: oh stop whining. diana is OP enough as it is. Last thing she should have is anything to make her life EASIER. If anything, she needs a NERF. When I see her walk into a 1v2, with 300 hp.. and come out of it 2/0.. AND STILL WITH 300 HP.... she needs a freaking nerf.
If Diana is OP why has she got 50% win rate, very low popularity and ban rate among all leagues and haven't been played by pro players for years ? It's not because you don't like her that she's too strong. She has tons of downsides making her balanced, play her then you'll see it yourself. You are the only one whining here.
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: You should check the gold values while that happened to see if you sold it by right clicking it or not.
I'm pretty sure that I didn't have it refunded but I don't know hwo to check a player's gold on the new client replay mode. It used to be a button to switch between gold and items but I can't find it now.
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: You aren't doing the combo fast enough - you're waiting too long after you throw q to r. If you throw a q and then r to the target instantly before the q lands, you will get the r reset as long as the q hits the target you dashed to. This is an important mechanic to get the hang of for a variety of reasons, but one of them is the situation you just described. If you use this mechanic to leapfrog a target you won't have this issue you're talking about anymore as long as your r isn't enough to kill them on its own.
No, i see what you're talking about but even if done instantly it doesn't reset. If you don't trust me go to pratice tool, buy tons of AP and Luden and try to Q+R very fast on minions and you'll see that your R will still go on CD.
: Admittedly I don't play Diana nor have I seen her recently, but I thought I remembered Riot changing it so her ult reset occurred on cast rather than on landing.
No it resets on landing: when you cast it goes on cooldown and if you land on a target affected by Q, it resets. The only exception is if you're CC'd mid dash, you still get it reset (it was made a few patches ago because you were totally screwed if your R was canceled, you both lose its damage and its reset and the ability to enter a fight for a while).
: Just use R+Q...
Unless your target is really low HP, Q won't kill it and you won't have any dash left to catch it. Chasing an enemy doesn't mean it has 10% hp left. And BTW please take time to think about situations you're talking about instead of giving obvious ideas.
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