Zardo (NA)
: Something needs to go from his kit if he's going to be balanced- he has an insane amount of mechanics in his kit before you even consider his ult. Some stuff just has to give before they can bring back his shield.
He has root and auto attack reset with life steal. It's not that much, amumu have same kit almost, jax has jump and auto reset, atrox has 3 stuns + root + life steal. And don't forget, when you go in with your root you in melee range and enemy team damage you.
nm1010 (NA)
: Gut his auto resets, make e a snare or remove the knockup, lower the health thresholds on w, and then he can have the shield back.
And we lover his winrate into like 35%. His not strong at all against almost all top laners, and auto resets is really hard to pull in teamfights when they hit you like a track.
: He can't, his kit synergies with almost every ult he steals in the game.
It's not that simple. His kit great with ult's yes, but after 6 you can steal it once, and then you can't long amount of time, Your opponent gonna use ult again and you can't defend yourself if you don't roam and steal another ult. And as a top laner you can't roam alot, espacialy when your other kit WITHOUT ult is so weak.
: If he loses his ult then sure. His ult stealing is completely bs since even if he's the worst champion in the game, he can steel malphite or amumu ult and become the best champion in the game.
Well, if you see him as a late game champ, lest talk about late game champ's. Vlad, Swain - they have amazing ult all game long, but early they can or kick asses, or turtle it under tower and last hit and scale, they have range. Sylas can't do that, cause mother flippers hit his face when he farm under tower, he's melee. Gameplay around late game ult's not fun at all, especially in a game where not much to steal, like karma, jayce, atrox, etc and you became usseles, when Vlad and Swain good every game no meter what.
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