: ***
That point ratio actually has a logical mechanic behind it. Every player begins on 19WIN/19LOSS (with a +1 or -1 incremental based on your performance in that game). Every time you rise a division, you get -2W/+2L, every time you drop a division, you get +2W/-2L. This LP balances out back to 19W/19L when you play games in that division. So if you're rising hard while having stood still for a long while, you will get much less LP per game. It's used for the game to determine if your skill cap truly belongs in that ELO consistently, and wasn't just a spree of luck.
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: Just another day in the life of Silver tier. Feels like Matchmaking needs fixed.
One of the tips I can give you, to solidly carry a game; Focus on one lane, and only up to three champions in that same lane. Every time you play a different lane or champion, you forfeit most of the experience from the last game you have played. I see you played at least three different positions in those past games, that is already a red flag for learning to improve and hard-carry. In addition to that, not in any of the two games you've played the same champion more than twice. That is a second red flag. You need to be aware that Silver elo is all about mastering your champion. In your elo, counter-picks and counter-builds are hardly of any relevance yet, you just got to know your champion well enough to carry the game. From your match history, you're going into ranked with a casual mentality, resulting your game performance to lie at the mercy of your other team-mates. If you really want to grow and solo-carry a game, play the same champion and same lane over and over (unless your champion gets banned, but that's where backup picks are for). I've been doing this for a while, playing different champions and switching between jungle/adc/mid very often in Ranked. This caused me to constantly sway stuck between B2-S4. Now I've been focussing on Twitch, and ONLY Twitch, I've been doing nothing but growing now and I'm nearing S2 promo's.
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: Honor takes too long to increase
I've never been chat restricted or been banned before, and my honor level goes ridiculously slow too. I want to follow your conquest for answers on this matter.
: People who ban a one trick pony's hover...
Then don't be an OTP. In a format where banning is a thing, you have to expect that your pick will sometimes be banned. Especially if it's a popular champion. Learn backup picks. Easy enough. Minimally 2.
Kazekiba (NA)
: How would the dagger stab thing work with his Ultimate.... yes, I know Sylas exists.
During his ult, he only uses his crossbow(s).
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: Hacked account, then banned for "third party software" use
Your account's security is your own responsibility. This comes included with the caution of using safe and unique credentials for your league account, as well as any malware or other key-logging instances that might have been snuck into your computer unawarely. Run a secure version of anti virus, don't use the same passwords on all databases, don't fill in your info on unknown / unofficial sites. Just use common sense, and your account should stay all fine and secure.
: He still got a punishment. I never said he got banned, I just said he got punished.
Sorry, phone tagged the wrong quote. Was meant to quote kitsune.
: I'm not sure where you got that information from, but that's incorrect. Riot punishes for all kinds of toxicity, even if it's light or mild. The difference is that light and mild toxicity ramp up to a punishment slower than heavy toxicity. As seen in the OP's post, there was 3 games of mild toxic behavior that he was given chat logs for. He ramped up to a punishment and got punished for it.
> [{quoted}](name=Icy Hot Shoto,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=UE7F6uM8,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2019-05-16T22:26:06.904+0000) > > I'm not sure where you got that information from, but that's incorrect. > > Riot punishes for all kinds of toxicity, even if it's light or mild. The difference is that light and mild toxicity ramp up to a punishment slower than heavy toxicity. As seen in the OP's post, there was 3 games of mild toxic behavior that he was given chat logs for. He ramped up to a punishment and got punished for it. He wasn't banned. It's a chat restriftion It only ends up being a ban if this attitude persists over the course of another two infractions.
: And you were wrong in all of the instances.
Yet you're the one being punished. So.....
: Okay. 1. Um okay. 2. I'm referring to the champion design... Hello? 3. How is saying "you're bad" flaming? They're bad. It is an actual fact and a very very very very mild insult at best. 4. You don't seem to understand what the word "literally" means. You also don't even know what the context to that common was. What if I tried to duel somebody and lost because they were so fed? In that case the words "IDK why i bother" make complete sense. I picked a bad fight and admitted to it. Hello? 5. [removed by moderation]
2 - yet again, doesn't pardon it or make it any more friendly. 3 - because you're not in the position to be talking smack to your team mates. You're not their coach, not their drill sergeant. If you want people to play better, tell them what they should (not) do, and not just blatantly say that they are bad at this game. It results to nothing but aggravation. 4 - doesn't change the fact that these words are a literal indication that you give up. That you don't even bother about winning the game anymore. 5 - I'm the one that needs medical attention? You're the one being slammed on your fingers and in full believe you did nothing wrong while EVERYONE else here concludes the same out of the given context.
: ***
So you assume that telling someone they suck is going to make them play better? What is this, boot camp? Are you a drill sergeant? Or their coach? No.
: Please point out which part of my logs were flame.
I already pointed you multiple instances out where your behavior was acted upon.
: ***
1 - you weren't chat restricted for telling you muted somebody (although I found it really ironic to see you being bothered by that kayn muted you, yet you dished out two "muted" remarks like it was nothing.) 2 - this isn't social justice warrior at all. You were in a very hostile and abrasive attitude in both three samples, and you're failing to see so. Riot is telling you enough is enough if that attitude, and you talk smack on it. If you feel ganged up on this, maybe you got to rethink about what you did. Also, a piece of advice from what I keep seeing in your post; stop pulling the "I'm the victim here" card. Riot does not discriminatie culprits and victims. Only participants. Your only form of self-defence for flame you need is /mute (player). Nothing more, nothing less.
: First point: It was post game and I didn't ask for reports I said I was going to report Second point: Was said to my team about yasuo opponent. How is this flaming? Third point: My team did nothing but flame and type and feed. Literally everyone but me was 0/10 . The game was over and they were just using the game to grief. It was a waste of my time and I have every right to ask for a surrender. Fourth point: Very mild frustration because my team is flaming nonstop? Fifth point: A true statement and not really abusive. Yeah. This is a pretty damn mild chat log. Only the most hypersensitive kids are going to think this one is bad.
1 - I said telling to report. Not specifically instructing others to report. This counts for you too. (because honestly what do you wish to achieve by chatting you're going to report someone? Something that simply pressing the report button doesn't do? 2 - "degenerate" still isn't such a nice remark. 3 - that doesn't pardon you from flaming. No matter whether you started or not, you participated in it. 4 - it's giving up. You're literally saying you're not going for the win anymore. 5 - it's still unconstructive. No matter if you wrap it in simple or long words, you're still talking down upon people without telling and aiming for them to improve. Chat restrictions and bans go by consistency and/or severity. One game alone did not prove the case against your chat restriction, no these were THREE. I really suggest you start cutting down on your chat activity because you're not in the best attitudes, in a repeated occasion, and you're not even noticing it.
: Yawn. A silly chat ban.
- Morgana Dominus: ok i reported you for verbal abuse - Morgana Dominus: gotta lane against this degenreate champion Morgana Dominus: degenerate - Morgana Dominus: surrender and stop wasting my time - Morgana Dominus: i dk why i bother Morgana Dominus: literally pointless - Morgana Dominus: your incompetence Morgana Dominus: is extreme I can easily see some levels of flame and giving up here (telling to report somebody is under the same category as flame, since it's aggravating/provoking talk that doesn't contribute to anything to resolve the matter.). Can't say it's unjustified.
: so this whole QQ thread is about flaming and afk-ing? Cut the fluffs (stuffs that's not rule breaking) and you could had reduce it down to 1 paragraph. You go into Blinds expect this kind of things. That's why people avoid Blind mode like the plague. You had other option (Draft mode), but you chose to go into Blind anyway so shouldn't be complaining about things that is normal to Blind mode. If someone looks like he's going to be toxic from champ select, mute him and report after game if you feel the need. > I'm fine with whatever role I end up getting (a.k.a, I go 'fill') Looks like you took spellthief that game. Funny you claim you are fine with whatever role you end up getting (as is the best attitude to have when going into Blind mode), but doesn't look like you attempted to go APC with that "support" item you shouldn't pick up if you are to cs like an APC should. Not anything against the rules, just an observation about your flexibility in Blind. You knew from champ select that skarner wasn't going to go adc, but you picked up spellthief first item anyway, I guess to go duo Support lane (perfectly fine in Blind, just not..."fill"). > But hey, multiple junglers sounds interesting. As long as I intend to win the game it should be fine, not? Duo Support sounds interesting too as long as you intend to win the game. It should be fine to answer your question. If you are flexible and "fill", then maybe pick up Doran Ring as first item next time and go APC. If you know you are not breaking any rules and from your descriptions, you are not, then who cares what people say? Just mute and report them and move on with your life. Cut the unimportant fluffs and this whole thing is 1 single paragraph RANT about flaming and not afk (renekton did not afk based on exp over time graph). p.s. - you put down 8 wards total in a 20 minutes game WITH a 20 minutes warding totem AND remmant of the watchers item (quite an investment for an AP carry that doesn't even use warding totem when it is off cooldown).
I'm not sure why you're assuming I'm complaining? I was laughing my ass off about this childish behavior I had in my game. It's the player behavior forum, so I thought I'd share what I just experienced. Not everything here is complains and rants.
: The thing about blind - is that 5 people can be junglers if they want. There aren't any positions or roles. I understand that it's frustrating, but as Quiet Dude mentioned, it's a chaotic game mode. Do draft if you want more structure.
Oh I'm far from frustrated. I'm just laughing my ass off that made up rules is their living standard but the actual rules is disregarded But hey, multiple junglers sounds interesting. As long as I intend to win the game it should be fine, not?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Uriel,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=paEBs6vn,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-09T11:48:30.736+0000) > > *gasp* Having smite is punishable??? Starting with a gold poke item is punishable? WOW! They nerfed the support item so you cant even get gold from poking if another ally isnt near you lol try again
Like OP said it wasn't in a solo lane position. So yeah a gold poke support item will still give gold there.
Tyrancy (NA)
: Why is this report system a complete utter joke?
"I have been permanently banned for literally typing once in the chat in like 100 games when a toxic duo was bitching and complaining blaming everyone else." Bans aren't treated on single occasions. Punishments are treated on consistency and severity, on how well you are receiving a punishment and if you're learning from it. You start from chat restrictions (2 times) to a temporary ban (1 time), before you get permanently banned on your fourth attempt. Meaning you don't "just" get permanently banned for being toxic. You're being toxic after being told at least three times to 'knock it off'.
: Proposals for perma banned players
If 3 prior warnings/suspensions aren't a warning enough that someone is being toxic, I honest to god don't know what else will be.
: Why people are so quick to assume you are flaming them?
Flaming is basically anything negative being flung at you that is without any non-contextual intent to make you play better. If you make remarks about someone playing bad but not even remotely providing them info on what (not) to do, then you're flaming somebody.
: Official riot response said it was for typing “stfu” two times in one match. No need to speculate and recite summoners code, if the account is flagged as toxic the bar is set much lower.
Yeah because saying "shut the freak up" is really friendly.
: Just a reminder
Veigar hasn't been changed since 8.9 (aside from bug fixes). Veigar's last skin was Jul 2017. Welcome to the 'neglected mains' club, champions we play a lot but who we pity for having poor spotlight time.
DaddyKeem (OCE)
: Riot shouldn't ban people for flaming prove me wrong
There's a difference between flaming and constructive criticism. If I swear at someone for playing bad, they won't play better. If I tell someone they should do X or Y next time, or should not do X or Y any more, then that gives them information to adapt into future games. The prior is flaming. The latter is actually providing critique.
: I beg your pardon, the Boards should have something like edit history since it can be confusing sometimes.
*shrugs* Not the place to suggest so.
: If you would have read the first NINE words of the post, you could know this is a ban for INTENTIONAL FEEDING, and not chat related punishment :)
That was edited later in. When it was only just posted, it was unknown whether it was for feeding, it was only for 'disruptive behavior'.
: Guess what? Fortunately, it is punishable!
*gasp* Having smite is punishable??? Starting with a gold poke item is punishable? WOW!
: Here's a better question - why are you stalking this player?
I pick smite too when I'm a lane role, like mid. Helps farming and securing drake for when I go roam.
: Iron: Wtf is LoL? Bronze: Wait...other players exist? Silver: Other players exist...but they're bad, so feed me! Gold: Let's all just try to hold together... Plat: F##K YOU, I KNOW BETTER THAN YOU, I'M F##KING PLAT! Diamond: "Report first death for inting, kthxbai" Master - Challenger: *casually gets Triple Kill* "eh..." *misses cannon* "OMFG IM SO BAD AT THIS GAME!"
Kisumi (EUW)
: there is no chatlog when you get banned for inting i linked the game which riot linked to me i miss picked ahri instead of annie because heimerdinger who went 2-35-2 banned lux which i was originally gonna play
Then what did they provide as evidence to support your ban?
Kisumi (EUW)
: 14 days ban
Chat log would be useful. At least, whatever is under the link of "Game 1" Picking certain champs, even if they are off-meta, isn't a banable offense by itself. So that assumption is invalid.
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chaotically (EUNE)
: Loading screen (mastery points )
To be honest, that kind of logic isn't as flawed. You claim to know your champion really well, so that means that for the enemy team you're a threat. If you've really played a lot, you know how to play around being camped on. Frustrating as it may be, a jungler helping out a tough lane because of being outskilled is not a weird nor unjustified course of action.
Fizzfood (NA)
: Better Jungle Wins
Then don't pick a group-hug champion if you intend to carry. You pick a tank with no valiable executions or kill potential, a champion and item build that completely relies on other champions to join you in the fray while you occupy them. If you want to carry as jungler, then pick the appropriate solo carry jungler. The only reason why sejuani is good is because she's played heavily in competitive play, when you are sure your team knows what they do, and what you do.
: F*** zoe to death
Then maybe you should build magic resist and change your runes accordingly. Burst mages and assassins are useless when they get their combo off but fail to kill you in the process. Make sure they don't get the kill, and you'll be solid.
: Where is MEOWzahar?
I cannot agree more.
: That happens a lot in NA as well. There's a ton of Chinese people and Brazilians here
There's just about 8 different languages in EUW that aren't english. German/Astria Dutch French Scandinavian Spanish Italian Greek Portuguese
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hoonging (NA)
: Why can'y I play the rank game?
Same issue here. Can't play ANY game.
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: I would be interested to see this game, link pls? I played a game where I had my friend play blitz adc and pyke support as his adc pick was banned and was trying to play pyke adc to funnel him... I am sorry if that was you in my game, it was norms and we were testing out shit...
Nah, t'was in Ranked. And you're NA, I'm in EUW.
Kei143 (NA)
: You are talking about laning phase, I'm referring to mid game when the enemy jgler can 1 shot you. If he can legit 1 shot (not those exaggerated stories of 1 shot where you actually got poked for 50% of your health then over stayed and get killed) yet can't end the game at 22 minutes, it means their macro suck and there were probably tonnes of macros play you could have made at that time to recover from the game. Question is whether you know how to setup and make those macro plays.
It's bronze elo, people don't know how to finish games, so no big surprise there. The problem is that I do know how to focus objectives. The problem is that they hound CS like crazy, and every time I go somewhere, they were always on my bullocks with comments in /all chat (kinda revealing where I went.)
Saezio (EUNE)
: What rank did you get placed last season? Bronze 3 this season is the same as Silver 5 last season .
Silver 2, started at gold 4 (at least, I was paired in matches with gold 4 players.)
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Kei143 (NA)
: Wait, your whole map was behind and the enemy couldn't end by 22 minutes? That just means there were lots of opportunities for you to get back into the game. While I know getting flamed is hard to focus, but why not adjust your mindset to focus on the current state of the game and control the macro game to win?
I tried to, but I couldn't. Like said, my lanes weren't giving any gank opportunities, and the enemy jungler was given enough free room to invade my jungle and steal my farm, before he could too easily one-shot me.
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