: Please end smurfing and start releasing simpler Champions.
Apparantly a lot of people on the boards think smurfing is fine. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/LpwVURUh-if-riot-honestly-wanted-to-prevent-smurfing-they-would My post here was met a lot of enthusiasm, and a few people even seem to assume that smurfing isn't wrong. You're better off playing Dota 2 like I do these days, as Valve is actually taking measures against preventing smurfing.
Keiaga (NA)
: Maybe youre losing becayse youre buying accounts that arent in your elo?
No, I am losing coz I have been playing jungle on this account. I don't usually play jungle, and I've been trying to play Kayn who isn't an early game ganker. Playing mid/top lane gets me way better winrates but I don't want to play that on this account. I also can't log into the boards using my account on the Singapore server. I buy an account coz Riot also won't allow me to migrate my SIngapore account to EuW. There's your answer.
: I used to main top lane Ezreal in season 5, I since moved to maining jungle because it allows me to have more control over my lanes and the course of the game.
Exactly why I started to jungle. I'm having a difficult time understand it's dynamics since I last jungled in early S8 and since had moved to top/mid.
: So.... you are complaining about playing Top... Because you lost a single game... Because the enemy team worked well together... And your team didnt do very well... And its all top lanes fault... Makes complete sense to me
Have you got dyslexia? I ask coz you've clearly not red my entire post. Albeit a bit long, I expect you to read it before you comment.
Keiaga (NA)
: Whats the logic of buying an account?
I don't need to answer that as I am not complaining about it, and clearly don't need to. Create a new thread if that's what the two of you'll are curious about.
: This could apply to any lane. Match making is horribly uneven.
It wouldn't. As I replied to another member here, as a midlaner should I see the opponent jungler defending the lane in their laner's absence it gives me the choice to roam and create pressure elsewhere. As a bot laner, I can just as easily force the jungler out in a 2v1. As a top laner you can't do shit when your TP's down. Should you get camped and your jungler doesn't counter gank you play safe. "Play safe" is another fancy word for being prepared to give up turret, and farm. While death may be worse, playing safe doesn't help you exactly retain a lead either. I'd rather play safe in this case but there isn't a way I can leave my lane as readily to create pressure elsewhere and also manage to return to it in time to defend my turret in instances where I want to the way mid laner and supports can.
: You make it sound like some other role would be able to carry three people who lost when the enemy team had only one.
Perhaps not, but another role wouldn't be so ignored or heavily influenced by jungle pressure. The only reason I couldn't hard win my lane in this sample match was due to his jungler protecting the turret in his absence, and then starting to camp me after I caused that Jax to 0/2. If this was bot lane I'd be able to push that Eve out in a 2v1 easily in the absence of her laners, and had this been mid, I'd be just as easily able to roam to a different lane to create pressure. Hell if this was a different lane my jungler would come help me even if I was fighting under the opponent's turret meanwhile top lane is so coinflippy with the junglers that should you get one which prefers "ganking bot" won't come help you even when you'r being dived under your own turret. Which is exactly what happened with me in this game where I had to play safe and give up my turret, allowing that Jax to catch back up on CS, and I couldn't help but end the match at 2/4 due to every laner being fed. Bot and mid have options which top doesn't. It's either TP gank and help other lanes or avoid trying to gain a lead in the name of playing safe.
: Thank god you haven't moved on to dota 2, what a tragedy that would be...
> [{quoted}](name=Bad Footwear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zVw2hANh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-28T22:36:00.792+0000) > > Thank god you haven't moved on to dota 2, what a tragedy that would be... And why would that be a thing? Dota's developers listen to their players, have a far better state of balance although with a different philosophy, and have of recent been working hard on improving their matchmaking. Toxic players are also dealt with better there.
: i can tell by your name that you bought that account. if you go in your match history and scroll a couple months back, you'll probably see the bot that was playing on your account before you bought it. you'll be banned within the next couple of months when the next bot/script ban wave rolls out. don't post here about it when you do. ty
Why are you telling me something I am aware of? This post isn't for me to try and appeal a ban. That isn't even the subject of this post. I am aware of what I have done, and if you're trying to shame me into feeling guilty then thanks for your concern, but I think you're wasting your time.
: Maybe try a different jungler.
Going to do that. Kayn doesn't seem to be for me and I'll probably be better off playing Elise or Jarvan.
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: Basically you camp whichever of your lanes is winning the hardest so you scale as soon as possible. There's not a whole lot base kayn can do for lane that's 0/5 usually so your best move is to get fed elsewhere to deal with it in the midgame.
That makes sense, except over my last few games hardly any of my laners seem to react to my ganks despite advanced pings and in most games people tend to be stupid af. I am trying to climb as a jungler on this account and it's a nightmare. Really makes me respect jungle mains.
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: Early Ganks. Don't try to all-in champions because like you said yourself, Kayn is very weak early. But since your form is charged based off damage you do to enemy champions, ganking early and hitting enemies with spells and auto's speeds up your form in the fastest way. Attacking Melee champions will charge Red faster, and Attacking ranged champions will charge blue faster.
I tried searching a bit on this, and the posts (usually from a year ago or older) claim that the progress to either form is gated till 10 mins in. Is this still true, or do I get a significant amount of orbs right from the start of the match?
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