: That moment your going for demon synergy and all your rolling are Warwicks and Nidalees Ques up second game* Guess Ill go for wild synergy Not a single fucking Warwick to be seen
demon is garbage xD and everytime I play it im against kassadins and vaynes that dont have mana xD
: A number of reasons. Most of those are a result of not playing the role or having a great understanding of how it works. - They're solely focused on the idea that their roles will LOSE some impact in the meta if marksmen are strong. The fact that marksmen have little or no agency until the point where they can carry the game doesn't matter to them. - They justify marksmen being weak by clinging to the fact that bot lane players still choose marksmen in most games. The fact that most of those marksmen can't viably be played in any other lane doesn't matter to them. - They think marksmen do too much damage too easily and quickly when crit is good and marksmen hit 3 crit items. The facts that the build is not very strong UNTIL 3 items, and that consistent damage is really all the marksmen class provides is not their concern. - They don't want to be forced to depend on their marksmen to win fights or games at any point. Marksmen being dependent on the team for the entire game to be able to do anything isn't their problem. When late game marksmen are strong they still are reliant on the entire team at all points of the game to help them build to the point where they can carry. They become the most reliable win condition on a team, but the tradeoff is how they mostly can't do much of anything on their own. A lot of people on these boards can't see that tradeoff or don't care, and just don't like the idea of the ADC win condition "overshadowing" their individual play.
the true thing is this that one adc in each game gets fed and you have to basically send mid + jungle to get a chance to gank them and that is only if you dont get counter ganked, that 10/0 lucian finally carries team fight and you cant even catch him.
Hotarµ (NA)
: I honestly think Conqueror wouldn't be a problem if it didn't give bonus AD _in addition_ to true damage. Conqueror's niche should have been "helps against tanks" instead of "helps against everyone **and then some**." There's no reason to take any other keystone on most melee champions because if you can't run Conqueror, chances are you run Electrocute or a Resolve keystone instead. I'd like to see them experiment and make Conqueror do a small % of current health in true damage to help damage tanks over time instead of dominating everyone at most points of the game.
There was no time in league that you build armor and play like garbage and dont get snowballed on, learn how to play and you will stop inting soon
: Btw you can {{item:3157}} during the ult charge up and leap since nothing can stop the spell from happening besides death, not even statis
her ult stuns and you can run away easily , this douch bag is i4
L33Tx (EUNE)
: Request: African Server
: I love people who say a strong champion like zed is weak while....
it is a skill match up (kat vs zed) if you lose u are bad
: Patch 9.1 and 9.2 are what is going to kill season 9
vayne get one shotted as usual and bullied in lane kalista problem in competitive play is her nashor secure that they nerfed it by 50% so she will not do more dmg than smite
: Maybe the issue isn't conqueror at all. Have you tried using different champions in these match ups?
I dont think riot considers a low elo idiot opinion on conqueror, conqueror is super weak comparing to fervor of battle
: Solocarry potential is a major problem
i mean u can carry as well, u just need to improve buddy. now everyone can do something considerable in game, u can carry urself aswell, dont cry l2p

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