NYC100Ping (EUNE)
: Some Champions are just Way too noob champions..Let me explain..
champs like: {{champion:11}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} are really far to easy and should get a small tweak/rework. their hole kit is just too easy. even considering newcomers and maybe disabled ppl. there should be maybe more champs like {{champion:350}} that ppl with disadventages can enjoy, but the number shouldn't oppressive. and some of these champs can be unstoppable under the right circumstances. which is ridiculous, totally unfun and unbalanced to play against.
: Zaun's fauna
damn would it be great if the monsters would look like this on SR. or if there would be themed map skins (monsters included) or a new map or a champ which looks like a massive turtle maybe a mix between a turtle, an alien and a gorilla? and this dragon lizard could be a great reksai skin - maybe? so many options but hey! lets do Legends of Runterra and some other new games first! xD
TheSpik12 (EUNE)
: WTF is happening with this company
i kinda agree. i play mostly at evening/night and this is totally annyoing - especially after a losing strike and the last game you could play was also a defeat. doesn't feel good, and should NOT be a thing, especially for hours and more days. ppl voted the new steam game Wolcen down cause of sucha thing. But the dev team behind Wolcen is crowdfunded and are about 100 employees. Riot is a company with i bet a few 1000 emloyees. what they allow themselves is kinda ridiculous.
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: And another gem skin released which doesn't allow me to spend my 10 gemstones finaly. What do I have to do for a single Piltovan or Zaunite to get a gemstone skin?!
Still here waiting for Gemstone Camille :/ Seju looks good but idk why they couldn’t gave her an Hextech dragon
Durzaka (NA)
: Different kits is the answer to your question about Sylas and Qiyana vs. Garen and Darius. Sylas and Qiyanas gets were extremely oppressive in the jungle. ESPECIALLY at a pro level. Garen and Darius are very unlikely to cause any such problem, and all the change does is open up the option for some players (most likely in low elo) to use.
Garen could be a nightmare not cause of his ganks but cause of his camp clear which seems to be even better than warwicks
Håppy (NA)
: I've never been less interested in League
Kshaway is cool and really funny but the others? qtpie? TRICK??! just missing Hashinshin. Totally annoying human beings I really wonder how guys like those even got girlfriends... oh wait, I know! Cause ppl like you support these aweful streamers/YouTubers. Heck, even T1, SRO and Red are a thousand times better. (and I don’t even watch them that often) The game should be primary to play for yourself. Yes it’s frustrating and annoying and gets worse per year but still better than watching and supporting these dudes
: Why are the models so ugly?
It’s cause Riot is mainly a company who wants to make money. So they (have to) get lazy about things which doesn’t generate quick money. E-Sport does it seems since it’s an ad for them to get more attention, aswell as other things. Sad, I know. We had to wait years till they updated SR their primary map. And even in 10 years (which is much in the gaming industry) they could not updated all champs. It’s ridiculous I know. The moba version isn’t that better looking btw just the intros of each champ. (Which would be neat to have for current League) well lets just hope they Double their speed, passion and energy that we have at least all old champs updated visually till 2025. With maybe one new map and more customisations. This should be currently more important than other games of their universe
: The Downvote Bots Got What They Wanted -the removal of voting
I downvoted very rarely as I upvoted so I am REALLY happy they got rid of this. You sometimes couldn’t post a thread without getting downvoted to oblivion even there were maybe other guys who didn’t see it and would like it or agree with it. The downvote bots always tried to keep the forum in their way with only Threads they support more or less. I am very happy Riot got rid of this
Botondka14 (EUNE)
: My account was hacked, an then ive got banned
Woah always scared this happens to me too. Good luck to you and keep this matter updated!
: Your Current Ban and Why
I would ban many champs my most fav ban champions over the years till now are: {{champion:105}} cause of E, W and passive {{champion:11}} cause of Q and Ult {{champion:91}} cause of E and Passive {{champion:245}} cause of Passive and Ult {{champion:92}} Cause of everything {{champion:8}} cause of everything {{champion:35}} and {{champion:28}} cause of invis and burst {{champion:23}} cause what a stupid design
: I love these honestly. These were a great skinline to revive and expand.
Yes finally! I mean elderwood, ethernum, headhunter, freljord/woad, coven and now blackfrost are all great skinlines (one of the best imo) i really don’t know why they focus so much on anime, blood moon and especially mecha skins. Mecha skinlines are all one of the worst maybe it’s the engine idk. Blood moon was great but gets boring and overused like project whigI is kinda sad.
: Hell yeah reksai skin that looks sleek and isent a robot
I personally like ethernum a thousand times more than this pool party skin
: League is basically unplayable in its current form.
True. But please don’t forget champs like Riven, Vlad and especially that r%%%%%ed fish Fizz who are toxic and broken for several years. Just recently played vs a Fizz and god damn... where should I start.. his incredible forgiving E which is AOE and can be used offensively and defensively, being untargetable or his ult which he can use like 24/7 similar to ekko and if he lands it... well then you are most certainly dead... at least it feels like it... pure toxicity
Shmeeve (NA)
: Mordekaiser Mini Rework idea.
- i like the idea of giving him more shield and less aoe dmg - I like that he gets sort of a small aura with his W - maybe reduce the magic pen of E to a small number at first ( ~ 5% maybe?) - he should have longer the passiv up if he defeated an enemy in his R he loses it far too quickly = R buffed and passive nerfed
: My Opinion on Mecha Kingdoms
Imo riot sucks at mecha skins. They should have made more dope eternum and Headhunter skins instead. Jax - by far - the only good mecha skin with Sion on second and maybe Fiddel as third place. (regarding all mecha themed skins)
: Fizz can only wave clear with his E. Not only that if he wants his full burst potential he needs to use his E for damage. That leaves fizz without anything to use for an escape. Kass is very far from broken. I rather fight him than this broken champion {{champion:246}}. %damage ult that's fast af that knocks back and stuns.
What a joke comment. Fizz E is broken one of THE most broken abilities ingame since years. Stop fool others thanks you.
GigglesO (NA)
: For Ekko Reduce his Q slow and remove his run fast passive so less mobile champs have a chance to fight back. Make his shield stun not linger so long after too. For an assassin he has kinda high amounts of cc.
His passiv and E dmg should be gutted imho. His ult will always be broken unless you completely rework him. His W is relatively hard to land. his movement bonus and the after 2 stacks safe burst cause of his REALLY easy to land and use E is the problem
: What??? Ekko was perfectly fine before the buffs after they nerfed tank ekko.
Wrong. Ekko was a balance issue since release. His ult did insane dmg without any costs at release. And yes the passiv of Ekko should get hard nerfs. That 3 stack % dmg + the movement speed is stupid.
: Udyr's state in the game
i totally agree! Udyr is one of THE champs who needs a VGU asap. but on the other hand i totally agree that he will be one of the hardest reworks since you COULD give him at least 3 new abilities per spirit form which would make 12 totally differnt abilities in total. (since i think he will kinda stay to his animal forms in one way or another) _Example_: Q (Tiger) -> transform him into a WereTiger completely (**Q will be the button to transform him back to Human** after he turned into a certain Werebeast), W could be a swipe similar to old {{champion:19}} , E could be short stealth like {{champion:246}} has and R could be a leap or something.
Galinzu (EUW)
: Akali 10.3 Nerfs - Overview by an Old Player
totally agree!!! give her -5 movementspeed! jokes aside you are right and i can't agree more. there are too many champs who make her W just useless then. even i was one of the guys who always said true stealth should be removed (cause that was just busted) but THIS this would just kill the purpose of her W entirely. Why not make a complete new spell instead then? and i personally wouldn't mind the R1 change IF RIOT would make the CD of her ult much lover.
Zyniya (NA)
: Ya her base skin is her naked how much more sexy can you get?
> [{quoted}](name=Zyniya,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=PA8Oq4TM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-22T14:52:45.459+0000) > > Ya her base skin is her naked how much more sexy can you get? naked? it would be naked without that damn scales who block the view on her hot curves
: Lissandra Unmasked Skin
yes it would be damn cool, could be a dope lore skin like Sylas' one. or some legendary with new voice etc. but appreciate both since even i dont play Liss i really like her as a champ
: Unpopular opinion from a 7 year top lane main
bro why you still main top that stubborn? Riot clearly doesn't care much for toplane and laners in general. i also play since 7 years and toplane always was my primary lane, but there were always times, i tried different roles cause otherwise i would have either get headaches for ages or get bored as hell... atm i try mid again (two/three seasons ago i tried to main zed mid) and enjoy mid with Panth, Sylas and Akali much more than top with Darious, Camille, Ornn, Illa, Swain (well Swain is still sometimes hella fun top :P)
: Riot - You need to focus on VGUs if you're going to use your videos and artwork to sell the game.
i totally agree!!! and there is no excuse (at least i think) that its a different department. Riots champ team should work primary on VUs/VGUs. Its just totally emberassing, that Riot manages to make different games, make amazing music videos, but can't bring everything on the same level! its 10 years of a company with enough money. why do we have: - still only one map without even some skins - still no multiple announcers - still not every art updated (like e.g. items. -> {{item:3155}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3044}} {{item:1037}} {{item:1033}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3117}} ) - still not every old champ updated... at least there should be the majority of old champs updated... come on... >.>
Shahamut (NA)
: Been waiting since season 5...
VGU> skin. i think Skarner's E and R should stay one way or the other but i think his Q,W and passive with these odd "map-points" (no skarner player sorry) should be changed. Q could be something with his nippers snap massively hard in one massive AOE and his W... well idk.. i think Skarner could be one of THE coolest champs if he gets a rework on a similar level like Warwick. and then she should get some cool skins like eternum or glacial or deepsee/abyssal or something
Sukishoo (NA)
: Heartseeker Jinx and Yuumi splash
they are REALLY cute. disney vibes for sure. just sad i absolutely hate valentines day. :@
: I feel the map in dota2 is _too_ big.
but the aestethics are better, the trees feel more like trees, and even you have trees in the middle of the map, you have still vision on what is going on. but i like League's monsters camps more
: Bigger Jungle Trees?
i would love to push this idea. there are far too less threads regarding Riots (only..) map. the trees really feel not immersive or that you feel in some ancient magic forest imo, but i bet its cause of the sake of readability and better view. :/ i would also love to see a waterfall etc. honestly even i like Leagues's playstyle more than Heroes of the Storm (cause of the better feedback and higher skillcap) i think Heroes of the Storm makes by far better decisions in the map department -> far more maps to choose from, and far more details on the map. a slightly bigger map wouldn't be that bad to make the maps a bit longer. (but only if Riot nerfs late lategame champs)
: fizz if he goes in don't have any way to escape, kass pretty much has to reach 16, yasuo you can just bring point and click cc for him, and you can easily zone riven
fizz is slippery as f*ck! hello?! xD his E is one of the most broken spells in game imho. kass is one of the most broken champs especially cause of his (dumb) ult even Riot is aware of this and many talk about him causing issues (game going longer etc etc) when he reaches 16 he is just too strong. but i agree with yasuo i just hate him. riven just has too much in her kit and nearly never got touched since her release. and is one of the most solid/stable champs since her release.
: Reason why I don't play TFT
screw poison, light and berserker imo
: Because the highest tier players are still destroying with her. Win rates aren't everything. A near-perfect Akali player like you might find in high diamond, master, or challenger is basically unbeatable. She's the new Ryze, Azir, or Kalista. The rest of us noobs have a terrible win rate with her, but high diamond/master/challenger Akali players playing her to the best that she can be played will have significantly higher than even win rates on her. And so, even with a 45% overall win rate, she keeps getting nerfed as she's still busted in the hands of someone who knows how to play her perfectly, just like Ryze, Azir, and Kalista were. Honestly if you ask me, they need to do something like what they did with Yorick when he was causing problems as well as Ryze/Azir/Kalista: nerf her to the point where nothing can make her even remotely viable in any rating ever again and then rework her again from the ground up. This new Akali has too many problems inherent in her kit itself, leaving her too strong even with the numbers nerfs.
they destroy with her cause she is strong in good hands. there are by far many more champs who are strong in good **AND **bad hands.
: no i hope she die in the worst way possible
before that Riven, Yasuo, Kassa, Lee and Fizz should die in my honest opinion cause they are even more toxic. if akali gets deleted and those stay untouched i won't understand anything anymore and maybe take a looooong break.
I3Iame (EUW)
: Akali Nerf Short Rant
Yeah the balance team plays only {{champion:103}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:38}} and {{champion:157}} it seems... i mean yeah is is annoying and can be strong, but she is harder to play than many other champs and she already got many nerfs. more nerfs than the guys above.
: There are way Way more outdated kits than Anivia I wouldn't put her on a VGU list
true. she should be on the very top of the VU list (she really needs a similar touch like {{champion:81}} and{{champion:25}} ) but not a full VGU. but i am too lazy to remove her from the list above - for now. since i think she needs attention at least visually.
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Zyniya (NA)
: I thought I read somewhere (maybe unofficial) that they won't make any more "ugly" champs. Cuz they don't sell well and don't see play. Even Swain after his rework whet from "creepy old man" to "your daughter calls me daddy now".
> [{quoted}](name=Zyniya,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=uoFoE8ER,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-18T10:02:59.663+0000) > > I thought I read somewhere (maybe unofficial) that they won't make any more "ugly" champs. Cuz they don't sell well and don't see play. Even Swain after his rework whet from "creepy old man" to "your daughter calls me daddy now". that daddy-joke has to be there, right? lol. beside that i don't think Skarner is "ugly". and if this is really an argument then there still could be "pretty" monsters which are more or less pleasing for the viewer. Skin team could get creative there and take a challenge. And if there will be only humanoid creatures like Voli, Rengar, Ornn, Renekton, Nasus and so on, then i would at least really like to see a cyclops. but wait; they look ugly... maybe its possible to make a charming looking but still menacing cyclops? *thinking face*
Wovy (EUW)
: Aquarius Illaoi
liking the idea. could be in the same skinline like Syndras Water skin. (atlantean?) it also would be funny and cool to see a pirate (bilgwater) skin for her (which could be cheaper like 750 or 975 RP)
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: Sylas sucks ™
even his laning phase might be even harder, he really is far more enjoyable mid and lategame. in my opinion (and i played him till mastery 6 now)
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: With VGUs becoming this discontinued I give up...
I kinda agree that i don't understand why they pull out even more new champs at this rate even we already have so many = even harder to balance. and there are still plenty pld champs to be done. now they make other (cool) games but don't have ressources for upgrading all old champs the past years? o.O at least 4 VGUs per year should be possible in my honest opinion. cause at this rate we will really sit here till idk 2025/30 till we have all old champs being visual updated or reworked
: I would also add {{champion:51}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:99}} They don't need it as bad as the ones you mentioned obviously. They also don't need gameplay updates (imo), but I definitely think they could benefit from a Ezreal/Morgana level VU.
well true regarding ADCs i would second that Ash needs one, but also MF and especially Cait. idk about Lux and Janna atm. but i would REALLY love to see a more interesting kit for Janna.
: Anivia really doesn’t need a VGU. Her kit’s held up well over the years. They updated the spell FX recently. All she needs is a new model (and an updated bio), and she’s good.
her kit is really not that bad, but a bit unbalanced imo. the wall and ult are iconic, but her E/Q combo is a tad too strong, but i agree that a VU would be maybe enough for that. her kit doesn't feel demi-god like enough in my opinion. i personally would love to see her fly above the battlefield and making a path of frost even maybe stop turrets from shooting for 3 sec at max rank.
: I strongly disagree. A lot of people that play those champs, like them the way they are; that is why they play them. Sett is a great example of how you can keep the game heading forward and making money. If you dont like Sett, you dont play him, if you like him, you play him. Meanwhile no one loses anything. Very few VGUs have been net positive for the game and community. In terms of your list, I main and love Udyr, Nocturne, Skarner, Mundo, and Rammus and have played Malph and Aniviaa a fair amount, and enjoy them all. New champs and visual upgrades are definitely the way to go for the future, bc neither has a potential downside.
what are you talking about? ofc you can disagree but udyr is no real champion. he has no real kit. he is even more braindead than Trynd, Yi, and Annie. and thats really hard to beat. if you don't want a VGU for Udyr you are no real fan League and giving Udyr real attention and love. he has so much potential. + most VGUs were great. Urgot? awesome, Warwick? amazing even Akali is better in comparison to her old version and Morde imo too aswell as Sion and Poppy. So i really don't know what you are talking about. I personally play since late 2012/early 2013. ofc there are champs who primary just need a VU like Ezreal and Morgana. But no one i mentioned except _MAYBE_ Anivia.
: Aphelios needs to be toned WAY DOWN
Riot: you are right! ->> basemovement speed -5 (just kidding but yeah i agree he needs nerfs - a decent Aphelios seems to stomp nearly every other adc)
: Illoai Pool party ?? just sayin
**Poolparty Illa HAS to be done**. Like Candy Kayn. Star Guardian Urgot is a meme and joke but the other two just make sense.
: Star Guardian Qiyana with Art !
even left one shows more skin i pref the right one color and hairstyle wise. :P i really think that skin would fit her really well but i hope she gets first some more badass skin since her other two are both already really flashy and colourfull
: A Vastayan cursed with a snakehead and forced to feed off their eggs!
zounet (EUW)
: Amumu and corki and gragas and Cho gath And I totally agree that anivia need a vgu or at least a vu
omg so true. especially gragas and cho could look really cool after a VGU or VU. (my guess is Gragas get more of a VU and Cho more of a VGU - what do you think?) and yeah Anivia looks soooooo hilarious vanilla and in most of her old skins. its really sad.
: Sett's fun...
and has white trousers, WHITE. TROUSERS.
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