: Please take a look at Xerath
{{item:1001}} {{item:2006}}
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: Anybody else feel like top lane is going to turn into the Sanguine Blade rush lane?
Assassins{{champion:238}} , TopLane-ADCs{{champion:133}}, JGL-ADCs{{champion:203}} , Bruisers{{champion:39}} litterally everyon can and will rush this non sense. It's overstacked beyond any believe! Actually just another Shojin.
BigFBear (EUW)
: Erm? Just check statistical/analytic-sites? Then you know how to build and what Runes you need. Then go and play 10 games in normal for experience. Easy as that.
And.. where do you think those are supposed to get their data from... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: How is Senna in game?
Don't know since the monkeys keep banning her as always... How would anyone learn how to play/play against a new champ if it's permabanned...
: See, experience with the champion, itemization, and runes are things you need to learn BEFORE you play ranked with the champion, NOT after.
And how would you learn a champ when you could litterally build full AP and stiill win normals??? It doesn't work that way! You need to play in an compeditive enviroment to understand what works at what time and what doesn't. As long as both, the player and his opponents have no clue how exactly the champ works it's a fair game. That's why I'd argue any new champ sould be unable to be banned the first week of release! For people to learn how to play and play against it on an even field. For Riot to get some decent data on balance!
: Well I mean that's akali at the highest level. And I don't see her too often normally but I'd imagine those who play akali put in the "thousand hours". My own opinion is when did we stop talking about the skill and dedication it takes to play champs at the degree required to be good or visibly op with them.
It's League... there is not a single ACTUALLY difficult champion in the entire game... Some need a few days to build muscle memory some don't, that's all. Anyone who thinks this few days of training should give them an adavantage sould stick to PvE where such stuff belongs to. All champs are supposed to be balanced when used the best way possible. Everything else is a uncompeditive clownfiesta.
Phat Pat (NA)
: Let's discuss Sylas
Sylas' probelm: An overall healthy design approach being overloaded beyond sanyity because there are no Items in the game that would fit his playstyle! He is by kit an AP-Fighter/Bruiser he needs Items like: {{item:3053}} {{item:3078}} to succed in such a position! Right now he's the equivalent of an {{champion:39}} running around with {{item:3031}} cause there's nothing better in the shop!
: Kayle is as stupid as Akali at this point
> the moment she get's her Gunblade it's over Mh for some reason THAT sounds familiar... dont know.
: > [{quoted}](name=Titanium70,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IWcKYEGp,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-11-08T15:12:07.176+0000) > > Shyvana is a powerfarmer, you don't beat any opponent via superior micro but with superior macro! The items you build while doing so actually don't matter AT ALL! You dont need X-Item to spike and roll, you simply need as much or more items than your opponent. Shyvana scales with everything! AS, AD, AP, HP it doesn't matter! got it, gonna go play crit shyvana
Blade into PD? That would actually work. xD
Mianta (NA)
: When her AP build became meta, I never even looked back. That style of shyvana just isn't appealing.
In lower elo where powerfarming can work out, indeed the classic On-hit Shyvana still has the upper hand. However in high elo where powerfarming equals trolling AP is the only viable route due to superior cleartimes, earlier windows of power and a high snowball potential.
: I miss the days when you could build Shyvana as a Bruiser
First things first: You love a champ? NEVER EVER ASK FOR A REWORK! Reworks make a champ more interesting for the masses NOT the few mains! With that out of the way: Shyvana is a powerfarmer, you don't beat any opponent via superior micro but with superior macro! The items you build while doing so actually don't matter AT ALL! You dont need X-Item to spike and roll, you simply need as much or more items than your opponent. Shyvana scales with everything! AS, AD, AP, HP it doesn't matter! Shyvana is a stat-checker in that regard - I don't consider this bad, tho! You have more stats than your opponent, you win - is that bad? NO! Because you had to work to get this stats earlier and now you're rewarded for it! Problem is: Powerfarming JGL is DEAD! It's not meant to be done, makes your team loose and doesn't pay off compared to solo-lanes! People switched to AP-Shyv because she has better clear and has more snowball potential, but snowballing does not actually SOLVE the issue! It's a risky workaround! That being said: I no longer consider Shyvana a JGL! She scales, works and plays like a high budget, high level solo-laner! Which is exactly where I play her succesfully. As a all-time midlaner I play her as an AP-Mid most of the time to fix the teams lack of magic DMG but whenever I end up with a magic heavy team or land top I pick the Bruiser route with no issues what so ever. And she's amaring! Her natural resistances give you decent to great matchups into the meta, she can deal with both poke and all ins and she has amazing lane-controll very few items in which allows you presure almost every opponent and use every oppotunity you can find to burn through their towers making a fortune from plates. (Which got BUFFED even more last patch!) I recommend you to think outside the box. Almost every Item in the entire shop is worth thinking about and can be a great choice for what ever scenario you find your selfe in. You're insanely adaptable and able opt into almost every build at almost every stage of the game. Don't shoehorn your selfe into the builds you're used to! ------------------------ Considering runes IMO Shyvana has 3 viable ones: - Conquerer: Which she's able to stack insanely fast on all-ins and gives massive sustain in combination with other omnivamp {{item:3156}} / {{item:3146}}. AP is a great stat on her. Just accept this fact and use it! Gunblade especially is AMAZING even.. or better especially for the AD-Bruiser route! {{item:3078}}into{{item:3146}} ? Why not, just do it! Than a {{item:3083}} , given your team has a drake or two which renders it insanely efficient and opens up a very powerfull {{item:3053}} or {{item:3748}}. Yes this stuff is expensive, but that's the whole point! As Shyvana you're given every tool you could ever ask for to get this much money. Being able to take {{summoner:12}} over {{summoner:11}} is huge plus in this regard since it allows you to keep the gold flowing on splitting-duty without abandoning your team! - Comet: Which gives you a better early laning but falls of compared to the one above. (Still my usual choice since playing without a keystone in mid until 6 is... let's call that not quite educated) - DarkHarvest: The least interesting cause most snowbally for me but not mentioning it would be wrong. Also I hate the entire domination tree on her outside of Ravenous! ------------------------------- As a sidenote: I love AP-Shyvana, there is little to nothing more satisfying in this whole game than being a big flaming Dragon obliterating and entire enemy team with this one juicy 200IQ Fireball accross a wall that hits 4 people!
: if you think about it... why would the other lanes really want you to nerf ranged top laners?
Yeah.. another idiot picking a glasscannon when the opponents already have two+ Assassins... NONSENSE! I highly prefer some beefy toplaner - not even a fighter, but a Juggernaut/Tank - I can play around and rely on in TFs! Someone you can threaten Baron with while NOT loosing a third of you teams HP! Someone you can dive with without him diving into zhonyas donating tower-aggro to your carry! Scrubs thinking they need to 1v9 from top, when all that's necessary to win a game would be them just doing their job as Top!
: There's already biscuit and timewarp. Remove the mana regen. Make resource management a thing again.
There are to many to strong manaless champion to go back to actual resourcemanagement anytime soon. With waveclear being slapped onto almost every champion in the game it becomes hard and harder for a manauser, esecially Spell-centric ones to ever get controll of a lane. Can't wait for Lethality-Tiamat!
Sebbo (EUW)
: Corrupting Potion needs another nerf...
I agree on nerfs for corrupting. But I don't think the healing is the issue. The DMG is. Remove it and make Corrupting an actual defensive choice. NOT the single best trading item!
Dynikus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=WoonStruck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qBXIyP7A,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-11-06T17:37:55.623+0000) > > Season 5 was the last time the game was relatively balanced and stable. So yes. > > Were there things wrong with season 5? Yes. League's balance team has pretty much never gotten things right. Was it better than what we have though? Definitely. Season 5 was the season riot broke the game with the juggernaut rework. I find it very, very hard to believe that anyone who actually played the game during that time would want that back. _pre_ juggernaut patch is a whole different story.
That's exactly what everyone is talking about. Noone wants Juggernauts and Fiora back! But those happened during the last few patches of the season. Season 5 after Cinderhulk was rightfully nerfed the first time, before the Juggernauts happened. Those were a couple patches of an almost perfectly balanced purely skill and teamwork based gameplay. Almost no OP-Picks, bans being targeted at comp-threadening picks instead of the balance team failures and dumb meta-enforcing favorism, teamcomps being ACTUALLY DISCUSSED AND PLANED by players in champ-select! Season 5 was absolutely amazing! Best season to ever play compeditive league in.
: GJ on the New conqueror riot!
So.. someone building Tank as a Tank actually tanking DMG... SHOCKING! MUST NERF ASAP!
: Can Junglers Be Punished For Poor Gank Accuracy?
Catchup is NOT the problem. Overpowered sustain is. I remember the days when a failed gank meant you had to recall to not die to JGL-Creeps. Now you have a metric ton of sustain everywhere in the JGL and one camp that doesn't even fight back. The Fruit heals, smite heals, red heals, the JGL item heals.... it doesn't matter doing a HORRIBLE 80-20 trade on a lane. The JGL runs back heals to full while getting gold and exp while you on lane sit there burning through your last pot! Sustain used to be a priviled, a strenght you looked for on JGLs with FIddle/WW being the strong because of it! Now... every single JGL can use it as an HP battery! Stuff like Twitch-JGL! Back in the days he either got first-blood and rolled OR did not and trolled! There was almost no chance for him to jgl from behind since he died to every camp. Now you can die twice and still farm up as if nothing happened!
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Can you stop Ryze from pressuring a lane with mana items?
Yeah - Ryze gets more BS with every rework. Still don't get what was wrong with the orginal Ryze. I'd take him anytime over the current or any rework I can remember. He scaled like a beast as well and became quite tanky. He was super reliable due to point&clicks BUT you could counter him! You could outrange him, you could kite him! And his early was actual sh*t! Currently it's almost impossible to actually shut down a Ryze early! He doesn't risk anything to CS and starts ouscaleing you on 2 itemparts!
: > [{quoted}](name=Ratpie,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=anWei7xL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-04T04:59:46.732+0000) > > except tons of the adc champs are some of the highest win rates in URF and are so wrong. 1 AA shot doing mroe than any of my AP shots and it is faster...... No they don't. There's 1 ADC in the top 10 for URF winrates right now. Here's the top 10 highest win rates in URF right now - https://i.gyazo.com/c96f5bd18c6981efdc994e842f265997.png   Heres 11-20 https://i.gyazo.com/4adf07eeb30a08497e82c6ca37fb3752.png No where near ADC dominated. Looks Mage/AP dominated to me.
A Urf-Top 20 not listing Fiora at 1 and doesnt even mention Heca... That's some hot garbage! Winrates don't say anything as long they don't include pickrates, espically on SoloQ irrelevant champs such as {{champion:136}} ! Mains doing well on their champs - what a shocker!
: Is it fair that if someone AFKs, everybody that is on the Losing team loses LP?
That sounds like: A) A perfect way to create heavy LP inflation. B) A spring of toxicity towards players to make them AFK and save your "well deserved" LP.
: Yas was only picked with specific champions unlike karma who could basically go into anything. Yas is basically a mid that can go into one or two match ups.
Yeah ofc... picking karma just means you need a heavy scaling DMG threat elsewhere on the map to not instaloose...
Cdore (NA)
: Riot should just embrace Teleport
So you want to move the power-creep form Summners to Items. Profit?
: want to win basically every URF game?
And than meet the actual freewin in Urf: {{champion:114}}
: How many cs should I aim for?
What to aim for: 10/minute Realisticly alot of champions cannot reach that, others can go even further. it's kinda cute to see people here talking about 7-8 being good or how little CS matters... CS is single most important stat in this game, Not only does is grant gold but even more importantly EXP! Those who realize it and play around it can solo-carry games with ease, those who don't will keep crying how bad teammates make them unable to carry. Your entire decisionmaking during a game should resolve around CS. When to roam, when to split, when to do objctives should ALWAYS include how many CS you loose/win for it. Especially when we're talking about soloCS! Aram-ing midlane while creeps die top and bot with noone around to soak both gold and exp, Krugs throwing a party cause noone bothered them for 15 minutes straight? That's how leads are wasted, how games are lost. Whenever nothing important happens on the map, whenever key-CDs are down, whenever someone gets caught and you have to surrender an objective - DON'T DESPERATELY TRY TO MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN! FARM!
: I didn't expect URF to be this bad...
Well as expected: - First 12 hours URF were really fun. Won't deny. - 1 day later and you're no longer allowed to have with fun with anything but OP picks. - Now you get flamed for not playing OP, for not building OP, for loosing a lane. This community is the most insane pile of trash I've ever seen. But I really cannot call this a newsflash.
: I miss old Swain.
Amen, There was nothing wrong with old Swain but his visuals. His kit AND gameplay were far superior to what we have to deal with now. There are some decent idea in the new kit, but the execution is bad. Besides the few really intersting things are overshadowed by super generic design and abilities. Old Swain was a good duelist and a great skirmisher but lacked range and teamfighting and splipushing. New Swain tries (once again) to do everything at once and fails (as expected) at everything.
: URF is different in a good way.
Right now... Come back 2-3 days from now. =P
Abandon (OCE)
: There are too many strong champions right now. Please balance the game.
I'm still convinced Riot leaves champions in a stronger the avarage state on purpose to artificially lower the banrates of their antifun posterboys. {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}}
Subdue (NA)
: I'm going to have to agree with Keiaga here. I'd liken it to learning to play tennis. When you first learn tennis, you learn to hit forehands and backhands first. Strategy takes a backseat until you're comfortable with those basics. Sometimes you see new players trying to do all sorts of fancy stuff when they don't have those basics down yet, and they end up flat on their faces most of the time. And in league it's the same thing. Playing a small pool, or even a single champion, extensively lets you build the muscle memory for how to make the champion do what you want it to do. And the less you have to concentrate on making the champion do what you want, the more you're able to take a game-wide view. People who jump from champion to champion frequently take much longer to build up that muscle memory, which almost always bleeds into their macro play. After all, if you're hyperfocused on how to land your combo on the laning opponent, how will you ever have time to glance at the map and see that you need to teleport?
Problem is we're not playing 1v1 here. We're playing a team game. And in Tag you need to work together to set up a win. But if you have no clue what your teammate considers a good setup, how will you ever achieve that? You can be the a mechanical god in JGL but if freeze the god damn wave close to enemy tower knowing I used flash in the successfull gank earlier don't come asking how I could die few minutes later! You can kite perfectly as ADC but if you don't respect a single RelicCharge on your Supp because you have no clue how important they are, don't come crying how you could loose a fight! In League it is EXTREMELY important to understand what every role does. How they behave. What their objectives are! Role selection, by not forcing you to at least understand each lane at a basic level, reduced that understanding noticeably over the years.
Weexazys (NA)
: Yes because its actually way more quality and healthier for the first ones to load into champ selec to be able to choose their roles and then all the "mid or feed" idiots come in and destroy a game...
it was never the first one to load in - at least in ranked. NEVER. It was clear respected pickorder. You were allowed to ask for another lane. And pickorder had some very intersting benefits. Player were sorted by their MMR. The best player on the team choose the bans and his very best role. The lowest rated player had to play what's left. That's HUGE in terms of balancing teams. When the two highest rated players on both team pick Mid they fight this out at even skill level! Not like now where Mid can be the best one in the enemy team VS the lowest one on your team. Of course that was not always the case with the old system, but statisticly it favored exactly this outcome.
: Role queue actually lowers matchmaking quality.
> So like before role queue - once you got into a Plat game, everyone would have an overall somewhat equal understanding of the game. Amen. Gameknowledge in the middle elo tiers dropped so much over the years its absolutely disgusting! The amount of player who have no clue how to actually win a game in PLAT (aka top 10% of players!!!) is mindblowing!
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Titanium70,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EI3dJWlj,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2019-10-25T16:42:01.560+0000) > > Doesn't matter at all if you need 2 E's to kill casters as i.E. Lux with Arch Vs 1 E with Ludens. Ludens doesnt deal that much damage, you can easily proc with an auto after. Point is you can stay in lane far longer which means they cant outlast you then roam.
Ludens deals ALOT more dmg! We're not talking about a fully stacked seraphs here! Both items have equal costs where one has 50AP +1% Mana which is alost neglectable considering the point in the game VS 90AP + ~110Flat. And especially Casters have very carefully choosen HP breakpoints to allow/not allow them to be oneshot by certain mages at certain levels. In a Luden VS Archangel, the Luden user (assuming equal base waveclear) will always come up on top with far superior waveclear and roaming. You dont have to "outlast" someone in lane to roam, you need to burst a wave and use the time the other one needs to clear it. If the other needs a second spell rotation to do so, you have alot of time!
: Season 5 before the juggernaut patch was peak gameplay balance. We will never reach that state of game again unfortunately.
^This, so much!
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Linna Excel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EI3dJWlj,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-10-14T16:18:07.733+0000) > > I kind of wish {{item:3003}} was a better rush item on more champs, especially with riot aiming for shorter games than in the past, but tear is a rough first item as all it gives you is mana. It gives massive pushing power as well, as a result of the exponential mana it gives in both reduction in cost and stat.
Doesn't matter at all if you need 2 E's to kill casters as i.E. Lux with Arch Vs 1 E with Ludens.
Swain Dog (EUNE)
: Swain
Swain just lacks any meaningfull scalings AND skillexpression! The difference between 2-0 and 0-2 is so mindblowingly small. All you do with Items on him is feeding the stat-check! You don't build AP or Tank or Mana to fullfill a certain role, you just build what ever gives you the most stats at the time to walk over your opponent whenever you have R. If you can't you're absolutely useless. If you can there's ZERO counterplay! Obiously he nneds to be balanced witht hat in mind... Old Swain was so much more interesting to play... his low range made him counterable but if you managed to get/bait an opponent into your deathzone of Beatrice/Ult/W you could win every fight! Both his Ult and his Manapool (extreme costs but also extreme regen) made him an unique Champion like no other on the rift!
Kelg (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Titanium70,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PWByERPm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-24T15:39:58.916+0000) > > First of all... Melee only??? Half of the APs with Bruiser-like playstyles are Ranged! > {{champion:136}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} > > Second: > While item #2 is somewhat interesting it collides to much with both {{item:1401}} and {{item:3165}}. You'd either have to make both of its effects "Unique" which would make it a very, very niche Item or you don't and get into extremely dangerous terrain with 48 Flat Magic Pen {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}} AKA true dmg to everyone at 3 Items and/or Insane HP Values with {{item:1401}} {{item:3083}}. > > > But the real issues are Item #1 and #3 > ,#1 is insanely overdesigned and overloaded. {{item:3078}} is nothing but a joke, compared to this one! > ,#3 is just broken, absolutely broken... This shield would go into the thousands on {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:131}} making them absolutely unkillable, espcially when paired up with {{item:3157}}! > > -------------------- > We don't need such overdesigned items to have viable AP-Bruisers. {{item:3027}} already exists, {{item:3170}} is just one map away. All that's left would be AP version of {{item:3053}} a versions that offers some CDR/AS wich I'd link with its passive. these are just ideas, obviously the numbers could be changed And the shield on item 3 would have to have a cap. They need to be melee only so vlad, Swain, and most of the champs you listed don't abuse them and use them better than Champs like Rumble and Morde. The whole reason I didn't give these items mana(as well as AP on the lower side) is so that champs like Fizz and Ekko wouldnt reallt want to rush or use them.
Ok enlighten me: In what world would {{champion:50}} a frontline battlemage "abuse" an Item in an unhealthy way that {{champion:82}} a frontline battlemage uses in a healthy way??? Those two are essentially the same freaking champion to a degree where also their base kits are almost identical!
Kelg (NA)
: Since riot can't make ap bruiser items for some reason, here's a few random ideas
First of all... Melee only??? Half of the APs with Bruiser-like playstyles are Ranged! {{champion:136}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} Second: While item #2 is somewhat interesting it collides to much with both {{item:1401}} and {{item:3165}}. You'd either have to make both of its effects "Unique" which would make it a very, very niche Item or you don't and get into extremely dangerous terrain with 48 Flat Magic Pen {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}} AKA true dmg to everyone at 3 Items and/or Insane HP Values with {{item:1401}} {{item:3083}}. But the real issues are Item #1 and #3 ,#1 is insanely overdesigned and overloaded. {{item:3078}} is nothing but a joke, compared to this one! ,#3 is just broken, absolutely broken... This shield would go into the thousands on {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:131}} making them absolutely unkillable, espcially when paired up with {{item:3157}}! -------------------- We don't need such overdesigned items to have viable AP-Bruisers. {{item:3027}} already exists, {{item:3170}} is just one map away. All that's left would be AP version of {{item:3053}} a versions that offers some CDR/AS wich I'd link with its passive.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: RIP ancient coin 2013-2019
Apparently they didn't want to have 2 different types of defensive supp items...
: > [{quoted}](name=MrFawknSunshine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9m0VJdhG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-22T23:35:12.253+0000) > > i thought it is adaptive https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-d_PejC4Dx-I/Xa-E09UUAVI/AAAAAAABaFM/6Kuudo8gXycRxRFead3mE6zhIsa7J6zHQCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/conqueror.png
Just me or does this read: "Play Vayne Top"
: People want solo lane/Jungle Leona, but
Leona has absolutely everything necessary for a sololane with the exception of 2 things. 1. Mana. Her costs are absurd especially when facing manaless opponents 2. Waveclear. You can beat most other tops with leona, but rarely does it matter since you cant even get the wave to the turret until they're back.
Nebuul (NA)
: Why isn't everyone building Nashor's Tooth now?
What Veigar needs is this: {{item:3030}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}}, every pure AP item beyond that is nothing but a wasted slot. You either go for more utility or durability.{{item:3157}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3905}} {{item:3102}} And similar reasons apply for pretty much every other mage, you need to be usefull ASAP with highly cost efficient items to have a say in the games result. Spending 3000Gold for nothing but 120AP is BY NO MEANS cost efficient!
: Every loss is a learning experience. No matter how hard you get stomped, you can analyze the game and improve from it. Smurfs don't stop you from doing this. Losing is not enjoyable whether its a smurf stomping a game or a coinflip botlane steamrolling you. Games are rarely close anymore, and its not just because of smurfs.
What exactly is the learning expirience of 10-0 Draven knocking at your mid/top tower at minute 12? It's true, playing aginst a Smurf can be fun and interesting, but watching a smurf get fed somewhere rolfstomping the game.. **that has absolutely nothing to do with the compeditive game League is supposed to be...**
: > it's not about the jungler getting so strong it's able to 1v9. It's about the fact that once the jungler gets ahead of the enemy jungler, He literally cannot compete. bringing the game into an effective 4v5 where one champ is fighting a massive uphill battle against his opponent and that has rippling consequences throughout the match. Same could be said about any lane, especially bot. > My proposed fix is to buff camp xp slightly, and Crank catchup xp to 11 So junglers can spend even more time ganking without losing exp? Sure, it will help losing jungler more than it helps winning one, but it still helps both of them. Junglers have too much xp/sec for clearing camps now, they can waste 2-3 mins ganking because then they will instaclear the whole jungle and get their exp back, and then they will have free time again to gank > And the concept of jungler disappears after 20 or so min, and you are left with a champ of a given archetype with smite. Same with every other lane. It doesn't really matter if your Vayne was a botlaner or toplaner 25+ mins in the game, or if a Sion was a support or top, or if a Lux was a support or mid. Which is ok for me. in my opinion, jungle is just a flawed role by design. They either win lanes(or help winning lanes win even more) by ganking, or they afk farm, depending on current meta. Both possibilities are unhealthy for the game and I have no idea what should they do instead that will be better for the game. At least ganking requires some skill and desicions, strategic(which lanes should i put pressure on?), tactical(when and how exactly should i gank this guy) and mechanical, and it also can be counterplayed a bit, so its better than the alternative
It's not like JGL never seen healthy state before. In Season 5 I played basicly nothing but League. And in my games back than I rarely felt completely at the mercy of the enemy JGL. If I was clearly better than my opponent I could use this skill-gap get ahead and 2v1 at some point. Nowadays I have to surrender so many leads and see insane skill-gaps being completely irrelevant for the sole reason of JGL-difference. It's really sad to watch sometimes... and my #1 motivation killer to keep playing seriously. ---------------------------------- - I think the spawn timers just NEED to go down drasticly. (Exp/gold accordingly or slightly nerfed) - clear times need to go up - Trackers needs to come back as a supportive option. (or something similar)
Juice (EUNE)
: Untouchable, perma CC, perma slow kiting 1v9 machine that 3 shots squishies while perma poking with her 3 sec CD w initiator ADC =VS= useless, immobile, fully melee champ whos main damage source (his spin) gets outhealed by ADCs right clicking him late game Doesn't make sense
Well, you see - even when you try to make it sound bad - it doesnt. x'D She's by no means untouchable, that knows everyone who ever played ADC and if she needs to kite it means she has to run away from something. =P You see, Ashe has counterplay at nearly every stage of the game. What inflates her winrate is the fact that even a losing ashe can win a game with a single amazing Ult.
Juice (EUNE)
: The bias in this community is hilarious
Squishy, immobile, lategame scaling Carry =VS= Unkillable, unkiteable, DPS Beyblade chasing you everywhere, that can oneshots you while silenced? Yeah, makes you really wonder why people complain about Garen...
: So are we going to openly ignore that Garen, Pyke, and Morgana are nearly all permaban status?
Agreed on the first two, {{champion:25}} however is another story. You can reduce her stats all you want, people would still ban her frequently because noone wants to play around the spellshield. And it's not even impossible to play around it, her winrate is completely fine especially when we consider her being alomst exclusively a counter-pick, people simply don't want to. What will lower Morganas Banrate is metashift not a nerf. If bot or the game in general becomes less of "Hit CC into One-Shot" {{champion:498}} {{champion:89}} Morgana suddenly becomes WAY less usefull. Alternative to this is only a mechanical change.
: He is basically a burst mage or a support tank at this point ok. Any chance of a bruiser or solo lane tank died.
Guess why... Hint: The whole post is about that!
Nhika (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Titanium70,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cPLlshR8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-19T18:26:43.727+0000) > > So you want your Champ to be deleted? Why? > Searching for a reason to quit? Negative much?
Negative? No. I've just been around for a while now. There are plenty of reworks, most create decent champions in the end but those have almost nothing in common with the ones you loved playing. Reworks are not meant to please the mains, they meant to open your Champ for the masses. That's not negaitve, that is a fact. {{champion:50}} {{champion:101}}{{champion:43}} {{champion:3}} /delete {{champion:90}} {{champion:74}} - shit reworks that made everything they were supposed to fix worse.
Nhika (NA)
: I want a Zilean rework.
So you want your Champ to be deleted? Why? Searching for a reason to quit?
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