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: 50% winrate across the board? really?
Thanks for your input, guys. Especially the remark regarding beginners to be ranked too high gives me hope. My win rate has climbed to 37% right now, but still I have the impression of mostly being up against (and with) far more experienced players. To repeat, the whole flattery of being precious metal (bronze, silver etc.) is totally irrelevant for me. If I want to know where I stand relative to other players, I just check my position in the ladder on OP.GG. It just puzzles me that maintaining a balanced win/loss ratio is so hard in this game, apparently. In other online games I've played this issue simply doesn't exist. Play some placement matches, give a few games to smooth it out, and enjoy a balanced experience from there on. Thanks again! See you in the rift some day!
: you placed where?
For some reason I was placed Bronze 4 after the placement matches, but that is not really relevant here. I'm complaining that the matchmaking algorithm doesn't match me up with equally skilled players. I don't care whether I'm bronze/iron or what not.
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