: Had three games in a row with toxic teammates, and all three games had "KYS" stated in them. Why do we even have an open chat function when Emotes and Pings are a thing now?
I cant upvote for some reason :/ but I'm glad someone agrees
Xidphel (NA)
: I never said that. See, your poll is basically 100% with you or scum of the Earth. No in-between. No need to dignify your poll with an answer.
If you want an in-between then comment? the poll is concerning the issue in the stance I phrased it
: I'm gonna be short and to the point about this. > Toxicity is ruining this game and children's lives. > --- > The honor system, reports system everything should just go. chat should be deleted fullstop... This line of thinking is "my thumb hurts because I have a splinter, so I have to amputate my hand". If you say "toxicity is ruining the game", then targeting chat and the behavior systems wholesale instead of focusing on toxicity (which, focusing on toxicity is what Riot is already doing, no less) is pretty much overshooting the target entirely and trying to get rid of everything _related_ to the problem in hopes that you'll take the problem out with it. Imagine if businesses employed that strategy. "Well, we're receiving complaints about one cashier making rude remarks about customers on their way out, so let's just fire everyone who works the registers and set up self-checkout lanes to replace them". It's asinine, and causes more harm than good. Nobody in their right mind would try to solve problems that way.
You're right, it is an extreme measure, however the ban system is deeply flawed and riot has done very little to resolve it. I mean the least I'm asking for is for phrases like " kill yourself, fuck, shit, %%%%, noob, inter etc." to be censored, if riot actually doesnt want toxicity, why would they not censor these words? why wait for someone to report someone and then allow a system to go yeah he said one of those words but he has lvl 5 honor so its chill, when you could just stop those words from being said. Riot have done sweet FA about this issue and there are so many simple fixes. If they can't be bothered to spend the time, just cut it all together. Pings are more than enough to communicate in the game, if you wanna chat to someone add them after and communicate using 3rd party programs?
: If they commit suicide because of a video game then that's their problem. They should fix their own problems instead of putting the burden on random people.
What you're saying is you're expecting young children to take a mature attitude about their feelings? Riot knows they have young impressionable and possibly upset children playing their game, yet it allows their community to create an environment that would objectively cause harm, stress or unnecessary upset to a young player. If you've played the game then you know how hard a young new player unwittingly entering a ranked game would get flamed, you know the things that will be said and yet you think that riot could and should do no more to help fix the issue? If a bully in a school causes a kid to commit suicide should they be like "of well thats the kids own problem, not the bully's fault"? that is what you are saying right now
Xidphel (NA)
: Nice biased poll.
So people who give 0 shits about the lives of others because they want to be able to maybe have a chat but likely just be mean to people online are nice loving caring people? If you dont agree with the post because you dont agree with my line of argument, changing the options of the poll makes no difference, just comment instead
Scrunny D (EUW)
: Riot needs to remove chat from this game. It's causing teen suicides.
I would like to point out that no boards post about this issue has ever been positively voted. My post was mildly aggressive but my point is valid. People would rather continue to be allowed to hurt other people's lives than give a damn about another human being (also NA bords are the least receptive to these sorts of posts so please change this stat, im not just ranting I'm genuinely hurt by the community the gracious church of riot you all worship so much has created)
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