: What was kept * hypercarry status * Resistance shredding * heal + Ms Boost on W * Slow on Q * Hybrid scaling * Invulnerable Ultimate * bonus on hit magic damage with hybrid scaling * Consistent damage> burst * Bonus auto range on E What was destroyed * being able to auto attack while invulnerable * Early game ranged auto’s Yeah, no, this is one of the MOST faithful full VGU’s to an old champions kit, beating out even {{champion:19}} in comparison.
and the basic autos while using ult now u cant do that :) theres some good stuff wont deny that but these are important skills that they changed
: I think the new Kayle is good.
i hope so but i think she wont feel the same anymore i think :(
: I think that the new Katie’s kit is awesome and pays respect to her original concept. She’s been modernaized in the best way possible.
i hope shes gonna be good but that E was everything for kayle mains
: i don't know if riot changed identity of kayle because i have no idea what identity kayle had outside of "im hypercarry" (which is still preserved)
hhhhhh :) hyper carry is much better now then before
: No, besides for the face they did a very good job keeping her identity and theme, her new abilities make sense and have far more synergy and usefulness then most give it credit for, if she is super weak on release i guarantee that is only because her numbers are wrong / people trying to play her in a lane instead of jungle.
she was a good jngler but most mains player her in lane rather then jng
: > [{quoted}](name=ZokAdoX,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=16VW1HBR,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-02-23T13:31:27.902+0000) > > i agree she won't the same as before that's for sure > morgana mains gonna be happy unlike kayle mains but i hope she's gonna be good and stronger then before She seems kinda mediocre until level 11. Then she becomes a power house. Then at 16 she goes super saiyan mode.
the thing is most game end up too fast these days hard to reach lvl 16 now
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Riot pretty much killed her
i agree she won't the same as before that's for sure morgana mains gonna be happy unlike kayle mains but i hope she's gonna be good and stronger then before
Saezio (EUNE)
: Not really. Was ornn getting unstoppable back on his W and removing the shield a rework? Was akali W tower protection removal a rework? Was irelia R disarm removal a rework?
well riot called it a rework :)
: If you call the Morgana rework a good rework then you don't know the difference between a rework and a purely visual update.
overall its visual yes but the slight rework in her kit is still considered a rework :)
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ZokAdoX (EUW)
: fixing soloq roles
everything they told us about iron and grand master is completely wrong its destroyed the balance of the game entirely
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Honestly like been said the splash art are amazing but the in game is way waaay too bad for aatrox I’ll never switch the original for a skin that doesn’t fit aatrox at all first of all : - the new blood moon skin should be an oni mask with long nose same as susano in naruto not this human face -the original or any skin of aatrox is way better in terms of body shape (slim and muscled) while the new skin only makes his hand so big and makes him way too fat compared to other skins which ruined this skin more for me - his sword looks so bad in my opinion not even good and doesn’t fit the concept of bloodmoon skins at all since most skins have this blood animations thing in it that fit the weapon and skin. -most blood moon does have that full good armor shape of a samurai and the bad thing that I see that aatrox would fit him that samurai full dark armor + oni will make him really good rather then this. In my opinion this skin definitely needs to be reworked or else it will fail.


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