifed addition to the topic. Say, don't you have to be an utter buffon somewhere else?
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cTJay (EUW)
: what's wrong with ranked lately?
Yeah its weird since the most recent patch matchmaking has been totally bonkers. A 20+ difference in score shouldn't be normal for the majority of games, that's not what balanced matchmaking is wtf?!
Nhifu (NA)
: Looked at your op.gg... You need to play more.
I could try but... there's also APEX... and MtgArena... and actually all these manga I want to read... oh and actually my MA-Thesis deadline that's in *checks calendar* NOT EVEN TWO WEEKS OH GOD. So yeah not much time...
: imagine complaining that you're not already strong enough on the 3rd best support in the game right now
I am a toplaner. But that's besides the point - the issue is that Soraka right now ONLY wins on botlane because of her E. And not even with it's intended root-mechanic, but because it is instant unavoidable poke. That's not what Soraka is all about. Meanwhile her healing - you know, the thing you pick Soraka which is her unique thing - just gets harder and harder. That's not how it's supposed to be!
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: This season's starting to feel like a No Man's Sky level bait-and-switch
Well I gave them until preseason. It will be weird to run a Soraka blog without actually playing any Soraka-games (lol for me was mostly "Toplane Goatsimulator) but I'll manage I guess. Guess I'll also stop being a "forumer" as I am now, because I asure have not been a "player" much anymore anyways.
mack9112 (NA)
: I feel the changes have been pretty positive and if you really dig into the comments of many of the threads on this forum many people have that same consensus.
*looks at the frontpage* I don't know man, but maybe I feel that you need some glasses my friend...
Prandine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SaltyToplaneGoat,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ehpfFOk3,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-24T00:02:13.275+0000) > > The other three could have actually made an effort themselves. In 90% of the time they did not, so they don't deserve any special consideration from me either. This is not about maturity, but about principles. What sort of effort could they make that you'd actually be satisfied with enough to not throw the game over one troublemaker? This just sounds like you're looking for an excuse to throw the game out of your so-called principles with no regard for anyone but yourself.
It is very simple: act like an irrelevant background character, get threated like the background, aka non-existant. I owe not a single person literally anything, and I also ask of nothing. But if all I get is one negative response and three nonexistent ones, well guess what I am going to react to? I am not sure how one can be so entitled like you are acting currently.
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Prandine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SaltyToplaneGoat,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ehpfFOk3,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-11-23T21:28:30.513+0000) > > So let's see, 4 other people on my team, all of which I do not know. So my attitude to them is neutral. One of them is a toxic twat, so my attitude towards him is negative. The other three are still neutral. This makes summed up minus one in total. Mostly they will also stay neutral or fall in line with the toxic, which gives me zero reseon to even return to a total of "neutral" in how i percieve the team as a whole. That means: they are acceptable collateral damage to teach someone a hard lesson about being toxic. > > I hope I can keep up my work as a good example, because that's the only way some people are even going to learn, as sad as that is. So basically because one guy ticked you off you'd rather sabotage your other team members who have nothing to with it. That's really immature and selfish of you don't you think? The mature response is to mute/ignore the problem player and not use that as an excuse to ruin the game for everyone else. Not only did you let the jerk win this time but you cost your other teammates the game and a potentially good/neutral time, all because of a stupid vendetta with a player you'll probably never see again. Be smart not stupid.
The other three could have actually made an effort themselves. In 90% of the time they did not, so they don't deserve any special consideration from me either. This is not about maturity, but about principles.
: > if they disrespect a teammate like that, they do not deserve to win, very simple! What about your other teammates? No, telling others to kill themselves is unacceptable, but inting is not an acceptable response. Just mute and report in the post game. You’re a great example of why players shouldn’t be toxic to teammates, as you never know when someone will react irrationally.
So let's see, 4 other people on my team, all of which I do not know. So my attitude to them is neutral. One of them is a toxic twat, so my attitude towards him is negative. The other three are still neutral. This makes summed up minus one in total. Mostly they will also stay neutral or fall in line with the toxic, which gives me zero reseon to even return to a total of "neutral" in how i percieve the team as a whole. That means: they are acceptable collateral damage to teach someone a hard lesson about being toxic. I hope I can keep up my work as a good example, because that's the only way some people are even going to learn, as sad as that is.
Danksley (NA)
: There's never a reason to int. If all 4 teammates are flaming you its easier and less obvious to just go splitpush.
Nah but then they never really get the notice that it was their words in specific, interpreted only slightly differently, that made it all happen. Some people just don#t take subtle hints, and I think that is the BEST reason to int.
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Moody P (NA)
: yeah she's just got, oh, 4.25 seconds of snare+stun that's reasonable, right?
: I love this analysis its so detailed! Thank you for sharing this. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
You think THIS is detailed? *has flashbacks to the dozend pages of discord chat that came up right after the bio was released* It's a miracle I could shorten it this much tbh... Nah what confuses me is that people in general seem to throw affection and sexuality and romantics into the same muddled category, while - especially in the US - putting an absurdly high emphasis on the sexual aspect of interpersonal relationships. But that does not properly describe or help us see how stuff really works, it's just ignoring the majority of the complex subject at hand for the sake of slapping one lable or another at it. Obviously you can't understand a single darn thing if you look past all the other details that play into it - just what is it with people's obsession with the sexual? Yeah it can be fun and a wonderful form of intimacy but then again it's just that, not the thing the world revolves around. People's priorities are really messed up I tell you that.
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Ifneth (NA)
: A proper accounting would probably consume a bookshelf. The history of Shurima, its political climate, popular reaction to Azir’s rule, Xerath’s army, the actions of every major non-magical player, Taliyah’s decisions, Sivir and Nasus’s loyalties, and the actual events of the war itself. I want at least an 800-page, single-spaced, hard-cover summary by a neutral historian.
No I want THREE 800 page hard cover summarized by 3 different very biased historians (Icathian, Shuriman, Ancient-Noxian).
: Why would one of the most successful game companies in the world take gameplay advice from some randos on the internet? They've done very well for themselves by doing the exact opposite for the last couple of years
The randos on the internet are WHY they are succesfull. Try having a game without players lol.
: Why is it that this thread which is basically just toxic hate spew get a fuck ton of upvotes, every comment that agrees with it get upvotes, and every comment that actually has something rational to say gets downvoted? Sure Riot fucks up lol, but I feel like the community (part of it anyway) is more of a problem than a lot of the self entitled pricks in it like to think. Because how could they be at fault right : ^)
Well, because maybe, just maybe, the "entitled pricks" actually have a POINT?! Given with how Riot has been actively not giving a fuck, we have long passed the point where we should bother with rational arguments. Damage too high, runes are garbage, everything that could have been said has already been said and done and debated in a constructive fashion, and Riot simply does not give a shit. When everything has been said, there is no point to repeat it again and again if the other party is not listening - might as well kick them in the nuts collectively, might work better.
: Considering Runeterra's Current State, It Ain't Lasting Much Longer I Can Tell You.
My guess is that all the different evil world-destroying factions will somehow cancel each other out. The Darkin and Sol are angry at Targon, Targon is pissy at the Void, so is mostly everyone else, the Void has trouble withe Shadow Isles as the undead are apparently immune to void-corruption, the world runes have kinda always been there, and probably a keypiece to reality itself, and puny local conflicts like Shurima or Freljord barely matter in the grand scheme of things.
: > this is what Riot willfully created with their game design They've talked at many points this year about addressing snowball. They have several changes ready for preseason to try to 1) make comebacks more obtainable and 2) make decided games end faster (so you don't get trapped stalling out a lost game) Look up the preseason changes, I bet you'll find some of them exciting.
They always TALK a lot, but let's be real how often do we see a follow up on it? Yes the preseason looks good so far, but I doubt it will completly fix the mess this season created.
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: While I would greatly enjoy an MMO from Riot, I saw someone make an argument that convinced me that Riot likely would never do one. MOBA's and MMO's are both games that dominate someone's "gaming time". MOBA and MMO developers don't want it to just be a game, they want it to be a life style, as in the amount of hours you put in to these games are usually pretty absurd and this doesn't leave much time for other games. So if Riot were to release an MMO, it'd be directly competing for the time of League of Legends players. If/When they make another game, I think it would be more of a casual game, something that you could conveniently play in between games of League of Legends if you wanted to, like a mobile game or a card game.
At least it would explain why they purposefully made lol shitty - that way you let one game die in a controlled fashion while the other takes off.
Zardo (NA)
: This "go next" mentality is REALLY getting out of hand
Well it IS just the most efficient way to climb. I got Diamond with it with playing FREAKING SORAKA TOPLANE - and my climb started at low gold. The moment there is a 10 kill lead at 15 minutes and ANY sort of objective lead by the enemy it just is over. That's how it is. Either you surrender at 15, or you stall out until 35, and then lose anyways as you don't "comeback". The game just progresses as the enemy takes you apart piece by piece and you can't do jack shit about it. This is what Riot wants this game to be, so don't be surprised when players adjust accordingly and do now this. In the same time I stall out a losing game that would give me one loss, I can start a new one, potentially be on the stompy end this time and come out on a win, making a net zero - one win, one lose. As Zero is better than Minus one, with adding more chances that don't feel like a unrewarding timesink, it will be the superior way of climbing ranked. This is by design, so don't blame the players on it.
: I pretty sure they are doing only Runeterra as their main lore thing since they trademarked the name "Legends of Runeterra" and that is telling the some big big lore content is coming. And the alternatives are just for fun and what ifs. Like what if Jinx Yasuo and Malph had a spaceship. Or what if some tech company started almost enslaving humans and Ashe formed a rebellion against it with Ekko.
Ah yes sure they always say they do their main thing, but then just release another AU skinline - I've been watching this pattern for about seven years now, so my hopes for an actual lore focus are pretty much as low as they have always been.
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: The only "official" information about lore now is on League Universe. And there, Syndra is not listed as a "related champion". So no, they are not listed as allies anymore.
: CarnivalKnights mentioned it on Twitter that they're like the Pulsefire guys, outside of the main multiverse. And were created because Ezreal was being a dickweed with the timeline and nobody fixes his mistakes
They are pretty much take over the function of the multiverse's antibodies. But instead of apprehending people like a time cop, aka Pulsefire Cait would do it, they have a more... radical approach: simply purge everything that causes trouble. It remains uncertain if they are a natural occurence or if they are sent by a faction opposing Pulsefire. Possibly we even have a multiverse-spanning time war going on, with the Preatorians being almost on Eldritch-Level.
: "And after all that you get him actually together with Lux, only to then make him realize that she's pretty much one of the most dangerous mages of Runeterra, pretty much a humanoid weapon of mass destruction that could probably wipe an entire village of the map without breaking as much as a sweat - and probably even more dangerous than all of the above combined." Wait WHAT?????
I think I made that theory some years ago, back in season 2 or 3, that Lux is not a "light" mage, not in the traditonal sense. You see, her ultimate is not a laser, as a laser would be of one monochrome color and it wouldn't end apruptly. So what is it? Well, one indicator is the "primer", those little red dots that happen before the detonation. I can't really find a 5 year old thread this quickly, so I don't remember how exactly I came to the conclusion, but I remember saying that her ultimate is more a controlled nuclear fusion that happens at the start of the red-dot line, which in turn causes a chain reaction along the line, resulting in a rapid detonation of plasma that instantly disperses again. This also explains her "light-magic", as she apparently can manipulate the density and mass of photons. Conclusion: Luxanna is possibly Runeterra's one and only Quantum-Mage and therefore one of the most dangerous people around. But also you just have to ask: does she have to arrange the red dots in her ultimate in a line? Given enough time, couldn't she also spread them over a small area? inside buildings, people, and wherever? And then literally vaporise everything within a single moment? Lux is a walking weapon of mass destruction with a wonky psyche that is held up but also repressed by demacian culture. She's pretty much a second Syndra waiting to happen, but she might be far, FAR more dangerous.
: What does kat get? :^( {{champion:55}}
Her supportive siblings who are cheering so enthuiastically Katarina feels like she could die from the embarassment. Then she remmbers that she is Noxian and corrects herself: it's so embarassing that everyone else who has seen it should be dead.
: > [{quoted}](name=SaltyToplaneGoat,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=zXF0U4aF,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-10-24T12:06:05.279+0000) > > It works just so well because you know Ezreal will by default play the "cool guy" (tm), but he will also be scared as hell as he's not stupid and kind of knows what he's dealing with. However, the prideful "cool guy act" will forbid him from actually backing out, while his very understanable fear makes a proper rejection impossible. > > This combination means that he will never get out of this mess by himself, and he's just digging the hole he's in deeper and deeper, all because he's such a proud, so smart yet so stupid brat. The story almost writes itself at that point, he's just the ideal character for this setup. Ezreal's worst enemy: Ezreal.
Given his narcissim it's probably the only villain he'd actually take seriously. Truly, the most dangerous of them all.
: > [{quoted}](name=Terozu,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=zXF0U4aF,comment-id=0001000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2018-10-25T18:53:49.237+0000) > > Question on a scale of 1 to 10 how excited would Ezreal be at discovering lands beyond Runeterra? > > We know from Bio only around 1/6 of the planet is known to us so far, how happy would Ez be to find this out? > > And would he be _genuinely_ excited or "maybe mom and dad will finally think I'm famous enough to find me" excited, or both? > > Also is it possible his parents are in that other 5/6 of the planet? 1/6th? Jeez, that's a mighty big planet. I have ideas as to the fate of Ezreal's parents. Fingers crossed we get to explore this more in the future.
I have the faint feeling that his parent's fate is connected to the other gauntlet - I strongly believe that Ezreal's has a counterpart that does not transport the USER through space, but instead everything around it. With both equipped one has absolute dominion over all matter in the area of effect, teleport things around or ignore the laws of space and time yourself. Also the two probably power each other up, so it's a mighty dangerous thing that will get in the center of lore at some point. My guess: his parents found the other gauntlet, and it activated on accident and sent evyone and everything in the room far, FAR away. But since the activation was an accident, they cannot recreate it, as the gauntlet is not made for the transport of the USER under normal conditions. And now they are stuck at the other end of the world. Either that or it's not teleportation but movement through the spirit plane, which might mean they are now trapped there, unable to return to or interact with the material world.
: > [{quoted}](name=SaltyToplaneGoat,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=zXF0U4aF,comment-id=000100000000000200000000,timestamp=2018-10-25T10:13:52.000+0000) > > Ezreals Ego is indeed an issue, only second to his narcissim - which might be the main reason he likes Lux. A narcist primarely loves himself, so obviously he would love everything that LOOKS SIMILIAR TO HOW HE THINKS HE LOOKS. Lux is a blonde from an upper-middle-class background (assuming demacian upper class as straight up aristocraty) thrown into extraordinary circumstances who is not exactly understood in the culture that she is from. The paralells one could want to see are there, and that's why Ezreal is fixated on her. > > I think overcoming his narcissim and actually reflecting on if he really loves Lux for who she is... that's a good character development potential right there, and I love to see that happening. But only after 200 chapters of involuntary comedic murder harem, two flashback arcs, and a beach episode. We gotta keep things in order after all. Don't forget three bottle episodes and a blatant attempt at a reboot.
Also at least three filler arcs despite ending the last arc on an important cliffhanger! That's a classic, so we gotta do it!
: Not it is not, my fellow homo sapien of the Earth planet in the galaxy Sol. Shall we partake in civil small talk before consuming sustenance to maintain our physical energies and biological processes?
Yes I am a fellow humanoid being and definetly not a certain freljordian critter with an internet connection, oh no sir please dont ever assume that. I must now excuse myself for reasons completly disconnected to our conversation. But I will take me... cookie with me, obviously.
: So, I really really like that the new Vladimir story is left open ended...
To be honest, I wouldn't even want her to be a champion, but a recurring character in lore. She just wants to do her art and gets support by Vladimir for it (at least to 50% because every new Vlad-themed artwork that gets displayed in Noxus is a petty jab at the Black Rose), who does appear sincere as a lover of the fine arts. Not everyone needs to be a super powerful champion. My guess on the open end is, that Vladimir tries to build up his own "faction" within Noxus that is a bit more personal than just a weird cult that likes him. However, as a nobleman he has STANDARDS, so he doesn't just hire some goons of the street, but goes after only the most promising artists who he then all gets to know personally. In the end he will have a small but extremly loyal group following him - and as a bonus, in time of peace he can just watch them make art. The loyality is the biggest resource in a conflict with organisations like the Black Rose, and he seems to know that an open break with Le Blanc will happen in the future.
Terozu (NA)
: Yes she does have political power. A fucking town was built around her grandfather's tomb. She personally knows Jarvan. She is waaay higher than middle-class. She makes most demacian upperclassmen look middle class in political position.
Could she just order someone to cut off their own hands and they'd have to follow the order? Look whatever deal her grandpa was, it does not affect her official political power. Neither does "knowing" the right people translate to riect power provided by the system. She does not own land as far as we know, does not command anyone as far as we know, she does not own a massive fortune that is not tied to the family as far as we know, and she does not have any super-special knownledge about magic aside from her own little talents as far as we know. Neither in geo-strategic, militaristic, economic, nor scholastic aspects she'd be on the level of the actual elite in Demacia that are the aristocratic clans who all sit on AT LEAST one of those categories. The Crownguard family is a clan that serves the royal family. She pretty much has a JOB that puts her in a potentially high position, but none of the perks that would come from an actual elite background.
: Its how his dash is coded he bypasses grounded effects aswell
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