46andtwo (NA)
: "Game is still in progress" but can't even load the game, HOW do we fix this?
Gotten this a few times now since the patch. At first I tried to reconnect but it wouldn't let me, so now I just restart my PC immediately and I'm usually in for the first PVE round!
CytheGuy (NA)
: RIOT GAMES, 1 gold =/= 1 item
> [{quoted}](name=CytheGuy,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=IjMucYOF,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-17T16:44:06.823+0000) > > This logic is actually a joke Truer words are seldom spoken on this forum!!
AkatsuNL (EUW)
: TFT, please nerf Glacial
Consider the following: Make glacial a.k.a **ICE** a layer of armour and Frozen Heart. AFAIK a champ take full damage even when encased in ice? In my mind it would be relatively "easy" to implement such an effect given they are already in game. This way we can still build glacial comps but it would not be without a downside.
PekiCodex (EUW)
: Facts about TFT that are 100% fact
When THEIR Phantom comp set YOUR champ to 100 HP they will do so to the heftiest one! https://imgur.com/gallery/Twlzas3
: Sometimes the AI won't move or do anything if there is no room for them to move.
Yes, I considered that, except I have seen her in other plays and she would simply just use her bow right there or do a side step/go diagonally. I also considered it could be a range issue, but again I've seen her hit from that distance without moving at all. So I'm at a loss at what it could be!
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Comp bonuses are overrated. The 5+ unit bonuses are generally not worth at all. And if you cannot get at least two few-units bonuses you are doing something wrong. So my answer is never. Unless you only care for "be 1st or go home". Then yeah if you feel you won't win it all go ff :D. But I try to survive as long as I can even if rng went really poorly for me.
Everyone is entitled to their opnion!
Ratpie (NA)
: This game unlike LoL is not a team game, so leaving really doesn't matter. It only matters to the leaver, because I don't think you can even start another round until that one finishes anyway.
Not correct. Quitting a match means you have to sit it out. Surrendering is simply admitting your opponents are better in most respects, and subsequently free to start a new match
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: Just sell him and put his item on someone else...is this really something to complain about?
In my experience if you do not know of what you speak, you should keep silent. It was not about Lucian as such, but the fact that he did not drop as a champion again in the game, at all, for all of the players. That was the point. Now thake your fucking snarky attitude and fuck off somewhere else!!
iainB85 (NA)
: Were you paying attention to what other people were upgrading? The champion pool is shared, so if you see two other people with a 2 star Lucian, that means it's time to move on as you aren't going to find him anymore.
I was in fact the only one going for Lucian, which made me even madder!!! At some pont I thought they were experimenting with the roster but it's sadly not so. I just played a game were I literally was handed nothing but assassins, and I hate playing them. No thought behind positioning, just leave them at the baseline and let RNG sort it out. (I had a gold Khazix at 3.1
: Winning Team Comps
This is wonderful to me! I have been succesfull with full Yorlde comp as well as complemented ones. It is a sight to behold to witness them try to hit my little people!!
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