: Where's my support item as a melee tank support?
you're complaining? Poke supports got hit harder
: Hey, you think you have it bad? I get hit _twice._ I'm not only a support main (and you're right, these changes are really shit), I'm also a jungler, specialising in tanky initiators (i.e support junglers). I like to gank a lot to help my team and don't spend as much time farming as I should because someone somewhere always needs my help. And now Riot are nerfing the SHIT out of ganking junglers and issuing a stern mandate "Farm more, bitches!" Camps are respawning faster but giving less exp and gold, so you need to spend less time in lanes trying to contribute to your team and more time in the jungle whacking creeps. Between the support nerfs and the jungler nerfs, I'm not going to enjoy LoL much this preseason...
Yeah didn't mention the jng changes here. They are also shit. I don't get the point of making bot and jng less impactful. Welcome back to the meta Toplane you ain't useless anymore......
: people like playing support actually 2 of my friends only like playing support, they prefer it overall because its more laidback most of the time and when it isn't either way its fun to them, on the same note i dont know why they would nerf support at all its really stupid, (support is not that fun in my opinion) but I know if i tell my friends about this it will kinda tilt them, :))
Well I am half of an support main and I am honestly disgust by these changes
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