: I also feel their silver playtesters (sure sure they have “diamond playtesters”) are not exactly the best judge. Maybe they should let the community judge and balance accordingly?
Last time they let community judge we ended up with 63% winrate Skarner. As much as balance sucks now, boards balancing would still be way worse.
Jacksin (OCE)
: Varus' story as a human wasn't even changed that much
Because it was a completely half-assed attempt at tokenization that did service to no one. Two humans have literally no personality or character development aside from "they are gay". The part where Darkin is similar to old Varus was added after people massively complained, before which it was essentially "he's an evil demon that likes killing people". Taking a generic but sympathetic character and turning him into a token minority with no substance at all is that kind of forced diversity people usually bad mouth while also doing zero service to people it's supposed to represent as it feels like "here, now you have a character like you, now shut up". Add to it the fact that Riot's writers are capable of delivering damn good stories and this was so much below the standards it was almost insulting.
: I hate rengar and even I understand that he is a snowballing champion that relies on getting free kills from enemy laners mistakes. If rengar isnt ahead, hes behind. What really is frustrating is when your team feeds him which you can do nothing about.
And you think Rengar's whole niche being "make a game 4v5" is healthy? Either he's ahead and it's 4v5 in his team's favor because he deletes someone faster than human reaction time, or he isn't and it's the opposite because he's flat out useless. This broken mess of a champion should be first on a full gameplay update list.
: > [{quoted}](name=FioraWillCarry,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mIzzAcY2,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-11-30T23:14:09.929+0000) > > Bro, every time I turn on a stream, I see him. I watched Karasmai's stream last night, there's at least two or three games where there is Lee Sin. I just hopped on a random stream a while ago(Elite500 if you must know), and the current match has a Lee-Sin. I just ran through my match list and Lee is present about every 3 games. There were even times where there is a Lee in back to back games. I watched a number of streams today and he is always being played. If I watched, say 5 matches of say, 6 different streamers, at least 2 of each streamer's games would have a Lee-Sin. > > In contrast, I haven't seen a single Warwick anywhere in like a week. Judging from your responses, you don't play this game do you. Lee sin is the 104 place in champion performance out of 146. Stat wise, that is like saying "Kogmaw is viable in diamond" Just because everyone plays him doesn't mean they perform good or heck even win. "Making flashy plays" does not blow up the nexus by three judges giving a 10/10 like figure skating. Consistency does. Stuff like Kha'zix is VERY consistent. And warwick is 7th place in terms of performance. By the way.
If a champion who is supposedly very skill reliant manages to have almost positive winrate with literally 1/3rd of the playerbase spamming him that means one of two things: 1.) Said champion is not skill reliant at all or 2.) Said champion is overpowered enough that his skill requirement matters little. I'd wager on number 2. After all, there is absolutely zero difference between a challenger Lee and a bronze Lee executing the completely skillshot-free instagib combo of W to someone and then RQQ.
: But hasn't worlds been over for a while now? This spike in popularity I noticed is very recent, 4 days at most.
He also has a Prestige skin coming up, so expect him to be immune to balance for at least another month.
: it took the LoL community 7 years to realize Lee is op and that he isn't a "high skill champion" as people make him out to be.
Even most skill reliant champions can be successfully played by a chimpanzee when left in a blatantly overtuned state.
: Elderwood Nocturne Chroma's are still unfinished, meanwhile TD Ekko gets a skin update
If they won't bother fixing a skin the least they could do is drop false advertising. And yes, it is false advertising. Product depicted in the shop and product you get after buying it are two different things, which is pretty much the definition of the term.
: Make him not absolutely dumpster every ranged top laner and we can start considering yorick buffs.
Because God forbid a melee champion exists in toplane that doesn't just keel over and die to ranged cancer.
: Senna is a super unoriginal champion
I dare you to come with a champion concept that has 5 brand new, fully original abilities and isn't completely batshit broken. League has 146 champions, with over 700 abilities between them. With that in mind, new abilities are bound to be similar in some regard to already existing ones.
SirEnds (NA)
: What is Your Favorite Champion Lore?
{{champion:61}} as number 1, no contest. Now Riot, where's my damn VU to go with the new story? {{champion:112}} &{{champion:126}} as an interesting example of one story being told from two perspectives, with color stories providing more insight into each character. {{champion:429}} is pretty good. Honorable mention to original {{champion:412}} lore because it was metal as fuck.
: Revert the absurd AP ratio nerf on Karma's Q.
Or even better, bring her back to the drawing board. A mage that really has only one damaging ability will need to have said ability deal absurd amount of damage in order to be viable. Remember release Zoe? No one liked release Zoe.
: Did the Akali rework fail?
Compared to old Akali? No. As much as she's problematic now she's still infinitely better that old 100% point-and-click 100% stat check champion that was never anywhere near strong without being completely oppressive at the same time. Compared to what should be held as a standard for a healthy champion? Hell yes. She's surely better than she was but it's still not good enough.
: They nerfed {{champion:555}} 100 times before they nerfed him once I could easily play against him... He used to damage minions with his E He used to damage everyone in his short Q => Pyke no longer has waveclear and he is mainly and mainly support plus his damage isn't spread if he catches more people because nope you only deal damage to one target at the time which makes him a ballanced assasin - sure he can kill you if he lands everything - if he **LANDS** everything his Q has obvious sound and animation too evertyhing exept autoattacks from him you can dodge and I'm sure they nerfed more than just these things I said Play Pyke/Ban him if you don't like him but in the end he isn't broken
And they still didn't nerf the main problem: his insanely broken ult. An AoE execute that ignores shields, resets and triples the gold value of every kill makes sure that making a single mistake versus Pyke post 6 results in you being behind with little to no chance of comeback because a double kill results in his botlane being 6 kills ahead in gold. And that's not even accounting for minions, tower plates and a possible drake they will claim. Seriously, nerf that broken mess of an ultimate into the ground and revert all the other crap. Pyke being the premier feast-or-famine ult bot doesn't feel good for either side.
MarinModru (EUNE)
: Pulsfire Senna and Lucian ?
Honestly it's a missed opportunity that they didn't give Senna a High Noon skin and tied her in with the others we've got recently. Aside from the obvious matching with Lucian, the skin is brimming with potential. Oversized revolver cannon as a weapon. Tumbleweed for her root missile. Dust devil for her shroud. Add to it that Senna is actually a part of High Noon lore and the skin concept is basically writing itself. Actually, I hope she'll get into all the skinlines Lucian has. Looking forward to playing an actually likeable couple in botlane, as opposed to little miss Edgy Racist Prick and mr. Self-Obsessed Douchebag.
: I don't think "instadeleting someone without counterplay" is much of a niche. Especially shouldn't be one that's preserved.
In that case Rengar should be on top of the list. Whenever you see him being picked you know the game is going to be a 4v5, since Rengar is either going to be deleting someone with no time for anyone on the team to react or he's going to be completely useless and a detriment to his own team with no middle ground between the two.
: Akali was bitched because she could drop tower aggro under your own tower. Stop revising history.
That was only a part of why she was bitched about, as evidenced by the fact that said bitching didn't stop even after her turret immunity got removes.
: 1. Someone feeding/afking is not an excuse to be toxic, and it shouldn't be. A single report will do more than a 100+ messages. It is possible that a report will do nothing(which is bad), but flame will definitely not get him punished, and it may also get you punished. There is literally 0 reasons to type something to the troll. Also, a single "X guy is feeding" will not get you banned 2. Riot admitted that honor level grows a bit too slow at 0 and 1 lvls and will work on fixing that in s10. Still, getting punished will drop your level. Thats what being punished means, you are supposed to feel bad for that. Also, if you can't grow after 6 months, you probably keep getting deserved reports for whatever reasons. 3. It really is your responsibility to keep your account secure. Othervise everyone could do whatever they want and then spam player support with "That wasn't me, that was my brother/friend/son/someone else, because Im so kind Im sharing my passwords with everyone". 4. Rules and punishments are supposed to be the same for everyone. Having mental issues(or any other issues) is no excuse for breaking rules. If the only thing keeping you alive is LoL, you should be extra cautious to not get punished. And its not even that hard, just acting like a civilised adult person is enough to get 0 punishments
Point 3 could easily be fixed by adding some kind of an authenticator; a mobile app or even something as simple as good ol' 2-factor authentication. You know, those things everyone providing any sort of online service has in place except for Riot despite the fact it's almost 2020 and their game is 10 year old. It would reduce both account thefts and "my friend/brother/dog/whatever was on my account" excuses. Other points are spot-on.
DeusVult (NA)
: There is 0% chance that Senna abilities remain the same 2-3 months after release
Riot after seeing how Akali turned into a balance nightmare and became universally hated due to her shroud: "Let's make that crap again, but teamwide this time".
Comentários de Rioters
: I think it would be much easier for them to change the mechanics of her old kit to be fine rather than trying to fix this mess. Old Akali had a shit early game which is what kept her out of pro play. New Akali is completely bonkers broken early game in most matchups which is why she'll always be a problem. Throughout this past year the balance team has shown that they can't fix her so I would be in favor of reverting her and starting from scratch at this point. Just my opinion though.
To be honest they took the wrong approach from balancing her rework straight off the bat by refusing to touch truly problematic parts of her kit because "champion identity" for as long as the could. To nobody's surprise it ended up a huge mess. Shame, because I think new Akali is really close to being the fairest assassin out there. In theory, her kit offers ample counterplay: her damage is more drawn out than other assassins, her mobility is fairly limited and as hated as her shroud is it's still a worse escape than "I press W and I'm already half a screen away from the threat" Zed or LeBlanc. In practice? Not so much since Riot apparently has no idea how to balance her.
Infernape (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Akali is SO HOT,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mvXXpyQr,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-09-30T04:06:50.933+0000) > > Imagine ripping away like 10 mechanics from Akali, but she still continues to be a balance nightmare. Imagine reworked Akali being nerfed more in a year than pre rework Akali ever has. At this point she should be reverted and worked on gameplay wise.
Old Akali was more or less a pure stat check champion; either she had enough stats for her fully point-and-click damage to burst someone or she didn't. It's much easier to keep a champion like that down since there's only so much you can nerf, where new Akali has much more stuff going on for her so taking one of those down is pretty much a hit or miss.
: Just tuning in to draw attention on the fact that...
By now it's common knowledge that Riot's bal... I mean Riot's balan... Sorry, I can't bring myself to say the B-word and Riot in the same sentence. Anyway, it's common knowledge that those changes are motivated by money first and creating an actually enjoyable game experience second. All that is left for us is to either ride with it and main Riot's golden boys/girls or quit and play an actually good game.
: are you a midlaner or you just making assmuptions about zoe?
You never played against old Nidalee apparently. Her spears had more range than Zoe's Q+R combo along with costing less mana, having a shorter cooldown, a broken hitbox the size of Africa and you didn't need to combo them with 2 other spells for maximum effect. You know what was the optimal way to play Nidalee back then? To never use half of your kit. You'd only switch to Cougar when you needed to escape, otherwise it was just stay at max range and spam Q until you hit something, at which point you immediately force them to back or die. Even LCS games were won by blindly spamming spears into fog of war hoping that they hit something and getting lucky. Zoe, or any champion for that matter, doesn't come even close to those levels of cancer.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: He originally had % bonus damage on his W. This was removed for the reap. Then they removed the reap and he got +10 damage on q and increased W activation range. How is that not less overall damage? The reap got you like +30/40 in mid game, which wasn't on just q but every single bit of his damage. How is that a buff?
If that was indeed a nerf, then how come his winrate had increased? I'm afraid facts and statistics don't speak in your favor here.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: i guess every zed player is just biased then. We don't know shit about the champion we main
I mean, Zed mains whined pretty loudly about how badly nerfed he was back when AD reap was removed in favor of more damage across his kit when everyone else saw it for a buff it was, which was proven correct by stats after. So yes, that is either biased or not knowing shit about the champion. There is no third explanation.
: How come Akali, with impunity, can stand on top of minios and spam Q on me
Ah yes, Akali spamming her Q (spamming means "using it two times before she's out of energy" in this situation) for amazing 25-125 base damage per cast is certainly more than enough to bully out Renekton or Olaf. Seriously, just E-Q in her general direction as Renekton and you'll deal more damage in return and also heal up a chunk of what you received.
Diävolo (EUW)
: ***
Show on the diagram where the mean plant lady touched you.
: Braum at 45% WR
It's simple. Worlds are coming and Rakan is a champion that enables flashy plays, while Braum is a champion that specializes in stopping plays. Ergo, champions like Rakan will be kept intentionally overtuned while those like Braum will be kept underpowered for the time being.
KazKaz (OCE)
: My problem with her is that she's being constantly nerfed, even while she's only just "decent" at most levels of play. I do not enjoy playing champions who get nerfed into underwhelming states, then slightly buffed, only to be nerfed again. I personally have 0 issues with facing Akali, it's just that in terms of her being "balanced" there are enough signs to indicate that she can never be associated with that term given the current state of her kit.
That's not any different from old Akali. The fact that she was impossible to peel, had all of her damage being point and click, had and a shitload of sustain meant that every time she was good she was beyond opressive and quickly got nerfed. People look at old Akali through rose-colored glasses due to how hated new one is, but her design was way, way worse.
: > And naw, I didn't sign up for "limited champ pools and unfair comps every game". I signed up for "Everyone gets a random champion and you make do with a random team". The failure is on Riot for not putting forth what is advertised here. "ARAM" is all random all mid. Not "All certain champions I like to play all mid". You are aware that the "All Random" part of ARAM refers to Everyone (As in ALL) choosing the Random button instead of picking a champion in their list of champions. The list of champions that they've bought, and not the champions they haven't bought, because surprise, we don't like playing all the champions in the game. Does that mean there will be people who cheese the system into their favor? Yeah, but I personally think it's a small cost for people being able to have a chance to play the champions they like to play, regardless if they are poke champions or not. Games are for *Fun*, and people aren't going to have fun when they keep getting champions they can't play, or don't have fun playing. Balancing those problematic champions to help create a fairer environment, is a much healthier solution than increasing the chance that people will get from the get-go unfun games, because they got an unfun champion (Subjective, ofc). From the beginning, ARAM has never been fair, but it's been fun. I firmly believe the fun someone has with their champion, should matter more than the outcome of the game, but that's just my personal sentiment on it. You can have fun in a losing game if the champion is fun for you. Regardless if you're winning or not, getting a champion that isn't fun, is going to make it a bad experience no matter what. You may have created a 'Fairer' experience, but you've created a unfun one.
You can have the fun in a losing game if your champion is fun for you, but you can't have fun if opposing team is full of dedicated ARAM accounts with odds heavily stacked against you from the get-go. ARAM should be true random, period - and if someone doesn't like the "random" part they can go to literally any other game mode and not worry about getting a champion they do not enjoy playing.
: Nunu and lulu used to have that but it was removed. Prob because an AD/Aspd boost is useful for a few autos, but with an AP boost someone can use their full skill rotation and 1-shot anyone before it expires.
> [{quoted}](name=DUDE BRO,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XBlV4wAa,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-09-01T05:22:24.560+0000) > > Nunu and lulu used to have that but it was removed. > > Prob because an AD/Aspd boost is useful for a few autos, but with an AP boost someone can use their full skill rotation and 1-shot anyone before it expires. How is that different from slapping an AD boost on, say, Zed and have him dump his combo to delete someone? Seems an awful loot like spellvamp removal, where giving it to AP champions was considered "too hard to balance" while the likes of Riven and Graves were near immortal due to their AD-exclusive spellvamp source in form of Death's Dance.
: Comic Dusk Xayah tier and price: Epic, 1350 RP Star Guardian Xayah tier and price: Legendary, 1820 RP Legendary skins can have different effects.
I was under the impression that a 1350 tier also deserved different effects. Also, this wouldn't be the first time either; Dragonslayer Braum got his passive only after El Tigre with different passive got released. But then again Riot won't make as much money from changing an old skin and days when Riot did something for the players before profit are long gone.
: Riot, since you clearly don't understand, let me tell you exactly what you're missing.
Riot doesn't listen to words. They only listen to money. We can express with words in details why Eternals in their current form are a bad idea, but those words are quieter than wallets of people who will buy them.
: Please don't let the next Star Guardian event be another fake event
Just watch as next PVE gamemode is locked behind an event pass.
: Akali
> [{quoted}](name=LoveNacho,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=If9HQhUG,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-22T15:30:58.818+0000) > > I think most people can agree that old Akali is way less cancerous than this tumor of a champion is today. Let's agree to disagree. New Akali isn't perfect, but at least she has some counterplay. Old one had 100% of her damage being point and click, which combined with 3 dashes which used to reset on takedown and sustain means that there was no counterplay. She just stat checked whoever was in range and that someone either died if her stats were enough or she died if they weren't.
Rewt (NA)
: Bans in ARAM should definately be a permanent mainstay
Riot cares more about money coming from ARAM-only accounts than they care about the game mode itself being fun the way it's meant to be, so that won't happen.
: Why can't they simply do what they have done with rune pages aka giving you the ability to be able to both pay with blue essence and with RP. That would be the right way to do things
Because that would be a sensible thing to do. Riot has given up on sensible a long time ago.
Ztoka (NA)
: So sad a game that had mostly bot accounts is going away.. I mean, that's why they kill game modes, not enough real people play them to justify things. That's why dominion left. Very small fan base taking resources away from where they could be utilized better. Hopefully they can put those minimal resources to use elsewhere.
> [{quoted}](name=Ztoka,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=v2AhIFl4,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2019-08-02T19:35:04.760+0000) > > So sad a game that had mostly bot accounts is going away.. I mean, that's why they kill game modes, not enough real people play them to justify things. That's why dominion left. Very small fan base taking resources away from where they could be utilized better. > Hopefully they can put those minimal resources to use elsewhere. And what's the reason TT is a bot-infested cesspool with a small playerbase? Exactly the fact that they didn't put any resources into the game mode. So by axing it they don't need to put resources into fixing problems made by not putting any resources to it in the first place. ARAM is next on the chopping block, mark my words. TFT is the new shiny cash cow that gets all the attention, and all the bots will have to migrate somewhere once TT is gone. "But Weiss, ARAM is a more popular mode so it won't happen", I hear you say. That's exactly how people laughed off the grim predictions of TT being retired once Dominion got axed for the same reason; people were saying "there is no way Riot would just delete one of main game modes that was there from the start. And look where we are now,
Mártir (EUW)
: Removing Twisted Treeline (3v3)? WTF Riot? Serious?
> [{quoted}](name=Mártir,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rhfdVaUJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-31T17:56:05.899+0000) > > And Im not gonna say "Your Incomes will decrease/The player base will drop" if they remove 3v3, because I dont think so. > That's exactly why they are removing it. SR is the primary game mode and as such it makes money. ARAM makes money from people making ARAM-only account and buying all the best champions to get an unfair edge (also why they removed bans despite universally positive reactions to them; profit from ARAM-only accounts is more important than actual game balance). TFT makes money from RNG eggs. People might enjoy TT, but it doesn't make money. And the time Riot valued players over their wallets has long passed.
: I think riven needs a little q buff
I think Karthus needs a buff as well. He's already dead but somehow you can still kill him. Riot please make Karthus permanently have Tryndamere ult on as a new passive because otherwise it makes no sense.
Edu26333 (EUW)
: i got suspended
If you were indeed in a full party, get all of your teammates to say that they reported as a joke. Riot actually overturned a case or two like that when all 4 teammates chimed in. Shouldn't be a hard thing to do if what you're saying is true.
: Not a regular revert Akali post
Let's not pretend that old Akali didn't have her own mountain-sized pile of problems different than the new one. She was a champion with truckloads of sustain, several dashes and 100% of her damage being point and click, thus turning her into one of biggest stat checks in game. Did she have enough stats to kill someone. She killed that someone. Did she not have enough stats to do so? She was useless since she brought nothing else to the team. As much as new Akali is hated, I'd rather play against 10 good players on new Akali than have just one game versus a good player on old Akali.
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: Yuumi would likely detach from her friendly champion because that space is only for 1v1s.
It's confirmed from people who playtested that she gets detached.
NLxgeorgex (EUNE)
: LeaverBuster "Ban/Penalty" Appeal
If you know your internet is bad, then don't play team-based online games. Period.
: She does not make me jump for joy when i see her in my lane.
Still way better than old Akali. Did she have enough stats to kill you? You just die because she has 3 dashes and all her damage is point and click. Then your nearby teammate dies because she got her dash charges back and healed for a crapton while killing you. Did she lack stats to kill you? She's useless.
: Can we all get those rewards too?
Ehh. 3 chests, some champions and a mediocre skin. We aren't exactly missing out on anything. What I really want is those icons new players get for completing the tutorial. Ahri and MF ones are beautiful; and what exactly is the reasoning for not giving something as trivial as icons to old players? They aren't even available for purchase if I'm not mistaken; if you made your account before they got available tough luck.
Hotarµ (NA)
: >that champion is nerfed around the rune instead of the rune getting reworked.  So we should nerf the rune and indirectly all the other champions who depend on it? I agree that nerfing a champion isn't a good idea but it's the lesser of two evils. Do you nerf a champion who's too strong with a rune or indirectly nerf the other 20+ champions who use it? Balancing every keystone's interaction with every single champion is almost impossible since we have 140+ champions at the moment.
These runes were just a mistake. As you said, you can't balance a rune around all champions that use it so you have to change champions themselves. Then you nerf a champion who is too strong with a rune so they are forced into taking the said rune in order to compete. And then, what's the point of having a rune system? You will take the same keystone 100% of the time and + whatever minor runes don't suck on your champion and that's it. No point in having choices at all.
Rhai (EUNE)
: Wouldn't removing the runes and balancing around the champions be better instead? The runes doesn't seem to have cause anything but trouble.
That's what we had, but if there's something Riot's balance team is best at then its attempting to fix stuff that isn't broken until they break them and then leave actually broken stuff lying around because they can't admit mistakes unless it's a beyond gamebreaking fuck-up like 5.0 AS Koggles.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Exactly. Don't get me wrong, I think the person spoiling it is still a jerk, but it's just kind of ridiculous to punish someone for something as trivial as spoiling a movie. That's my 2cents, anyway.
It certainly has a higher impact than your average trashtalking tho. Someone in an online game calling you an idiot and describing sexual acts with your mother? Everyday occurrence, most of us have learned to shrug it off by now. Someone spoiling and therefore sucking the fun out of something you were really looking forward to? Way more likely to get a person tilted. We are already punishing people for being jerks in chat to each other. And this is one kind of being a jerk that actually has impact outside of the game, so going by current rules about what gets punished and what doesn't, it should get punished.
: yeah but riot doesn't care about banrate, yasuo has had a high winrate for years and riot doesn't care
But unlike Akali Yasuo has several Epic skins and a Legendary so it's in Riot's interest to keep their golden boy strong and buff him the moment they suspect he might get slightly on the weak side.
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