Gradeient (EUW)
: Huge fps drops after patch 9.22?
guys i have a live chat and they say to me : (the game is constantly evolving.. getting more feature, mechanics.. and this means that more resources are used when the game is being ran) and than: (thank you as well and, I know it can be frustrating but optimization of the game in order to keep up with the current technology is necessary so please consider upgrading your system in order to have the optimal specs) its dont have any Mather for them We go to understand!
AkiseeAru (EUNE)
: Fps drop in patch 9.22 also ping lvl up
Gradeient (EUW)
: Huge fps drops after patch 9.22?
my game freezed after after FPS drop and i should close them and reopen
: Ranked 2019 — /dev Update #1
hi i have fps drop issue pleas fix it every game i have 5 min fps drop from 7 to 12 min


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