: Kindred has a quote towards Amumu. >Taunting an Enemy Amumu: >Lamb: "We understand your loneliness, but... " >Wolf: "...stay away!" Now Kindred as a whole is a god of death, they know when someone is supposed to die and what a undead is and they are very vocal about their dislike for them. The fact that they so outright refuse to do anything with Amumu is just all manners of weird, i cant even begin to guess what the deal is. Might be a cursed Yordle (timeless thus supposed to be alive and not killed by kindred) but the curse is basically making him be like an undead for all intents and purposes. A very weird kind of undead.
That's so interesting omg! We're all on to something here lol
Mcmxcix (NA)
: As much as i loved reading your post, Kindred can sense and KNOWS when someone isn't dead, undead and resurrected, "THEY" are the God of Death, Aspect of Death, Death itself and it's in "Their" power to know whom's alive and who isn't. But if Kindred doesn't hunt some one, that means that SOME ONE's time didn't come to an end ... yet.
True, maybe you could make it so the wolf did not want to end his hunt quickly for once too? It'll be interesting to look at :D
Terozu (NA)
: Another thing is the black and white is a spiral. It's possible this video had some influence on the kindreds design. Another thing to note is that the Kindred tell Amumu to stay away from them.
It would be a cool cross over!! Imagine if Amumu got a rework and his ult was the opposite of Kindred's🤔🤔
: I like senna and all, buuuttttt.....
I think she will get needed soon as because she is just out she is buffed. It's pretty popular amongst games to buff the newest champions so everyone will buy them and down the line nerf them :)
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