Kei143 (NA)
: Eh ... you can get a human after you reply back to blitz bot. They might give you a copy and pasted answer, but it's a human writing it. Also, just because a human sees your chatlogs, where you believe that there is nothing toxic inside, doesn't mean riot has to share the same opinion.
the button doesnt work. try it see for yourself and if it does work show pic proof
Julevi (EUW)
: ***
i said it 2 times thats barely spam, maybe the bot thinks so, but its not thats why i want to talk to riot games but requesting a human doesnt work
: is that a no on his question?
yes i dont have league up and i dont want to see my acc suspended it tilts me
Jamaree (NA)
: So you gonna post your logs orrrrr?
the only thing i said that game was 20x ur elo and the rest was just "kha topside care" "come drake" etc the only "mean" thing was 20x ur elo to a dirty inter
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