: This is a nerf, not a buff. It’s like changing bard ult which stuns for 2.5 seconds, to 1 second plus an addition second depending on how many targets get caught in the zone. Yeah that 5 second stun seems good but what is the chance of you landing a 5 man ult on Bard? Most of the time you’d only be getting a 1 second or 2 second stun which is a nerf in comparison to the permanent 2.5 second stun. Same goes for Swain, except getting 5 competent players in Demonic Ascension is borderline impossible. I mean, if they unplug there mouses you might have a good chance at getting that sweat 5 man heal. But for other 99% of time, that’s not happening. And then your forcing him to rely more on a team comp by nerfing his soul fragment system, which will only worsen his already weak performance in soloQ. There is no reward from this change and it will most likely kill the champ.
it will be broken on aram tho and trash on 3vs3
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