: The daily mission spawns at 13:00 PDT which is 21:00 for EUW or 22:00 for EUNE.
Finally someone who can explain it in a normal fking way In my country we dont use AM or PM or any of the BST PDT CEST it does nothing but cause confusion. 21:00 is at least something all people fking know.
Porocles (NA)
: No worries, friend! The border is tied to the icon, and once you've unlocked that you're all set. You can buy the skin a year from now, and would still have the border. Hope that helps offer some relief. :D
Why on earth would u say that it's exclusive rewards then? its not a reward if u have to pay for your reward... riot please?
: Nightbringer Border
i did the same.. and its sad 2 see riot cheat their fans like that. it didnt say NOWHERE that u needed to buy the skin before getting the border.. just another sad way that riot wants to make more money... smh rito..
Proelium (NA)
: This is not Fiora
So true, she didnt kill everyone with her ulti? only if they all had low hp and most other ults does that.. Riot is ruining the game completely. like why can ashe not Crit on first shot anymore? what was wrong with that? i played alot and took a break from the game for around 6-7 months.. and when i came back alot of champs had their spells changed.. Veigar with his Q.. Riot has lost their spark
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Discovering the Link


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