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: Kalista, along with Ryze and Azir, is a champ we're not working on for a while. That reflects that we feel we've sunk too much time into those three champs over the years and that the amount of further time needed now would create a bigger overall improvement to the game if we spent it on other champs. Realize that sucks if you play or want to play one of those three, but do feel it's the right overall call. Ivern wise, would have to disagree that he's weak. Certainly some things about him that are a bit cumbersome, Daisy controls especially IMO, but don't think power's his main issue.
C A P P I N G_H E R_R E N D_IS_ A P P A R E N T L Y_ D I F F I C U L T Why do you need to reinvent the wheel people tell you the problems and you just flat out ignore them. Fuck me I want to hop I don't give a shit about the smite and utility ultimate.
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: Changes to some mages should still be in 8.14. Expect them on the PBE late this week or early next week. Delay is due to 8.13 to 8.14 being 3 weeks instead of 2, so we're taking time early in the cycle to get some other stuff done. We don't have details of what changes yet, unlikely to be giving them a lot of mana back though, looking to give them power that's not as wave clear heavy if possible.
Surely you should be looking to take away mana? Have you seen duo mage bottom? Mana isn't a problem from level 1 onwards..
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: Slightly increased AD ratio on spear damage (20-35% by rank, from 20-30%). Not necessarily a final change though, still some discussion going on.
Please you must know she needs more than a 5% increase in her Q ratio to be a viable solo queue could you possibly have a discussion about the below? Make her feel nicer to play if she can't be viable. Why does she need to have her autos cancelled when losing vision? Why can't her auto wind ups just be a little bit faster? The experience of playing Kalista will be greatly improved but won't increase a lot of her ability to take over a game?
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