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: What exactly is Jax's weakness?
Jax weakness : heavy AP damage JAx Weakness : {{champion:69}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:103}}
Gummsi (EUNE)
: Harsher punishment for trolling?
yea i just had 5 games loss because of trolls in my games as well . but im not salty im kinda used to it and i play so less on this acc ( my main) and i have multiple smurfs which i play on them mostly and because they have high MMR when i get trolls i dont lose so much LP so i dont tilt so much . it (playing on smurf) was my only choice to enjoy the game again. now i just dont care because there is no ban system when i have troll i just AFK and check my phone untill game ends because i dont get banned as well because there is no ban system XD . league is fucked up right now bro
: What do you consider to be the biggest issue with playing this game?
ADD ban system to ur vote options thats the issue . fucking broken useless ban system
: I really don't understand the balance methods in this game.
Renekton is riven's counter . u want more renekton buffs?
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: Something needs to honestly be done about smurfs
> [{quoted}](name=r4mp4geing,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ec5ttuvA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-24T06:09:46.138+0000) > > Seriously there is nothing enjoyable about facing someone that has way more skill then you do. I don't care about the circumstance. In rank really all it does is demoralize a player. You wonder why people are so toxic. That would be a part of the reason. Heres the result of a smurf. One the team mates give their team mate a hard time for dying so much. Not that they stood a chance to begin with and 2 its pretty much just boosting players on the smurfs team. And I really don't care how you try to spin this you don't see pro's playing high school or college players in any sport. Why because there is no entertainment value in it. AS soon as u touch diamond . u understand why people smurf . and u become one too . as soon as u reach top 1% . u meet 1000 autofilled players every game because of low population there . as soon as u reach there ur LP gain drops to 15 . boosted players are in all ranks but diamond boosteds have to play or their rank decay and drop . so u see way more often boosted players in matches at the point that u see u have no impact in game at all no mattter what . just it matter which team has the boosted player . Since the goal of most players in league is just hitting diamond and not higher . as soon as they reach it . they just dont care . u see alot of games who people troll , dont give a shit , not playing main champ , not playing main role on purpose just because they dont give a shit they already reached where they wanted . mix all these things together and u can actually imagine HELL . SO The Real Question is. What RIOT DID TO HIGH ELO WHICH FORCED PLAYERS TO SMURFING INSTEAD ?
: How can you guys still play ranked and not go insane ?
im so agree with u on the shitty matchmaking system and shitty ban system and shitty balance and i also upvoted u . but i need to say this. RANKED is not for enjoying . its for competetive . u are not supposed to enjoy while playing ranked . u enjoy when u get that high elo border . thats when u enjoy . u enjoy when u get on top of the ladder . not during the game. u are not supposed to enjoy during RANKED games . u suppose to tryhard . lose somtimes . learn . be passion . be smart . when barcelona and Real madrid are playing against each other literally no player in the ground is enjoying the game they are going through so much pain and tears and hard trying . They enjoy after they win that CUP . thats how competetive things works. if u want to enjoy during the game u need to play ARAM or Pubg or fortnite or minecraft or GTA or etc ... . RANKED is not made to enjoy during the game. how ever im hardly agree with u on shitty matchmaking system and not fair games part. but im not agree with u on the ENJOY part . thats not a part of RANKED and competetive play.
enshine (NA)
: 100%, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, of the time, when someone cries about "forced 50% matchmaking"
> [{quoted}](name=enshine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fOPPEWdw,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-17T20:16:18.712+0000) > > \>less than 5 cs per minute almost every game > \>zero control wards every game > \>wrong builds > \>wrong masteries > \>no main champion > \>no main class > \>no main role > \>gray KDA > > "RiOt Is HoLdInG mE dOwN" > #Try fucking improving yourself instead of shifting the blame > Here's a start. Here was _my_ start. Here's the SINGLE reason I touched plat in season 7 after being hardstuck bronze and silver for 4 seasons: > > ######Maybe not THE single reason. I was inting or leaving about half my games before, while also blame shifting, while also refusing to improve. After that account got banned for meanwords™, I went back to inting and leaving half my games xd Well . i complain about matchmaking system alot but . i am D4 atm. top 1% of the ladder. i have +9 CS per min +2 Control wards per game as top laner since im top 5 best tryndamere players in EU i create best build and masteries and other players learn from me. i play main champ every game i play main role every game. im MVP in my wins and ACE in my loses (best player in the team) in most of my games. and i have 55% winrate. so edit ur title its not 100% of the time. change it to 70% or somthing. i complain about matchmaking system. because its shit. can i get better ? of course. do i do mistakes in game ? of course i do. im a human. do i have +50% winrate ? yes . am i climbing ? yes . but neither of these doesnt mean that matchmaiking is not shit. it sucks. matchmaking system. ban system. LP system. MMR system. all of them suck hard. and should get reworked ASAP.
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: I really don't care if diamond smurfs are in my games, but what I don't like is the attitude that so many of them bring with them. We're in high gold/low plat elo, and if you're diamond 4, you won't be stomping like you were in bronze. That's just the truth, and I see way too many diamond smurfs unable to move on from that fact. So many diamond players refuse to work with the team or outright throw because someone didn't do something they said, which is something we all have to do deal with. If you can't deal with people making mistakes, don't smurf. If you're not this type of smurf, then this isn't about you, but we do need to recognize it's a problem. I've had a dozen diamond players throw in my games this season alone, both on my team and the enemy team. They say they're smurfing so it doesn't matter to them, then they link their OP.GG and they're having a hard time like we are in gold and plat right now. So they're the last person that should be ego tripping when they're throwing in our games. We can clearly see why you guys don't want to play on your mains, so why are so many throwing on smurfs? I would be fine with smurfs if Riot made it so whatever you do on your side account effects your main account. People shouldn't get away with hard throwing and harassment just because they're on their side. I want to see duo queue removed as well, specifically because of smurfs. It isn't being used as intended. There's a massive duo queue boosting issue in gold and plat. Often times the player getting boosted deserves low silver at best, and the low diamond smurf is not good enough to carry that kind of dead weight at our elo, especially if it's top/jungle duo. It's also very oppressive when two smurfs duo queue together.
ok. i didnt write this topic to justify that. its a shitty thing. whole this smurf thing. im not justifying it at all. and i didnt write it so some people come and agree with me or some people attack me for that. i just wrote that to share it. its a FACT . and its not player's faults . everyone should be able to enjoy the game on their main and only account. but they cant because of thing i said . and its not only for diamond smurfs its same for master smurfs and challenger smurfs and LCS smurfs. there is no diffrence . faker has 2 smurf accounts. TF blade has more then 20 smurf accounts. literally every body. anyway. i dont want defend myself or justify smurfing thing. its so shitty but it exist and its a fact and its not player's fault its riot's fault . its system's fault. and u dont need to attack me . That is a fact that u can accept and upvote and support ur community so riot maybe one day listen to that or u can just attack me .
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Barkley (NA)
: Please stop saying "I'm X higher rank on my main"
The Real question is . Why high elo players are not enjoying on their mains and they (even Faker) are forced to have 2-3 smurfs at least? whats the problem riot ? maybe LP gain issues ? maybe matchmaking system issues ? maybe wintraders? maybe all of these things i just said ?
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: Is getting boring...
yea i just quitted TFT when it was late game and it was 1v1 me and other guy both assassins + 3 ninjas and he was saving gold +50 and i was just re-rolling non-stop and he found last ninja (akali) without even one roll and i didnt get any . this amout of RNG makes games unfair and unskilled . whats the point on that fucking Re-roll button if it costs u gold and gives u nothing
: The reason Riot doesn't listen to threads such as this is because its always someone whining and complaining. People keep forgetting that for every bad or slow thing in this game, there are plenty of wonderful things. So instead of whining about Boards being useless, post a useful suggestion that can enhance the game. Riot DOES listen to the Boards and I know because I frequently happen upon posts where a good point was made and Riot said hmmm ok we can take a look at that. At the end of the day they are a gaming company. People of the boards are NOT professionals so even though there are many great ideas in their eyes, Riot is well within their rights to decide, as a professional company, that they will take a different option. I believe they are passionate about their game, and that they do whats best and if they make a mistake, they use patch notes to fix it. Its a game. its technology. There will be issues, but being negative and aggressive will not solve anything. So lets chin up and help Riot instead of raging against them because that solves nothing.
OK you are right. Can u explain why riot doesnt change anything about matchmaking system ? they know its fucked right? but they dont do anything and players are quitting ranked at least
: I know your matchmaking is bad, but, like...
i used to have some fun and some impact on the game untill s9 . even s8 was a bit better . i still could feel a little bit competition in games. but now i dont feel any competition in my games. my performance is not effecting game at all because trolls are so much. in before it was like one troll in every 3 or 4 game but now its 2-3 in every game. it doesnt matter that i win or lose . in either win or loss my performance just doesnt matter . in one game i have AFK/DC/Troll in my team and i lose next game they have and they lose. gold players are in plat. plat players are in diamond . diamond players are in gold. silver players are in gold games. and etc ... . this is not player's fault . ofc there will be tons of trolls if there is no rules. trolls and griefers dont get punished. rich kids pay for boost and they troll 20 games and demote and they pay again to boost back. i was so hyped to get my own internet and play trihard and climb but now i just feel im wasting my time. every night when i check im back where i started last morning .
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: I think you're a premium sucker for Riot. I'm saying that they don't check at all and all you talk about is that they check all day lol. fuck off
jesus . u said they dont have time . i said its bullshit. they have time .they just dont care. how dump u are
: Well, [they are playing while day work ]( So they don't have time to listen to any of us. So they buff randomly according to pro plays. If FNC Rekkles get a penta with Sivir. They nerf her. If they don't see Kayn so much. They buff him. That's the game
how much time it takes to open website and just read high upvote titles ? what bullshit is that ur saying . it takes maximum 2 minutes to read HOT TOPICS everyday. 2 minutes of 24 hours perday. maybe while they are drinking coffe or somthing ? or they can even check it while they are in toilet with their phones .
Yenn (NA)
: I have a support main in top lane against a million mastery Darius main
SoloQ is actually more RNG then TFT . like no joke . the matchmaking sucks
: Well, I'm a jungle Pyke main. When you say he's a support you're offending me.
i play jungle yummi . does that mean every time someone says yummi is a support i should get offended ?
Antoonaras (EUNE)
: [BUG] annie's passive is bugged and it's always full stacked 17-07-2019
: Who are your top 2 champs per position? Please comment
Top : {{champion:23}} JNG : {{champion:23}} MID : {{champion:23}} ADC : {{champion:23}} SUP : {{champion:23}}
Kirika (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=jng dif victim,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7gtxdws9,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-12T09:17:25.739+0000) > > Why this even exist ????? To lower queuetimes.
Well thats not an accceptable reason but still even if we accept autofill is neccesary for lower quene times i also said : > if u want to autofill. alright autofill. but autofill fairly. one in each team. or two in each team.
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PekiCodex (EUW)
: Facts about TFT that are 100% fact
Morphy's Law is always knocking ur DOOR {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: The biggest frustration with Trynd (and Yi) is that they are exclusively right-click champions with at most 1 or 2 abilities that allow them to live longer or escape. I don't have an issue with Trynd being a go-to high-damage splitpusher. His kit needs more skill expression and reliability both for the user and for the opponent. His crit mechanics are a product of a bygone age of the game having more random chance mechanics. We see more creative use of critical strikes in {{champion:22}} and {{champion:202}}, whereas Trynd's passive is just flat crit chance and rewards for getting lucky until he becomes a right-click machine (similar to my issues with champs like {{champion:51}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:222}} etc). Now that it's become very easy to beat tanks in arms races and access CDR more readily, what were once weaknesses (primarily basic attacks) are now backed up by crazy amounts of CDR on TOP of the excess right clicks like what happened to {{champion:24}}. If Trynd didn't have access to easy 40% CDR, I guarantee he wouldn't be nearly as annoying since his chase and escape tools would actually have meaningful cooldowns. So Riot basically needs to update his kit to be more in line with the overindulgence of CDR, and make him less right-click focused OR they need to heavily increase his cooldowns. Either way, a soft rework primarily with his passive, Q, and R to make them more interactive and less RNG in the case of passive would go a long way in making him both more interesting and less casual-crushy.
> Now that it's become very easy to beat tanks in arms races Tryndamere Cannot Beat Any Tanks in the game After 2 Armor Items . specially if they have ability to deal damage like {{champion:75}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:54}} Too . > If Trynd didn't have access to **easy **40% CDR EASY ? 40% = {{item:3508}} {{item:3078}} That is literally 7k Gold . What Defines Hard in ur mind ? This thread is so pointless man. u guys have no clue about how game works
Lapis (OCE)
: "if you pick that champ i'll dodge" - How is this even a threat?
Well thats so Humble . most often i hear "IF u Pick That Champ i'll Troll and hard int"
Zemasu (EUW)
: Who cares about lane counters, when after 10 mins he just push all the game, R and evade if you attack him and then come back as soon as you leave, and if you dare to fight him, he bishot you
Well Thats what hes supposed to do. that the only thing he can do . Split pushing . Yes Tryndamere is the best split pusher in the game ( best split pusher not best duelist ({{champion:24}} ) ) and also he is the most shitty champion in team fight. yes i saw alot of penta kills when tryndamere just walks and one shot everyone in team fight but thats only when hes too fking fed when hes not fed he is the most shitty champion for the team fight and the only thing he can do is split pushing. he has 0 CC. extremly Kitable . and extremly squishy . with a high ult CD . these FUCKING ITEMS : {{item:3078}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3230}} EVERY SINGLE OF THESE FKING ITEMS COST MORE THEN 3K . EVEN IF SORAKA BUILDS THESE MUCH ITEM SHE CAN ONE SHOT ANYBODY IN THE GAME EVEN BETTER THEN TRYNDAMERE ARE U DRUNK ? DO U HAVE ANY CLUE ABOUT WHAT ARE U SAYING ? jesus
Mc Raton (NA)
: Okay Nerf or Rework Tryndamere, it's not funny anymore.
RIOT Cant Rework every single champion that u dont have fun to play against him . WTF ? Well its not fun to play against a lot of champions in the game that doesnt mean they are broken and need rework. Tryndamere has 51% winrate plat+ which is normal . not broken. u wanna know which champion is broken? {{champion:92}} is broken. and also Tryndamere has so many counters i cant even count which shut him down in laning phase . some of them : {{champion:223}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:106}}
: > [{quoted}](name=AgHa RaDi,realm=EUNE,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=sEofE6NP,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2019-06-27T18:34:44.896+0000) > > You think we chose the goverment? Yes
: The game has existed for 10 long fucking years, and the client is still trash?
> [{quoted}](name=TrikzterzArma,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=xctKvqRz,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-30T20:18:23.894+0000) > > a big game company like Riot Games small indie company*
i dont know why they dont upgrade EU server . the server cant handle this much of players. just improve ur fucking servers
: why u banned iranian player ? this is fight between governments not peoples
They just followed the rules man. its america rules. and RIOT company is in america . if they break the rules america will shut RIOT down. its not riot fault but ... its just ...
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: First game of league in a couple of days...
Well. ur bot ordered ur toplane to feed and int with banning his champion and refusing to dodge after that. i dont balme ur top lane. i mean if any of us get his champion banned by teammate and then we hear "EAT A DICK" we will feed. i will.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eunson,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iB8JkrEG,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-06-23T20:30:23.888+0000) > > You're in Silver 3... you can 1v5 those games, no teammates hold you back in that elo; just yourself. Instead of blaming you should be figuring out what you're doing wrong, There's a reason you're almost 900 games and still silver; you're doing something wrong. the most stupid and ridiculous comment that I saw this day
: Nubrac vs NB3 in Interstellar
: If nothing will change, use VPN or accept that you can't play it anymore. Sorry, but there is nothing you can do.
but with VPN my ping goes +300 and i cant even play ARAM with that ping. and also using VPN brings so many connection issues in-game i think if we get enough support from Other players around the world maybe they change it. maybe
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AWice (NA)
: Facts about NB3/Nubrac not usually discussed
> [{quoted}](name=AWice,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=T4bhhsK9,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-20T21:54:09.772+0000) > > 1. Nubrac is a 3 trick pony. In teemo games he did not play 400+ games using roaming support, he only played around 50 games with the specific strategy mentioned, with a 65-70% winrate despite his team afking some games. > 2. You do not have to communicate because mute all and mute ping is allowed. That's why "refusing to communicate" was removed a couple years ago because of the change in this policy. > 3. Nubrac tried his best to win all games, this is the strict definition of "trolling". It is toxic to say your teammate is trolling just because they are losing or just because you don't like their playstyle. In the NB3 game, their team was ahead when NB3 was mouthing off. > 4. NB3 was toxic, threatening ban and then afking in fountain. > > Now here are some opinions: > > 5. Sivir can 1v2 Sona/Taric without much risk of being dove, therefore is correct for support to roam substantially. By roaming mid etc. he is putting his other laners ahead. > 6. Only reason for support to support ad and not mid is because of turret plating bot and dragon. Going support mid can help jg better (with crabs etc), gives mid priority. In many games of league mid is the more important role. > 7. In my opinion the problem is the league community. This attitude was popularized by many popular streamers including NB3, T1, TFBlade, etc. where basically everything that doesn't go their way is presumed to be toxic, wintrading, feeding, etc. In these games any grievance is instantly met by running it down, afk, etc., mostly without punishment. 1. Irelia didnt want teemo mid and he was asking teemo to leave midlane. 2. irelia already has mid prio without teemo VS Twisted fate . he doesnt need teemo midlane for prio . 3. Taric Sona is monster late game compination. u are supposed to kill them and hard harras/punish them early to shut them down u cant just leave them to safe farm because ur ADC can be safe 1v2. its like giving Nasus or Veigar Free Freeze Lane and Free Farm since level 1. 4. im not a fan of NB3 i never watched him before and i dont know him. but when i listened to their conversation with Nubrac. NB3 Was absolutely Right in my opinion. 5. Riot Already Answered to that in reddit and there is a post on board about it u can check it out. 6. communicating with teammates is not necassary but if u want to do somthing that none of ur teammates expect u need to tell them in champ select. like if i see someone picked janna top even if it works and he has a plan i dont know i cant read his mind i probbably dodge if he doesnt say anything. i consider he is tilted and he wants to troll he needs to say something. Like Seriously stop this. STOP IT
: It might be counting all true damage taken like conquerer
Thats not possible. because conqueror does only 8% true damage he needs to deal almost 4k damage after 5 stacks to deal 350 True damage from conqueror which is not possible at level 13 as yasou.
: As said above, that's the total true damage he dealt to you. Riot's death recap is completely garbage.
Thats not possible. because conqueror does only 8% true damage he needs to deal almost 4k damage after 5 stacks to deal 350 True damage from conqueror which is not possible at level 13 as yasou.
AmazoX (EUW)
: If NB3 goes unpunished then your rules mean nothing, it only means you play favorites.
> [{quoted}](name=AmazoX,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nzVah6wI,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-17T16:19:37.622+0000) > > Self Explanatory Title. > > #No player is ever going to want to play with Streamers like NB3 if he is allowed to do what he did to Nubrac. What punishment ? WTF are u guys talking about ? i have reported every single support teemo i had in my life and i flamed the shit out of them and i will keep doing it. fuck ur opinions i dont care about u . no one does. CRY A RIVER. Dont pick support teemo in my fucking promos. dont pick teemo support in my games. so glad that guy got banned.i hope all these trolls get banned. dont test ur fucking stupid meta in RANKED games or u get shit on just like Noobrat. yea. Thats a lesson for you guys. dont Troll. i dont give a shit if u are trying to win or u popped off in ur last 3 games dont pick fucking teemo support and leave ur lane in my game.
Asudurga (NA)
: While NB3 deserves every bit of comeuppance coming his way, we're forgetting another...
i dont know why are u supporting this guy. none of u want a teemo support ever in his team. i dont care what rules say i dont want teemo support in my team ever. i wish they perma banned him. 2 week is not enough. remove these guys from game. fuck ur opinion dont pick teemo in my game
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