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Comentários de Rioters
: good idea. not gonna happen. way too massive of a change
Look up for traditional Trundle, he's literally pre rework trundle but with the new abilities
: It's a private message. The way we all talk in private is different than in public. I've had friends call me r%%%%%ed. I've called them r%%%%%ed. Not everyone finds everything offensive. In this specific case, he was mad and decided to try to troll me by screenshotting the thing and sending it to riot. Had I known DMs were actionable I would have just had the exact same conversation with him on discord. Now I know.
the last time i got banned was because of a trolling rakkan that i called a %%%% a few months ago, long story short, except me calling him %%%% for waiting for me to die without leashing and then stealing my buff, while a moment before at the start of the game he said "report mundo for trolling", then i just told the enemy team to report him because he kept the whole game harassing me. After that, he added me and literally spammed me telling me to kill my self and other shit, so then i reported the chat with screenshots. They told me that because it's a private chat it's my fault, so idk, double standards?


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