iMidg3t (EUW)
: If we get to see which drakes will spawn, you will be able to take champs which are good with those drakes and/or build a comp around it. At that point it just boils down to who gets to pick a champ thats good with certain drakes. As you said, ocean drake is good for rengar. So what to do if the enemy team gets to pick him before your team? It would only make the game more coinflip-y
If you don't have firstpick and don't want to see a rengar with additional brushes from ocean, just bann him. If dragons are shown in draft, you can pick and ban around it, and people get rewarded for a broad champion pool. You actually can work with that information. That's waaay better than an opponent haveing rengar and getting his ocean to go with it by raw luck(25% chance)
: What Changes do you like and dislike so far for Preseason 2020?
Things i like: - Conqueror loosing truedamage - mountain giveing resis - SoS getting removed - aftershock beeing buffed for tanks and nerfed for squishys Things i'm sceptic about: - Dragonsouls, the idea of a powerfull **permanent** and **one team only** boost seems to me like it's just GG once one team gets it, especially the clouddrake with his permanent sohjin for everyone - Terraforming, i find the idea interesting, but i fear we won't have the information on what element it is duering champselect, and then it just becomes a huge RNG factor that can totally screw some teams/champs while boosting others. But IF we actually see it in champselect and can adjust the draft to what element it will be, it would be a nice change. - I like the support item changes in theory, but without any other changes, i feel like this will further favor non traditional supports botlane as they don't have to compromise their usual builts as much. - lethality changes, guess it all comes down to how the setboni and new items look like, but i don't feel to good about forced powerspikes. Things i dislike: - Elderdragon execute, as if time to kill wasn't way to low already in this game - XP changes, cause it will in no way have the intendet effect of helping toplane and just make midlane more dominant. - cleptomancy change, cause it means this pure cancer keystone remains in the game - Jungle changes, cause they keep the fast lvl 2/3 that makes for heavy early ganking preassure, while the lower xp overall will also just push them more towards the gank heavy style as powerfarming is even less rewarding. It's just the exact opposite direction of there it should go. We need less xp/sustain in first clears to lower the gank pressure and more reward for clearing the jungle later on, ideally through lower respawntimers on the camps. - no changes to tank items - no changes to plateings - no changes to vision - no changes vs snowballing - so hardly any of the really important things are even touched in preseason {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
CurS1VE (NA)
: Wait...Ashe has a 55% WR???
She's basically the most dominant laner atm, and with her ult and permaslow she can setup plays unlike most other adc and easily convert her lead into a midgame snowball, all while still haveing a huge lategame. Also, the most popular adc are kaisa and ez, and she counters kaisa through her range advantage and by just ulting her into the face should she have the audacitiy to dash into ashe, and ez, especially with bluebuilt, is pretty overhyped. He's save, but ashe will shove him in and chip away on the tower, and later on ez really doesn't have compareable damage while ashe can nearly match his poke with her W spam.
: Pantheon has a 100 % presence in worlds
Gragas, kaisa, xayah, quiana, GP and akali are nearly as present, it's quite absurd howmany clearly OP picks exist this worlds.
: Because teams favor Aatrox still for no reason. His healing is bad, his damage is bad, and his early game is godly atrocious. Also he probably works better in both those roles because he isn't shackled to the problem that is toplane being non-existent.
Aatrox and rene both are rather overhyped top, i agree, though Aatrox is a good counterpick cause if he gets a good laneing, his midgame is still nuts. Though just as with Pant, for me both are clearly better midlane, as they excel early mid and then fall off rather hard, and midlane allows to put that early power into use and controll the map, while in toplane they nearly fall off by the time they really start impacting the map. As for pant, imo he's just a worse renekton top. similar all in threat, better towerdives, but no sustain, **NO ESECPAES VS GANKS**, worse waveclear and worse in extendet fights, and his ult hardly matters for top cause at best he gets to midlane, but even then he has to roam into the river and mostlikely gets spotted by a ward. Midlane hower, his all in vs squishys is very potent, his lack of escapes isn't as problematic, and his ult really can impact the map. Though overall i like him most as support, cause his scaleing after the rework is even worse than befor, all that gold is basically wasted 30min into the game. As a sup, he can use his strong early all in and insane dive potential to snowball his team, and later on he's totally fine beeing a stunbot with global ult.
: Hes the only good snowball toplaner. Aatrox was the last until he got gutted to high hell.
I've seen Pant mid and as sup in proplay, but never as top so far...
stoyo8 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Póppy Chulo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sOgTTMF0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-17T23:10:37.821+0000) > > Most probably there is way more than you saw I hope so
i fear so, cause it's probably more damage and snowballing to come...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: This sounds more reasonable. But I honestly don't like the idea of it being a per user CD. It should be a global one, either for the whole setup. Use it from bot to top and both direction are blocked or It goes top to bot and bot to top having separate CDs that apply to all players when used by one player from either side.
It could also be a mechanic where any player can activate the portal for his team, when theres like ~10sec where everyone can use it, and then it has a teamwide CD befor anyone can activate it again. But I think for details like that, it simply would need testing.
: 6+ Brawler is a waste of time...
Yea, tier 4 carrys are just a bit overtuned, most games the top 3 are a random bunch of frontline and CC with either drave, jinx or akali on fullgear, and the worst thing is that jinx doesn't even have atleast one other gunslinger, she can work out completely solo, same with akali... Their interaction with certain items(BT on vraven, giantslayer jinx or IE on akali) are just to poverfull. And if they are smart, they have tow dps items and either trapclaw or dragonclow so the few actuall backline threats like vi won't be an issue anymore aswell... And yes, general tankiness is mostly like on the rift, once the carries get some gear it just doesn't matter, mr and armor are just pointless. Dragonclaw is strong cause 75% reduction in addition to mr, Iceborn give dodge and as slow on top of armor, warmongs has huge sustain, PD critimmunity. But don't make the mistake to think that items like redbuff or thornmail actually help getting tanky, cause raw stats do next to nothing.
: [Idea] - Add a Teleporter between Top/Bot lane.
I already suggested that idea in another post: Add a portal to the bot and top alcoven, give it a channle that is interrupted by damage, maybe even a CD per user, **and activate it only after 14 min**. If such a portal was active from start, the laneingphase would basically be a wierd 3v3 with frequent fiestas when mid and jungle get involved. However, at the 14min mark, plateings fall of which kinda means laneingphase is officially over, so getting the better map acces would fit at that point.
: Fiddlesticks point-and-click fear is good and deserves to stay, here's why:
i'm not neccesarily against instant point n click hard cc, but the duration of such CC should be somewhat limited, and fiddles current fear has the highest duration of any non ult hard cc, exept morgana snare which atleast allows the use of skills. Imo if they keep the point n click fear, the duration shouldn't be longer than 1.5sec, that's long enough to punish high mobillity champs without beeing as harsh to tanky immobile targets.
Håppy (NA)
: Season 10 Preemptive Disaster
Agree on all but the conqueror bit. The truedamage part is bullshit and needs to go, and it's one of the few good things they revealed so far. though the dragons changes could be decent(exept the shojin bonus from cloud) IF we knew what map transformation is comeing **in champ select already **so we can adjust our picks and bans. However, i fear that we won't get that and some champs/setups just get randomly screwed/boosted by the map transformations, like rengar getting more brushes or ryze basically loosing the ult advantage cause cloud allows for fast map rotations anyway...
Moody P (NA)
: I have a hard time being excited for 2 new juggernauts when the last 4 sucked
>They were just good and had a kit that hit all the checkmarks for success. isn't that the core idea behind all new designs from riot though? Irelia rework, akali rework, sylas, kaisa, qiyana...all are walking toolboxes that basically offer everything you could want from them. Even much further back, we have shit like Azir and GP-rework that kinda started that pattern... And imo that design philosophie is a major reason why this game turned to shit...
: Nerfing Jungle Experience... Again
I think the lower shared xp helps a bit by punishing camping a lane a bit more. However, instead of buffing gromp to krug xp and an early lvl 3 while nerfing general jungle xp, they should nerf krugs xp to be on pair with current gromp(atleast for first clear) but buff xp/gold past the first clear a bit, or just lower respawntimers with adjusted numbers. Maybe also increase ho and lower damag of buff camps early on to delay the lvl 2 a bit. The main issue for me as a laner is that junglers(the few that are meta that is) tend to hit the lvl 2 and/or 3 spike befor me and they can basically come at my lane and solo me(usually forceing a recall) because of that. The high early xp just creates insane earlygame gank preassure. At the same time, the high respawntimers and bad gold/xp scaleing means a) (meta)junglers don't need to spend much time in their jungle as they spend half the time waiting for respawns and b) even if camps respawn, the reward for powerfarming isn't high enough compared to high gank preassure. This issue becomes worse with how hard it is to deal with ganks as sololaner. vision is just horrible, the warding totem allows for a magnificent ~40% uptime on a sinlge ward, so you spent most time with no vision at all. And that with most junglers haveing 3-4 potential gank paths and atleast early on enough damage to basically solo kill or atleast force you back. And if the lane/jungle combo is ahead or simply premade, they can just dive with ease and it doesn't matter if you ward. **So yea, with how easy ganking/camping is atm, and how little reward powerfarm offers in comparsion, i really don't see how lowering the rewards for powerfarming even more is going to make this any better.**
Palaven (NA)
: Designers Fail To Understand The Top Lane Problem
Yea, that toplane 'fix' is another display of their incompetence. All it does is giveing toplaners bigger leads when they get one, but it doesn't help them converting their lead onto the map. All it creates is an enviroment for hardcore splitpushers like jax, fiora or camille as well as counterpicks(as if counterpicks weren't already a huge issue for top...) The main issue for top, especially tanks, is the massive acceleration of the game. Teamfights and objectives are done so quickly that you can't roam reactively. If you roam as soon as the enemy team groups up, it's allready to late. And since the massive TP nerfs, useing it reactively in a **NON**-coordinated enviroment is usually suizide so it's more a laning tool. What's worse, with how minions sprint across the map and structures beeing made of paper at best, leaving your lane to group with your team preemtively means you serve your base to the enemie top on a silver plattern. And with the xp changes, you get punished even worse for grouping. The last big issue for top is that most top picks are brawly(is that a word?) champs that reky on tankiness for teamfights, and tankiness simply still doesn't exist in the lategame, so no matter how well you do, you bever will carrie lategame teamfights unless you play stuff like vlad or gp, which are unsuprisingly meta in high elos for exactly that reason.... So the only way tops will get more impact from that changes is by either snowballing and beeing unbeatable behemoths midgame which is not exactly a healthy thing to have, or by raw mindless splitpushing. What toplane would need is either ways to get to the rest of the mao faster, like a portal linking the new top and bot alcoves, maybe activateing at min 14 when the plateings fall off, or less damage overall so objectives and teamfights last long enough for them to get there in time, and their base doesn't get vaporised if they leave their lane unatendet for a min. And speaking of plateings, the gold granted by them could be easily cut in half and it would only make the game better. Also, just remove cleptomancy, it's cancer beyond imagination in toplane and no itteration that is any viable will ever be healthy for melee vs range matchups. It's even more stupid than spear of shojin and that shit gets removed for good reason...
iiGazeii (NA)
: I wouldn't really call it RNG. You can choose not to take a dragon in order to give the ones you've taken more time to dominate the map. You have some control over how the map will change.
That's not how it works though >Rise of the Elements will bring SR to life as the primal magic of the Elemental Drakes changes the landscape each game. **The third drake transforms the Rift before it spawns and after that, its element will be the only one to spawn for the remainder of the game**. so you can try to delay the second dragon takedown to prevent transforming, but at that point you don't even know yet what element it will be.
: New TFT meta has less variety than ever.
wouldn't say GS is objectively the best, just for gunslingers(jinx that busted b....) and rangers. Draven can be just as much of an ashole as jinx, same with akali, and they both use other items, though those items once again built from swords, so inting for swords certainly is the way to go. Main issue is how stupid AA dps scales with certain items, especially on busted hypercarries like jinx and draven. Most top 3 comps in my games run either draven or jinx loaded with items and the rest is frontline, half the time they don't even bother a second gunslinger for jinx and she still carries those fights...
: TFT Shyvana
shy can be strong, but is not OP, she needs a rather specific setup(atleast 3 shifters, ideally 4 wild and a dragon) and items(warmongs is mandatory, and she needs atleast 1 dps item) to really shine, and even then she can be totally screwed by manaburn or CC, cause she's usless befor transforming and her entire damage is sinlgetarget AAs, so she will need some time to eat through a team and is totally shut down by swordbreaker.
: Continuing on that, I always compare her to Kog'maw, who is really struggling right now for the same reason Kai'sa thrives. Kog is legit a good champion right now but can't shine because he can't front to back teamfight like he wants to. He's always under threat of being dove or flanked. This is why I'm really against buffing Kog (and Lulu) directly. Nothing will change (unless he's given crazy tuning like 5 attack speed). The opposite is true as well. Nerfing Kai'sa directly will not do much either as long as this game is run by diving/engaging/constant fighting. However, if the game is slowed down and front to back fighting returns, Kai'sa will still have a place in the game, but she will definitely not be as good as many of the other ADCs. She'd be exploited way more.
> Jinx and ashe, both immobile front to back teamfight carries, both are the best perfoming adc right now, so idon't really think that argument really holds. The issue of kaisa is that the only thing that she also is good in front to back cause her tankshredding potential is nearly as high as vayne or kog. Sure, she's harder to execute in those fights cause of her lowish range, which is why she's weaker in low elos/solo Q, but if executed well it leaves her with no real weakness.
: The whole idea of a Marksman/assassin/hybrid just shouldn't of made it past the drawing board, she has the dps of vayne and the mobility of Kha'zix and that shouldn't of happened in the first place.
i think the idea can work, but she really shouldn't have %damage or high dps steroids in that kit, she should be bottom tier when it comes to anti tank dps amongst adc to offset her high burst potential and superior backline acces, and right now she actually is amongst the highest anti tank dps right after kog and vayne which imo is the biggest issue
: Garen is blatantly the most overpowered/broken champ in the entire game
If Garen is '_the most overpowered/broken champ in the entire game_', the what's ashe? you claim that he has 'by far the highest winrate' and cite for his 53.36 winrate, yet the same site has [Ashe ]( 54.45%win with an even higher pickrate than garen...
: Why does graves have a melee range yet the lowest ADC HP
Probably cause his aoe AAs can be broken with some items. IF you get RFC, ideally even 2, he can be really nasty, and he also can do some stupid things if turned into an assasin. However, both those things have in common that they take him out of focus, and without that shit, he's just weak cause he doesn't have the base damage/utillity to pick up tank stuff, nor the needed tankiness to make other damage/utillity items work and without items, he might be the most usless champ ever..
Kovorix (EUW)
: And it doesn't even fit for an fantasy game.
I don't think riot sees league as a fantasy game. Just look at ~90% of the skins in the last few years, they are clearly trying to emulate overwatch, which also explains why the gameplay became more and more fast paced and mechanics/action focused...
Thilmer (EUW)
: Weakest and strongest ultimate in your opinion?
{{champion:19}} weakest, hgih costs, lowish impact and half of the time it does nothing because the target dies mid use or because ww gets CCed {{champion:150}} By far the best ult in the game, most of the time hits alot of important targets, **puts them out of position** and also stuns for 2sec with solid damage, paired with nice stats boost to have a tanky dps for the cleanup...
Cdore (NA)
: What I don't understand about conqueror...
As much as i hate conqueror and the state of tanks, BUT bruisers ALWAYS have been counters to tanks. The difference is in how they countered them Back in the day, bruisers had the sustaiend damage to take them down, while haveing tankiness/sustain them self so the low dps from tanks would be mostly ignored. This allowed them to easily win in the sidelane or clean them up at the end of a teamfight. However, they were vulnerable to backline dps if locked down by the tank, so in a direct teamfight the tank would have the upper hand, and while they won the long fights against them, they did need their time to do so. Now Bruisers just pop tanks if they are fed while have enough utillity to basically do a tanks job with more threat on the backline, and tanks no longer really live longer against the opposing backline, so bruiser now not only counter tanks in the sidelane and in cleanup fights, but also are on pair if not superior at full teamfights. Also, they reach the critical mass to take over sidelanes alot faster than in days of old... Also, i wouldn't call adc a direct counter to tanks, things are a bit more complex. Yes, adc are the highest dps and thus most dangerous. But they also tend to be glasscannons and their dps drops alot if they get disrupted. I rarlly lost 1v1 as a tank vs adc unless he had a clear lead on me. It's all about the dynamocs in teamfights. If the tank has to use his combo on another target, the adc can free hit and melt, but if the tank can keep his CDs up, the ADC has to be very carefull to not get his ass locked down paired with some solid damage. Playing adc in S2, i usualy was more afraid of a maokai walking at me than a Xin. Xin i could disengage and kite with most champs i played, Mao woul lock me down and then his team would follow up and blow me up. Sure, alone he was less of a threat then xin, but that is rather irelevant most of the time. again, i do agree that tanks are in a horrible spot atm, and conqueror sure doesn't make things better, but bruisers always have been counters to tanks in a way, and while adc usually are what takes down tanks, i wouldn't see them as strict counters as they are also quite vulnerable to the CC+burst that tanks can provide.
: Loss of Synergy Bonus
It's only a visual bug. It may say only 5 brawlers on the left, but if you look at the hp of your brawlers, they still get the correct bonus. Had the same with 6 sorcs, it said i had 4 sorcs but in fight they still had the 100ap bonus that 6sorc should grant.
fr0st2k (NA)
: Devs misunderstanding what this game is
Not against the idea, but imo frontlines need to be a bit more durable(lategame) without warmongs+dragonclaw and the field needs to get bigger, else going for such positioning based effects will not work cause you don't have the room to properly use it AND acount for genral positioning like covering your backline with your frontline and evt haveing a decoy unit vs blitz and assasins... While i like the idea of sarks, right now it feels like a horrible item to me cause the effect isn't nearly impactfull enough to make up for the formation requirements, the only exeption are assasins and on those the BF sword usually can be used for more valuable options aswell... Though the main issue of all reactive plays one can make, both for setup and formation, is that you don't know your opponent and can face one of seven. Unless my setup is heavily outclassed, i usually win if i end up in a duel for 1st place simply by make **INFORMED** adjustmends to my formation and sometimes even setup **because i know what i'm up against**. But for most of the game, you don't have the informations needed to make any smart decisions. There still isn't even a quick overfiew for all player-setups on tap, which would make it alot less stressfull to scout what comps are played...
: Ult change is fine. They lowered damage and changed it from Magic damage to True. Net damage remains the same on most targets.
for squishy targets it doesn't matter, but other juggers and especially tanks get hit way harder by it while haveing no real way to play around it unlike those squishy folks that usually have range and/or mobillity. The ult change made it stronger vs those that have no option to counterplay him while keeping it about the same vs those who can.
: New Garen is fun
I see two big issues with him: Conqueror, which hopefully is removed/rework in preseason, and the changes to his ult. Playing a melee into him is bad as it is, but with that much additional truedamage and a good chunk of it even %hp, it's just out right miserable playing tanks or other juggers against garen. I'd like to have the ult reverted, and after conqueror is removed, we can see where he lands and maybe either buff W or Q utillity to compensate if needed. The As ratio on E is nice, it's fun, and a risk reward thing. You can go for insane damage with as/crit builts, but you are squishy for an imobile melee and really have to make those brushes work or you die befor doing anything.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Any of these options make him reach his powerspikes with enough time to exploit them before crit adcs are online? Because that's what matters really. Also, so ez Q procs static as well I presume?
Then maybe EZ simply shouldn't be balanced around abuseing a broken keystone to get early acces to a midgame powerspike? And yes, his Q procs static
Saezio (EUNE)
: Because it's the only rune ezreal can ever take. All the other ADCs got fleet or pta or Lethal, but ez can't use any of those well. Without klepto they need to rework or super buff ez (not saying it is a good reason mind you)
Ez can take fleet quite well, he can even proc it with his Q from miles away. He also can do well with comet when going IBG, oe dark harvest, or he can go glacial so he can go trinity and still have a slow. He has actually more options than most other champs.
: Hot take: Triumph is one of the biggest factors to the snowballing problem in League
Not just the minion trades, it also helps towerdives and is part of why most teamfights feel like they are over after the first kill, cause your opponents not only are 5vs4 now but also restor 12%hp. Over a full teamfight it can heal up to 60%hp, and often is the difference between beeing able to go baron after a fight or needing to recall first. Also, not to forget the additional gold on takedowns which easily adds up to a free kill or more at the end of the game.
Kuponya (NA)
: You mean wild assassin when you want to lose. Delving into wild makes you sacrifice the 6 set bonus unless you get lucky and get a spatula. Otherwise you're basically only playing with 3 bonus which is pretty weak
if you get lvl 9, you can have 6assasin+4wild without spatula cause rengar is both And if you have IE, the 3 assasin boost is already strong enough for most of it.
roamer (EUNE)
: Yeah, Yuumi on Kennen makes a lot of sense but my damage was mainly coming from A-sol and Morg so I just wanted the Gnar to ult faster since an early Gnar ult can sometimes win you the game if it's good. In this particular case my Gnar managed to usually ult before my A-sol which often lined up the enemy team perfectly for the A-sol ult.
makes sense if you don't have tears for gnar, his ult IS broken and usually wins fights on it's own, so makeing sure he gets it out in time is quite reasonable
: I'm baffled by how much 3 star units people manage to get.
The wonders of RNG. 1 game i had 2 2star vaynes brfor the first shared draft, i went for a high roll befor getting lvl 5 and i still ended the game with vayne on lvl 2, another game i basically stumble into nida+ww 3stars after krugs without ever high rolling. And in that first game, only one other was going for vayne, while in the other game there were a total of 4 wild comps. It's just pure luck and that's it...
TheGrot (NA)
: Akali/Assassins need a nerf
While i dislike the cirt of assasins in general(highest **DPS** amp in game on an anti backline class...why?), i think the biggest issue is IE. It's a busted item on it's own already and it stacks insanely well with it's self aswell as the assasin buff.
: "Beating it" is entirely too reliant on RNG to the point of nausea, and "positioning" against these cancer comps just buttfucks you against the other 6 people in the match. That's the problem everyone has with assassin comps in the 1st place, sure you can beat it if you focus the entirety of your rolls+positioning+ item-selection against beating it, it's just too bad you guarantee death for yourself for the rest of the match whenever you find yourself up against a non-assassin with your melees stuck in the corners with your carries are stuck in the dead center.
And if they got IE or void, they don't even care if their target is seju or ashe, they one-crit it anyway...
: Even if malph doesnt build tanky, he still has tanky base stats
'a Hell of alot tankier' is a bit exaggerated here Malphs tankiness: HP: 574.2 - 2104.2 Armor: 37 – 100.8 +10-30%from W(4-30 for his base armor for a total of 41-130) MR: 32.1 – 53.4 Passive shield: 57-210/10% of his HP) with an aditional ~22-60 armor, since we're talking full AP, he might get morellos for another 300 hp so 240 lategame shield Lux tankiness: HP: 490 – 1935 Armor: 18.7 – 86.7 MR: 30 – 38.5 W: 100-300+60%ap, so since we're talking full AP builts, it realistically has ~130-780, with probably ~480 @18(300ap) Now Lets compare the effetive HP **includeing shields** @18 malph: vs Physical: 596(shield with the increased armor)+4839 = 5435 Vs magical: 3219 Lux: vs physical: 4492 vs magical: 3333 So the actuall difference in tankiness isn't that massive, especially when the usual %pen is added to the mix cause armor really is the only advantage that malph has over lux. Now let's look at what maph pays for it: No hard CC in the base kit, no high ranged poke, no ranged waveclear, and his burst is on a 130-80sec base cd **while putting him right into the middle of everything,** reaching a total of 960+55% armor(104with passive up at 18 from base armor)+ 240%ap, else he needs to go melee and has a 560+140%ap+55% armor rotation Lux has ranged AAs, high range on all her skills, ranged waveclear, ranged hard CC and her full burst is on a 80-40sec base CD and reaches 1180+250AP **while standing 1 screen away** while her base rotation **also hit's from a screen away** for 490+130AP, 680+150AP with one AA and 870+170AP if both passive procs are used. So malph has way less range, no save waveclear, less burst on twice the CD and worse rotations outside of his ult-burst with also less CC outside of his ult.
: What's the counter to gunslinger/blademaster combo?
yordle and knights(though if they have the right items knights don't work that well), and ofc assasins cause they kill everything anyway Thornmail braum also can give them a hard time, so do assasins with FH or frontlines with IBG
roamer (EUNE)
: Do you think my comp is strong?
Only thing that throws me off on that is the yumi on gnar, he only has one cast so neither the increased mana gain nor the AP are all that great on him compared to poppy or kennen who both get really nasty with the double mana and extra ap
: Why all the hate on Kai Sa?
The only issuze with kaisa is that she's tier 5, so she comes in llate and unreliable. She also is about the most item dependent tier 5, which is an issue cause usually by the time you get her, you already placed most if not all your items on other units. Though i still find her strong for assasin setups simply for triggereing the void bonus, and while she's a bit weak for a tier 5 without items that make use of her high as, she still is as good if not better than most other assasins.
Saïnt (OCE)
>LP GAIN. (this is very controversial, as well). > > LP GAIN should be based on PERFORMANCE, not MMR. This is controversial for good reason. Performance in this game has so many nuances that an algorythm simply can't give a fair evaluation of a players true performance.
: Which AP Assassin scales best into late game?
It's a bit situational, though {{champion:38}} probably is the best in general, with {{champion:105}} close to follow. {{champion:84}} and {{champion:245}} are strong late in the right hands {{champion:28}} is best assasin vs tanky setups cause at fullgear, she can simply 100-0 anyone if she can get the full combo off, but her teamfighting sucks. {{champion:55}} vs low CC she is great, cause if she gets a good fight, it usually is an instant teamwipe which usually means gg in the late. Though vs decent CC she usually is rather bad lategame and simply won't find that one good fight she needs. {{champion:76}} is by far the worst and usually does best by transitioning into a support with {{item:3174}} +{{item:3504}}
: Void Assassins too strong?
I generally agree, voidassasins are quite nasty. Imo the crit boost on assasins allready is misplaced, a class that should excell at takeing out squishy targets in the backline shouldn't have the strongest AA amp in the game, resulting in also beeing the best tankbusters, which gets even worse if paired with either void or wild which are both rather easy to pair with assasins. As for how consistent it is, it depends. Going for it your self is rather unreliable, unless you can start with a spatula and get an BF in the first creep rounds, cause you really want more void assasins when just Kah if you go that path. And even when they rely to some extend on getting 3stars which even with highrolls is not guranteed at all. However, since it's so dominant when it works, there are usually 3+ players shoting for it, and chance are high that atleast one gets it going, so you pretty consistently will face a strong voidsassins comp.
: Lol, Riot's reason for gutting all the tanks champions is because they are "low lethality" for LCS
the sad thing is that the gamequality from a viewers perspective hasn't improved at all for me. Atleast i enjoyed longer, more tactical fights and haveing two tanks sludgeing it out on top every now and then. Keeping (sololane) tanks down not only fucks tankplayers, but also worsens viewer experience, there is just no benefit to it...
: and yet shifters still wins, because its still OP...
well, he also had assasins, and the main OP thing on shifters i gnar. That mass displace **paired with a 2sec stun **is just to insane.
: Nerf Assassins please, this is not fun anymore
imo the main issue are the crit items. Assasins without them are strong but can be dealt with, but as soon as just one IE is involved, they get out of hand, and with double IE they can easily oneshot any tank, even a 2* cho...
A Goguma (NA)
: Are these issues that they are aware of?
1. I think there are more items and champs than just AA that need their tooltips cleaned up 2. Not sure what you mean, but if you pick up a gold coin mid air, you automatically get all other mid-air goldcoins aswell, so it might look like they disapear into thin air. 3. Can't say if seen that, though maybe i just never had 'to much' items on the bench 4. Haven't experienced that one so far. However, If had a single FH/IBG stacking on it's own, heavily increasing the as slow(asume they slow stacks on it's own if affected units leave the aoe and then get back into it befor the debuff wears of). 5. Yea, the pathing is horrible, and i'm not convinced that hexfields are the way to go, seeing that both autochess and underlords have less pathing issues with their chess-fields. Might also just be the map being to small, which also makes it harder for assasins to do their job while melee focused comps have horrible pathing issues. 6. Yea, the lag on AAs is quite noticeable. I feel it's especially bad for blademasters, i often wonder if their double-strike even registers beyond the animation. Vayne also feels like she's laging more, though it might just be silverbolts highlighting the issue. 7. Yes, though unless they get changes to their perl i wouldn't want to see them doing their job. They allready are damn strong with the new crit items and do enough damage to burst the frontline...i just don't understand who thought it was a good idea to give the supposdly anti backline class the highest dps so they are also the anti frontline class. The massive crit amp is just a stupid design for assasins, and haveing some assasins doing truedamage just adds insult to injury... 8. Dots and stuff leashes like morgana ult still can hirt her, else it might simply be an issue with the lag on AAs -------------- Not exactly a bug, but when giveing items it prioritizes champs on the bench over those on the field, so you often have to move units away from the bottom side to no accidentaly give the item to someone on the bench(especially morde with his huge model). Imo if the click-boxes overlap, it should always prioritize the units on the field over those on the bench.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Sheen Users, Corki v Ez?
I personally prefer trinity for the higher damage, but IBG has alot of benefits for EZ: - The slow that can be procced from a high range - Armor to be even more save vs ad threats - He often just spams maxrange Q, so the AS from trinity has little value for people that don't like takeing risks - **it costs 1000g less** so you get basically this+tier and still pay less than for triforce, which for a champ that spikes midgame and falls of a bit lategame is a very important factor. Corki on the other hand needs to get into AA range, so he really likes the extra AS and doesn't get the same utillity from the slow, and he scales well into late so he values slotefficency rather than gold efficency.
: Can Warwick get a buff? He's useless outside of grabbing Wild 4
Don't disagree, but that's true for most tier 1 units. He does a good job early with his synergies up, and then falls off to only beeing a meatshield that triggers synergies, just like nearly all other tier 1(melees)
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