: '+0 Undefined' Mastery points after a game
Happened to me as well just now and I had the same issue. I've also had it on 29/9, 26/9, 22/9 and 21/9. Glad to see over half a month has passed with no reply.
: I myself started MTG: Arena and I've enjoyed it a great deal more. I'm still trying to get Gold in LoL for the end of the season rewards, but when I want to enjoy gaming, LoL isn't really my go-to game anymore.
Just had a string of 4 losses. Each one there's at least one player who tilts hard at the first sign of trouble and just solo-loses the entire game. First it was the support Garen. Then the 0-6-2 Anivia, then a tilted AF Lulu support and finally a feeding Soraka with a Jinx that just lost it and couldn't stop flaming the Soraka after a few deaths. This is so not worth the grind man.
: My friend. Let me tell give the best advice I can possibly give anyone. Do like I did. Jump ship. Just get out of this sinking sesspool of a game and you'll feel much better. I jumped shipped long long LOOOOONG ago when Riot began destroying the diversity and balance of the game by adding more damage. The damage is now utterly out of control and there's no way for them to repair the current state of the game, it to far gone. Once I realized that Riot had no intention of even attempting to repair the damage they have done to their own game, I jumped ship. It broke my heart at first because I played league for so long, it was a huge part of my life, but let me tell you when I moved on I felt way better in the end. Right now, the team behind the current state of the game just doesn't care. They have no heart for the game, their passion for the league and their own work has completely run dry and it shows very clearly. Their drive to make the game fun, their determination and passion towards League, it's just... gone. They've lost it and I think at this point they know they have. When you have a team behind a game that just doesn't have that drive anymore, then you know it's done, it won't ever change, it's not going to get better and once you realize that and get yourself out and direct your focus onto other things and games, you'll see a huge improvement in yourself. You'll discover a new passion, new energy for new games and that gamer spark in you will be revitalized. I'm telling you from experience, just jump ship. You can tell the team behind the current state of the game has totally lost their drive and passion by the patch notes as well. Just look at them, before we used to get detailed notes on changes explaining why they were being changed, why someone was getting buffed or nerfed. But now these days the notes simply read: "We buffed this champ cuz proplay" Or "We nerfed this champ cuz LCS" it's just the bare minimum these days. Currently, I'm playing Pokemon Masters, it's a mobile game but its fun, just slipping away from league and getting into this was very refreshing and doing so gave me the energy to go out and try some new other games as well. Monster Hunter Ice Borne i hear is pretty good, why not try that? I wish you all the best in whatever decision you decide to make. I miss league dearly but leaving it behind was honestly the best decision I could have made for it. Whatever you choose to do, I hope it works out.
I myself started MTG: Arena and I've enjoyed it a great deal more. I'm still trying to get Gold in LoL for the end of the season rewards, but when I want to enjoy gaming, LoL isn't really my go-to game anymore.
: In this whole year, I probably enjoyed like 10 games total.
I know what you mean about ranked play. The other day I played 3 ranked games and lo and behold, the first one had an ADC who was so drunk that they couldn't see straight and admitted as much in chat. Naturally they fed all game through, going 1-12. Apparently, however, it was fine because they themselves had fun, unlike the other 9 players in the game, who had to suffer through the 4v5 stomp. The second game my midlaner died twice 1 on 1 and rage-quit at around 8 minutes. Their mid laner had free farm, and even though I ganked for my top laner and got them ahead and bot lane was holding their own, there was just no way to make up for the missing player and then at 15 minutes our ADC quit too. So far that day 2/2 of the games I had played had been lost with really nothing I could've done to make a difference outside of physically hunting down these people and either slapping them out of their drunken stupor or forcing them to reconnect and actually play the game. I think that's a bit tall of an order for someone just looking to play a game of ranked league of legends. Then I finally get an actual 5v5 game and we win the game in 25 minutes with a 15k gold lead. When it's insanity like this every time you queue up, what's the point in playing and trying to climb? You can't be expected to win every one of your 5v5 games just to offset stupid 4v5 games and break even. It shouldn't be a struggle just to find a game where there's an equal number of people playing on both sides of the map.
Skanny7 (NA)
: I'm glad you made missions that can be completed by anyone, including people who have no interest in PvP, so fair play for that. I also applaud the rewards of most missions, like the Hextech Key + Chest, and the Orange Essence, but my compliments have to end there. The mission where you require people to make a pre-made kind of makes it seem like you don't really know your audience. No one likes to be forced to team up. Even the 4 people that get randomly assigned to your team in Co-op games are, often, undesirable, so now you ask us to actively look for them? Adding insult to injury, you ask us to add a loss to our profile, willingly? Seriously, who came up with this mission idea? What other (likely better) ideas were ignored to choose this one instead? Fortunately, the ''reward'' is just an icon, so I'll skip this, and it wouldn't surprise me if others do it too. We spend around 20-30m in a match to win, not to lose, and we're not going to spend even MORE time looking for random strangers to do it with. Even if we did... for an icon? Not worth. Other than that, nice event. The new skins are interesting. I'm sure some people will love them, but I think Moo Moo Alistar has not been topped. My 2 cents.
I did the co-op missions, but it was incredibly frustrating and in no way an enjoyable experience. All the joy of trying to run an online tournament with random people with none of the upsides of actually getting good games. And people mistakenly played the troll comp in PvP games too.
: April Fools VS. Event Mission List
Just chiming in here with a bit of feedback: the 5 premade quests were an exercise in frustration. No more of these, please.
: You know she can only do REAL damage IN A LINE right, so just man up ask for a Gank cuz she’s EXTREMELY immobile. Remember when jhin first came out and he was “strong”, well that was before everyone realized he has the mobility of ashe, but even worse cuz he has conditional cc Just Gank her that’s literally it,trust me I thought the same like 2 days ago then I played her and got my shit C L A P P E D by a lee sin that camped me
Yeah, just 2v1 her and it's fine.


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