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iBwErica (EUW)
: Please make Star Guardian syndra's thighs bigger
This isnt over yet we need to press forward and make this dream of mine a realty, please help me fellow degenerates!{{champion:134}}
: her whole deal is Orbs right? i'm certain making her rounder is a perfectly thematic idea. >3>
: Im surprised no one made a thicc joke yet
Alex Luu (NA)
: A few things I wanna say: 1. wow,lol 2. "only request in life" , you sure got your priorities in order. 3. wow again 4. thin thighs sure do make people discouraged ,huh? lol
i'm just a simple female trying to fulfill her dreams, please don't interfere with negative comments that doesen't support my goal in life. I need my thighs on sg-syndra And the thing that's discouraging me is: "In the current state star guardian syndra has way too small thighs compare to the original syndra and her other skins"
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