: Just ban the champ?
yeah do that and they will troll so the problem isn't solved. and I can't dodge the game everytime
: INTING means INTENTIONALLY FEEDING, or are you using it to mean anyone who goes 3/9/5? I have 500K mastery points on several champions, and I'm still garbage at this game.
mate if u are here just to say something or be the good boy just don't, you know what I mean and picking a champ that u don't know is inting in my eyes. bad games happen and people with brain will notice if one is having a bad one or inting. and btw the point u made isn't the issue here so read again the post and than write if u have something else to say. just don't repeat yourself :)
: > you can't play a champ in ranked without 5000 mastery points I've been in matches where 500K mastery people are absolute shit. I've been in matches where 0 mastery point people are awesome. Riot is not going to put arbitrary restrictions on what content people can use in certain game modes. Content is what people pay for.
the odds of someone with 500.000 mastery points inting and someone with 0 mastery points inting aren't equal in my opinion
rujitra (NA)
: Why punish the people with PBE access who tested the champion out, or those who are fast learners?
so u saying that since some people are fast learners on PBE everyone else can first pick a champ they don't know in ranked. mate pls the number of PBE players that know how to play that champ the first day is not even close to the trolls that pick it first day after release. and if one week of waiting is too long they can play it in normal.
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Voldymort (EUNE)
: >Me telling you "Get off your camp and come cover me mid so I can complete the reset, get plates, and back" isn't flame. as long as that is **exactly** the way you phrase it and you don't include negative adjectives or other forms of toxicity, then yes. it's not flame. You need to keep in mind tho that the one you're speaking to is perfectly free to choose not to do as you ask. And you need to adapt to that outcome and not procede to throw a tantrum. >The "Stop telling me how to play my champion" or "Don't tell me what to do" attitude needs to get out of ranked. but... why do they only need to do what you say and not make decisions of their own? who died and made you team captain in a solo queue game? >We're here to win. If what it takes to win is unfun to you, too fucking bad, should have played normals truth be told, if you're not having fun playing, the win is no longer meaningful. if you haven't had games where, despite winning, you didn't feel any shred of entertainment from the game then you probaly won't understand my p.o.v. on the matter >telling you "Stop trying to get triforce, go cleaver iceborn." isn't flame. There isn't enough gold on the map for you to continue that stupid fucking build. what someone builds and how they play the game is **their choice**, not yours, regardless if it's an optimal strategy or not. >because you are actively sabotaging the game when you continue to try and force a strategy that has failed. Being bad at the game is allowed. Being a backseat gamer is not. The mute button exists for that sort of attitude in particular. >When you have failed, ~~telling~~ **asking** you to change tactics is not flame. FTFY
that's the type of answer of someone that is usually feeding and others tell him what to do :)

nerf tracer

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