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Toadwart (NA)
: They should be strong, like everything else at a 6 unit synergy is strong. So what, they have good defense, they have bad offense to go along with it.......just the opposite of 6 sorcerer, 4 ranger, 4 demon, ect. You are worrying over nothing. Its about time all of the synergies were worth playing.
True, though it felt like any team not running knights would get overrun unless they had a really significant advantage, which is what worried me a bit (and i'm talking 2, MAYBE 4 Knight synergy). and yeah it would be nice if all synergies were worth playing, sadly some synergies still aren't there yet.
: The Knight buff doesn't even seem that strong outside of early game but yeah it probably seems ridiculous when COMBINED with Nobles team bonus with massive armor/magic res since Nobles only real weakness would be constant CC or true dmg on it right.
I been finding it really good through mid-game too, games where both players have knights, you see the teams clash and take no damage, whenever i've gone against someone with no knights, they do no damage to my units at all in comparison to what i'm doing to them (this is with no items too) I really didn't feel I had any real advantage/strength other than the knight bonus. Maybe it's not as good as i think (probably) but after all I just wanted to discuss the changes regardless to get other's views :)
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Wda04 (NA)
: 9.14 so buggy
So many bugged hitboxes and interactions, never has the game felt so unplayable and we haven't even had some kind of hotfix. Do I need to remind that TFT can only develop with league still alive Rito games, right now you're essentially killing the mother with the infant still in the womb... Even if that infant somehow has a degree in Statistics and History.
: Match History is sorely needed. Me and somebody else I saw on gamefaqs couldn't get past the "skip waiting for stats" screen and even though we placed well, we didn't get any LP added to our number.
Ikr! first thing i noticed when it hit PBE, and i just thought "ah well they'll implement match history before TFT hits live..." I know it's a new game built somewhat from the ground up, but surely that would have been something relatively easy to put together before they even announced the game was going onto PBE.
: Guys try to remember how LP is calculated... The rank you get doesn't matter, what matters is the MMR of the 7 other players in your lobby and how you do with respect to them.
That's good to know, but it doesn't change the fact i get 0 LP for performing well. League is a dying game but at least LP is rewarded :P
Kuponya (NA)
: Maybe you played a normal instead of ranked. P.S. Takedowns mean nothing, your LP is based on rank
Ah i see, i just read somewhere that it contributed. still, no LP for performing well feels like a kick in the crotch.
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: Because League of Legends needed another high mobility burst assassin sooooo badly... Riot full r%%%%% video games, preferes to create new hot crap to keep the game fresh than make it an enjoyable experience for all the players involved. At least, as a toplane tank main I won't have to worry about this crap coming into my lane
Well League did need a new AD assassin, and a common strength of an assassin is mobility. So yes that's is what league needed. Although I agree about what you said about Riot, someone has definitely been watching too much Hashinshin xD
GyuMK02 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=PyroAeroVampire,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zxEAhY1R,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-04-03T02:44:49.539+0000) > > This is something I posted on a different post with my personal view of the matter. > > As I understand it, the players choose what champion gets a skin to represent them, and the only stipulation they are given is that the have to have played it at least once during the tournament. > > That being said, I think the Camille skin for Ning, the LeBlanc skin for Rookie, and the Kai'Sa skin for JackeyLove are great. Those champions were great representations of what those players played. Each of them had the highest play rate for the champion of their choice (6 Camille games for Ning, 4 LeBlanc games for Rookie, and 10 Kai'Sa games at an 8-2 record with amazing stats for JackeyLove) > > However, the other three make less sense to me. > > Duke played 1 Irelia game to a loss in which his own performance was fairly lacking. > > TheShy played 2 Fiora games, both losses, with fairly "eh" stats and little impact in either game. > > Baolan's Rakan sits somewhere between Rookie's LeBlanc and the top laner's picks. Baolan played Rakan 3 times, all three wins, and his stats on Rakan were great. (With Baolan's Rakan games, Rakan's K/D/A average across all games [31 total games at 17-14 record] was 0.94/2.35/8.29 ; Without Baolan's Rakan games [28 total games at 14-14 record] K/D/A average was **0.79/2.58/5.82**, which is an insane difference for 3 out of 31 games) > > However, Baolan played Alistar 6 times (with him being the highest playrate Alistar across the tournament), with (arguably) more impact, and that being a champion more representative of the world's meta. > > If I could pick the champions, it'd go something like this: > > **Duke:** Urgot (Duke played 5 different champions across 5 games, none of which were big parts of the game, the closest being his 5/1/4 Urgot game vs GRex) > **TheShy:** Sion (4-0 record on the champion with pretty great stats compared to other Sion games) > **Ning:** Camille > **Rookie:** LeBlanc > **JackeyLove:** Kai'Sa (Probably best Kai'Sa player at S8 Worlds, maybe just in general) > **Baolan:** Alistar (As stated before, more impactful and representative of the World's meta, but also was picked due to synergy with Kai'Sa) U ARE SO FKING RIGHT!! RIOT SAID THAT RAKAN IN THIS CHAMPIONS "SHINE"ED A LOT BUT... i always saw Baolan playing Alistar... No comment ty Rito
> [{quoted}](name=GyuMK02,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zxEAhY1R,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-04-20T08:14:28.099+0000) > > U ARE SO FKING RIGHT!! RIOT SAID THAT RAKAN IN THIS CHAMPIONS "SHINE"ED A LOT BUT... i always saw Baolan playing Alistar... No comment ty Rito For Baolan specifically this is true, however for worlds as a whole. The 2 champions that really represented worlds this year would be Rakan and Camille imo.
: > [{quoted}](name=Leadboo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=sHGIBEhv,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-02-19T02:32:32.915+0000) > > Also Morgana is Chaotic Good now. Sorta. She always was. In a sense at least.
It wasn't portrayed that way though. If you were a lore fanatic then you'd know, but for casual players, Morgana seems like her motives are completely opposing Kayle's, their motives are virtually the same, their way of achieving those motives however, are quite different.
Terozu (NA)
: Kai'Sa likely has washed her hair. We never saw her before she returned to the normal world. The chest thing has plenty of logistic reasons such as allowing easier breath if she messed up and allowing more scent to bait prey. And it's not like she travels through the void like that.
Indeed, Kai'sa has her Helmet on when she is in the void, and whilst her helmet is on, her skin is fully covered, including her chest.
: Kayle's visual design missed the mark
If this was a new champion, i'd be a little concerned at the similarities to other champions, as exposed by this post, but as a whole she looks cool. but since it's Kayle we're talking about, this kinda breaks her theme...
: > [{quoted}](name=Flexexos,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rPIZ3Y7w,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-12-10T20:56:15.243+0000) > > Btw kindred ultimate counters neeko's ultimate so... In a game neeko vs kindred... Just stop complaining about her Kindreds ult counter everything, even kindred's own team...and can kindred be played in 3 different lanes like neeko or only jungle? Neeko can go pretty much anywhere at this point, except adc ofcourse but who knoiws, "Is it meta?". And kindred isnt as easy as neeko either, neeko is all about punishing. But being punished for literally standing under turret trying to farm (literally hugging the turret) with a 300 damage single q pop when she has 75 ap is too much honestly. And honestly speaking, her root is hella broken when it comes to the hitbox. Im looking more into her hitbox and will give updates (if i remember that i even posted anything here :P)
I've played Neeko almost non-stop since her release, and people are getting really used to Neeko. something to remember is league is an evolving game, due to the way the community responds to changes. Neeko on release might seem bonkers, Neeko a month later is just "Neeko things" and people learn to consider what she is capable of, and play around it. (Neeko can only really be played WELL in Mid and Jungle in my opinion, anything other than that is pretty off-meta.) To put it simply, Neeko is a low elo stomp champion, yet not as oppressive in low elo as Master Yi, Garen or Nasus (who quite frankly aren't very good champions at all) She's pretty balanced really. Her E isn't actually as easy to hit as you think, anyone that keeps their distance (like you are supposed to against Neeko) you will find that Neeko struggles a lot to land it, even passing through minions. In fact for a mage, she is very close quarters oriented when it comes to the way she fights. Also, outside the lane she literally has a 0.25 second root... brilliant.
: Even though this has has up votes, i have to say. Her ult is like the easiest thing to dodge.
Indeed, she has to burn flash in an attempt to land the R properly at times. or invest in a protobelt (which isn't that great on her anyway, i tend to consider it every 10 games or so, but twin shadows is often better)
: I love how people are complaining about Veigar when he actually has to stack his passive to get even decently powerful. Syndra I can understand about her power, but Veigar has to actually land his abilities to get somewhere. Neeko can literally burst you down hard level 3 if you're not prepared.
So can countless champions in midlane. My boy talon can do it level 2, but people stopped complaining about that after realizing there is a thing called counterplay. :p
: nerf neeko
You don't know how balanced she'd is. I've been playing her almost non-stop since her release, and she has major weaknesses people don't realize. several mages outrange her, and there are several melee matchups she is forced to respect. Infact some of those matchups where she wins the lane, if she doesn't get ahead, they crush her at level 6 (e.g diana, akali) On release, she felt a bit nuts, (and riot nerfed her Q, weird choice but that happened) regardless of the nerf, since she has had time to settle in, people know what she does, and it's really hard to get away with things i would have gotten away with on release. I have to really question my item builds carefully due to her lack of mobility, her squishiness (contrasting with how she ends up being played in the center of team fights) and how important her scalings are. On the subject of her 1.3 AP ratio, what's so different about Neeko's R, is she, as a mage puts herself in danger to get it off and all it takes is some hard cc for it to miss, and/or get her killed (and trust me, Neeko just doesn't have time/gold for QSS) In regards to her mobility, she either needs a flash, or a protobelt to reposition for her R. I still only buy protobelt once every 10 games or so because i just can't fit it in, other items end up being higher priority. Her E is harder to hit in lane than you think, even with the increased size and speed through minions. and outside of lane, she essentially has a 0.25 second root, how amazing.... her Q is an average projectile, pretty good. helps her do her thing. Nothing crazy on it's own. infact i'd say that W is lowkey the best part of her kit, the active is great, and the passive allows her to weave in AAs whilst her Q and E are on cooldown. if she didn't have it, she'd lose a hell of a lot of matchups. :)
: I think it was because at some point in time (I don't remember when this was, but I remember it happening) shields were really toxic and hated. So I guess Riot decided to make a bunch of anti shield mechanics to balance them out, since they technically have no way to be directly countered. At least you can give someone grievious wounds to slow healing, but there is no mechanic to reduce or completely break shields, which is why I imagine they make champs with anti-shield abilities.
the problem is, for the purpose of solo queue, Riot would just create an item, however they would make shields impossible to balance in competitive around this item. So the best option was to make a few champs made to counter shields somewhat, as in the competitive scene they are widely used to counterpicking champs. However it then remains a problem in solo queue for shields to be somewhat good, because theres no way for a generic champion to play around it and league is a game about playing around the things that are problematic, from the order you decide to do things, to the items your build. So shields in a sense are the most impossible feature to balance in the entire game. - Which is why shield bash is in the game, shields can be shit, but provide you with something more balance able. - extra stats, extra damage.
: Pyke was being desgined during a time period where shielding was overtoned, so they probably just added it to his kit as a morale booster. Now that that's over, it may honestly be a good idea to remove it. He may be easier to balance without it/with something else that isn't so specific or so "This specific class of champions doesn't get to play back against this."
Nah, at this point Riot should rebuff ardent supports, and perhaps create an anti-shield mage for mid and/or support (perhaps they could do additional damage to shields, and for the damage their do to shields gain a resource bar for another mechanic/ability, HELL they could rework Ryze again, and shield damage could be how he charges runes LOL). Also the way Pyke's R is proposed to work is to execute past a certain health threshhold, therefore shields were never really proposed as to ever have any kind of influence - similar to Urgot, if the ability is treated as a flat execute, then shields were never intended to do anything about them, since they do no affect the state of your actual health bar, they are just a chunk of "extra health" pasted over the top, they themselves do not affect the state of your health.
: after the irelia rework i tough that riot really hate enchanter. Just watching this {{champion:39}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:555}} having an antishield mechanix. But at least {{champion:266}} ({{champion:6}} him too because his ult work similar to pyke) work only vs one target at time {{champion:39}} is in the middle of this. {{champion:555}} can affect literally multiple target at the same time.
Tbf, this is a reason for Riot to rebuff shields, if they are to introduce more shield debuffing/ignoring champs. It's the healthiest way to do it, since ardent meta was FAR beyond the cancer of the metas where these 3 champs have been strong (technically pyke hasn't even had a meta) So i believe if Riot were to create just ONE MORE shield defying champion, perhaps an anti-shield mage for mid/supp then ardent supports can be rebuffed a bunch.
T2K Baka (NA)
: its like urgot ult. Executes do something like 100000000 true damage or something so that they kill instantly. Something on the wiki i read about this.
I'm 90% sure that when Pyke Rs you, it shows up on screen as 9999 true damage, so for the purpose of not taking up the whole screen with numbers, it probably does do like 100000000 true damage lol.
: shield a {{champion:31}} ult then talk to me, the shield will absorb it -.-
Cho R isn't an execute, it is a single target chunk of true damage scaling off your hp. Pyke is a flat execute that doesn't technically do damage, but the health "removed" by pyke's execute shows up as true damage.
: Why pyke R can bypass shield?
Because Pyke's R is a flat execute, although it deals true damage, that is to ensure that no matter what, no bugs can prevent the R from executing once in health threshhold. shields do not increase your actual health, and therefore do not affect the health threshhold required for Pyke's R to execute. So something to note about his R, is to think of it as - It does not do damage once within the health threshold, if the R hits you whilst within the threshhold, it does no damage, it just kills you, ignoring resistances or shields. If however your health is outside of Pyke's R threshold, it is treated as physical damage, and resistances + shields will have an influence, ONLY if your health is above the threshold.
: Please I really love akali’s hat and mask I know this would be expensive but could u make the mask dance to sound or mysic
That's not even the point, Riot has the money to do this, and they could ask a lot for that kind of merch, and people would still buy them, cause it'd be amazing.
illexa (NA)
Legit, Riot why isn't this stuff in the Riot store yet? we don't want just black shirts/hats with 'KDA' on it, we want the Akali hat, and the clothes/masks worn at worlds, that stuff is brilliant!
: That's not a you or a Garen problem then. Some teams you just can't carry, and it sounds like you were doing everything you could.
So, just try to do everything, and hope i can carry? I guess some games have to be losses to contribute to your average winrate :P
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: you stated: Clearly Riven is at quite the disadvantage against Garen, and is a bad example. ->Your statement is wrong. Garen is probably the worst champion pre 11 before his passive kicks in.Riven outscales Garen/Riven has a gapcloser /can stun/can engage/reengage/has more mobility/has a shield. Riven can vary combos which Garen cannot his Kit is binary if he charges with his q its up to you to do whatever you want. Once you get a hexdrinker and some lifesteal to fight you can 1v1 Garen at any time if you are not a monkey he has no sustain in a fight and can be outplayed because of his predictible/binary kit. -> You probably dont understand Riven's complex trading patterns and garens limitations very well.
My issue was, my team was extremely behind, so my priority was being there to lock down the enemy carries. so instead of maxing E 2nd to try to duel Garen (making myself purely a duelist vs Garen) i wanted to make up for my team's deficit, and i maxed W second. to get things rolling around the map. Eventually everyone just fell away. and there was nothing i could really do. I can try to kill the carries, and isolate Garen with my team. But it seems my team would prefer to all group up and sit inside Garen's E..... o.0
: Black Cleaver can do a lot for you in that matchup, particularly if you can get it early. You don't really need traditional tank stats, you need CDR so you can spam your E more often.
That is what i went for, Black Cleaver into death's dance. (with tier 2 boots of course) The problem really, just felt like i couldn't carry my team enough, so even if i got onto their carries. it wasn't enough, my team lost their lead that i handed to them on a silver platter through getting some good roams off with my 2/0 lead over Garen :/
: I find it odd that you win before 6. Granted I am not high level but in my experience the early lane goes to Garen while Riven has a better lategame/teamfight. Make plays around the map using your supreme mobility. You should also be able to do good trades between 6 and 11. Just poke Garen and disengage over and over.
Well, Riven's E eats most of Garen's Q - most of his damage in trades. and from there, you can get a few Hits in that he can't really prevent. You win trades really easily. So the only way of Garen really getting any chance of killing you is his R (since you max Q first, his Q will be hurting more as he levels, you can still out-trade him, but when he gets his R...he has kill pressure over you.
: You got two kills on Garen in lane? Teams are out of your control, so focusing only on what you can do better is the way to go, and honestly it sounds like your head is in the right place here. If the teams were even you'd have likely had a much better time all things considered. One thing I have to ask though, how good are you at freezing a minion wave? With a few kills you have the pressure needed to zone Garen and keep him down on gold, even if he's doing his annoying thing and not really going anywhere. Riven scales way harder with gold than Garen does with experience, so this could be a great spot for improvement.
Well, I can Freeze a lane alright, except Garen just forces the lane to reset, by using E on the wave - so i kinda just have to Q the wave/use tiamat. Once Garen reaches level 6, I can't just pressure him either, even 2 kills up, he is too beefy and obnoxious with that True damage execute on his R (since i am now the villain), not to mention the buffs to his Q several patches ago. the problem is, I'm too squishy, but if i build tank. my lead is pointless, since i won't be able to carry with that lead if i build tanky. Clearly Riven is at quite the disadvantage against Garen, and is a bad example. but at the same time, its like a worst case scenario - what can i do to not instalose against a juggernaut champion such as Garen, since picking first, i can't just pick a champion that is strong into him - i don't get the chance.
: > [{quoted}](name=VexLuna,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2z7lIw4u,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-16T11:29:13.504+0000) > > That's all good, but what do you do when you pick BEFORE Garen (like my Riven example) If i don't play one of those champions i lose? that doesn't seem right? there has to be a way to play around a lategame Garen without needing a counter pick against him. He is too tanky to kill after level 6. and he will just keep getting free turret damage no matter what you do, which makes it impossible to make aggressive plays around the map without being punished for it. Well he is juggernaut he made to destroy light fighters and assassins. Only other juggernauts and ranged able to kill him so yah it matter if counters, Myself took urgot as my main and blind pick for a reason cause he is juggernaut that scale I was wukong main but he not great as blind pick cause all juggernauts top lane shit on him.
Yes, but what you are telling me. is that i should play champions that aren't even that strong in general (besides Darius, and maybe Illaoi) specifically to counter a Juggernaut matchup like Garen. What if i want to play another Toplaner? it shouldn't mean i instantly lose that game, is what i am saying, there has to be some form of counter play in EVERY matchup. Cause i refuse to believe that Garen is outright broken, cause he ISN'T. I just want to know what counter play there is available to a champion that isn't favored against a Juggernaut like Garen.
: > SOMEHOW he can win 1v2, and pretty much 1v3 aswell. This is mostly what happens when a Juggernaut is allowed to hit their mid game power spike uncontested. It's not something that is specific to Garen, though I will admit some Juggernauts are better at it than others. There are a lot of ways to deal with him, and to deal with this situation against other Juggernauts, but if you're Riven you kind of have to snowball in order to do it. It's not enough to just go even, you actively have to get the ball rolling. And in this particular matchup sometimes it's not enough to get your ball rolling, you also have to set Garen behind. Unless you know the matchup really well (no offense meant but it doesn't seem like you do) you'll likely have to ask for some Jungle assistance to put Garen behind in levels, but once he is down you should be able to keep him there if you don't get cocky. Ideally you want a duelist champ that doesn't have to snowball in order to be strong. Someone who can scale into the mid game just by going even in lane. Garen is decent at dueling, but loses one on one to the majority of duelists after a certain point in their itemization. Jax, Fiora, Camille, and the like can all struggle at points, but eventually will be able to reliably fight him if he extends himself too far. You kill him enough in the side lanes and you can force him to teamfight, and while he's not exactly a poor teamfighter at least there you can focus your fire.
Yeah, i get what you mean. All i know about the matchup Riven vs Garen is that until level 6, i can out-trade Garen. meaning i have potential kill pressure until he reaches level 6. So i have that much time to pressure him, and deny him xp/cs, and even kill him (since his passive kinda prevents him from being pushed out of lane) once that happens, all i can try to do is snowball a lead around the map, and in some cases, force him out to try and counter my roams, which puts him in a bad position. - meaning there's only one thing he can really do - push for the turret when i'm not there. which makes it very predictable as to what Garen should be doing at all times. I guess my problem was that my team was so behind, and i was quite pressured/uncomfortable in this matchup. that my plays weren't aggressive enough to really snowball as hard as i should have in that situation, especially after solo-killing Garen twice before-hand.
: I will give you the master mind of destroying people 1v1 special garen, {{champion:6}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3812}} he will destroy garen and R him before garen say demcia even. And urgot destroy him in lane too. Daruis and illaoi , Yorick + ult all of them good deal with garen.
That's all good, but what do you do when you pick BEFORE Garen (like my Riven example) If i don't play one of those champions i lose? that doesn't seem right? there has to be a way to play around a lategame Garen without needing a counter pick against him. He is too tanky to kill after level 6. and he will just keep getting free turret damage no matter what you do, which makes it impossible to make aggressive plays around the map without being punished for it.
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: You do still get the smite items I think, but unless you're the jungler, you have zero reason to get smite in the first place.
I know i am very very late to the discussion, but getting redsmite so you can cast smite on enemy champions so your W can proc sounds pretty good to me, and with spellbook, you can trade your on-cooldown flash for ignite to use temporarily for some pretty scary all-ins.
Meep Man (NA)
: The New Essence Reaver- We Should Probably Look At This
UHM don't ignore the fact that when at 45% CDR and rank 5 Q Ezreal can R at the start of a fight, and with the essence reaver active, for 8 seconds, his Q has NO COOLDOWN (cause his Q applies on-hit effects like the 'essence flare' effect, and additionally reduces all his cooldowns by a flat 1.5 seconds) not only that, but ezreal will get his E up multiple times in those 8 seconds (its not like Zoe spamming flash was annoying enough) Not to mention how the 300 mana helps cause of double tear build. and by swapping manaflow band with transcendence, you can reach 45% cdr faster, and still find use for the 20% cdr this item provides, even if you have excess cdr. (some people like lucidity boots on ezreal) I can see {{item:3042}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3158}} with any other item being scary af....
: Goodbye Malzahar, it was fun...
I am honestly quite shocked that Riot's attempt to make champions like Malzahar and Kindred better again, made them worse than before....then there's Zac who now has a high ban rate making him nearly unplayable (10 ban system) how do you mess up 3 reworks in a row!? i have to admit, at least Zac is good as opposed to being completely useless because its obviously easier to make minor adjustments to a champion who is effective. Next rework better be worth the time, i'd honestly rather have new champions if the reworks continue to fail like this. :(
: Upcoming Kindred changes, looking for feedback!
So...with these new changes, having 100% crit chance in your item build (including IE) your 3rd attack from your 'E' will crit if they are below 65% health, doing 100% more damage? (50% from being within the health threshold, 50% from IE) That is without mentioning the additional % missing health damage you gain - provided they are gonna be at atleast 65% health, sounds a bit busted to me and i reckon it should be a straight 30% regardless of crit chance. i do kinda like the sound of increasing the range their basic attacks and casting range of abilities, however i don't like the sound of losing the Damage buff to basic attacks and the 'Q', i think maybe reducing the AD scaling instead of removing the damage buffs would be better. Seeing as how marks are rather difficult to gain, there should be more than extra attack/cast range from collecting them, it would also make Kindred's passive seem like tristana's passive. Changing wolf's damage to magic damage sounds extremely dodgy, but of course we cannot tell what changes it will have on Kindred until we are able to test it on PBE. Additionally i can certainly see some problems with the 'W' combined with this attack range increasing passive. Unless the 'W' gets its range increased in addition to it's cast range players will find themselves not using either the 'W', OR the extra attack range. Simply the fact that Lamb must be inside wolf's territory to maintain it for it's full duration it wastes the additional attack range, in which case you'd obviously prefer the damage buff passive instead. maybe that could be part of the change? whilst Kindred's Q is active the increased attack range passive is changed to the old passive, with the new AD scaling still in play? It makes wolf that much more predominant as it makes Kindred stronger whilst inside wolf's territory, but removing the increased attack/cast range whilst inside the territory as a balance. This of course fits with the lore a bit more, making Wolf the more feared part of the two as Kindred becomes stronger in damage whilst in Wolf's territory. I do like the rest of the changes, whether or not the things above are changed ^^ i am still happy to see one of my favorite champions is getting looked at after their bombardment of nerfs :)


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